90 ML (Movie)

Title — 90 ML
Available on — Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube
Production Country — India
Release Date — 2019
Four friends shake up their lives when they meet a new woman in their apartment complex who encourages them to embrace their wild sides.

ðŸŠķ Story & Synopsis

In the movie “90 ML,” the protagonist Devadas, played by Kartikeya, is born with a fatal alcoholic syndrome that requires him to consume 90ml of liquor three times a day to survive. Despite this unique condition, he falls in love with Suvasana, portrayed by Neha Solanki, who strongly disapproves of alcohol.

The plot takes a dramatic turn when Jon Wick, played by Ravi Kishan, enters the love story, creating chaos and conflict. Devadas’s struggle with his medical condition and the societal stigma attached to alcoholism forms the crux of the storyline, making for a compelling romantic drama.

The movie delves into themes of love, acceptance, and the challenges of living with a rare medical condition. With a blend of romance and emotional turmoil, “90 ML” offers a unique and thought-provoking narrative that keeps the audience engaged till the very end.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Oviya, Masoom Shankar, Bommu Lakshmi, Monisha Ram, Tej Raj, Shree Gopika, Anson Paul, Devadarshini Chetan

Actor Role
Kartikeya Devadas
Neha Solanki Suvasana
Ravi Kishan Jayram (John Wick)
Ajay Seshu
Rao Ramesh Kshunaakar Rao, Suvasana’s father
Pragathi Devadas’s mother
Satya Prakash Ramdas, Devadas’s father
Roll Rida Kishore
Raghu Karumanchi John Wick’s henchman
Prabhakar Raja
Posani Krishna Murali Murali
Ali Dr. Nadiridinna, Rehabilitation Center
Gundu Sudarshan Doctor
Praveen Vignesh
Thagubothu Ramesh Ramesh
Duvvasi Mohan
C. V. L. Narasimha Rao
Baby Nidhi Reddy

💎 Reviews and feedback

Grab your popcorn and get ready for a wild ride as we dive into the world of “90 ML” – a movie that serves up a cocktail of drama, comedy, and controversy. Picture this: a society where men have all the freedom to indulge in vices like drinking, smoking, and eve-teasing, while women are left out in the cold. Sounds familiar? Well, this film takes that premise and runs with it.

Let’s start with the plot. “90 ML” revolves around a man suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome who must consume 90 ml of alcohol thrice a day to survive. Talk about a unique twist! This sets the stage for a love story that defies conventions and challenges societal norms. The storyline is bold, unconventional, and at times, downright bizarre.

As we delve into the themes of the movie, one cannot ignore the underlying message about gender disparity and societal expectations. The film boldly confronts these issues through its characters and their actions, sparking conversations and debates along the way.

Now, let’s talk acting. The cast delivers solid performances, with each actor bringing their A-game to the table. From emotional depth to comedic timing, they manage to strike a balance that keeps you engaged throughout.

Direction-wise, Sekhar Reddy takes on a challenging subject matter with confidence. His vision is clear, even if some may find his approach controversial or unconventional. The cinematography captures the essence of each scene beautifully, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

  • Score: The music in “90 ML” deserves a special mention. From heart-wrenching melodies to foot-tapping beats, the soundtrack elevates key moments in the film.
  • Production Design: The sets and costumes transport you into the world of the characters seamlessly. Attention to detail is evident in every frame.
  • Special Effects: While not heavily reliant on CGI or flashy effects, “90 ML” uses practical effects effectively to enhance storytelling.
  • Editing: The pacing may feel uneven at times due to certain scenes feeling dragged out. Tighter editing could have elevated the overall impact of the film.

The dialogues are sharp and impactful, driving home key moments with finesse. However, there are instances where certain dialogues feel forced or out of place within the narrative.

In terms of tone, “90 ML” fluctuates between light-hearted comedy and intense drama seamlessly. It keeps you on your toes, never quite settling into one genre or mood for too long.

Binge-watching Tips: When watching “90 ML,” keep an open mind and be prepared for some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Embrace the eccentricity of the storyline and let yourself be swept away by its unconventional charm.

