Dancing with the Birds (Movie)

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Title — Dancing with the Birds
Available on — Netflix
Production Country — United States
Release Date — 2019
From ruffling their majestic feathers to nailing im-peck-able courtship routines, birds in paradise flaunt their best moves in hopes of landing a mate.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

Dancing with the Birds, a captivating documentary directed by Huw Cordey and narrated by Stephen Fry, takes viewers on a delightful journey into the fascinating world of colorful male jungle birds in New Guinea and other remote wildlife havens.

The film showcases the extravagant mating rituals of birds such as the Black Sickle Bill, MacGregor’s Bowerbirds, Carola’s Parotia, the twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise, and the King-of-Saxony-Bird-of-Paradise. Each bird species exhibits unique courtship behaviors, from intricate dances to elaborate displays of feathers, all in an effort to attract a mate.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers are treated to a comedic yet educational exploration of these birds’ flamboyant performances. The choreography of the Carola’s Parotia, set to the tune of T. Rex’s “Cosmic Dancer,” showcases the bird’s mesmerizing dance moves in nine distinct parts. The film highlights various courtship rituals, including the matador dance, perch bounces, perch pivots, swaying bobs, and the hop-shake-fluff-shuffle.

Male birds like the twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise use their unique features, such as twelve thin “wire” feathers, to captivate female birds. The documentary humorously captures the females’ reactions, portraying them as discerning judges rather than swooning admirers. Even though some male birds may never successfully mate despite their efforts, they persist in their elaborate courtship displays.

Throughout Dancing with the Birds, viewers are immersed in the stunning beauty of these avian performers as they compete for the attention of potential partners. The film offers a lighthearted yet insightful perspective on the intricate and sometimes humorous world of bird courtship, showcasing the resilience and determination of these feathered dancers.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Stephen Fry

Movie Casting:

Director Huw Cordey
Narrator Stephen Fry

💬 Reviews and feedback

Picture this: it’s 4 am, you’re snug as a bug in a rug in the cloudforests of Mount Wilhelm, Papua New Guinea, when suddenly you hear a melodious chirp. No, it’s not your alarm clock; it’s the call of the wild! Dive into the enchanting world of Dancing with the Birds, a Netflix documentary narrated by the one and only Stephen Fry.

As Stephen Fry guides you through this avian extravaganza, you’ll witness birds strutting their stuff like they’re auditioning for “Avian Idol.” From ruffling their feathers to perfecting courtship routines that would make any dance instructor envious, these birds are on a mission to find their feathered soulmates.

Plot and Themes:

Dancing with the Birds takes you on a journey into the vibrant world of bird mating rituals. It’s like watching a reality show where the stakes are high, and the performances are nothing short of spectacular. The film beautifully captures the essence of nature’s own dance-off, where each bird showcases its unique moves to win over a potential mate.

  • Binge-watching Tip: Grab some popcorn and settle in for a feather-filled fiesta that will leave you in awe of nature’s wonders.

Acting and Characters:

In this documentary, our feathered friends steal the show with their flamboyant displays and quirky personalities. Each bird has its own charm and charisma, making them more than just winged creatures; they’re stars in their own right. Stephen Fry’s narration adds an extra layer of wit and humor, making the viewing experience both educational and entertaining.

Direction and Cinematography:

The direction by Huw Cordey is impeccable, capturing every flutter and fluff with precision. The cinematography transports you to lush rainforests and picturesque landscapes where these birds put on their dazzling performances. Every frame is a visual treat, showcasing nature’s beauty in all its glory.

Production Design and Special Effects:

The production design deserves a standing ovation for recreating natural habitats that feel authentic and immersive. The special effects enhance the visuals without overshadowing the real stars of the show—the birds themselves. It’s a seamless blend of artistry and technology that brings these majestic creatures to life on screen.

Editing, Pace, and Dialog:

The editing keeps the pace brisk and engaging, ensuring that you’re captivated from start to finish. The dialogues are informative yet light-hearted, striking a perfect balance between education and entertainment. You’ll find yourself chuckling at bird puns while also marveling at their intricate mating rituals.

Overall Impression:

Dancing with the Birds is a delightful ode to nature’s beauty and diversity. It offers an intimate glimpse into the fascinating world of bird courtship while also highlighting the importance of conservation. Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or just someone looking for an enchanting escape into nature, this documentary has something for everyone.

So spread your wings (metaphorically speaking) and soar into this avian adventure that will leave you squawking for more!

Rating: 9/10

Cheers to dancing like nobody’s watching—unless you’re trying to impress your feathered crush!

