Cooked with Cannabis (TV Show)

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Title — Cooked with Cannabis
Available on — Netflix
Production Country — United States
Release Date — 2020
Chefs compete to get the hosts and special guests high on elevated cannabis cuisine with their artful use of leafy herb, THC infusions and CBD sauces.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the tantalizing world of “Cooked with Cannabis,” viewers are immersed in a competitive cooking show where creativity, culinary expertise, and cannabis-infused dishes take center stage. Hosted by the dynamic duo Kelis and Leather Storrs, the show pits three talented chefs against each other as they vie for the coveted $10,000 prize. The twist? Recreational marijuana is the secret ingredient that adds an extra layer of excitement and innovation to each dish.

In the episode “Grilled Backyard BBQ,” chefs Amanda Jackson, Nate Santana, and Cynthia Sestito step up to the plate, quite literally, to grill cannabis-infused meals that are sure to tantalize the taste buds of the judges and special guests. Among the esteemed “Best Buds” joining Kelis and Leather are Ricki Lake, Mary Lynn Rajskub, singer Elle King, and comedian Jo Koy, ready to embark on a flavorful journey through the world of cannabis cuisine.

As the competition heats up, the chefs showcase their skills in artfully incorporating leafy herb, THC infusions, and CBD sauces into their dishes, aiming to elevate not just the flavors but also the experience for the judges and guests. With each bite, the contestants strive to create a harmonious blend of taste, aroma, and the unique essence of cannabis, all while pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking.

Throughout the show, viewers witness a fusion of culinary mastery and cannabis culture, as the chefs craft dishes that not only aim to impress but also to provide a new perspective on the versatility of cannabis in the kitchen. With each episode, the stakes are high, both figuratively and literally, as the contestants aim to showcase their creativity and expertise in a culinary landscape unlike any other.

From futuristic-inspired meals to backyard BBQ delights, each episode of “Cooked with Cannabis” offers a glimpse into a world where cooking becomes an art form, and cannabis is the secret ingredient that unlocks a realm of endless possibilities. As the competition unfolds, tensions rise, flavors intensify, and only one chef will emerge victorious, claiming the grand prize and the title of cannabis cuisine champion.

With a star-studded lineup of celebrity guests, including NBA legend John Salley, the show not only entertains but also educates, shedding light on the growing trend of cannabis-infused cuisine and the creative ways in which chefs are redefining traditional cooking. As the competition reaches its climax, viewers are treated to a feast for the senses, where every dish tells a story, and every bite is a journey into the uncharted territory of cannabis-infused gastronomy.

So, grab a seat at the table, prepare for a culinary adventure like no other, and immerse yourself in the world of “Cooked with Cannabis,” where passion, innovation, and a touch of cannabis create a recipe for success unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Kelis, Leather Storrs

Movie Casting:

  • Main Cast:
  • Kelis
  • Leather Storrs
  • Notable Contestants and Diners:
  • Coreen Carroll (Winner of episode 3, “I Do Cannabis”)
  • El-P
  • Meghan Gailey
  • Elle King
  • Ricki Lake
  • Jo Koy
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub
  • Nate Robinson
  • John Salley
  • Amanda Seales
  • Alaska Thunderfuck
  • Too $hort
  • Michael Voltaggio

💬 Reviews and feedback

Grab your apron and put on your chef’s hat because we are diving into the high-stakes world of culinary cannabis creations with “Cooked with Cannabis”! This show takes cooking competitions to a whole new level by infusing every dish with a touch of the green herb. But before you get too excited, let’s roll up our sleeves and dissect this series like a sushi chef with a blowtorch!

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room – is this show scripted? Well, according to some viewers, it seems that the authenticity meter is leaning towards ‘completely staged’. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur or even just someone who dabbles in cooking with cannabis, you might find the theatricality of the show a bit hard to digest. It’s like trying to pass off oregano as top-shelf basil – not fooling anyone!

Now, let’s talk celebrities! “Cooked with Cannabis” doesn’t skimp on star power when it comes to its contestants and diners. From Coreen Carroll to Ricki Lake, Elle King to Jo Koy, this lineup reads like a VIP guest list at a Michelin-starred potluck dinner. And let’s not forget NBA legends like John Salley and Nate Robinson bringing their A-game to the cannabis kitchen.

  • Coreen Carroll: Winner of episode 3, “I Do Cannabis”
  • El-P
  • Meghan Gailey
  • Elle King
  • Ricki Lake
  • Jo Koy
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub
  • Nate Robinson

The battleground for these culinary warriors? None other than California, where recreational use of cannabis is legal and where every dish must have that special ingredient that gives new meaning to ‘baked goods’!

