Blue Ruin (Movie)

Title — Blue Ruin
Available on — The Roku Channel, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Freevee, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu, YouTube
Production Country — United States, France
Release Date — 2013
Bad news from the past unhinges vagabond Dwight Evans, sending him on a mission of bloody retribution that takes him to his childhood hometown.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“Blue Ruin” is a gripping American revenge thriller film directed and written by Jeremy Saulnier. The story follows Dwight Evans, a vagrant living in Delaware, who embarks on a journey of vengeance after learning that the man who murdered his parents, Wade Cleland, is being released from prison. Dwight returns to his hometown in Virginia, setting off a chain of brutal events that test his resolve and push him to protect his estranged family.

As the plot unfolds, Dwight’s quiet life as an outsider is shattered as he navigates the murky waters of seeking retribution. Portrayed by Macon Blair, Dwight’s character is a complex mix of calm rationality and bursts of violent instincts as he confronts the individuals responsible for his family’s tragedy.

The film delves into themes of scathing violence and desperation, capturing the raw essence of a man driven by a primal need for justice. “Blue Ruin” intricately weaves a tale of amateur assassins, brutal fights, and the lengths one will go to protect their loved ones. The movie showcases how a well-told revenge story can captivate audiences, keeping them on the edge of their seats with its smart, stripped-down narrative.

Set against the backdrop of Virginia, “Blue Ruin” takes viewers on a tense and suspenseful journey through Dwight’s quest for retribution. The film’s intense atmosphere, coupled with Macon Blair’s compelling performance, makes it a must-watch for fans of gritty crime dramas and thrilling mysteries. Jeremy Saulnier’s masterful direction brings to life a story of vengeance, family ties, and the consequences of past actions that will leave audiences spellbound until the very end.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Macon Blair, Devin Ratray, Amy Hargreaves, Kevin Kolack, Eve Plumb, David W. Thompson, Brent Werzner, Stacy Rock, Sidné Anderson, Sandy Barnett, Bonnie Johnson

Actor Role
Macon Blair Dwight
Devin Ratray Ben Gaffney
Amy Hargreaves Sam
Kevin Kolack Teddy Cleland
Eve Plumb Kris Cleland
David W. Thompson William
Brent Werzner Carl Cleland
Stacy Rock Hope Cleland
Sidné Anderson Officer Eddy

💬 Reviews and feedback

Hey there movie buffs! Ready to dive into the world of revenge and violence with a touch of dark humor? Well, look no further because “Blue Ruin” is here to shake up your movie night!

Imagine a rollercoaster ride of emotions where revenge takes center stage, but not in the way you’d expect. “Blue Ruin” is like that eccentric friend who surprises you at every turn, keeping you on the edge of your seat with its smart storytelling and gritty atmosphere.

Plot and Themes:

  • In “Blue Ruin,” we follow the journey of Dwight, a drifter who embarks on a mission to seek revenge for his parents’ murder. The plot unfolds with unexpected twists and turns, showcasing the consequences of violence and desperation.
  • The film beautifully captures Dwight’s internal conflict between his rational behavior and instinctual urge for vengeance, adding layers of complexity to his character.

Binge-watching Tip: Keep an eye out for subtle details throughout the movie that hint at the deeper themes of guilt, redemption, and the cycle of violence.

Acting and Characters:

  • Macon Blair shines in his portrayal of Dwight, bringing a perfect balance of vulnerability and intensity to the character. His performance keeps you invested in Dwight’s journey from start to finish.
  • The supporting cast adds depth to the narrative, each character contributing to the overall atmosphere of tension and unease.

Binge-watching Tip: Pay attention to Macon Blair’s nuanced expressions and body language, as they provide insight into Dwight’s internal turmoil.

Direction and Cinematography:

  • Jeremy Saulnier’s direction in “Blue Ruin” is nothing short of impressive. The way he handles tension and pacing elevates the viewing experience, keeping you engaged throughout.
  • The cinematography captures the bleak beauty of the setting, enhancing the film’s dark tone and gritty atmosphere.

Binge-watching Tip: Take note of how Saulnier uses visual storytelling to convey emotions and build suspense without relying heavily on dialogue.

Score and Production Design:

  • The score in “Blue Ruin” perfectly complements the on-screen action, adding an extra layer of intensity to key moments.
  • The production design creates a stark contrast between Dwight’s world and his quest for vengeance, emphasizing the rawness of his journey.

Binge-watching Tip: Listen closely to the score during pivotal scenes; it enhances the emotional impact and builds tension effectively.

Special Effects and Editing:

  • “Blue Ruin” may not rely heavily on flashy special effects, but when they are used, they pack a punch. The rawness of violence is depicted in a way that feels both brutal yet realistic.
  • The editing keeps the narrative tight and focused, ensuring that each scene contributes meaningfully to Dwight’s story arc.

