1922 (Movie)

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Title — 1922
Available on — Netflix, Moviefone, ComingSoon.net
Production Country — United States
Release Date — 2017
A farmer pens a confession admitting to his wife's murder, but her death is just the beginning of a macabre tale. Based on Stephen King's novella.

ðŸŠķ Story & Synopsis

In the haunting and psychologically gripping film “1922,” directed by Zak Hilditch and released in 2017, viewers are taken on a dark journey into the twisted minds of the characters. The story revolves around Wilfred James, a proud farmer portrayed by Thomas Jane, who finds himself entangled in a web of deceit and murder in the year 1922.

The film opens with Wilfred seeking solace in a hotel room in Omaha, Nebraska, where he begins to confess to a heinous crime committed on his family farm. The narrative then delves into the events leading up to this pivotal moment.

Wilfred’s life takes a drastic turn when his wife, Arlette (Molly Parker), expresses her desire to sell their land, move to the city, and take sole custody of their son, Hank (Dylan Schmid). Threatened by the looming loss of his land and son, Wilfred’s deep-rooted pride and fear of change drive him to orchestrate a chilling plan.

Manipulating his impressionable teenage son, Hank, Wilfred convinces him to be his accomplice in the murder of Arlette. The murder sets off a chain of events that plunge the father-son duo into a downward spiral of guilt, paranoia, and delusion.

As Wilfred and Hank struggle to cope with the consequences of their actions, their once-strong bond begins to unravel. The film masterfully portrays the psychological toll of their crime, showcasing how one fateful decision can haunt them for the rest of their days.

Through its eerie atmosphere and nuanced storytelling, “1922” explores themes of guilt, trauma, and the destructive nature of secrets. The film’s stark portrayal of rural life in the 1920s serves as a backdrop for the characters’ descent into darkness, painting a chilling picture of the human psyche under duress.

With standout performances by the lead actors and a haunting musical score by Mike Patton, “1922” lingers in the minds of viewers long after the credits roll, leaving them pondering the depths of human depravity and the consequences of unchecked ambition.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Thomas Jane, Molly Parker, Dylan Schmid, Kaitlyn Bernard, Bob Frazer, Brian d’Arcy James, Neal McDonough

Actor Role
Thomas Jane Wilfred “Wilf” Leland James
Dylan Schmid Henry “Hank” Freeman James
Molly Parker Arlette Christina Winters James
Neal McDonough Harlan “Harl” Cotterie
Kaitlyn Bernard Shannon Cotterie
Brian d’Arcy James Sheriff Jones
Bob Frazer Mr. Lester

💎 Reviews and feedback

Welcome to the chilling world of “1922,” where the only thing scarier than a murder is the haunting aftermath. Imagine if Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock had a baby – that baby would be “1922.” This film grips you from the first frame and doesn’t let go until it’s crawled under your skin, much like the rats in the movie (figuratively, of course).

The plot of “1922” is like a slow burn candle that eventually engulfs you in its eerie glow. It’s not just about a man killing his wife; it’s about how that act shatters his psyche and sets off a chain of events that will leave you questioning your own moral compass. The film takes its time to unravel, allowing you to marinate in the tension and dread that permeates every scene.

  • Acting and Characters: Thomas Jane delivers a revelatory performance as Wilfred James, capturing the descent into madness with such nuance that you can’t help but empathize with him, despite his heinous actions. The supporting cast complements Jane’s intensity, adding layers to each character’s motivations.
  • Direction: Zak Hilditch masterfully weaves together suspense and horror, creating a visually stunning yet unsettling atmosphere. The way he plays with light and shadow mirrors the internal turmoil of the characters, drawing you deeper into their fractured psyches.
  • Cinematography: The cinematography in “1922” is nothing short of breathtaking. Each frame is meticulously composed, capturing both the beauty of rural Nebraska and the ugliness festering beneath the surface. The visuals enhance the storytelling, immersing you in this bleak world.

The dialogue in “1922” is like poetry soaked in blood – beautiful yet macabre. It lingers in your mind long after the credits roll, haunting you like a ghostly whisper in the dead of night. Every word spoken feels deliberate, adding to the sense of foreboding that hangs over the narrative like a dark cloud.