To wrap it up – “90 ML” is like that quirky friend who always keeps you guessing but never fails to entertain. It’s not without its flaws but manages to leave a lasting impression nonetheless.

Ratings: 7/10

In conclusion – raise your glass (or maybe just take a sip of water) to “90 ML” for daring to be different in a sea of predictable cinema!

Pros Cons
Decent comedy Story lacks conviction
Extraordinary dance and songs Stretched plot
Strong fight sequences Flippant handling of serious issues
Good-looking scenes Hackneyed story and narration


  • 90ML (2019 Telugu film) - Wikipedia

    90ML(2019 Telugu film)

    Directed by Sekhar Reddy Yerra
    Written by Sekhar Reddy Yerra
    Produced by Ashok Reddy Gummakonda
    • Kartikeya
    • Neha Solanki
    • Ravi Kishan
    Cinematography J. Yuvaraj
    Edited by M. S. Rajashekhara Reddy (S. R. Shekhar)
    Music by Anup Rubens


    Kartikeya Creative Works

    Release date

    • 6 December 2019

    Running time

  • 90 ML (2019) - IMDb

    Devadas(Kartikeya) an MBA gold medalist falls in love with Suvasana (Neha Solanki) a physiotherapist. How Devadas faced heroine and her family (Who’re anti alcoholic) after they get to know … Read allDevadas(Kartikeya) an MBA gold medalist falls in love with Suvasana (Neha Solanki) a physiotherapist. How Devadas faced heroine and her family (Who’re anti alcoholic) after they get to know he’s Alcoholic? How he convinced Suvasana’s father? Meanwhile How Devadas got clash with J… Read allDevadas(Kartikeya) an MBA gold medalist falls in love with Suvasana (Neha Solanki) a physiotherapist. How Devadas faced heroine and her family (Who’re anti alcoholic) after they get to know he’s Alcoholic? How he convinced Suvasana’s father? Meanwhile How Devadas got clash with Jhonwik (Ravikishan) a comic psycho villain is the rest of the story.

  • 90ML - Official Trailer | Oviya | STR | Alagiya Asura | NVIZ ... - YouTube

  • 90 ML (2019 Tamil film) - Wikipedia

    90 MLis a 2019 Indian Tamil-language adult comedy film written and directed by Anita Udeep. The film stars Oviya in the lead role, while Anson Paul, Masoom Shankar, Monisha Ram, Shree Gopika, and Bommu Lakshmi play supporting roles. The film is produced by Udeep under Nviz Entertainment. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Silambarasan with editing done by Anthony and cinematography by Aravind Krishna.90 MLfeatures the first lesbian romance in Tamil cinema. The film was released on 1 March 2019.

⚠ïļ Explanation (Spoiler)

In “90 ML,” a 2019 Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Sekhar Reddy Yerra, we follow the story of a high-functioning alcoholic named Devadas (played by Kartikeya) and his journey to win the love of Suvasana (played by Neha Solanki). The film runs for 159 minutes and is set in India, with the dialogues in Telugu.

The plot revolves around Devadas, who faces societal judgment due to his alcohol addiction. Despite being a heavy drinker, he is portrayed as a charming and lovable character. Devadas falls in love with Suvasana and decides to give up alcohol to prove his commitment to her. The struggles and challenges he faces in this process form the crux of the story.

Throughout the film, the audience witnesses Devadas’ transformation as he navigates his relationship with Suvasana and battles his addiction. The narrative is a blend of comedy, romance, and drama, offering a light-hearted yet impactful take on the theme of love and personal growth.

The chemistry between Kartikeya and Neha Solanki’s characters adds depth to the storyline, making the audience emotionally invested in their journey. The supporting cast complements the lead pair, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

Despite the film’s focus on alcoholism, it does not aim to preach or moralize about the issue. Instead, it presents a non-judgmental perspective, highlighting the challenges individuals face in overcoming their struggles while infusing the narrative with humor and relatable moments.

Overall, “90 ML” offers a refreshing take on romance and self-improvement, with Kartikeya delivering a compelling performance as Devadas. The film’s blend of humor, romance, and emotional depth makes it an engaging watch for audiences looking for a light-hearted yet meaningful cinematic experience.

