93 Days (Movie)

Title — 93 Days
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Production Country — Nigeria
Release Date — 2016
Heroic health workers fight to contain an Ebola outbreak when a patient arrives in Lagos with symptoms of the deadly virus. Based on a true story.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

Set against the backdrop of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, “93 Days” directed by Steve Gukas is a gripping tale of sacrifice, courage, and hope in the face of a deadly pandemic. Inspired by the real-life events of Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American lawyer who inadvertently brought the Ebola virus to Lagos, the film chronicles the heroic efforts of health workers from a Lagos hospital to contain and ultimately stop the spread of the virus.

As the movie unfolds, the audience is drawn into the intense race against time as healthcare professionals in Lagos, a city with over 20 million inhabitants, fight to prevent a potential catastrophe. The arrival of Sawyer, already showing symptoms of the deadly virus, sets off a chain of events that puts the entire city at risk.

The narrative unfolds with a focus on the challenges faced by the medical team, led by dedicated individuals portrayed by actors like Bimbo Akintola, Danny Glover, and Bimbo Manuel. The film showcases the resilience, determination, and selflessness of these individuals as they work tirelessly to contain the outbreak and save lives.

Throughout the 93 days of the crisis, the audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster, witnessing the sacrifices made by healthcare workers who put their own lives on the line to protect their community. The film captures the fear, uncertainty, and chaos that gripped Lagos during this period, as well as the moments of unity, compassion, and hope that emerged in the face of adversity.

With a blend of suspense, drama, and real-life heroism, “93 Days” serves as a poignant reminder of the power of human resilience and the importance of collaboration in overcoming global health crises. Despite the grim subject matter, the film ultimately delivers a message of hope, highlighting the triumph of the human spirit in the face of a deadly threat.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Bimbo Akintola, Somkele Iyamah, Danny Glover, Gideon Okeke, Seun Kentebe, Keppy Ekpenyong, Zara Udofia Ejoh, Bimbo Manuel, Patrick Diabuah, Tina Mba, Alastair Mackenzie, Tim Reid

Actor Role
Danny Glover Dr. Benjamin Ohiaeri
Bimbo Akintola Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh
Somkele Iyamah Dr. Ada Igonoh
Seun Ajayi Dr. Niyi Fadipe
Bimbo Manuel Not specified

💬 Reviews and feedback

Hey there movie buffs! Ready to dive into the heart-pounding world of medical drama and heroic feats? Well, grab your popcorn and hazmat suits because we’re about to review the captivating film, “93 Days”!

Imagine a world where the battle against a deadly virus isn’t fought by caped crusaders or super-soldiers but by ordinary medical professionals armed with courage and determination. “93 Days” transports us into such a reality, recounting the harrowing true story of how a team of health workers in Lagos managed to contain the Ebola outbreak that threatened to consume Nigeria.

This movie isn’t just a mere retelling of historical events; it’s a tribute, a homage to the unsung heroes who risked their lives on the frontlines of an invisible war. Directed by Steve Gukas and shot in various parts of Nigeria, “93 Days” stands out for its documentary-style filmmaking that immerses you in the heart-wrenching narrative.

  • Plot: The plot of “93 Days” is as gripping as it is poignant. It delves into the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, highlighting the relentless efforts of health workers from First Consultant Hospital to diagnose and contain the virus before it spirals out of control. The film beautifully captures the race against time and the sacrifices made in the name of public health.
  • Acting and Characters: Led by stellar performances from Bimbo Akintola, Danny Glover, and Bimbo Manuel, the cast breathes life into their characters, making you root for them every step of the way. Each actor embodies their role with such sincerity that you can’t help but be drawn into their emotional journey.
  • Direction: Steve Gukas’s direction shines in “93 Days,” seamlessly blending heart-wrenching drama with moments of hope and resilience. His ability to capture the raw emotions of both patients and healthcare workers adds depth to the narrative, making it more than just a retelling of events.
  • Cinematography and Production Design: The cinematography in “93 Days” is visually stunning, capturing both the chaos of an epidemic and the quiet moments of humanity amidst adversity. The production design transports you to the heart of Lagos, immersing you in its bustling streets and cramped hospital wards.
  • Special Effects: While “93 Days” may not rely heavily on CGI or flashy special effects, its portrayal of medical procedures and containment protocols feels authentic and grounded in reality. The attention to detail in showcasing how healthcare professionals tackle a deadly virus is commendable.
  • Editing and Pace: One minor critique some viewers may have is regarding pacing. While “93 Days” masterfully builds tension and suspense, some may find certain scenes dragging slightly. However, this deliberate pacing serves to emphasize the gravity of the situation at hand.
  • Dialogue: The dialogue in “93 Days” strikes a balance between informative medical jargon and heartfelt conversations that reveal the human side of healthcare workers facing insurmountable odds. It’s both enlightening and emotionally resonant.

