A California Christmas (Movie)

Title — A California Christmas
Available on — Netflix
Production Country — United States
Release Date — 2020
With his carefree lifestyle on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family’s land before Christmas.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“A California Christmas”

Directed by Shaun Piccinino and written by Lauren Swickard, “A California Christmas” is a heartwarming 2020 Christmas film that takes viewers on a journey of love, deception, and redemption. Starring Lauren Swickard, Josh Swickard, and Amanda Detmer, this movie is a delightful mix of romance and holiday cheer.

The story revolves around a wealthy charmer named Joseph who has a carefree lifestyle. When his father threatens to cut him off from the family fortune unless he proves himself responsible, Joseph hatches a plan. He decides to pose as a ranch hand and convince a hardworking farmer, Callie, to sell her family’s land before Christmas. Little does he know that this seemingly simple task will change his life in unexpected ways.

As Joseph immerses himself in the role of a ranch hand, he begins to see life from a different perspective. Callie, a dedicated farmer who is determined to keep her family’s land, is initially skeptical of Joseph’s intentions. However, as they spend more time together, a spark ignites between them, leading to a blossoming romance.

Through a series of charming and humorous encounters, Joseph and Callie navigate the complexities of love, family, and the true meaning of Christmas. As Joseph’s feelings deepen for Callie, he is faced with a difficult choice – follow through with his original plan or follow his heart and risk losing everything he has ever known.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Petaluma, California, the film captures the beauty of the countryside and the magic of the holiday season. The chemistry between the lead actors, Lauren Swickard and Josh Swickard, shines on screen, bringing warmth and authenticity to their characters’ blossoming relationship.

With a mix of heartfelt moments, light-hearted humor, and festive spirit, “A California Christmas” is a feel-good movie that reminds viewers of the power of love, forgiveness, and second chances. Whether you are a fan of romantic comedies or holiday films, this movie is sure to capture your heart and leave you with a smile.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Lauren Swickard, Josh Swickard, Ali Afshar, David Del Rio, Natalia Mann, Katelyn Epperly, Gunnar Anderson, Julie Lancaster, Amanda Detmer

Movie Casting:

  • Lauren Swickard as Callie
  • Josh Swickard as Joseph
  • Ali Afshar as Leo
  • David Del Rio as Manny
  • Katelyn Epperly as Liz
  • Amanda Detmer as Wendy
  • Natalia Mann as Hannah
  • Julie Lancaster as Amy
  • Gunnar Anderson as Connor
  • Aaron Jones as Vincenzo
  • Derrica Barbee as Derrica
  • Cheyney Steininger as Callie’s Dad
  • George Kosturos as Liam

💬 Reviews and feedback

Grab your popcorn and cozy up for a holiday romance with a twist in “A California Christmas”! This movie brings a refreshing take on the typical Hallmark Christmas movie formula, providing a mix of love, loss, and laughter set against the stunning backdrop of wine country.

From the critics’ reviews, it’s clear that “A California Christmas” stands out with its strong acting and impressive production value. The lead actors, who happen to be married in real life, bring a genuine chemistry to their roles that elevates the film beyond your standard holiday romance fare. While this may take away some of the cheesy charm associated with Hallmark movies, it certainly makes “A California Christmas” more engaging and enjoyable for those looking for a bit more substance.

The sequel, “A California Christmas: City Lights,” delves deeper into the lives of the main characters as they navigate their wealth and privilege while also being confronted with the struggles of those less fortunate. This juxtaposition adds layers to the story and characters, making for a more meaningful viewing experience.

  • Acting: The lead actors deliver solid performances that bring authenticity to their characters’ journey.
  • Production Value: The film shines with its high production quality, setting it apart from traditional holiday romances.
  • Plot: The storyline offers a sweet and heartwarming tale with just the right amount of humor and romance.
  • Cinematography: Filmed in Petaluma, California, the picturesque backdrop adds to the overall charm of the movie.

“A California Christmas” is not without its flaws, as some viewers might find certain moments predictable or lacking in originality. However, if you’re a fan of feel-good romances with a touch of reality woven in, this film is sure to delight.

Binge-watching Tips:

If you enjoyed “A California Christmas,” why not pair it with other holiday romances like “The Holiday Calendar” or “Christmas Inheritance” for a festive movie marathon?