Now, let’s talk about those special effects. Brace yourself for some gruesome visuals that will make even horror aficionados squirm in their seats. The practical effects work seamlessly with the story, enhancing the visceral impact of certain scenes without relying on cheap jump scares or excessive gore.

  • Pace and Editing: While some may find certain parts of “1922” to be slow-paced, I believe this deliberate pacing adds to the overall sense of dread and impending doom. The editing keeps you on edge, cutting between past and present seamlessly to reveal how one moment can change everything.

Binge-watching Tip: Make sure to watch “1922” with all the lights off for maximum effect. Dimly lit rooms only add to the suspense!

In conclusion, “1922” is a gripping tale of guilt, betrayal, and retribution that will gnaw at your conscience long after it fades to black. It’s not just a horror film; it’s a psychological thriller that delves into the darkest corners of human nature with unflinching honesty.

Rating: 8/10

So grab some popcorn (and maybe a security blanket), settle in for a night of terror and introspection with “1922.” Just remember – what happens on screen stays with you long after it ends…

Pros Cons
Revelatory lead performance Turgid pacing at times
Beautiful cinematography Plot summary reveals major event
Gradual erosion of man’s psyche Cheesy ending
Engaging, brutal story Violence and gore may be off-putting to some viewers
Effective portrayal of trauma Veers off into slow pacing at times


  • 1922 (2017 film) - Wikipedia

    1922(2017 film)

    Directed by Zak Hilditch
    Written by Zak Hilditch
    Based on
    Produced by Ross M. Dinerstein
    Cinematography Ben Richardson
    Edited by Merlin Eden
    Music by Mike Patton


    • Campfire Productions
    • Mist Entertainment
    Distributed by Netflix

    Release dates

  • 1922 (2017) - IMDb

    SPONSOREDA simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to assist. But their actions have unintended consequences.A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to assist. But their actions have unintended consequences.A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to assist. But their actions have unintended consequences.

    • Awards
      • 1 win & 4 nominations


  • 1922 (2017) | Rotten Tomatoes

    Thanks to director Zak Hilditch’s patient storytelling and strong work from lead Thomas Jane,1922ranks among the more satisfying Stephen King adaptations.

    1922Where to Watch1922

    Watch 1922 with a subscription on Netflix.

    What to KnowCritics ReviewsAudience ReviewsCast & Crew

    Zak HilditchDirectorThomas JaneWilfred JamesNeal McDonoughHarlan CotterieMolly ParkerArlette JamesBrian d’Arcy JamesSheriff JonesDylan SchmidHenry James

⚠ïļ Explanation (Spoiler)

1922 is a psychological horror movie based on Stephen King’s novella, exploring the themes of crime and punishment. The plot revolves around Wilfred James, who lives on a farm in Nebraska with his wife Arlette and their son Henry. Arlette wants to sell the farm and move to the city, which would ruin Wilf’s life. In a twisted turn of events, Wilf and Henry plot to murder Arlette to prevent her from selling the farm.

After successfully committing the crime, guilt and conscience haunt Wilf and Henry. The story takes a tragic turn when Henry and his girlfriend are killed during a robbery, mirroring the fate of Bonnie and Clyde. Wilf loses everything – his property, his son, and his sanity, leading to the realization that everyone faces consequences for their actions.

The movie delves into the theme of crime and punishment, similar to Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment,’ where the characters face internal consequences rather than legal repercussions. The isolation of the farm provides a false sense of security, but the weight of guilt proves to be a heavy punishment for Wilf and Henry.

Irony is a recurring motif in the film, where Wilf’s actions to preserve the farm lead to its eventual loss. His desire to keep Henry on the farm backfires, driving his son away and ultimately leading to his tragic demise. Despite committing a heinous act to protect his son’s love, Wilf’s efforts are in vain as external circumstances thwart their happiness.

👊 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

1922 movie is rated R for strong violence, gore, and disturbing images, making it suitable for adult viewers and not recommended for children under 17.

Parental Guide:

Parents need to be aware that 1922 is a dark and intense movie based on a novella by Stephen King. The film contains graphic violence and gore, including scenes of murder, disturbing imagery, and unsettling themes of insanity and family conflict. There are depictions of a morgue visit where a face has been chewed off by rats and a mercy killing of an injured cow with a shotgun. Additionally, the storyline involves a father conspiring to murder his wife for financial gain, with unintended consequences.