Binge-watching Tip: Keep an eye out for subtle visual cues during scenes of violence; they add depth to the impact without overshadowing the storytelling.

Pace and Dialog:

  • The pace in “Blue Ruin” is deliberately slow-burning, allowing moments of tension to simmer before erupting into bursts of action.
  • The dialog is sparse yet impactful, conveying emotions with precision while maintaining an air of unpredictability.

Binge-watching Tip: Embrace the deliberate pace as it builds anticipation for each twist in Dwight’s journey towards retribution.

In conclusion,

“Blue Ruin” is a masterclass in crafting a thrilling revenge story that goes beyond mere bloodshed. With its gripping performances, atmospheric direction, and thoughtful themes, this film will leave you pondering long after the credits roll. So grab your popcorn (and maybe a stress ball), buckle up for an intense ride through vengeance!

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 9/10 – A must-watch for fans of dark thrillers!

Pros Cons
Smart and stripped-down storytelling Violence described as brutal, shocking, and disturbing
Thrillingly grim atmosphere Not suitable for all tastes due to dark humor
Consistently unpredictable plot May be too intense for some viewers
Excellent thriller with handsomely shot scenes Some viewers may find the violence too scathing
Great acting performances May not be suitable for those sensitive to violence


  • Blue Ruin - Wikipedia

    Blue Ruin

    Blue Ruin
    Directed by Jeremy Saulnier
    Written by Jeremy Saulnier
    Produced by
    • Tyler Byrne
    • Richard Peete
    • Vincent Savino
    • Alex Orr
    • Anish Savjani
    • Macon Blair
    • Devin Ratray
    • Amy Hargreaves
    • Kevin Kolack
    • Eve Plumb
    • David W. Thompson
    Cinematography Jeremy Saulnier
    Edited by Julia Bloch
    Music by
    • Brooke Blair
    • Will Blair


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    • Release date
    • Countries of origin
    • Official sites
    • Language
    • Also known as
      • Untitled Revenge Project
    • Filming locations
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    Box office

    • Budget
      • $420,000 (estimated)
    • Gross US & Canada
      • $258,384
    • Opening weekend US & Canada
      • $32,608
      • Apr 27, 2014
    • Gross worldwide
      • $993,313
    • Runtime1 hour 30 minutes
    • Color
    • Sound mix
    • Aspect ratio
      • 2.35 : 1

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  • Blue Ruin | Rotten Tomatoes

    Smart, stripped-down, and thrillingly grim,Blue Ruinproves that a well-told revenge story can still leave its audience on the edge of their seat.

    Blue RuinWhere to WatchBlue Ruin

    Rent Blue Ruin on Fandango at Home, Prime Video, or buy it on Fandango at Home, Prime Video.

    What to KnowCritics ReviewsAudience ReviewsCast & Crew

    Jeremy SaulnierDirectorMacon BlairDwightDevin RatrayBen GaffneyAmy HargreavesSamKevin KolackTeddy ClelandEve PlumbKris Cleland

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the intense revenge crime drama “Blue Ruin,” the ending brings a culmination to the cycle of violence that Dwight, the protagonist, is caught up in. The story revolves around the brutal murder of Dwight’s parents by Wade Cleland Sr., seeking revenge for an affair Dwight’s father had with Cleland’s wife. The film delves into themes of family ties, betrayal, and the consequences of seeking vengeance.

William, a pivotal character, turns out to be the illegitimate child of Dwight’s father and Cleland’s wife. This revelation adds complexity to the already strained relationships between the characters, especially with the Cleland family. Dwight’s decision to confront the Clelands sets off a chain of events that lead to a tragic and violent climax.

The ending sees Dwight taking out most of the Cleland family in a bid to avenge his parents. However, he is ultimately shot by William and Kris, succumbing to his wounds. Dwight’s attempt to spare William, revealing the truth about their shared parentage, highlights his desire for reconciliation amidst the chaos. The fatal confrontation between Dwight, Kris, and Hope underscores the destructive nature of the cycle of violence that has consumed them.

As for Sam, Dwight’s sister, she is left to grapple with the aftermath of the bloodshed. Dwight’s efforts to protect her and her child from the Clelands’ retaliation lead to a bittersweet resolution. Sam’s eventual discovery of the tragic events and her uncertain future add a poignant layer to the film’s conclusion.

Through its bleak yet poignant ending, “Blue Ruin” showcases the destructive power of revenge and the grim reality of its consequences. The film’s exploration of family, betrayal, and the complexities of human relationships leaves a lasting impact on the viewer, underscoring the futility of violence as a means of seeking justice.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This movie is rated R for strong violence and language throughout.

