Catch Me If You Can (Movie)

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Title — Catch Me If You Can
Available on — Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, MGM Plus Amazon Channel, The Roku Channel, Tubi TV
Production Country — United States, Canada
Release Date — 2002
An FBI agent makes it his mission to put cunning con man Frank Abagnale Jr. behind bars. But Frank not only eludes capture, he revels in the pursuit.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“Catch Me If You Can,” directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr., takes the audience on a thrilling ride through the life of a young con artist who successfully impersonates various professionals before his 19th birthday. The film portrays the cat-and-mouse chase between Frank and FBI agent Carl, who becomes obsessed with capturing the cunning forger.

The story begins in New Rochelle in the 1960s, where a teenage Frank idolizes his father despite his legal troubles. When his parents separate, Frank runs away to Manhattan with a determination to restore his father’s losses and reunite his family. Over the years, Frank manages to swindle millions of dollars by posing as a Pan Am pilot, pediatrician, and attorney.

The narrative unfolds with FBI agent Carl Hanratty relentlessly pursuing Frank across continents as the young conman revels in the thrill of deception. The film delves into Frank’s elaborate cons, including forging checks, impersonating professionals, and living a lavish lifestyle on stolen money.

As the chase intensifies, a complex dynamic develops between Frank and Carl, blurring the lines between adversaries and, in a way, father and son. The audience witnesses Frank’s audacious schemes and Carl’s unwavering determination to bring him to justice, despite the challenges posed by Frank’s intelligence and resourcefulness.

Through a series of captivating events, including a dramatic escape attempt in a French prison, the film showcases the high-stakes game of deception and pursuit between Frank and Carl. The audience is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as they witness Frank’s charismatic charm juxtaposed with Carl’s dogged determination to apprehend him.

With stellar performances by Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale Jr. and Tom Hanks as Carl Hanratty, “Catch Me If You Can” offers a compelling narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The film’s intricate plot, set against a backdrop of 1960s America, explores themes of family, deception, and redemption, making it a captivating and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Nathalie Baye, Amy Adams, James Brolin, Brian Howe, Frank John Hughes, Steve Eastin

Movie Casting:

Actor Role
Leonardo DiCaprio Frank Abagnale Jr.
Tom Hanks Carl Hanratty
Christopher Walken Frank Abagnale Sr.
Martin Sheen Roger Strong
Nathalie Baye Paula

💬 Reviews and feedback

Hey there, movie buffs! Ever wondered what it would be like if James Bond and Sherlock Holmes had a baby? Well, “Catch Me If You Can” is about as close as you’ll get to that scenario. Imagine the thrilling espionage of a spy flick mixed with the clever deductions of a detective story, all tied together with Spielberg’s magic touch. Intrigued? Let’s dive into this cinematic rollercoaster!


Set in the swinging 60s, “Catch Me If You Can” tells the fascinating true story of Frank Abagnale Jr., played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Frank is a teenage con artist who successfully impersonates an airline pilot, doctor, and lawyer—all before his 19th birthday. Talk about an overachiever! As he flits from one identity to another, he’s pursued by Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), an FBI agent whose sole mission becomes capturing Frank.

The movie is not just a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse; it delves deep into themes of redemption and second chances. Over time, Frank moves from being a wanted criminal to using his skills for good—helping the FBI catch other fraudsters. It’s like seeing Darth Vader switch sides after realizing that maybe blowing up planets isn’t such a great hobby after all.

Themes and Tone:

At its core, “Catch Me If You Can” is about transformation and redemption. The movie shows how individuals can turn their past mistakes into opportunities for growth and positive impact. It’s also sprinkled with humor and quirky moments that keep things light even when the stakes are high. Think of it as a delicious blend of suspense and comedy—like mixing peanut butter with jelly!