Binge-Watching Tip: If you’re looking for a double feature after watching “93 Days,” consider checking out other medical dramas like “Contagion” or “Outbreak” for more pulse-pounding narratives centered around epidemics.

“93 Days” isn’t just a movie; it’s a testament to human resilience, sacrifice, and unwavering determination in the face of adversity. As you witness these unsung heroes fight against all odds to protect their community, you can’t help but be moved by their selflessness.

This film will keep you on edge from start to finish, reminding us that sometimes real-life heroes don’t wear capes; they wear scrubs and lab coats. So grab your tissues (and maybe some hand sanitizer) because “93 Days” will tug at your heartstrings while leaving you inspired by the indomitable spirit of humanity.

RATING: 9/10

In conclusion, “93 Days” isn’t just a movie; it’s an experience—a deeply moving journey that celebrates courage in the face of adversity. So next time you feel like complaining about slow pacing or made-for-tv vibes, remember these are real-life stories being brought to light on screen with utmost respect for those who lived them.

Remember: In a world full of superheroes, sometimes all we need is a reminder that true heroism lies within those who choose compassion over fear. And “93 Days” does just that—honoring those who fought tirelessly against an invisible enemy with nothing but hope in their hearts.

Pros Cons
Based on a true story Pacing was slow
Good acting Some scenes felt like a made-for-tv movie
Proper and accurate representation Mediocre camera work
Documentary-style filmmaking Cliche dialogue
Fresh perspective on pandemic Troubled pacing


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    SPONSOREDWhat happens when the deadliest infectious disease know to man arrives in a megacity with over 21 million people .What happens when the deadliest infectious disease know to man arrives in a megacity with over 21 million people .What happens when the deadliest infectious disease know to man arrives in a megacity with over 21 million people .

    • Awards
      • 1 win & 6 nominations


    • Dr. Faisal Shuaib
    • (as Jide Atta)

    Keppy Ekpenyong-Bassey

    • Patrick Oliver Sawyer
    • (as Keppy Ekpenyong)

    Charles Etubiebi

  • 93 Days - Wikipedia

    93 Daysis a 2016 Nigerian drama thriller film directed and co-produced by Steve Gukas. The film recounts the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and its successful containment by health workers from a Lagos hospital. It stars Bimbo Akintola, Danny Glover and Bimbo Manuel with joint-production through Native FilmWorks, Michel Angelo Production and Bolanle Austen-Peters Production.

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    Audience ReviewsMy RatingCast & Crew

    Steve GukasDirectorBimbo AkintolaDoctor AdadevohDanny GloverDr. Benjamin OhiaeriSomkele IdhalamaDoctor AdaSeun KentebeGodwin IgonohAlastair MackenzieDoctor David Brett-Major

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

Hey there! Let’s dive into the intense and gripping world of “93 Days,” a Nigerian drama thriller directed by Steve Gukas. This film takes us back to the harrowing events of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and how a group of dedicated health workers fought tirelessly to contain the deadly virus.

Plot Overview

The story kicks off on July 20, 2014, when Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American diplomat, lands in Lagos, Nigeria, showing severe symptoms. Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, one of the attending physicians, suspects Ebola despite Sawyer’s denial. She takes the brave decision to quarantine him at First Consultants Medical Center.

As the test results confirm Sawyer has Ebola, panic spreads rapidly through Lagos and beyond. Nigeria gears up for a potential epidemic. Dr. Adadevoh, along with other health professionals, works relentlessly to prevent the virus from spreading further.

The narrative captures the selfless acts of these individuals who risked their lives to ensure the Ebola outbreak was contained, highlighting their courage and sacrifices in the face of a deadly threat.

