Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians (TV Show)

Title — Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians
Available on — Netflix, Yidio
Production Country — India
Release Date — 2019
Follow Indian Premier League champions Mumbai Indians through the 2018 season in this series featuring insider insights and intense cricket action.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the compelling sports documentary series “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians,” viewers are taken on an exhilarating journey through the 2018 season of the Mumbai Indians, a powerhouse in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Produced by Condé Nast Entertainment, this show delves deep into the world of cricket, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the Mumbai Indians as they strive to defend their 2017 championship title.

As the cameras roll, audiences witness the highs and lows, the triumphs and challenges faced by this iconic team. Led by the charismatic captain Rohit Sharma and featuring star players like Jasprit Bumrah, the Mumbai Indians leave no stone unturned in their quest for glory. The series captures the intense action on the field, the strategic decisions made off the field, and the unwavering dedication of the players and coaching staff.

Throughout the eight episodes, viewers are treated to insider insights, emotional moments, and nail-biting matches that keep fans on the edge of their seats. From the rigorous training sessions to the electrifying atmosphere of the IPL matches, “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” offers a comprehensive look at what it takes to compete at the highest level of professional cricket.

Behind the scenes, the production team, including executive producers Alexander Edgington, Joe LaBracio, and Jeremy Finn, along with producers Tom Dalzell and Rhys Dyer, work tirelessly to bring this gripping story to life. Cinematographer Steve Lidgerwood and editor Steve Prestimon capture the essence of the game, immersing viewers in the heart-pounding excitement of each match.

One of the standout features of the series is the access granted to viewers, allowing them to witness the personal struggles and triumphs of the players. From the pressure to perform on the field to the camaraderie off the field, “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” showcases the human side of these sporting legends, making them relatable and inspiring to fans around the world.

With its captivating storytelling, stunning visuals, and unforgettable moments, “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” is a must-watch for cricket enthusiasts and sports fans alike. Whether you’re a die-hard Mumbai Indians supporter or simply appreciate the thrill of competitive sports, this series provides a front-row seat to the exhilarating world of professional cricket.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Actor Role
Rohit Sharma Self
Mahela Jayawardene Coach
Shane Bond Bowling Coach
Hardik Pandya All-rounder
Krunal Pandya All-rounder
Jasprit Bumrah Bowler
Kieron Pollard All-rounder
Ben Cutting All-rounder
Mitchell McClenaghan Bowler
Evin Lewis Batsman
Mustafizur Rahman Bowler
Ishan Kishan Wicketkeeper/Batsman
Suryakumar Yadav Batsman
Aditya Tare Wicketkeeper/Batsman
Mayank Markande Bowler
Siddhesh Lad Batsman
Robin Singh Coach
Akash Ambani Owner
Nita Ambani Owner

💬 Reviews and feedback

Are you ready to dive into the world of cricket with a twist of Netflix magic? Well, grab your popcorn and settle in because we’re about to review the documentary series “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians”. This show takes you behind the scenes of the IPL’s winningest franchise, giving you a front-row seat to all the drama, passion, and action that unfolds off the field.

Imagine a blend of intense cricket matches, intriguing personal stories, and exclusive access to one of the most iconic teams in the Indian Premier League. It’s like watching a high-stakes game where every player’s move is crucial, both on and off the pitch.

Plot and Themes:

  • The series beautifully captures the essence of Mumbai Indians’ journey through the 2018 IPL season. From nail-biting matches to emotional team dynamics, every episode immerses you in the rollercoaster ride of professional cricket.
  • The theme of resilience shines through as we witness the players’ dedication to their sport amidst challenges and triumphs. It’s not just about winning matches; it’s about overcoming obstacles and staying true to their passion for cricket.

Binge-watching Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for those subtle moments that reveal the true grit and camaraderie within the team. They add an extra layer of depth to the overall viewing experience.

Acting and Characters:

  • From Rohit Sharma’s leadership to Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling prowess, each player brings a unique flavor to the Mumbai Indians’ narrative. You’ll find yourself rooting for your favorite players as they battle it out on the field.
  • The documentary doesn’t just focus on star players; it delves into the personal lives and struggles of individuals behind the scenes. This humanizes them beyond their cricketing skills, making you connect with them on a more personal level.

Binge-watching Tip: Pay attention to how each character evolves throughout the series. You’ll witness growth, setbacks, and moments that redefine their roles within the team.

Direction and Cinematography:

  • The director skillfully captures both intense match moments and intimate off-field interactions with finesse. The seamless transitions between action-packed games and heartfelt conversations keep you engaged throughout.
  • Cinematography plays a vital role in bringing out the emotions and energy of each scene. Whether it’s capturing a match-winning shot or a player’s vulnerable moment, every frame is crafted to evoke a sense of authenticity.