Acting and Characters:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio: Leo delivers one of his most charismatic performances as Frank Abagnale Jr. He captures the character’s youthful exuberance and cunning intelligence perfectly.
  • Tom Hanks: Hanks plays Carl Hanratty with his usual gravitas but adds layers of empathy to his character. His relentless pursuit of Frank turns into a complex relationship that feels almost like an odd father-son dynamic.
  • Christopher Walken: As Frank’s father, Walken brings emotional depth to his role, making us understand why young Frank might have taken up con artistry in the first place.

“With great acting comes great responsibility.” And boy, do these actors deliver!


This film is quintessential Spielberg—a masterclass in storytelling infused with suspenseful pacing and emotional beats that hit just right. It’s one of Spielberg’s underrated gems that deserves more love than it gets.

Cinematography and Production Design:

The cinematography captures the vibrant essence of the 60s—from bustling airports to swanky hotel rooms—with flair. The production design nails every detail down to the vintage Pan Am uniforms Leo struts around in like they were made for him (which they probably were!).


You can’t talk about this movie without mentioning John Williams’ score. It complements each scene perfectly—whether it’s heightening tension or adding an extra layer of charm during lighter moments.

Binge-watching Tips: For those who want more cat-and-mouse action after watching this film, consider checking out “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. It offers similar thrills but has its own unique flavor!

Binge-watching Tips: Grab some popcorn and settle in; at 141 minutes long, you’ll want some snacks handy!

Binge-watching Tips:

  • If you’re planning on watching this with younger family members or folks sensitive to suggestive content, be aware there are some scenes involving seduction attempts (nothing too risqué but worth noting).
  • Avoid distractions: This movie thrives on its intricate plot details—miss them at your peril!
  • If you’re interested in cons & heists genre movies , consider pairing this film with classics like “Ocean’s Eleven” or “The Sting” for an ultimate marathon session!

Cinematic Nuggets or Practical Tips:

  1. If you loved DiCaprio’s performance here , don’t miss out on “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Another fantastic display by Leo playing yet another morally ambiguous character!
  2. For those particularly fond ️‍♂️of Tom Hanks’ portrayal as an FBI agent here , check out “Bridge Of Spies” where he plays another gripping role involving espionage . li >
    < li >Got curious minds at home ? This movie makes for great conversation starter about ethics , deception & redemption —perfect fodder discussions over dinner table ! li >
    < /ol >

    < p >< strong > Cinematography & Special Effects : Strong >
    < p >< Aesthetic aficionados will drool over Janusz Kamiński’s stunning cinematography . Every frame feels meticulously crafted — whether it ’ s capturing bustling cityscapes or intimate character moments . Special effects aren ’ t heavily relied upon ; instead practical effects reign supreme keeping everything grounded realistic . p >

    < strong > Conclusion : Strong >

    In summary , Catch Me If You Can ” isn’t just worth watching ; it ’ s absolutely must – watch ! With stellar performances top – notch direction compelling storyline leaves lasting impression long after credits roll . Whether ‘ re fan thrillers comedies dramas finds perfect balance between genres delivering enjoyable unforgettable experience .

    So grab popcorn buckle because once start journey young con man ’ ll realize sometimes truth stranger fiction !

    Rating : 9/10

Pros Cons
Spectacular performances by DiCaprio, Hanks, and Walken Some inappropriate scenes with sexual content
Thrilling suspense and beautiful cat-and-mouse game Overlong runtime
Story of redemption and positive impact Some viewers may find it lacking in depth
Great direction from Spielberg Depiction of crime and divorce may not appeal to all audiences
Engaging and entertaining narrative Some may question the accuracy of the true story


  • Catch Me If You Can - Wikipedia

    Catch Me If You Canis a 2002 American biographical crime comedy-drama film directed and produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks with Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Nathalie Baye, Amy Adams, and James Brolin in supporting roles. The screenplay by Jeff Nathanson is based on the semi-autobiographical book of the same name by Frank Abagnale Jr., who claims that prior to his 19th birthday, he successfully performed cons worth millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot, a Georgia doctor, and a Louisiana parish prosecutor. The truth of his story is heavily disputed.