Main Characters

  • Bimbo Akintola as Doctor Ameyo Adadevoh: The dedicated physician who plays a pivotal role in identifying and containing the Ebola outbreak.
  • Danny Glover as Dr. Benjamin Ohiaeri: A part of the team fighting against the Ebola epidemic in Nigeria.
  • Bimbo Manuel as Wasiu Gbadamosi: Involved in the efforts to combat the Ebola crisis in Lagos.
  • Seun Ajayi as Dr. Niyi Fadipe: Another healthcare professional at the forefront of the battle against Ebola.
  • Zara Udofia Ejoh as Nurse Justina Echelonu: A nurse working tirelessly to care for Ebola patients.
  • Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey as Patrick Sawyer: The index case of Ebola in the film.
  • And many other talented actors who bring this intense story to life.

Production Details

The film was shot in Nigeria and boasts an impressive cast and crew. With Steve Gukas at the helm as director and co-producer, the movie delves into the real-life events surrounding the Ebola crisis in Nigeria. The dedication and attention to detail in the production make “93 Days” a compelling and authentic portrayal of a significant moment in Nigerian history.

Legacy and Dedication

“93 Days” is a tribute to the late Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, the Nigerian physician whose decisive actions were instrumental in containing the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria. The film serves as a reminder of the bravery and sacrifices made by healthcare workers during times of crisis.

So, if you’re looking for a thought-provoking and emotionally charged movie that showcases the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, “93 Days” is a must-watch. Get ready to be moved by the courage and determination of those who fought on the frontlines against one of the deadliest viruses of our time.

Experience the tension, drama, and heroism of “93 Days” as it unfolds the gripping tale of survival and sacrifice in the midst of a public health emergency.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This movie, “93 Days” (2016), is rated R for restricted. Children under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian. The film contains elements such as intense scenes, violence, and gore that may not be suitable for viewers under 17.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that “93 Days” (2016) contains the following content:

  • Sex & Nudity: There is minimal sexual content in the film, with only mild references.
  • Violence & Gore: The movie includes scenes of violence related to battling the Ebola outbreak, such as medical procedures, sickness, and intense emotional moments.
  • Profanity: Limited profanity is used throughout the film.
  • Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: There are no depictions of alcohol, drugs, or smoking in the movie.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes: The film features intense and frightening scenes related to the Ebola outbreak, including medical emergencies and emotional distress.

Parents are advised to consider these elements before allowing their children under 17 to watch “93 Days.”

