BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America (TV Show)

Title — BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America
Available on — Netflix, JustWatch
Release Date — 2020
Soda Stereo, Café Tacvba, Aterciopelados and others figure in this 50-year history of Latin American rock through dictatorships, disasters and dissent.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America” takes viewers on a musical journey through the last 50 years of Latin American rock history, showcasing the evolution of the genre in the region. The series delves into the roots of Latin American rock, sparked by influences like Ritchie Valens and the Beatles but ultimately finding its own voice in youth culture and resistance to dictatorship.

The documentary highlights pivotal moments in Latin American rock history, such as the government’s response to the band Peace and Love chanting “We got the power!” at a rock festival in Mexico in 1971, leading to the temporary ban on rock music. Following significant events like the fall of the Argentine dictatorship in 1983 and the Mexico City earthquake in 1985, Latin American rock explodes with creativity and innovation, all while embracing the Spanish language as its medium of expression.

Key figures and bands in Latin American rock are featured prominently, including Argentina’s Soda Stereo, Mexico’s Caifanes, and Chile’s Los Prisioneros, each contributing to the genre’s growth and popularity across the region. The series also sheds light on the fusion of rock with traditional folk elements by bands like Mexico’s Café Tacvba and Colombia’s Aterciopelados, showcasing the diverse influences that shape Latin American rock.

As the documentary progresses, it explores the emergence of social and political themes in Latin American rock, particularly after the Zapatista uprising, paving the way for new genres like reggaeton and rap, as well as the rise of female rockers in the scene. The series captures the spirit of rebellion and resilience that defines Latin American rock, celebrating its oppositional energy in the face of adversity.

Featuring interviews with key players in the Latin American rock scene, including Rubén Albarrán, Humberto Carderon, and Gustavo Santaolalla, “BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America” offers a comprehensive look at the impact of rock music on the cultural and political landscape of the region. Through cycles of expansion, suppression, and resurgence, the documentary paints a vivid picture of the enduring legacy of Latin American rock, making it a must-watch for music enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Movie Casting:

  • Rubén Albarrán
  • Humberto Carderon
  • Gustavo Santaolalla
  • Javier Batiz
  • Tito Fuentes
  • Aníbal Kerpel
  • Roco Pachukote
  • Paco Ayala
  • Hector Buitrago
  • Andrés Calamaro
  • Andrea Echeverri
  • León Gieco
  • Álvaro Henríquez
  • Camilo Lara
  • Lino Nava
  • Fernando ‘Fher’ Olvera

💬 Reviews and feedback

Hey there, rockstars! Ready to dive into the vibrant and rebellious world of Latin American rock music? Well, strap in because “Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America” is here to take you on a wild musical journey through time and culture.

Imagine a musical rollercoaster where the beats are as electrifying as a guitar solo by Santana himself, and the rhythm is as infectious as a catchy Latin rock tune. This limited series is not just your average documentary; it’s a riot of inspired sounds, proud players, and incredible era-specific footage that sheds new light on a well-traveled musical era.

  • Plot and Themes:

The series brilliantly captures the essence of Latin American rock music, showcasing its evolution from humble beginnings to becoming a powerhouse genre. It delves into the cultural significance of rock music in countries like Mexico and Brazil, highlighting its rebellious spirit and undeniable influence on society.

The exploration of key themes such as social injustice, political turmoil, and cultural identity adds layers of depth to the narrative, making it not just a music documentary but a socio-cultural commentary on Latin America’s rich history.

  • Acting and Characters:

While there are no scripted performances in this documentary series, the real stars here are the legendary musicians themselves. From iconic figures like Carlos Santana to lesser-known yet equally influential artists, each character contributes to the colorful tapestry of Latin American rock history.

The passion and authenticity portrayed by these artists through their music are palpable, drawing viewers into their world and making them feel like part of the rebellious rock movement sweeping across the continent.

  • Direction and Cinematography:

Kudos to the directors for their masterful storytelling skills and seamless blending of archival footage with interviews and performances. The visuals are nothing short of mesmerizing, transporting audiences back in time to witness pivotal moments in Latin American rock history.