So grab your favorite festive drink, snuggle under a blanket, and immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of “A California Christmas.” This movie is perfect for those looking for a mix of romance, humor, and holiday cheer!

Rating: 8/10

Pros Cons
Strong acting May be too polished for some viewers
High production value Some corny antics
Real-life couple as leads Predictable storyline
Beautiful filming location in Petaluma, California Lacks originality
Sequel available – A California Christmas: City Lights Some language and nudity
Sweet and easy-to-watch romance Not much new added to the formula


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    A California Christmashas a rating of 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on five reviews.Common Sense Mediarated the film 3 out of 5 stars. Markos Papadatos ofDigital Journalwas favorable, stating that overall the film was “a pleasant and heartwarming movie on Netflix.”The film was Netflix’s top film in the United States upon its release.


    Plans for a sequel were announced in December 2020, shortly after the release of the first film. Filming took place during July 2021, once again in Petaluma, and locations included Hermann Sons Hall and Keller Street CoWork. Lauren and Josh Swickard both return for the sequel, along with David Del Rio and Ali Afshar.

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  • A California Christmas (2020) - Plot - IMDb

    Needing to acquire a California family farm to complete a business deal, CEO Amy Van Aston forces her Casanova son Joseph to seduce the woman owner into complying or else lose his lavish lifestyle. Mistaken for an expected ranch hand, Joseph accepts the job as a means to infiltrate the situation and get the owner to sell. Unfortunately, manual labor isn’t in his background, and neither is falling for a woman he’s trying to seduce.—statmanjeff

  • A California Christmas (2020) Stream and Watch Online

    Looking to feast your eyes on ‘A California Christmas’ on your TV, phone, or tablet? Finding a streaming service to buy, rent, download, or watch the Shaun Paul Piccinino-directed movie via subscription can be tricky, so we here at Moviefone want to help you out.Below, you’ll find a number of top-tier streaming and cable services – including rental, purchase, and subscription alternatives – along with the availability of ‘A California Christmas’ on each platform when they are available. Now, before we get into the various whats and wheres of how you can watch ‘A California Christmas’ right now, here are some details about the ESX Entertainment romance flick.Released December 14th, 2020, ‘A California Christmas’ stars Lorynn York, Josh Swickard, Ali Afshar, David Del Rio The PG-13 movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 46 min, and received a user score of 65 (out of 100) on TMDb, which compiled reviews from 318 respected users.You probably already know what the movie’s about, but just in case… Here’s the plot: “With his carefree lifestyle on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family’s land before Christmas.”‘A California Christmas’ is currently available to rent, purchase, or stream via subscription on Netflix basic with Ads, and Netflix .

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the movie “A California Christmas,” the story revolves around love, betrayal, and the obstacles faced by the characters, especially financial ones. The plot follows Joseph, who is tasked with convincing Callie to sell her farm to Van Aston Enterprises. However, things take a turn when Joseph is mistaken for a ranch hand named Manny and decides to get closer to Callie to understand her better.

As Joseph spends time on the farm, he and Callie develop feelings for each other. However, when the truth about Joseph’s identity is revealed, tensions rise. Mrs. Van Aston arrives in town to push the deal forward, offering a tempting proposal to the Bernet family. Callie asks for time to consider the contract, leading to a disagreement with Joseph.

After some revelations and discussions with friends, Joseph realizes the potential in Callie’s wine production and decides to support her. Together, they work on the vineyard, impressing a wine connoisseur who makes them a generous offer. This success means they can reject Mrs. Van Aston’s proposal and secure their future.

The movie culminates in a heartwarming scene where Joseph organizes a party in the barn for Callie, who has never seen snow before. The two reconcile, share a kiss, and enjoy the snowfall, signifying a romantic gesture. The film ends with Joseph comforting Callie after a sad event, highlighting their deepening bond.

Regarding the question of whether Joseph should have accepted the promotion offered by his mother, it’s a complex decision. Joseph’s time on the farm has transformed him from a carefree playboy to someone who understands the value of hard work and dedication. His involvement in Callie’s business venture has brought positive changes to their lives.

While declining the promotion allows Joseph to continue supporting Callie and her father’s legacy, accepting it could have provided him with resources and connections to further enhance her wine business. Ultimately, Joseph’s choice to prioritize his relationship with Callie over corporate success shows his growth and commitment to a more meaningful life.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating: PG-13

Parental Guide for “A California Christmas Movie”:

Sex & Nudity:

  • Adult couples kiss throughout the movie.
  • A man and a woman kiss and begin to undress, but the camera cuts away before anything explicit is shown.