Taste Test: The Reviews Are In!

Now, onto the juicy part – what are critics saying about “Cooked with Cannabis”? Opinions seem as mixed as THC-infused butter in a batch of brownies. Some find the show fast-moving and entertaining, applauding the creativity behind each recipe. It’s like watching MasterChef on an edible-induced time warp!

On the flip side, others feel that the episodes can become repetitive and that judges might be too lenient on contestants. But hey, even if the critiques are mild, the gastronomic journey is still original, delicious, and most importantly – fun! It’s like watching a food fight where everyone wins… almost.

Binge-watching Tips:

  • If you’re looking for a cooking show that spices things up (literally), then “Cooked with Cannabis” might just be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • Keep an eye out for inventive recipes that will make you rethink what it means to have a ‘special ingredient’ in your pantry.
  • Grab some snacks before starting an episode because trust me; you’ll get major munchies watching these chefs whip up cannabis-infused masterpieces!

Cinematic Highs and Lows:

“Cooked with Cannabis” serves up more than just mouth-watering dishes; it also delivers visually stimulating content. The cinematography captures each sizzle and sauté in glorious detail, making you feel like you’re right there in the kitchen smelling those aromatic herbs wafting through your screen.

The production design deserves applause for creating an atmosphere that blends sleek sophistication with laid-back vibes. It’s like Martha Stewart hosting a potluck for Snoop Dogg – classy yet chill.

Special effects may not be CGI explosions or superhero battles but imagine this: edible creations so mesmerizing they could make Willy Wonka jealous! Think psychedelic plating meets gourmet cuisine – it’s a feast for both your eyes and taste buds.

A Taste of Reality:

If you’re expecting serious culinary competition vibes akin to MasterChef or Chopped but with cannabis as an ingredient twist… well, think again! “Cooked with Cannabis” takes itself less seriously than Gordon Ramsay takes undercooked risotto. The tone is light-hearted, playful, and at times bordering on whimsical.

The editing keeps things snappy; no dull moments here! Just like how CBD relaxes your muscles without getting you high (well… too high). The pace ensures you won’t blink and miss any crucial herb-infused action in this ganja gourmet showdown!

Finding Your High Note:

“Cooked with Cannabis” may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or should I say pot of stew?), but if you’re looking for something unconventional yet entertaining in the realm of cooking shows, give it a try! It’s like exploring uncharted territories where every dish has its own unique buzz factor.

An Appetite for Ratings:

In conclusion… drumroll please… I’d give “Cooked With Cannabis” an uplifting rating of 7/10! While it may not be Michelin-starred material for everyone due to its staged feel and repetitive nature at times, it still offers a fresh take on culinary competitions that will leave you hungry for more (pun intended).

Chef’s Special Tip:

If reality TV meets cooking shows meets cannabis-infused cuisine sounds like your kind of recipe for entertainment delight – bon appétit! And remember folks: life is uncertain; eat dessert first… especially if it’s laced with some herbal goodness!

Pros Cons
Fast-moving and fun Completely staged
Original and delicious recipes Repetitive episodes
Guest judges are nice Silly portrayal of cannabis
Entertaining competition format Not making weed cuisine fun
Exploration of cannabis as an ingredient Not very informative about cannabis


  • Cooked with Cannabis (TV Series 2020) - IMDb

    Cooked with Cannabis is a competitive cooking show where three chefs make cannabis infused meals for a chance to win $10,000. Co-hots Kelis and Leather Storrs judge the contestants with the … Read allCooked with Cannabis is a competitive cooking show where three chefs make cannabis infused meals for a chance to win $10,000. Co-hots Kelis and Leather Storrs judge the contestants with the assistance of their “best buds” who are guests on the show.Cooked with Cannabis is a competitive cooking show where three chefs make cannabis infused meals for a chance to win $10,000. Co-hots Kelis and Leather Storrs judge the contestants with the assistance of their “best buds” who are guests on the show.