Pros Cons
Mesmerizing look into bird mating rituals Short duration (51 minutes)
Narration by Stephen Fry May not appeal to viewers not interested in wildlife documentaries
Charming and playful documentary suitable for all ages Some viewers might find the subject matter repetitive
Beautiful cinematography showcasing bird behaviors Focus solely on bird mating rituals may limit the audience
Informative and entertaining introduction to bird behavior Lacks in-depth exploration of bird species


  • Dancing with the Birds (2019) - IMDb


    Dancing with the Birds

    • 2019
    • 52m

    From ruffling their majestic feathers to nailing im-peck-able courtship routines, birds in paradise flaunt their best moves in hopes of landing a mate.From ruffling their majestic feathers to nailing im-peck-able courtship routines, birds in paradise flaunt their best moves in hopes of landing a mate.From ruffling their majestic feathers to nailing im-peck-able courtship routines, birds in paradise flaunt their best moves in hopes of landing a mate.

    • Awards
      • 1 win & 3 nominations


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  • Dancing with the Birds (2019) Stream and Watch Online

    Yearning to watch ‘Dancing with the Birds’ on your TV or mobile device at home? Finding a streaming service to buy, rent, download, or watch the Huw Cordey-directed movie via subscription can be a huge pain, so we here at Moviefone want to take the pressure off.Read on for a listing of streaming and cable services – including rental, purchase, and subscription choices – along with the availability of ‘Dancing with the Birds’ on each platform when they are available. Now, before we get into the various whats and wheres of how you can watch ‘Dancing with the Birds’ right now, here are some specifics about the Silverback Films documentary flick.Released October 23rd, 2019, ‘Dancing with the Birds’ stars Stephen Fry The movie has a runtime of about 51 min, and received a user score of 77 (out of 100) on TMDb, which put together reviews from 58 well-known users.Interested in knowing what the movie’s about? Here’s the plot: “Some of the world’s most majestic birds display delightfully captivating mating rituals, from flashy dancing to flaunting their colorful feathers.”‘Dancing with the Birds’ is currently available to rent, purchase, or stream via subscription on Netflix basic with Ads, and Netflix .

  • Dancing with the Birds - Wikipedia

    Dancing with the Birdsis a 2019 documentary film directed by Huw Cordey and narrated by Stephen Fry. The premise revolves around exotic birds doing mating rituals, such as dancing or creating bowers with the right decorations.Dancing with the Birdswas released on October 23, 2019, on Netflix.

    Dancing with the Birds
    Directed by
    • Huw Cordey
    Narrated by Stephen Fry


    Distributed by Netflix

    Release date

    • October 23, 2019

    Running time

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense masterpiece “The Birds,” the terrifying ending leaves audiences with more questions than answers, making it a chilling and unforgettable experience. The movie, released in 1963 and now available for streaming on Peacock, follows the story of Melanie, played by Tippi Hedren in her film debut, a San Francisco socialite who visits a seaside town to surprise her love interest, Mitch, played by Rod Taylor.

The eerie events begin when Melanie is attacked by a seagull, setting off a series of escalating bird attacks on the town of Bodega Bay. The chaos unfolds as birds swarm, dive-bomb, and unleash terror on the unsuspecting residents, culminating in a harrowing scene where a gas station goes up in flames due to a bird-induced mishap.

The film’s climax finds Melanie, Mitch, Mitch’s mother, and his sister barricaded inside a house as they navigate the relentless bird attacks. The tension builds as they cautiously move through a sea of birds surrounding the house, with the fate of the characters hanging in the balance.

The most unsettling aspect of the ending is the lack of closure. As the group attempts to escape, the movie abruptly ends, leaving viewers to wonder about the characters’ fate and the reason behind the birds’ inexplicable aggression. The absence of a clear explanation adds to the overall sense of dread and uncertainty, making “The Birds” a truly haunting cinematic experience.

One character in the film suggests that the birds may be seeking revenge on humanity for its mistreatment of the environment and the birds themselves. While this provides a thematic backdrop, the true motive behind the bird attacks remains shrouded in mystery, contributing to the film’s lasting impact.

The open-ended conclusion, combined with the lack of a definitive resolution, mirrors the audience’s own confusion and fear, drawing them deeper into the characters’ plight. The ambiguity surrounding the events in Bodega Bay and the unanswered questions elevate the film to a level of psychological horror that lingers long after the credits roll.

Based on a 1952 horror story by Daphne du Maurier and inspired by a real-life bird incident in Capitola, California, “The Birds” weaves a tale of terror that transcends the typical creature feature. The parallels between the fictional events in the film and the actual bird disturbances add an unsettling layer of realism to the narrative.