Binge-watching Tip: Take note of how camera angles and lighting enhance different moods within specific scenes. It adds a cinematic touch that elevates your viewing experience.

Production Design and Special Effects:

  • The production design transports you into the heart of Mumbai Indians’ world, from bustling stadiums to quiet locker rooms. The attention to detail in recreating these spaces adds depth to the storytelling.
  • While special effects may not be at center stage in a sports documentary, subtle enhancements during match sequences can heighten your adrenaline rush as if you’re right there on the field alongside your favorite players.

Binge-watching Tip: Keep an eye out for those small production details that enrich each scene. They create an immersive environment that makes you feel like part of the Mumbai Indians family.

Editing, Pace, and Dialogues:

  • The editing keeps you hooked with its seamless transitions between different story arcs. It maintains a balanced pace that allows room for both tense match moments and heartfelt conversations to shine through.
  • Dialogues are impactful, offering insights into players’ minds during crucial game situations or personal reflections off-field. They add depth to character interactions and bring an authentic touch to each conversation.

Binge-watching Tip: Listen closely to how dialogues reveal layers of emotions within characters. Sometimes, it’s not just what they say but how they say it that conveys deeper meanings.

In conclusion, “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” is more than just a sports documentary; it’s a journey filled with passion, determination, and camaraderie that transcends beyond cricket boundaries. So grab your jersey, cheer for your favorite team members from your couch stands, and immerse yourself in this captivating series!

Rating: 9/10

Pros Cons
Provides inside look at Mumbai Indians team Storylines and content can be melodramatic
Follows the 2018 season of IPL’s winningest franchise Series overly enamored by its own access
Well directed and edited Year may not have been ideal for the series
First Indian sports documentary on Netflix Some viewers find it unremarkable
Content can feel a bit melodramatic


  • Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians (TV Mini Series 2019- ) - IMDb

    SPONSOREDFollowing the 2018 season of the Mumbai Indians, one of the world’s most popular Cricket clubs.Following the 2018 season of the Mumbai Indians, one of the world’s most popular Cricket clubs.Following the 2018 season of the Mumbai Indians, one of the world’s most popular Cricket clubs.Browse episodesSPONSORED

    Did you know

    Featured reviewWhats Not To Love?Loved this series and encourage you to watch. Refreshing insight on what it takes to run a cricketing unit. Excellent editing, great input by the Ambani’s (fascinating to watch their moodswings) and so on and so forth. Don’t miss out.helpful•12

  • Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians - Wikipedia

    Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians

    Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians
    Genre Sports documentary
    Composer Matthew Abeysekera
    Country of origin India
    Original language English
    No. of seasons 1
    No. of episodes 8
    Executive producers
    • Alexander Edgington
    • Joe LaBracio
    • Jeremy Finn
    • James Maby
    • Jamie Stewart
    • Tom Dalzell
    • Rhys Dyer
    • Krishnendu Bose
    • Madhurima Sen Bose
    Cinematography Steve Lidgerwood
    Editor Steve Prestimon
    Running time 40 minutes
    Production company Condé Nast Entertainment
    Original release
    Network Netflix
    Release 1 March 2019

    Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indiansis a 2019 Indian sports documentary television series that follows the 2018 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, the Mumbai Indians, as they seek to defend their 2017 championship. The series was produced by Condé Nast Entertainment and premiered worldwide on Netflix on 1 March 2019.

  • Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians (TV Mini Series 2019- ) - Episode list - IMDb

    Top-ratedS1.E1 ∙ Mumbai! Mumbai!Fri, Mar 1, 2019Excitement and anticipation build as a new season approaches, but the team, managed by young Akash Ambani, faces pressure to repeat as IPL champions.7.2/10 (41)Rate

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians is a gripping 2019 sports documentary television series that delves into the thrilling journey of the Mumbai Indians during the 2018 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The series, which premiered on Netflix on 1 March 2019, offers viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the team as they strive to defend their 2017 championship title.

The show kicks off with the high-stakes 2018 IPL auction and takes viewers through the rollercoaster season until the Mumbai Indians’ final league stage match, where they unfortunately fall short of making it to the playoffs. With a total of eight episodes, each offering a unique perspective on the team’s challenges and triumphs, Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians provides an intimate portrayal of the players, coaches, and the overall dynamics of the team.

Featuring cricket icons like Rohit Sharma, Mahela Jayawardene, and Jasprit Bumrah, the series captures the essence of the sport and the intense competitive spirit that drives these athletes. With a focus on the Mumbai Indians, a franchise owned by the prestigious Ambani family, the show not only appeals to cricket enthusiasts but also aims to engage a broader audience by showcasing the passion and dedication that define the game.

