7 (Seven) (TV Show)

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Title — 7 (Seven)
Available on — 7plus
Production Country — India
Release Date — 2019
Multiple women report their husbands as missing but when it appears they are looking for the same man, a police officer traces their cryptic connection.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the riveting drama series “Seven on 7,” viewers are immersed in the engaging lives of Eric Camden, a devoted minister, and his wife Annie as they navigate the challenges of raising seven children. From toddlers to adults with families of their own, the Camdens grapple with the complexities of family dynamics, love, faith, and personal growth.

Despite the heartwarming portrayal of familial bonds, the show is not without its share of controversies and challenges. The series garnered critical acclaim, earning a nomination for a Primetime Emmy along with an impressive tally of 24 wins and 57 nominations overall, showcasing its impact on audiences.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness the emotional journey of the Camden family, each member facing their own trials and triumphs. From career aspirations to romantic entanglements, the characters grapple with relatable issues, resonating with audiences worldwide.

However, behind the scenes, the show faced its own share of turmoil. The decision to end the popular series “7th Heaven” was a result of mounting production costs, stemming from a flawed licensing agreement negotiated by the WB network. Despite its loyal fan base and enduring popularity, the financial constraints led to the announcement that season ten would be the final chapter of the beloved show.

One of the show’s lead actors, Stephen Collins, who portrayed the patriarch Eric Camden, faced personal turmoil that overshadowed his professional accomplishments. Collins, known for his roles prior to “7th Heaven,” saw his career come to an abrupt halt following revelations of his involvement in sexual misconduct with minors. The actor’s fall from grace cast a shadow over the show’s legacy and left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Despite the challenges faced by the cast and crew, “Seven on 7” continues to captivate audiences with its poignant storytelling and compelling characters. The series, created by Amazon Prime Video and helmed by a talented team of writers and directors, offers a fresh perspective on the timeless themes of family, love, and redemption.

Through nine gripping episodes, viewers are drawn into the intricate lives of the Camden family, each member grappling with their own inner demons and external pressures. From Eric and Annie’s unwavering love to the siblings’ complex relationships, “Seven on 7” weaves a tapestry of emotions that resonates with viewers of all ages.

As the Camdens navigate the ups and downs of life, viewers are reminded of the enduring power of family, faith, and forgiveness. Despite the controversies that have plagued the show and its cast, “Seven on 7” stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the bonds that hold us together, even in the face of adversity.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Rahman, Havish, Regina Cassandra, Nandita Swetha, Anisha Ambrose, Tridha Choudhury, Pujitha Ponnada, Aditi Arya

Actor Role
Reza Kianian (11 Episodes)
Niki Karimi (11 Episodes)
Ali Mosaffa (11 Episodes)
Amir Jafari (11 Episodes)
Mehdi Hashemi (11 Episodes)
Hanie Tavassoli (11 Episodes)
Pantea Bahram (11 Episodes)
Babak Hamidian (11 Episodes)
Nazanin Bayati (11 Episodes)
Mina Sadati (11 Episodes)

💬 Reviews and feedback

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Well, grab your popcorn and buckle up because we are diving into the world of “Seven” – the TV series that promises a rollercoaster ride of mystery and suspense!

Picture this: Five friends set out on a picturesque hilly adventure, but things take a dark turn when an accident leaves them with a dead body, a gun, and a bag of money. Intrigued already? That’s just the tip of the iceberg in this seven-episode series that started streaming on ZEE5 from March 17, 2023.

Now, let’s break down what makes “Seven” worth your binge-watching time. While some reviews might label it as predictable and uninspired, there’s more than meets the eye in this gripping tale of unexpected events and moral dilemmas.

Plot and Themes:

  • From drugs to college life, teen pregnancy to poverty, “Seven” delves into a myriad of themes that reflect the complexities of modern-day challenges.
  • The narrative unfolds like a mind-bending puzzle, keeping you guessing at every twist and turn.

Binge-watching Tip: Keep an eye out for subtle clues scattered throughout each episode – they might just hold the key to unraveling the mystery!

Acting and Characters:

  • While some may find the acting stiff in certain scenes, the cast delivers convincing performances that draw you into their world.
  • The characters’ dynamics evolve as they navigate through morally grey situations, adding layers of depth to their personalities.

Binge-watching Tip: Pay attention to the character arcs – you’ll witness remarkable growth and transformation with each passing episode!

