Bo on the Go! (TV Show)

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Title — Bo on the Go!
Available on — Netflix, The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, Tubi TV, YouTube TV, Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, Apple TV
Production Country — Canada
Release Date — 2007
Staying at home doesn't mean sitting still for energetic Bo and her little dragon friend Dezzy, who embark on amazing adventures through movement.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the animated children’s TV series “Bo on the Go!”, viewers are taken on mythic quests with the energetic and determined young hero, Bo. Airing from September 3, 2007, to December 18, 2009, the show produced a total of 55 episodes, captivating audiences worldwide in over 13 languages.

Bo, accompanied by her loyal dragon sidekick Deezy, embarks on adventures where she faces challenges, overcomes obstacles, and receives rewards along the way to achieve her ultimate goal. The interactive nature of the show encourages young viewers, known as “Bo-Buddies,” to physically move along with Bo to help her succeed in her quests.

The show’s emphasis on movement is highlighted through “Animoves,” animations that demonstrate specific body movements for children. Bo’s infectious positivity and high energy levels inspire kids to be active and assist her in completing missions, with the ultimate goal of charging Bo’s energy rings to their maximum capacity.

Created by Jeff Rosen and produced by Halifax Film in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “Bo on the Go!” is a Canadian CGI educational series aimed at preschool children. The show underscores the significance of physical activity for kids and instills valuable lessons in problem-solving and perseverance through Bo’s adventures.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Catherine O’Connor, Andrew Sabiston, Jim Fowler

Casting for the TV show “Bo on the Go!”:

Actor/Actress Role Details
Andrew Sabiston Dezzy (Dezadore) 44 episodes (2007–2019)
Catherine O’Connor Bo 28 episodes (2007–2019)
Jim Fowler Wizard

💬 Reviews and feedback

Welcome to the colorful world of “Bo on the Go!” where exercise and music collide in a vibrant explosion of fun and energy. Picture this: It’s like a dance party meets a workout session, but with animated characters leading the way!

Now, let’s dive into this high-energy show aimed at preschool children that has sparked quite the debate among viewers. Some say it’s a fantastic show for kids, while others argue it falls short of their expectations. So, is “Bo on the Go!” worth your time? Let’s find out!

Plot and Themes:

“Bo on the Go!” revolves around Bo, a 13-year-old girl bursting with positivity and curiosity, who embarks on exciting adventures with her trusty pet dragon, Dezzy. Together, they encourage young viewers to get up and move along with them in every episode. The central theme of the show focuses on exercise and music, making it a lively and interactive experience for children.

Acting and Characters:

The voice acting by Catherine O’Connor as Bo and Andrew Sabiston as Dezzy brings these lovable characters to life, adding charm and enthusiasm to their roles. Bo’s infectious energy is sure to captivate young audiences and inspire them to join in on the fun-filled activities throughout each episode.

Direction and Cinematography:

The direction of “Bo on the Go!” is tailored perfectly for its target audience, with engaging visuals that are bright, colorful, and visually stimulating. The creative use of CGI animation enhances the overall viewing experience, creating a dynamic world that draws children into Bo’s energetic escapades.

Score and Production Design:

The upbeat musical score complements the lively nature of the show, setting the perfect tone for Bo’s adventures. The production design is vibrant and captivating, creating an immersive environment that sparks imagination and creativity in young viewers.

Special Effects and Editing:

While “Bo on the Go!” may not rely heavily on elaborate special effects, its seamless editing keeps each episode engaging and fast-paced. The focus remains on Bo’s activities and interactions, ensuring that children remain entertained from start to finish.

Pace and Dialog:

The pacing of “Bo on the Go!” is energetic and dynamic, mirroring Bo’s spirited personality. The dialogues are simple yet effective in conveying important messages about exercise, friendship, and teamwork in a way that resonates with preschoolers.

Binge-watching Tips:

  • If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kids moving indoors during long winter days or rainy afternoons, “Bo on the Go!” is a fantastic option!
  • Encourage your little ones to join Bo in her exercises – it’s not only entertaining but also promotes physical activity in a playful manner.

So there you have it – “Bo on the Go!” may have its critics, but its positive message about staying active through play is definitely noteworthy. If you’re seeking an engaging show that combines music, exercise, and colorful animation to entertain your preschooler, give Bo a try!

Final Rating: 8/10

Come join Bo on her lively adventures – after all…who says exercising can’t be fun?

Pros Cons
Bright and colorful visuals Repetitive formula
Encourages exercise and music Some negative customer reviews
Friendly and encouraging characters Perceived as an “energy vampire” in some reviews
Educational content for preschool children Desire for more seasons by viewers


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  • Bo on the Go! - Wikipedia

    Bo on the Go!(stylized) is a Canadian children’s television series created by Jeff Rosen and produced by Halifax Film in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It emphasizes the importance of movement for children through a plot element called “animoves” (animations showing specific body movements young viewers must learn in order to solve adventures highlighted in each program’s storyline; the name is a combination of ‘animal’ and ‘move’ as these movements are represented by animals, such as a galloping horse). The series was broadcast in Canada on CBC Television in the Kids’ CBC programming block.