Parental Guide:

Blue Ruin is a gritty and intense revenge thriller that is not suitable for children or young teenagers. The movie contains graphic and brutal spurts of violence, including scenes where a man’s neck is cut open, a knife is buried in a man’s head with significant blood spray, and a man is hit by a car and knocked unconscious. Additionally, there is a scene where a crossbow arrow is shot through a man’s leg.

There are minimal instances of sex and nudity, limited profanity, and only brief alcohol, drugs, and smoking references.

Due to the graphic violence and intense themes, this movie is recommended for mature audiences above the age of 17.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
The Roku Channel Currently you are able to watch Blue Ruin streaming on The Roku Channel for free with ads.
Tubi TV Currently you are able to watch Blue Ruin streaming on Tubi TV for free with ads.
Pluto TV Currently you are able to watch Blue Ruin streaming on Pluto TV for free with ads.
Freevee Currently you are able to watch Blue Ruin streaming on Freevee for free with ads.
Amazon Prime Video You can stream or rent Blue Ruin on Amazon Prime Video with Cinemax add-on. You can buy or rent Blue Ruin for as low as $3.79 to rent or $5.99 to buy on Amazon Prime Video.
Google Play You can buy or rent Blue Ruin on Google Play for as low as $3.79 to rent or $5.99 to buy.
Vudu You can buy or rent Blue Ruin on Vudu for as low as $3.79 to rent or $5.99 to buy.
YouTube You can buy or rent Blue Ruin on YouTube for as low as $3.79 to rent or $5.99 to buy.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Hey, man, I know this is personal. That's how you'll fail. No speeches, no talking. You point the gun, You shoot the gun.
    Ben Gaffney
  • I know this is personal and that's how you'll fail. No speeches. You point the gun, you shoot.

🤖Blue Ruin Reddit Talks

Blue Ruin: A Raw and Unflinching Revenge Thriller


Blue Ruin is a gripping low-budget thriller that follows Dwight, a man seeking revenge for his parents’ murder. As he embarks on a bloody quest, Dwight’s actions spiral out of control, leading to a shocking and violent finale.

Critical Acclaim:

Blue Ruin has received widespread critical acclaim for its unpredictable plot, excellent acting, and raw, realistic portrayal of violence. Critics praised the film’s ability to subvert expectations and its unflinching look at the dark side of human nature.

Themes and Interpretation:

Vengeance and Its Consequences:

At its core, Blue Ruin explores the themes of vengeance and its devastating consequences. Dwight’s desire for revenge consumes him, leading to a cycle of violence that ultimately destroys his own life. The film raises questions about the morality of revenge and the price one pays for seeking it.

The Fragility of Redemption:

Dwight’s journey is a cautionary tale about the difficulty of redemption. Despite his initial desire to seek justice, his actions become increasingly violent and self-destructive. The film suggests that true redemption may be impossible for those who have committed heinous crimes.

The Consequences of Trauma:

Blue Ruin also sheds light on the lasting effects of trauma. Dwight’s childhood experiences have left him deeply scarred, and his inability to process his grief leads him down a path of destruction. The film explores the psychological toll that violence can take on individuals and the challenges of healing from past trauma.

Reception Among Redditors:

Redditors have overwhelmingly praised Blue Ruin for its originality, intensity, and realistic portrayal of violence. Many have noted the film’s ability to grip viewers from beginning to end, while others have appreciated its exploration of complex themes. Some viewers have also expressed appreciation for the film’s low-budget aesthetic, which they believe adds to its authenticity.


Blue Ruin is a powerful and thought-provoking film that explores the dark side of human nature. Its unflinching portrayal of violence and its complex themes have made it a critical and audience favorite. The film serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of vengeance and the lasting effects of trauma.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Ruin worth watching?

Blue Ruin is a smart, stripped-down, and thrillingly grim movie that proves a well-told revenge story can still leave its audience on the edge of their seat.

How violent is Blue Ruin?

In Blue Ruin, while not many people die within a short time frame, the violence is described by the director as brutal, shocking, and disturbing.

What is the message of Blue Ruin?

Blue Ruin is a tale of scathing violence and desperation. Macon Blair’s character, Dwight, navigates a journey of revenge mixed with calm rational behavior disrupted by bursts of violence.

What is the plot of the movie Blue Ruin?

Blue Ruin follows a drifter who returns to his hometown to seek inept revenge for his parents’ deaths, leading to a brutal and unpredictable chain of events.

Where does the movie Blue Ruin take place?

The movie Blue Ruin primarily takes place in Delaware, where the main character, Dwight, resides in his car, and later in his hometown in Virginia where the central storyline unfolds.

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