Due to the violent and disturbing nature of the movie, it is not suitable for children or young teenagers. Parents should exercise caution and consider the mature content before allowing older teens to watch the film.

📚 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Watch ‘1922’ on Netflix. A farmer pens a confession admitting to his wife’s murder, but her death is just the beginning of a macabre tale. Based on Stephen King’s novella.
Moviefone Stream ‘1922’ and watch online. Discover streaming options, rental services, and purchase links for this movie on Moviefone.
ComingSoon.net To watch and stream 1922 online, viewers must subscribe to a Netflix account.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • In the end, we all get caught.
    Wilfred James
  • I discovered something that night that most people never have to learn. Murder is sin. Murder is damnation. But murder is also work.
    Wilfred James
  • I can't pray now, or ever again. I think if I got down on my knees God would strike me dead. I hope there is no god. I imagine all murderers hope there isn't, because if there's no heaven, then there's no hell.
    Henry James
  • I believe that there's another man... inside of every man. A stranger. A conniving man.
  • Whenever I tried to busy myself with work to keep out the thoughts... they'd find me.
  • Waiting for a teenage boy to come to his senses is like waiting for a broomstick to sprout flowers.
  • A murdered man or a woman dies not on God's time, but on man's. And if she is cut short before atoning for sin, well, all errors must be forgiven.
    Wilfred James
  • Money fixes everything, right? As the wife says, no money *spoils* everything, boy. Now I know that. Shannon will, too, now that she's got a baby to watch out for now. You'll see.
    Wilfred James
  • No father should have to kiss his son for the last time... but if any father deserved such a fate... it was I.
    Wilfred James
  • In 1922, a man's pride was a man's land. And so was his son.
    Wilfred James
  • In 1922, I murdered my wife. My son... aided me. This is a thing I regret, even more bitterly than the crime, for the reasons that this document will show.
    Wilfred James

ðŸĪ–1922 Reddit Talks

1922 is a 2017 psychological horror film based on the novella of the same name by Stephen King. The film stars Thomas Jane as Wilfred James, a Nebraska farmer who murders his wife with the help of his son, Henry (Dylan Schmid). After the murder, Wilfred and Henry are haunted by visions of Arlette’s ghost, and the guilt of their crime begins to consume them.

The film has received positive reviews from critics, with many praising Jane’s performance and the film’s atmosphere. However, some critics have found the film to be too slow-paced and predictable.

On Reddit, the film has also been met with positive feedback. Many users have praised the film’s acting, cinematography, and story. However, some users have also found the film to be too slow-paced and predictable.

Here are some of the specific topics that have been discussed on Reddit:

  • Thomas Jane’s performance: Many users have praised Jane’s performance in the film, calling it one of his best. They have particularly praised his ability to convey the character’s guilt and remorse.
  • The film’s atmosphere: Many users have also praised the film’s atmosphere, calling it both eerie and suspenseful. They have particularly praised the use of sound and lighting to create a sense of unease.
  • The film’s story: Many users have also praised the film’s story, calling it both engaging and thought-provoking. They have particularly praised the film’s exploration of the themes of guilt and redemption.
  • The film’s pacing: However, some users have found the film to be too slow-paced. They have argued that the film could have been more effective if it had been shorter.
  • The film’s predictability: Some users have also found the film to be too predictable. They have argued that the film’s plot is too obvious and that there are no real surprises.

Overall, the film has been well-received on Reddit. Many users have praised the film’s acting, cinematography, and story. However, some users have also found the film to be too slow-paced and predictable.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 1922 movie a true story?

“1922” was inspired by a nonfiction book called Wisconsin Death Trip (1973), written by Michael Lesy and featuring photographs taken in the small city of Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

What is the message of 1922?

Heavily pervasive in “1922” are multiple themes that range from guilt over past events to the trauma of a bad marriage, emasculation, and the way that one decision can haunt you to the end of your days.

What happens in the movie 1922?

A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to assist. But their actions have unintended consequences.

Where was 1922 filmed?

Dinerstein in Los Angeles, who sent his screenplay to Netflix, Hilditch was quickly told that his idea would become a film under the platform. Principal photography for 1922 began in Vancouver with cinematographer Ben Richardson to take advantage of the tax credit given to films shot in Canada.

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