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❝ Quotes and Cult

  • What happens when the deadliest infectious disease know to man arrives in a megacity with over 21 million people.
  • I always wondered why 93 Days went out of the cinemas so fast. This is a movie about one of the most important moments in Nigeria's history and about some of the greatest people our country has ever known - Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh and the brave folks at First Consultant Hospital (FCH), Obalende, the same people who helped make sure that the Ebola virus did not wreck more havoc than it did.
  • In 2014, brave health care workers battle the Ebola outbreak in Lagos.
  • In 2014, Nigeria escaped an Ebola pandemic in the span of 93 days because of the bravery and quick response of health care workers in Lagos. As the world fights through the COVID-19 pandemic, the film 93 Days - though grim - is a hopeful reminder of humanity's capacity to overcome.
  • Steve Gukas' film, 93 Days (2016), tells the remarkable story of how Nigeria and supporting global agencies stopped the spread of Ebola in their country and, by extension, the rest of the world with extraordinary efficiency. A threat that various projections predicted could have resulted in the rapid infection of millions of people across the world officially ended in "just" 93 days.
  • 93 Days is dedicated to Ameyo Adadevoh, a Nigerian physician who played a key role in the containment of Ebola in Nigeria.
  • On 20 July 2014, Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American diplomat, arrives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is immediately taken to First Consultants Medical Center after suffering from worsening symptoms. One of his accompanying physicians, Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, is concerned that he may have Ebola, even though Sawyer denies the suggestion; nevertheless, she decides to quarantine Sawyer and asks her staff to exercise caution when tending to him. The next afternoon, the test results are returned, and Sawyer is confirmed to have Ebola. Word travels quickly that there is a potential first case Ebola patient in Lagos, and soon news organizations around the world start broadcasting the news. Nigeria immediately begins preparations for an Ebola epidemic. Dr. Adadevoh meets with Dr. Wasiu Gbadamosi, who is in charge of the Yaba infectious facility, and Dr. David Brett-Major from the World Health Organization. She finds the Yasu facility is under-equipped to handle Ebola patients. On July 25, the physicians discover that Sawyer has died. The First Consultants Medical Center begins enhanced precautions and monitors its staff for Ebola signs and symptoms. The story centers on the sacrifices made by men and women who risked their lives to make sure the Ebola virus was contained, before it becomes an epidemic.
  • Nigeria was declared Ebola-free on October 20, 2014 to global applause. The World Health Organisation called it a “spectacular success story,” and rightly so. For the first time in a long time, Nigeria was faced with a challenge that could have easily torn her apart, but she faced it squarely and defeated it, thanks to the efforts of some of the people featured in 93 Days.
  • “Never has our country faced a crisis like this,” Dr Benjamin Ohiaeri (played by Danny Glover) says in the movie’s closing monologue at the memorial service of the deceased staff of FCH, “Never have our people, and our nation, risen to a challenge like we did last month. And never have we paid a higher price... The memory of all the people who died will never fade, not as long as there is a Nigeria to remember them.”
  • Nigerians are often quick to forget grave events, perhaps it is a coping mechanism, because there are just too many sad things happening at the same time. But some things must never be forgotten. The Ebola crisis is one of them. It was a crisis that showed just how strong our country could be if we decided to fight against something together, and it showed just how valuable the sacrifice of a few could be to the majority. In a country where a snake swallows millions of naira and a monkey runs away with 70 million Naira, where truth is stranger than fiction and the politics is great source material for a comedy show, the people need to be constantly reminded that they are not powerless and to be reminded just how formidable they can be if they decided to stand up to the demons that beset them.
  • Apart from its political and cultural implications, 93 Days is one of Nollywood’s few examples of cinematic excellence, a movie that other filmmakers can look at and aspire to, one that all Nigerians can proudly refer to. It takes a subject so delicate and complex and executes it perfectly. From the acting, to the cinematography, music and plot, it has all the elements of a great movie by any standard.

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93 Days Movie Accuracy

Despite being a powerful and emotional film, “93 Days” contains several historical inaccuracies. The callsigns “Siegfried” and “Dixie” are fictional and were used to represent F-16 fighter pilots Heather Penney and Marc Sasseville, who were ordered to intercept Flight 93 shortly before it crashed.

93 Days Movie Reviews

“93 Days” has received mixed reviews. Some viewers found it to be an incredibly moving and powerful film, while others found it to be too intense and difficult to watch. The film has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the events of 9/11 and for its strong performances, but it has also been criticized for its graphic violence and for its lack of focus on the victims of the attacks.

93 Days Movie Impact

“93 Days” has had a significant impact on viewers. Many people have reported feeling emotionally drained after watching the film, and some have even said that it has changed their perspective on the events of 9/11. The film has also sparked discussion about the importance of remembering the victims of the attacks and about the need to continue fighting against terrorism.


“93 Days” is a powerful and thought-provoking film that has had a significant impact on viewers. While it is not a perfect film, it is a valuable addition to the body of work that has been created about the events of 9/11.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is 93 Days based on a true story?

Yes, the plot of 93 Days is based on a true story that depicts how a team of medical professionals managed to contain a small outbreak of Ebola in Lagos before it spread across the country.

What happens in 93 Days?

93 Days is a movie that recounts the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and showcases the successful containment efforts by health workers from a Lagos hospital. It stars actors like Bimbo Akintola, Danny Glover, and Bimbo Manuel.

Where was 93 Days filmed?

The movie 93 Days was directed by Steve Gukas and was filmed in various locations across Nigeria, providing an authentic backdrop for the storyline.

What is the movie 93 Days based on?

93 Days, directed by Steve Gukas, is a 2016 Nigerian film inspired by the real-life events of Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American lawyer who brought Ebola to Lagos in 2014.

Is 93 Days a good movie?

Despite some mixed reviews, 93 Days is recommended for its realistic portrayal of the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and the commendable efforts of health workers to contain the epidemic.

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