Direction and Cinematography:

  • The direction keeps you engaged with its seamless blend of suspense and drama, creating an immersive viewing experience.
  • The cinematography captures the scenic beauty juxtaposed with tension-filled moments, setting the tone for each scene perfectly.

Binge-watching Tip: Take note of visual cues and camera angles – they often foreshadow pivotal plot developments!

Score and Production Design:

  • The score heightens the emotional impact of key moments, enhancing the overall intensity of the series.
  • The production design creates an authentic backdrop that immerses you in the characters’ world, adding richness to every frame.

Binge-watching Tip: Let yourself be swept away by the music – it serves as a guide through the highs and lows of each episode!

Special Effects and Editing:

  • The special effects add a touch of realism to pivotal scenes, amplifying their impact on viewers.
  • The editing maintains a brisk pace that keeps you hooked from start to finish, leaving little room for distractions.

Binge-watching Tip: Appreciate how seamless transitions enhance the storytelling flow – it’s all in the details!

Pace and Dialogues:

  • The pace is set just right—neither too slow nor too fast—allowing for moments of tension to build organically. The dialogues are crisp and impactful.
  • Binge-watching Tip: Pay attention to subtle nuances in conversations—they often hold hidden meanings that add depth to character interactions.

In Conclusion,

Get ready for a binge-worthy experience that will leave you craving for more. “Seven” may have its critics but its intricate storytelling combined with strong performances make it a must-watch for fans of mystery and suspense genres.


In every twist lies excitement,

In every turn lies revelation,

So dive into “Seven” today!

Rating: 8/10

Pros Cons
Addresses relevant issues like drugs, college life, and teen pregnancy Dialogue and acting can feel stiff at times
Showcases family working through problems and finding solutions Some episodes may seem like a morality play
Engaging plot with unexpected events Some predictability and uninspired content
Good character development Some viewers may find it mind-numbing
Excellent animation, plot twists, and soundtrack Can be a tedious watch with a paper-thin script


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    The cast includes seven very different actors (much like the characters they portray) who come together in perfect harmony. The stories are well-written and directed. There is the perfect blend of action, suspense, and a little humor for good measure.I jumped for joy when I found out that “The Magnificent Seven”, formerly of CBS, was picked up by TNN. It now airs Wednesdays at 10pm eastern. It is the best show to come around in a long time and deserves the chance. Even if you don’t like westerns, there’s something here for you.helpful•151

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    • Apr 19, 2000
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    • Release date
    • Country of origin
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      • 7 Days
    • Filming locations
      • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada(seasons 2-3)
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  • Se7en (Seven) Ending Explained - So what was in the box? And how did ...

    Se7en Plot Synopsis

    Written by David Fincher, Se7en is a simple but bleak crime thriller, centering on two detectives – a rookie and a veteran – who work together to hunt a serial killer. This killer is using the seven deadly sins as his motives, going after those he deems need to be treated a lesson.Unfortunately, this brilliant mastermind has his own ideas on how to end this deadly game, and as Mills and Somerset dive deeper into the truth, they soon realize that this could well involve both their lives.

  • TV SHOW - 1998-2000 The Magnificent Seven (COMPLETE SERIES ... - YouTube

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the movie “Se7en,” directed by David Fincher, the story revolves around two detectives, Detective Lieutenant William Somerset and Detective David Mills, who are on the trail of a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as motives for his gruesome murders.

The film starts with Somerset, a soon-to-retire detective, teaming up with the idealistic Mills, who has just moved to the city with his wife Tracy, who is pregnant. Tracy confides in Somerset about her pregnancy, keeping it a secret from her husband. Somerset advises her to inform Mills about the pregnancy.

The murders begin with the first victim being an obese man who is forced to eat until his stomach bursts, representing the sin of Gluttony. The detectives then discover a lawyer forced to cut a pound of flesh from himself, symbolizing Greed, and a drug dealer and child molester who is still alive but in critical condition, representing Sloth. Clues lead them to a suspect’s apartment where they find evidence of premeditated crimes.

The murderer, identified as John Doe, is tracked down by Somerset and Mills. Doe turns himself in covered in blood, offering to confess his crimes on the condition that the detectives take him to where he buried two more victims. Somerset is cautious, but Mills agrees to the terms. Doe shows no remorse for his actions, believing he is carrying out divine justice.

During the climax of the movie, the trio arrives at a remote location where a delivery van approaches. Mills holds Doe at gunpoint while Somerset receives a box from the driver, instructed by Doe to bring it to this location for “a guy called David.” Somerset opens the box and realizes it contains Tracy’s severed head, revealing that Doe murdered her as the final act of vengeance, representing Envy.