In conclusion, “The Birds” stands as a testament to Alfred Hitchcock’s mastery of suspense and his ability to craft a film that leaves a lasting impact on viewers. By withholding easy answers and embracing the unknown, the movie invites audiences to grapple with fear, uncertainty, and the unexplained, making it a timeless classic in the realm of psychological horror.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This documentary film, “Dancing with the Birds,” is suitable for all ages.

Parental Guide:

Here is a detailed parental guide to help you make an informed decision about whether “Dancing with the Birds” is appropriate for your child:

Sex & Nudity:

  • The film contains no sexual content or nudity.

Violence & Gore:

  • There is no violence or gore depicted in the movie.


  • The film is free from any profanity or strong language.

Other Content:

  • “Dancing with the Birds” is a documentary that showcases the fascinating mating rituals of exotic birds in a family-friendly and educational manner.
  • It has a runtime of approximately 51 minutes and is narrated by Stephen Fry, who delivers witty and engaging commentary suitable for children.
  • The film received a user score of 77 out of 100 on TMDb, indicating positive feedback from viewers.
  • Overall, this documentary offers a fun and informative look at the secret lives of birds and is recommended for kids interested in wildlife and nature.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Dancing with the Birds is available on Netflix. The movie has a runtime of about 51 min and received a user score of 77 on TMDb. Narrated by Stephen Fry, it showcases birds in paradise flaunting their best moves in hopes of landing a mate.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • From ruffling their majestic feathers to nailing im-peck-able courtship routines, birds in paradise flaunt their best moves in hopes of landing a mate.
  • The best quotes from The Birds make you realize how unnerving the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while.
  • Let's rank the greatest quotes from the classic black white horror film The Birds, with the help of your votes.
  • It's the end of the world.
    The Drunk
  • A gull smashed into Annie's front door. Mitch - what's happening?
    Melanie Daniels

🤖Dancing with the Birds Reddit Talks

The documentary “Dancing with the Birds” delves into the fascinating world of birds of paradise and their elaborate courtship rituals. The film’s stunning cinematography and captivating narration showcase the incredible diversity and complexity of these birds’ behaviors.

“I’ve watched this like a million times and never gets old,” one Reddit user exclaimed.

The film’s exploration of the birds’ unique mating displays has sparked discussions among viewers, with many expressing amazement and amusement at the birds’ antics.

“Very amusing documentary about birds of paradise and all their weird little antics,” wrote another user.

However, the film’s portrayal of the birds’ behavior has also raised questions about the ethics of filming wildlife. Some viewers have expressed concern that the filmmakers may have interfered with the birds’ natural behaviors.

“I’m not sure how I feel about the filmmakers using a fake bird to attract the males,” commented one Reddit user.

Others have defended the filmmakers’ approach, arguing that the film provides valuable insights into the birds’ behavior without causing harm.

“I think the filmmakers did a great job of capturing the birds’ behavior without disturbing them,” said another user.

The film’s stunning visuals have also been a topic of discussion, with many viewers praising the filmmakers’ use of high-speed cameras and drones to capture the birds’ movements in unprecedented detail.

“The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking,” wrote one user.

Overall, “Dancing with the Birds” has been met with positive feedback from Reddit users, who have praised the film’s stunning visuals, engaging narration, and thought-provoking exploration of bird behavior.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Dancing with the Birds filmed?

The documentary was filmed in the cloudforests of Mount Wilhelm, Papua New Guinea, showcasing the exotic habitats of the birds in their natural environment.

Who narrates Dancing with the Birds?

Emmy Award-winning Stephen Fry provides the narration for Dancing with the Birds, offering a charming and playful commentary throughout the documentary.

What birds are featured in Dancing with the Birds?

The film showcases rarely seen birds-of-paradise, bowerbirds, and manakins as they flaunt their colors and courtship rituals in spectacular ways in their quest for a mate.

What is the cause of the birds going crazy in the documentary?

The real cause behind the birds’ behavior was toxic algae, although initially unknown. The documentary captures the birds’ reactions in a captivating and visually stunning manner.

What is the theme of the Netflix documentary about birds?

From majestic feathers to intricate courtship routines, the documentary captures birds in paradise displaying their best moves as they seek to attract a mate, offering a fascinating look into their world.

What is the premise of Dancing with the Birds?

Dancing with the Birds, directed by Huw Cordey, delves into the captivating world of exotic birds engaging in intricate mating rituals, providing a mesmerizing and insightful exploration into their lives.

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