  • Watch Cooked with Cannabis | Netflix Official Site

    UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIESSign InPlans start at just $6.99Chefs compete to get the hosts and special guests high on elevated cannabis cuisine with their artful use of leafy herb, THC infusions and CBD sauces.Starring:Kelis, Leather StorrsPlans start at just $6.99Singer Kelis and expert Leather Storrs judge alongside Too $hort, Michael Voltaggio, Nate Robinson, Ricki Lake and more.This show is…Humorous, Relaxing, IrreverentCastKelisLeather StorrsBeverly Hills Cop: Axel F

  • Cooked with Cannabis (TV Series 2020) - Episode list - IMDb

    Chefs Melissa Parks, Brenden Darby and Harold Sims cook up cannabis infused meals inspired by Austria, Mexico and West Africa for Kelis, Leather and Best Buds: comedians HaHa Davis, Sabrina Jalees, Flula Borg and actress Bria Vinaite.Chefs Chris Yang, Brooke Egger and Heather Feher create futuristic inspired cannabis meals for Kelis, Leather and Best Buds: NBA legend John Salley, NBA star Nate Robinson, and comedians Megan Gailey and Clayton English.Chefs Danielle Bruno, Manny Mendoza and Matthew Chase take comfort food to an elevated level with cannabis for Kelis, Leather and a comedian table of Best Buds: Jeff Dye, Brooks Wheelan, Mike E. Winfield and Jade Catta-Preta.

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⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In “Cooked with Cannabis,” viewers are taken on a culinary adventure where singer and culinary expert Kelis teams up with Portland’s renowned cannabis chef, Leather Storrs, to host a cooking show like no other. The premise is simple yet intriguing: three chefs, each with experience in cooking with cannabis, compete in each episode to create an appetizer, entree, and dessert within a limited time frame. The twist? Each course must incorporate THC-infused ingredients, with the winner taking home a $10,000 prize.

What sets “Cooked with Cannabis” apart from typical cooking competitions is its laid-back and humorous approach. The celebrity tasting panel, including personalities like Ricki Lake, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jo Koy, and Elle King, adds a fun element to the show as they indulge in the THC-infused dishes and share their experiences as they get stoned throughout the tasting.

The contestants are not just skilled chefs but also experts in cannabis-infused cooking. They come prepared with THC-infused ingredients and oils, carefully selecting strains to enhance the flavors of their dishes. The show educates viewers on the effects of THC and CBD, with chefs using CBD-infused oils to balance out the high from THC, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for the guests.

While the competition aspect is present, the overall vibe of the show is relaxed and enjoyable. Kelis brings her expertise as a chef, balancing out Storrs’ intensity as a cannabis chef. The contestants showcase their culinary skills, creating dishes that not only taste great but also provide a unique high for the diners.

One of the highlights of “Cooked with Cannabis” is the camaraderie among the participants and judges. The show captures the essence of enjoying good food and good company, enhanced by the effects of cannabis. The chefs’ knowledge of different strains and their ability to craft a menu that offers a variety of highs make for a fascinating culinary experience.

As the episodes progress, viewers are treated to a mix of mouth-watering dishes, entertaining interactions, and a behind-the-scenes look at the world of cannabis-infused cooking. The show strikes a balance between informative and entertaining, shedding light on the creativity and skill required to excel in this unique culinary niche.

Overall, “Cooked with Cannabis” offers a fresh take on cooking competitions, blending food, cannabis, and camaraderacy in a way that is both educational and engaging. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a cannabis connoisseur, or simply looking for a fun and light-hearted show to enjoy, this series is definitely worth a watch.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This TV show “Cooked with Cannabis” is rated TV-MA, which stands for Mature Audience. This means the content is generally suitable for adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Parents are strongly cautioned that this show may contain mature themes, profanity, sexual content, violence, and drug use.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that “Cooked with Cannabis” is a reality TV series where chefs compete to create cannabis-infused meals for a chance to win $10,000. The show involves the use of recreational marijuana as an ingredient in cooking competitions.

Sex & Nudity:

  • The show may contain some sexual references and innuendos related to the theme of cannabis-infused cooking.

Violence & Gore:

  • There may be instances of mild violence during the cooking competition, but it is not the main focus of the show.


  • Expect the use of strong language and profanity throughout the episodes.

Drugs & Alcohol:

  • The show revolves around the use of cannabis as a central element in the cooking challenges, so expect frequent references to marijuana, THC infusions, and CBD sauces.

Overall, due to the mature themes and content of “Cooked with Cannabis,” it is recommended for viewers aged 17 and above. Parents should exercise their discretion and consider the show’s content before allowing younger audiences to watch it.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix You can watch Cooked With Cannabis – Season 1 on Netflix