  • Catch Me If You Can (2002) - IMDb

    • Nominated for 2 Oscars
      • 16 wins & 46 nominations total
    • Director
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    Did you know

    • GoofsWhile Frank and Carl are flying back to the US Frank looks out the window and tells Carl that they are over Fiorello LaGuardia Airport and runway Number 44. All runway ends are painted/labeled based on the compass direction or bearing it is facing or heading. A Due North is runway “36”, meaning 360 degrees and the opposite end marked “18”, for 180 degrees. Runway numbers include 1 to 36. No runway 44 exists.
    • Quotes Frank Abagnale Sr.: Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn’t quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out. Gentlemen, as of this moment, I am that second mouse.
    • Crazy creditsDuring the first thirty seconds of the credits we hear the FBI typewriters.
    • Alternate versionsIn the French language version of the film, Frank teaches his high school Spanish class instead of French.

    I am not a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Frank but in this movie he is perfect. He gives a very fine performance. Tom Hanks is the FBI-agent Carl who is after him, and as always Hanks is good.

  • Catch Me if You Can | Rotten Tomatoes

    With help from a strong performance by Leonardo DiCaprio as real-life wunderkind con artist Frank Abagnale, Steven Spielberg crafts a film that’s stylish, breezily entertaining, and surprisingly sweet.Read Critics Reviews

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    Steven SpielbergDirectorLeonardo DiCaprioFrank W. AbagnaleTom HanksFBI Agent Carl HanrattyChristopher WalkenFrank Abagnale, Sr.Martin Sheen

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⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the 2002 film “Catch Me If You Can,” directed by Steven Spielberg, the audience follows the captivating story of a teenage con artist, Frank Abagnale Jr., portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, and the FBI agent, Carl Hanratty, played by Tom Hanks, who is determined to catch him. The movie is based on the real-life story of Frank Abagnale Jr., who successfully posed as a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer while eluding the authorities.

The movie concludes with a dramatic escape by Frank, where he cleverly disassembles a toilet on a plane and makes a daring exit while being extradited back to the U.S. This escape symbolizes the end of a long cat-and-mouse game between Frank and Hanratty, hinting at the eventual resolution of their rivalry.

One of the central themes in the movie is Frank’s longing to impress his father, a small-time con man, which drives many of his actions. After his escape, Frank returns to his childhood home hoping to reconnect with his father, only to discover that his mother has remarried and moved on. This realization marks the end of his pursuit to win his father’s approval.

Subsequently, Frank is sentenced to prison but is offered a chance at redemption by working for the FBI’s Financial Crimes Unit under Hanratty’s supervision. Initially, Frank struggles with the mundane nature of honest work and briefly relapses into his fraudulent ways. However, a heartfelt conversation with Hanratty helps him realize his potential for a legitimate life outside of crime.

Ultimately, the movie ends on a hopeful note as Frank acknowledges the mistakes of his past and embraces the opportunity for a fresh start. The complex relationship between Frank and Hanratty evolves into a mutual respect, highlighting the themes of redemption and second chances.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

“Catch Me If You Can” is rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements, some sexual content, and brief language.

Parental Guide:

Sex & Nudity:

The movie contains some sexual content, including references to relationships and a scene where a character is seen in bed with a woman with some nudity implied but not shown explicitly.

Violence & Gore:

There are some scenes of violence, including a brief fight, a car chase, and tense moments involving law enforcement pursuing the main character. However, there is minimal gore depicted.


The film includes instances of profanity, with some use of strong language, including one scene with a strong expletive used in a joke.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

There are scenes showing characters consuming alcohol and smoking, reflecting the time period and lifestyle of the characters portrayed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

The movie features some tense and suspenseful moments as the main character engages in various cons and evades law enforcement, which may be intense for younger viewers.