The cinematography captures the raw energy of live performances, the intimacy of studio recordings, and the chaos of historic events with equal finesse. Each frame is filled with passion, grit, and authenticity that breathe life into the narrative.

  • Production Design and Special Effects:

While this may not be your typical CGI-laden blockbuster film, “Break It All” shines through its attention to detail in production design. The authentic portrayal of different eras in Latin American rock history is commendable, immersing viewers in a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Special effects take a backseat here, letting the music itself be the driving force behind every scene. The rawness and honesty captured in each performance far outweigh any flashy effects that could have detracted from the heart of the story.

  • Editing and Pace:

The pacing of “Break It All” is akin to a thrilling concert experience – it keeps you hooked from start to finish. The seamless transitions between interviews, performances, and historical footage create a dynamic rhythm that mirrors the heartbeat of Latin American rock music.

The editing prowess displayed throughout the series ensures that no moment feels wasted or unnecessary. Every scene serves a purpose in advancing the narrative or evoking an emotional response from viewers.

  • Dialogues:

The dialogues in “Break It All” are as vibrant as a guitar riff and as thought-provoking as an anthem for change. Whether it’s artists sharing personal anecdotes or experts dissecting cultural influences, each dialogue exchange adds layers of insight into the complex world of Latin American rock music.

The authenticity in conversations shines through, giving viewers an intimate glimpse into the minds of those who shaped an entire musical movement through their words as much as their melodies.

Binge-watching Tips

  • If you’re new to Latin American rock music, consider creating a playlist with songs from featured artists before diving into the series. It will enhance your viewing experience by familiarizing you with their distinct sounds.
  • Paying attention to historical context can deepen your appreciation for how societal movements influenced musical trends throughout different decades showcased in “Break It All.”

In conclusion,”Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America” is more than just a documentary series; it’s a love letter to an era-defining genre that continues to inspire generations across borders. So grab your air guitar , turn up the volume , and let yourself be swept away by the rebellious spirit of Latin American rock!

Rating: 9/10

Pros Cons
Riot of inspired sounds Some regions not covered
Incredible era-specific footage Content length (300 minutes)
Sheds new light on musical era
Fascinating exploration
Under-reported legacy of Latin rock


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    UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIESSIGN INSoda Stereo, Café Tacvba, Aterciopelados and others figure in this 50-year history of Latin American rock through dictatorships, disasters and dissent.Watch all you want.Includes interviews with producer Gustavo Santaolalla and superstars Charly García, Café Tacvba, Aterciopelados and many others.Limited Series

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    Break it All: The History of Rock in Latin America

    (Redirected from BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America)BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin Americais a 2020 docuseries starring Rubén Albarrán, Humberto Carderon and Gustavo Santaolalla.

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    Season 1

    Episode Guide

    The RebellionThe RepressionMusic In ColorRock In Our Own LanguageOne ContinentA New EraBreak It All is a nicely paced, 6-episode series diving into the heart of rock music in Latin America. Armed with a unique visual flair, a wonderful soundtrack and an engrossing narrative, Netflix’s latest documentary is a real cracker.

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America is a captivating 6-episode Netflix series that delves deep into the world of rock music in Latin America. The documentary kicks off in the early 60s showcasing bands like Mexico’s Los Teen Tops and Uruguay’s Los Shakers who were initially emulating Western rock bands. As the era of Beatlemania takes hold, a new wave of rock emerges in Latin America with bands like Chile’s Los Jaivas and Argentina’s Arco Iris leading the charge.

The series progresses through the decades, highlighting the influential rock pioneers and trendsetters who revolutionized the music scene in Latin America, shedding light on a musical movement that many outside the region may not be familiar with. An interesting aspect of the show is its focus on the success of Gabriela Parodi, a trailblazing woman who made a mark in a predominantly male-dominated industry, paving the way for a new generation of female rockers.