Violence & Gore:

  • A woman carries a gun and points it at someone once.
  • Two men get into a barfight, mostly consisting of punching. One man is shown with a bruised cheek afterwards.
  • A man smacks another man in the groin as a joke.


  • No explicit profanity is used throughout the movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

  • No instances of alcohol, drugs, or smoking are depicted in the movie.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

  • The movie contains mild violence and romantic tension but no overly intense or frightening scenes.

Overall Recommendation:

“A California Christmas Movie” is rated PG-13 for some sexuality. It contains mild romantic scenes, brief violence, and is generally suitable for viewers aged 13 and above. Parents may find it appropriate for teenagers who enjoy romantic comedies with light-hearted themes.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix A California Christmas is available for streaming on Netflix. The movie has a maturity rating of PG-13 and a runtime of 1 hour and 47 minutes. It is classified as a romantic comedy.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • With his carefree lifestyle on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family's land before Christmas.
  • A pleasant and heartwarming movie on Netflix.
    Markos Papadatos

🤖A California Christmas Reddit Talks

A California Christmas: A Heartfelt Holiday Romance

Netflix’s “A California Christmas” is a charming holiday romance that follows the unlikely love story between Callie, a hardworking farmer, and Joseph, a wealthy businessman. While the film has received mixed reviews, it has also garnered a loyal following on social media, where fans have enthusiastically discussed its heartwarming plot, relatable characters, and stunning scenery.

A Sequel Filled with Love, Loss, and Language

“A California Christmas” is the second installment in a heartwarming holiday romance series. The film follows Callie and Joseph a year after their initial romance, as they navigate the challenges of leaving the ranch for family business in San Francisco, all while wedding bells are on the horizon. Fans of the first film have praised the sequel for its continued focus on love, loss, and the importance of family.

Stunning Scenery and Relatable Characters

One of the most striking aspects of “A California Christmas” is its stunning scenery. Filmed in the picturesque wine country of Petaluma, California, the film captures the beauty of the region and provides a backdrop that perfectly complements the heartwarming story.

The film’s characters are also highly relatable. Callie is a strong and independent woman who is fiercely protective of her family’s ranch. Joseph is a charming and wealthy businessman who is initially out of his element in the rural setting. However, as the two spend more time together, they learn to appreciate each other’s differences and find common ground.

A Heartfelt and Romantic Story

At its core, “A California Christmas” is a heartfelt and romantic story about two people from different worlds who find love in the most unexpected of places. The film’s message of love, acceptance, and the importance of family has resonated with audiences, making it a popular choice for holiday viewing.

Mixed Reviews but a Loyal Following

While “A California Christmas” has received mixed reviews from critics, it has garnered a loyal following on social media. Fans of the film have praised its heartwarming plot, relatable characters, and stunning scenery. The film’s success on social media is a testament to its ability to connect with audiences on a personal level.

Overall, “A California Christmas” is a charming holiday romance that offers a heartwarming story, relatable characters, and stunning scenery. While the film has received mixed reviews from critics, it has garnered a loyal following on social media, where fans have enthusiastically discussed its many positive qualities.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is A California Christmas worth watching?

Yes, the movie A California Christmas boasts solid acting and production value, surpassing the standards of a typical Hallmark Christmas movie. This might make it more appealing to viewers seeking higher-quality holiday romance.

What is the sequel to A California Christmas?

The sequel to A California Christmas is titled A California Christmas: City Lights. It follows the main characters, Callie and Joseph, who are now owners of a winery and a dairy farm, dealing with the challenges that come with their wealth contrasted with the poverty of others.

Where was A California Christmas movie filmed?

A California Christmas was filmed in Petaluma, California over a three and a half week period. Both the cast and crew had to adhere to strict COVID-19 requirements during filming. Notably, the movie marked Lauren Swickard’s debut in production and screenwriting.

Are A California Christmas actors married?

Yes, Josh, who plays one of the lead roles in A California Christmas, is married to Lauren Swickard. Lauren not only stars in the movies but also wrote them. Their real-life connection adds an extra layer of authenticity to their on-screen chemistry.

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