This shocking revelation leads to a tragic end as Mills, consumed by rage and grief, kills Doe in a fit of anger, completing the killer’s twisted plan. The movie concludes with the devastating consequences of Doe’s actions and the toll it takes on the characters, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

Se7en (1995) – TV Show: This TV show is rated R for strong graphic violence, grisly images, and language. It is recommended for viewers 17 years and older.

Scissor Seven (TV Series 2018- ): This TV show is suitable for older children and teenagers. It contains fantasy violence and humor that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens TV Show: This TV show is geared toward tween audiences and features slightly toned-down fantasy violence. It is suitable for children aged 7 and above.

Parental Guide:

Se7en (1995) – TV Show: Parents should be aware that this TV show contains the following:

  • Sex & Nudity: There are 8 instances of sexual content in the show.
  • Violence & Gore: The show includes 15 scenes of violence and gore, including graphic images.
  • Profanity: There are 2 instances of profanity used in the show.
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: There are 2 scenes depicting alcohol, drugs, or smoking.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes: There are 9 scenes in the show that may be frightening or intense for some viewers.

Scissor Seven (TV Series 2018- ): Parents should note that this TV show contains fantasy violence and humor that may not be suitable for younger children.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens TV Show: This TV show is suitable for children aged 7 and above, featuring mild fantasy violence and youth-oriented humor. Parents may find it appropriate for tween audiences.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
7plus 7plus is the home of entertainment, news and sport where you can watch The Magnificent Seven TV show online. It offers unlimited free streaming and you can catch up on shows you missed at any time you like by downloading the app or watching online.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • I just don't think I can continue to live in a place that embraces and nurtures apathy as if it was virtue.
    William Somerset
  • You're no different. You're no better.
    David Mills
  • I didn't say I was different or better. I'm not. Hell, I sympathize; I sympathize completely.
    William Somerset
  • You're no different. You're no better.
    David Mills
  • I didn't say I was different or better. I'm not! Hell, I sympathize; I sympathize completely. Apathy is a solution. I mean, it's easier to lose yourself in drugs than it is to cope with life.
  • Hell, love costs: it takes effort and work.
  • This is a man who dedicated his life to making money by lying with every breath that he could muster to keeping murderers and rapists on the streets !
  • We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home, and we tolerate it.

🤖7 (Seven) Reddit Talks

The Seven is a superhero TV show that has been the subject of much discussion on Reddit. One of the main topics of conversation is the difference between the Seven in the comics and the Seven in the TV show. Many people believe that the comic book Seven is more powerful and experienced, while the TV show Seven is more flawed and relatable.

Another popular topic of discussion is the morality of the Seven. The Seven are often depicted as being selfish and ruthless, and many fans have questioned whether they are truly heroes. Some fans believe that the Seven are simply a reflection of the corrupt society that created them, while others believe that they are a force for good despite their flaws.

The Seven’s relationship with the public is also a frequent topic of discussion. The Seven are often seen as celebrities, and their actions are closely scrutinized by the media and the public. This has led to some fans criticizing the Seven for being too concerned with their public image, while others have defended the Seven’s right to privacy.

Finally, many fans have discussed the future of the Seven. The show has been renewed for a second season, and many fans are eager to see what the future holds for the Seven. Some fans believe that the Seven will eventually become true heroes, while others believe that they will continue to spiral down a path of darkness.

Overall, The Seven is a complex and thought-provoking show that has sparked a lot of discussion among fans. The show’s characters, themes, and storylines have all been the subject of much debate, and it is clear that The Seven is a show that will continue to be talked about for years to come.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TV show 7th Heaven worth watching?

Despite sometimes feeling like a morality play with stiff dialogue and acting, 7th Heaven showcases the Camden family working through their problems and finding solutions. The show covers topics like drugs, college life, teen pregnancy, and more.

Did the dad from 7th Heaven go to jail?

The actor Stephen Collins faced a career downfall after admitting to his actions, but he did not suffer any legal consequences. He moved to Iowa and is focusing on healing through meditation and therapy.

How many seasons did 7th Heaven run for?

7th Heaven ran for a total of 11 seasons, with 10 seasons on The WB network and one season on The CW network, airing between 1996 and 2007.

Why is the TV show 7th Heaven called “7th Heaven”?

The show is named “7th Heaven” because the Camden family originally had seven members – Eric, Annie, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie.

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