However, Break It All is not just a celebration of music; it delves into the darker side of the industry, exploring themes such as government censorship, persecution of musicians, and challenges faced by bands due to political pressures. The series vividly portrays the harsh realities musicians endured, including being jailed for their art, reflecting the tumultuous landscape of Latin American rock.

While the spotlight primarily shines on Mexico and Argentina, the series could have delved deeper into other countries and their music scenes. Nevertheless, the show compensates with its visually appealing presentation, incorporating stylistic elements like split-screen shots and country flags during interviews, enhancing the viewing experience.

The eclectic soundtrack featuring a myriad of rock songs from different eras adds another layer of depth to the series, mirroring the evolution of rock music alongside the changing social attitudes over the years. The seamless integration of music with the narrative timeline contributes to the overall immersive experience of Break It All.

For rock music enthusiasts, Break It All offers a compelling exploration of a region marked by musical innovation amidst adversity and governmental scrutiny. Witnessing the evolution of rock music intertwined with shifting cultural landscapes over the decades makes this documentary a well-crafted and engaging watch, standing out as a strong contender in the genre.

Overall, with its engrossing storytelling, impressive visuals, and a soundtrack that captures the essence of Latin American rock, Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America is a must-watch for anyone interested in the rich tapestry of rock music history in the region.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating and Parental Guide:

Age Rating: “BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America” is a documentary series suitable for viewers aged 13 and above.

Parental Guide:

Sex & Nudity:

The series contains minimal sexual content and nudity. There may be occasional references to relationships and brief scenes with mild romantic interactions.

Violence & Gore:

The series includes historical footage of protests, conflicts, and political unrest in Latin America. There are scenes depicting violence, such as riots and demonstrations, but they are not graphic or gory.


Expect occasional use of mild to moderate profanity, including some strong language. The language is in line with the documentary’s subject matter and context.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

There may be references to alcohol and drug use in the context of the music scene in Latin America. However, there are no explicit scenes of substance abuse.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

The series features intense themes related to political oppression, censorship, and social issues in Latin America. Some viewers, especially younger audiences, may find these themes disturbing.

Overall, “BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America” is a captivating documentary series that offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of rock music in Latin America. While it is generally suitable for viewers aged 13 and above, parental guidance is advised due to the mature themes and historical context portrayed in the series.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America is available on Netflix. The docuseries features Soda Stereo, Café Tacvba, Aterciopelados, and others in a 50-year history of Latin American rock.
JustWatch The TV show Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America is available on JustWatch for streaming. It is ranked on the JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Soda Stereo, Café Tacvba, Aterciopelados and others feature in this 50-year history of Latin American rock through dictatorships, disasters and dissent.
  • Break It All is a nicely paced, 6-episode series diving into the heart of rock music in Latin America. Armed with a unique visual flair, a wonderful soundtrack and an engrossing narrative, Netflix's latest documentary is a real cracker.
  • 'Break It All,' a six-part documentary series named after a song by Los Shakers that arrives Wednesday on Netflix, hurtles through the history of rock in Latin America, from the 1950s — when ...
  • BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America is a 2020 docuseries starring Rubén Albarrán, Humberto Carderon and Gustavo Santaolalla.
  • 'Break It All' Celebrates the Oppositional Energy of Latin Rock
  • Break It All is a nicely paced, 6-episode series diving into the heart of rock music in Latin America. Armed with a unique visual flair, a wonderful soundtrack and an engrossing narrative, Netflix’s latest documentary is a real cracker.
  • Seeing the birth of rock, harmonized by the evolving attitudes of people over the decades, makes Break It All a really well written documentary and definitely one of the stronger entries in the field this year.

🤖BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America Reddit Talks

Rock in Latin America: A History Steeped in Controversy and Cultural Divide

In the realm of music, rock and roll has consistently sparked fervent reactions, and Latin America is no exception. The region’s embrace of rock music has been a tumultuous journey, marked by both widespread adoration and fierce opposition.