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • I'm here to have a good time, cook with weed and hopefully break some stereotypes.
  • Elle wants to know if the table is edible.
  • THC, the active component, where the party is really at.
  • I like the flower, I like the herb.
  • It tastes like unicorns.
  • Why does she look like what she cooked?
  • There is great freedom in cooking with cannabis.
  • My inflammation is down.
  • I’ve been stoned since course one.
  • Don’t forget, extraordinary weed.
  • The world loves weed, you love weed, you love food. This is the perfect blend.
  • Something magical happens when you put weed and food together.
  • That’s another thing CBD does?
  • Women are from soup and men are from tacos.
  • You can put one in your fanny pack for later.
  • Do you want to do a wedding show about weed with me?
  • I never want anyone to experience cannabis the way I experienced it the first time.
  • The best part of my job is that I can always be high.
  • Why am I holding a spoon? I’m high.
  • The winner is the one who mixed cannabis and food in the most interesting, elegant way.
  • What does the future look like with weed?
  • That is one thing I know, I know weed butter.
  • Welcome to the future, and the future pops in your mouth.
  • This weed done got me, I just drooled on myself.
  • Rum raisin is for old people, ain’t it?
  • I am pleasantly high.
  • We are going to change the world through cannabis.
  • I had an edible before and I woke up in a bath tub.
  • Holidays are stressful, so you have to up your cannaboid use.
  • Why are you holding the green bean like you are about to smoke it?
  • I’m just like, mellow yellow.
  • What could be better than watching a table full of Comedians getting high off their food?
  • Is that prop weed or real weed?
  • This is a weed leaf.
  • Comfort food and cannabis basically go hand in hand.

🤖Cooked with Cannabis Reddit Talks

Cooked with Cannabis: A Culinary Exploration with a Twist

“Cooked with Cannabis,” a culinary competition show that premiered on Netflix in April 2020, quickly gained attention for its unique premise: chefs competing to create the most delectable cannabis-infused dishes. Hosted by comedian Ron Funches, the show featured a diverse group of contestants, from seasoned chefs to cannabis enthusiasts, all eager to showcase their skills and creativity. Despite its initial popularity, the show was removed from Netflix in June 2021, leaving many fans disappointed.

The Show’s Format and Reception

Each episode of “Cooked with Cannabis” followed a similar format. Two chefs would compete head-to-head, tasked with creating a three-course meal infused with cannabis. The dishes were judged by a panel of experts, including chefs, cannabis connoisseurs, and celebrities. The judges evaluated the dishes based on their taste, presentation, and overall creativity.

The show received mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike. Some praised its innovative concept and the chefs’ culinary skills, while others criticized the lack of focus on the actual cooking process. However, the show’s host, Ron Funches, was widely praised for his comedic timing and ability to keep the competition lighthearted.

Notable Contestants and Guests

Throughout its run, “Cooked with Cannabis” featured a number of notable contestants and guest judges. Some of the most memorable contestants included:

  • Coreen Carroll, winner of episode 3, “I Do Cannabis”
  • El-P, rapper and producer
  • Meghan Gailey, comedian and actress
  • Elle King, singer-songwriter
  • Ricki Lake, actress and television personality
  • Jo Koy, comedian
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub, actress
  • Nate Robinson, former NBA player

Celebrity guests on the show included Kelis, Leather, and Best Buds, as well as NBA legend John Salley and comedian Clayton English.

The Show’s Impact and Legacy

Despite its short run, “Cooked with Cannabis” had a significant impact on the culinary world. It helped to normalize the use of cannabis in cooking and showcased the creativity and skill of chefs who work with this unique ingredient. The show also sparked conversations about the potential health benefits of cannabis and its role in the food industry.

Criticisms and Controversies

Like any show that tackles a controversial topic, “Cooked with Cannabis” faced its share of criticism. Some viewers felt that the show glorified drug use and sent the wrong message to young people. Others argued that the show’s focus on cannabis overshadowed the culinary skills of the contestants.

Despite these criticisms, “Cooked with Cannabis” remains a popular topic of discussion among fans of cooking shows and cannabis enthusiasts alike. The show’s legacy is likely to continue as the use of cannabis in cooking becomes more widespread and accepted.

Top discussions

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cooked with Cannabis scripted?

This show is absolutely staged. Anyone who uses cannabis to cook or even uses cannabis at all would know within the first 10 minutes of the show that this is fake.

What celebrities are on Cooking with Cannabis?

Notable contestants and diners include Coreen Carroll (winner of episode 3, “I Do Cannabis”), El-P, Meghan Gailey, Elle King, Ricki Lake, Jo Koy, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Nate Robinson.

Where is Cooked with Cannabis filmed?

The culinary competition is filmed in California, where recreational use of cannabis is legal. The show switches up its themes, guest judges, and contestants from episode to episode, but every dish must be cooked with cannabis.

What NBA player was on Cooked with Cannabis?

Chefs Chris Yang, Brooke Egger, and Heather Feher created futuristic-inspired cannabis meals for NBA legend John Salley, NBA star Nate Robinson, and comedians Megan Gailey and Clayton English.

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