👊 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

The movie “90 ML” (2019) has been rated A for adults only due to its content. It contains elements such as alcohol consumption, moderate threat, and intense scenes that may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 18.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that “90 ML” includes the following content:

  • Sex & Nudity: The movie contains instances of alcohol consumption and references to the main character drinking 90 ml of alcohol three times a day. There are no explicit sexual scenes depicted.
  • Violence & Gore: There is a scene of moderate threat where a character is tied to a chair and threatened with a gun. Other instances of milder threat include a woman holding a knife up to several guests at a wedding. The violence is not graphic or gory.
  • Profanity: The film includes moderate profanity throughout.
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: The main character is depicted as an alcoholic who drinks 90 ml of alcohol three times a day. Alcohol consumption is a central theme of the movie.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes: There are some intense scenes involving threats and pursuit, but they are not overly graphic or disturbing.

Parents should consider these content elements before allowing their children to watch the movie.

📚 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Four friends shake up their lives when they meet a new woman in their apartment complex who encourages them to embrace their wild sides.
Prime Video The story of Devadas who has a strange disorder and falls in love with Suvasana.
YouTube Purchase or rent the movie online.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Keep The Change, Ya Filthy Animal
  • Hasta La Vista, Baby
  • You Can't Handle The Truth!
  • You're Killin' Me, Smalls
  • Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates, You Never Know What You're Gonna Get
  • To Infinity... And Beyond!
  • Show Me The Money!
  • I'm King Of The World!
  • Now That's Some High Quality H2O
  • I See Dead People

ðŸĪ–90 ML Reddit Talks

90ML Movie Overview

The 90ML movie is a formulaic mass drama that fails to impress. The story revolves around a young man who falls in love with a woman from a wealthy family. The two must overcome obstacles to be together, including the disapproval of the woman’s family.

Critical Reception

Critics have panned the 90ML movie, calling it a “disrespectful” and “disgusting” film. One critic wrote, “This movie is a total disrespect for the people who did hard work for it.” Another critic said, “This is the most disgusting Tamil movie I have ever watched.”

Audience Reaction

Audiences have also been critical of the 90ML movie. Many viewers have taken to social media to express their disappointment with the film. One viewer wrote, “This movie is a waste of time. I would not recommend it to anyone.” Another viewer said, “This is the worst Tamil movie of the year.”


The 90ML movie explores several themes, including love, family, and social class. The film shows the power of love to overcome obstacles, but it also shows the challenges that can arise when people from different social classes fall in love.


The 90ML movie features a cast of characters that are both relatable and unlikable. The protagonist, played by GV Prakash, is a young man who is trying to find his place in the world. He is often reckless and impulsive, but he is also kind and caring. The female lead, played by Nikki Galrani, is a young woman who is torn between her love for the protagonist and her loyalty to her family.


The 90ML movie is shot in a realistic and gritty style. The cinematography is often handheld and shaky, which gives the film a sense of immediacy. The film’s use of color is also notable. The colors are often muted and drab, which reflects the film’s overall tone.


The 90ML movie features a soundtrack that is composed of both original songs and popular Tamil songs. The music is used to create a sense of atmosphere and to enhance the film’s emotional impact.


The 90ML movie is a well-made film that explores important themes. However, the film’s formulaic plot and unlikable characters may turn off some viewers.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of 90ML movie?

Devadas is born with a fatal alcoholic syndrome and needs to drink 90ML liquor three times a day to survive. He falls in love with Suvasana, who hates alcohol. The twist in the tale arises when Jon Wick enters the love story and creates chaos.

Who are the main actors in 90ML South movie?

The main actors in the movie are Oviya Helen as Rita, Anson Paul as Venky, Masoom Shankar as Kajal, Silambarasan in a special appearance, Monisha Ram as Suganya, Bommu Lakshmi as Thamarai, and Shree Gopika as Paru.

What is the premise of 90ML (2019) movie?

The movie revolves around a man suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome who has to drink 90 ml of alcohol three times a day to stay alive. He falls in love with a woman whose family disapproves of alcoholism.

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