The Roots of Rock’s Controversial Status

The advent of rock and roll in Latin America was met with vehement disapproval from the older generation. They were aghast at the novel dance styles associated with the genre, and churches condemned it as the devil’s music. Moreover, rock’s origins among the lower classes and marginalized ethnic groups led many middle-class whites to dismiss it as vulgar and tasteless.

Latin America’s Geographical and Cultural Diversity

Latin America encompasses a vast and diverse region, stretching from the southern tip of South America to the Caribbean islands. This diversity extends to cultural and musical preferences, with rock music gaining varying degrees of popularity across the region.

Rock’s Appeal to Latin America’s Elite

For the middle and upper classes in Latin America, rock and roll represented the epitome of modernity. Its cosmopolitan nature, often associated with U.S. culture, held a particular allure for these segments of society.

Mexico’s Rock Ban: A Tale of Censorship and Social Unrest

In Mexico, rock music faced a period of suppression. A rock festival marked by nudity, drug use, and anti-establishment symbols sparked outrage among the conservative Mexican society. The government responded with cultural restrictions, particularly targeting rock music.

The Rise of Rock in South America

Despite the challenges, rock music found fertile ground in South America. The Netflix documentary series “Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America” delves into the genre’s evolution in this region.

Notable Latin American Rock Bands

The Latin American rock scene boasts a wealth of talented bands, including:

  • Brazil: Sepultura, Angra, Nervosa, Semblant
  • Argentina: Triddana

The Search for Latin American Hard Rock

Finding high-quality recordings of Latin American hard rock can be a challenge. Many bands sing in English, and the availability of recordings can be limited.

The Preeminence of Rock in Southern Cone Countries

Rock and metal music enjoy significant popularity in Southern Cone countries such as Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. This phenomenon has yet to be fully explained, but it may be related to cultural and historical factors.

Rock and Punk in the Spanish-Speaking World

The Netflix documentary “Rompan Todo” (“Break It All”) chronicles the history of rock and punk music in Spanish-speaking Latin America.

Netflix’s “Break It All”: A Comprehensive History with a Notable Omission

Netflix’s “Break It All” provides a comprehensive overview of Latin American rock, featuring bands like Soda Stereo, Café Tacvba, and Aterciopelados. However, the series notably excludes Brazil, a significant player in the region’s rock scene.

The Legacy of Rock in Latin America

Rock music has left an indelible mark on Latin American culture. It has served as a vehicle for social and political expression, uniting generations and transcending geographical boundaries. Despite the controversies and challenges it has faced, rock music remains a vibrant and influential force in the region.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Which band is considered the most successful Latin American band of all time?

Santana. Led by Mexican-American guitarist Carlos Santana, this band has been active since the late 1960s and is known for their fusion of rock, Latin, and jazz music. They have won multiple Grammy Awards and are one of the bestselling Latin bands of all time.

Who started rock Latino?

Latin rock was born in the United States during the late 1950s, though the term was not yet created. In 1958 an adaptation of a Mexican folk song called “La Bamba” was recorded by the Chicano rock artist Ritchie Valens.

How to watch Latin America on Netflix?

Download and install a VPN that works for changing Netflix regions. We recommend NordVPN – the most reliable VPN for accessing other Netflix regions after vigorous testing. Connect to a VPN server in the country you want to change to. For example, for Netflix US, you will need a VPN with servers in the United States.

Is rock popular in Latin America?

In countries such as Mexico and Brazil, rock music has a long history of popularity and cultural significance. Mexican rock, for example, can trace its roots back to the 1950s and 1960s, where it was influenced by the sounds of American rock and roll.

Who was the first Spanish rock band?

The first rock bands in Latin America were created in the late 1950s with Los Llopis and Los Teen Tops achieving some success covering American rock classics during the early 1960s. The Spanish scene received some influences of non-English-speaking countries with the Yé-yé style as could be seen with Raphael.

Which artist established Latin rock in the 1970s?

Meanwhile, in the U.S., Mexican-American guitarist Carlos Santana formed Santana, bringing to the forefront not only their music style that fused Latin American and Caribbean rhythms but also the Chicano Rock movement.

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