Overall Recommended Age:

We recommend “Catch Me If You Can” for viewers aged 13 and above due to its mature themes, some sexual content, brief language, and scenes of tension and deception.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Amazon Prime Video Watch ‘Catch Me If You Can’ on Amazon Prime Video.
fuboTV You can watch ‘Catch Me If You Can’ on fuboTV.
MGM Plus Amazon Channel Available on MGM Plus Amazon Channel for streaming.
MGM Plus Roku Premium Channel You can stream ‘Catch Me If You Can’ on MGM Plus Roku Premium Channel.
The Roku Channel Available for free with ads on The Roku Channel.
Tubi TV Watch ‘Catch Me If You Can’ on Tubi TV.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Make sure there's enough money in there to make it worth your while...
    Carl Hanratty
  • You know, Carl, I think this guy's pretty smart.
  • Now, all we have to do is catch him.
    Frank Abagnale, Jr.
  • You're gonna have to catch me first!
    Frank Abagnale Jr.
  • An honest man has nothing to fear, so I'm trying my best not to be afraid.
    Frank Abagnale Jr.

🤖Catch Me If You Can Reddit Talks

Catch Me If You Can is a 2002 biographical crime drama film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, and Amy Adams. The film is based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr., a con artist who, before his 19th birthday, successfully impersonated a Pan American World Airways pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer.

The film has been praised for its performances, direction, and writing. However, some critics have argued that the film is too long and that it glorifies Abagnale’s crimes.

Familial disintegration

One of the major themes of the film is familial disintegration. Many of the characters in the film are estranged from their families. Hanratty is a divorced father. Brenda (a nurse Frank falls in love with) has been disowned by her parents for having an abortion.

This theme is explored in a number of ways throughout the film. For example, Frank’s relationship with his father is strained. Frank’s father is a successful businessman, but he is also a workaholic. He is not able to provide Frank with the emotional support that he needs. As a result, Frank turns to crime as a way to fill the void in his life.

Frank’s relationship with Brenda

Another major theme of the film is Frank’s relationship with Brenda. Frank and Brenda meet when Frank is posing as a doctor. They fall in love, but their relationship is doomed from the start. Frank is a con artist, and he is not able to be honest with Brenda about his true identity.

Brenda eventually learns the truth about Frank, and she is heartbroken. She turns him in to the FBI, and he is arrested.

The ending of the film

The film ends with Frank being sentenced to prison. However, he is released after only four years. He has turned his life around, and he is now a successful businessman.

The ending of the film is controversial. Some critics have argued that it is too lenient. They believe that Frank should have been punished more severely for his crimes. Others have argued that the ending is realistic. They believe that Frank is a victim of his circumstances, and that he deserves a second chance.


Catch Me If You Can is a well-made film with strong performances and a compelling story. However, the film’s themes of familial disintegration and crime are likely to be polarizing. Some viewers will find the film to be thought-provoking and moving, while others will find it to be depressing and disturbing.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the moral of the movie Catch Me If You Can?

The movie “Catch Me If You Can” is ultimately a story of redemption. It showcases how Frank Abagnale, after years of deception, uses his skills for good and helps the FBI catch other fraudsters. This highlights the potential for individuals and companies to turn their past mistakes into opportunities for growth and positive impact.

Is the movie “Catch Me If You Can” worth watching?

“Catch Me If You Can” is considered one of Spielberg’s most underrated films. It features spectacular performances from actors like DiCaprio, Hanks, and Walken. The movie offers thrilling suspense and a beautiful cat-and-mouse game between Abagnale and Agent Hanratty. It is easily a Top 10 offering from one of the greatest directors of all time.

What is the summary of the movie “Catch Me If You Can”?

The movie follows the story of a man and a young woman lying in bed together, where a man is bare-chested and the woman is in her underwear. It also includes scenes of kissing, a woman trying to seduce a man, and mild flirting. These elements contribute to the movie’s romantic undertones and character dynamics.

What are the inappropriate scenes in Catch Me If You Can?

The movie “Catch Me If You Can” is based on the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. and FBI Agent Carl Hanratty. Hanratty pursues Abagnale due to a personal interest stemming from his admiration of Abagnale’s intelligence and creativity in conning people and forging checks.

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