Throughout the series, viewers witness the highs and lows of the Mumbai Indians’ journey, from exhilarating victories to heartbreaking defeats. The narrative weaves together personal insights, training sessions, and match-day experiences, offering a comprehensive look at the team’s quest for success in one of the most popular cricket leagues in the world.

Despite facing some criticism for its narrative structure, Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians has been well-received by audiences and critics alike. With a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 from The Indian Express and The Hindustan Times, the series has been praised for its authenticity and the raw portrayal of the realities of professional cricket.

For cricket fans, especially those who support the Mumbai Indians or follow the IPL closely, Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians is a must-watch, providing a unique glimpse into the inner workings of a top-tier cricket team and the challenges they face both on and off the field.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This TV Mini Series “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” is rated as suitable for viewers aged 13 and above.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” is a sports documentary television series that follows the 2018 season of the Indian Premier League franchise, the Mumbai Indians. Here is a detailed parental guide to help you make an informed decision about whether this series is appropriate for your child:

Sex & Nudity:
  • The series primarily focuses on cricket matches and behind-the-scenes insights, with minimal sexual content.
  • There are no explicit sexual scenes or nudity in the series.
Violence & Gore:
  • Contains intense cricket action, which may include scenes of competitive sportsmanship, celebrations, and on-field confrontations.
  • There is no graphic violence or gore depicted in the series.
  • Occasional use of mild language and sports-related exclamations.
  • No strong language or offensive profanity is prevalent throughout the series.
  • The series offers an inside look at the world of professional cricket, showcasing the dedication, teamwork, and challenges faced by the Mumbai Indians team.
  • It provides an inspiring and informative narrative for viewers interested in sports and cricket.

Overall, “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” is a sports documentary series that can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults who are fans of cricket and interested in behind-the-scenes stories of a professional sports team. It offers a positive and engaging viewing experience without explicit content that may be unsuitable for viewers aged 13 and above.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians is available for streaming on Netflix. Follow Indian Premier League champions Mumbai Indians through the 2018 season in this series featuring insider insights and intense cricket action.
Yidio You can watch Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians online on Yidio. It is a sports documentary series following the 2018 season of the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians is a Sports film Documentary film that appeared on TV in 2019 on Netflix.
  • Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians completed its run in 1970.
  • Listen, we know nothing about cricket; but that doesn’t mean that we found Cricket Fever boring. Quite the contrary; the show has all of the elements of a good behind-the-scenes sports docuseries along the lines of HBO's Hard Knocks. It has established its characters and storyline, and endeavors to profile a team that's out to prove something that season, even if they are the IPL's equivalent of the New England Patriots.

🤖Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians Reddit Talks

Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians TV Show


“Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” is a Netflix docu-series that follows the behind-the-scenes of the Mumbai Indians’ horrid 2018 season. The show has been praised for its entertainment value, providing an insider’s look at the challenges faced by the team during a difficult season.

Topics Discussed:

  • The Mumbai Indians’ 2018 season: The show focuses on the team’s struggles during the 2018 season, including their poor performance on the field and the challenges they faced off the field.
  • The team’s management: The show also examines the role of the team’s management, including the decisions made by the captain and the coaching staff.
  • The players’ perspectives: The show features interviews with several of the Mumbai Indians players, who share their thoughts on the season and the challenges they faced.
  • The impact of the season on the team’s fans: The show also explores the impact of the team’s poor performance on their fans, who were disappointed by the team’s results.


The show has received positive reviews from critics, who have praised its entertainment value and its insights into the challenges faced by the Mumbai Indians.

Alternative Viewing Methods:

For those who do not have access to Netflix, there are a number of alternative methods to watch the show, including streaming it online or downloading it from a torrent site.

Related Content:

  • The Test: A similar documentary series that follows the Australian cricket team during the 2018-19 Ashes series.
  • Made in Heaven: An Indian television show that follows the lives of two wedding planners in Delhi.
  • The Fallout: A television show based on the video game series of the same name.

Top discussions

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Cricket Fever Mumbai Indians?

You can watch Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians on the Netflix Official Site.

What is the name of the Netflix documentary based on Mumbai Indians?

The name of the Netflix documentary based on Mumbai Indians is Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians.

Which series is based on match-fixing?

Corruption. Cricket. This sports documentary examines India’s biggest match-fixing scandal, the icons caught in its web, and the journalists who uncovered the corruption.

Which web series is based on cricket?

Inside Edge is the story of the Mumbai Mavericks, a T20 cricket franchise playing in the Powerplay League.

Who is the father of Mumbai Indians?

The Mumbai Indians franchise is owned by Mukesh Ambani, who acquired the rights to the franchise for a period of 10 years after it was sold to Reliance Industries Ltd in January 2008.

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