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

Let’s dive into the colorful and energetic world of “Bo on the Go!” This Canadian children’s television series, created by Jeff Rosen and produced by Halifax Film, aims to emphasize the importance of movement for children through a unique plot element called “animoves.” These animoves are animations showing specific body movements that young viewers must learn in order to help Bo solve the adventures highlighted in each episode.

The main character, Bo, lives in a castle with her dragon friend named Dezadore, or Dezzy for short. Bo is depicted as a positive and super-energetic young girl, while Dezzy is curious but not as physically adept as Bo, often getting into trouble. Bo’s mentor on the show is Wizard, who provides her with advice and knowledge on how to overcome the challenges she faces on her quests.

The series aired on CBC Television in Canada as part of the Kids’ CBC programming block. It originally ran from September 3, 2007, to December 18, 2009, spanning three seasons and a total of 55 episodes. Since its initial broadcast, “Bo on the Go!” has been translated into over 13 languages and is currently being aired on 18 broadcasters globally, reaching a wide audience of children around the world.

Each episode of “Bo on the Go!” presents Bo and Dezzy with a new adventure where they must use their knowledge of animoves to overcome obstacles and solve problems. The show’s engaging format encourages young viewers to actively participate by moving along with Bo and Dezzy, making the viewing experience interactive and fun.

One of the memorable episodes titled “Bo and the Blowhard” features the duo encountering a character called the Blowhard, who causes chaos by creating strong winds. To stop the Blowhard, Bo and Dezzy embark on a journey where they encounter spinning weathervanes and other challenges that require them to use their animoves, such as galloping like a horse, to progress through the story.

Overall, “Bo on the Go!” is a vibrant and educational series that not only entertains children but also promotes the importance of physical activity and movement in a creative and engaging way. Through its unique concept of animoves and lovable characters, the show succeeds in delivering valuable lessons while keeping young audiences entertained and active.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This TV show “Bo on the Go!” is rated TV-Y, suitable for all children.

Parental Guide:

“Bo on the Go!” is a Canadian children’s television series that emphasizes the importance of movement for children through fun and engaging physical activities. The show follows a girl named Bo and her dragon friend Deezy as they embark on adventures that encourage viewers to move along with them to overcome obstacles.

The content of “Bo on the Go!” is safe and appropriate for all children. There are no instances of sex, nudity, violence, or profanity in the show. The focus is on promoting physical activity and interactive participation from young viewers, making it an entertaining and educational choice for kids of all ages.

Parents can feel confident in allowing their children to watch “Bo on the Go!” as it promotes healthy habits and active play in a creative and lively way.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Currently you are able to watch ‘Bo on the Go!’ streaming on Netflix, Netflix Kids, Netflix basic with Ads.
The Roku Channel Currently you are able to watch ‘Bo on the Go!’ for free with ads on The Roku Channel.
Pluto TV Stream Bo On The Go free and on-demand with Pluto TV.
Tubi TV Currently you are able to watch ‘Bo on the Go!’ for free with ads on Tubi TV.
YouTube TV Start a Free Trial to watch Bo on the Go! on YouTube TV (and cancel anytime). Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & popular cable networks.
Google Play Movies It is also possible to buy ‘Bo on the Go!’ as download on Google Play Movies.
Amazon Video It is also possible to buy ‘Bo on the Go!’ as download on Amazon Video.
Apple TV It is also possible to buy ‘Bo on the Go!’ as download on Apple TV.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Maximum Bo power!

🤖Bo on the Go! Reddit Talks

Bo on the Go! TV Show

Premise and Reception

“Bo on the Go!” is a children’s show on Netflix that features ska music as its main soundtrack. The show’s premise and the incorporation of ska have been well-received by parents and children alike. Many find the show to be cute and engaging, with passable animation.

Educational Value

The show has been praised for its educational value, as it encourages kids to get up and move. Some parents have even reported using the show as a form of exercise for their children.

Cultural Impact

The show’s use of ska music has been seen as a positive step in terms of cultural diversity on children’s television. Ska is a genre that is not often featured in mainstream media, so its inclusion in “Bo on the Go!” is seen as a way to introduce children to different types of music.


Despite the show’s overall positive reception, there have been some criticisms. Some parents have found the show to be too repetitive, while others have expressed concerns about the show’s potential to be addictive.


There have been some unfounded rumors that the show’s creator, Bo Burnham, was removed from the show due to inappropriate behavior. However, these rumors have not been substantiated.


“Bo on the Go!” is a popular children’s show that has been praised for its educational value and cultural diversity. While there have been some criticisms, the show remains a favorite among many parents and children.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bo on the Go a good show?

Bo on the Go is a great show for kids! It is a bright and colorful kid’s show about exercise and music. The characters are friendly and encourage each other.

Is Bo on the Go educational?

Yes, Bo on The Go is a Canadian CGI children’s animated educational television series aimed at preschool children.

How many seasons of Bo on the Go are there?

Bo on the Go has 3 seasons. Bo, the main character, is a positive, energetic, and inquisitive young girl who encourages children to move along with her in every episode.

What is the dragon’s name from Bo on the Go?

The dragon’s name is Dezadore Dragon, also known as Dezzy. Dezzy is a green dragon who is Bo’s sidekick and lives in Bo’s castle.

What country is Bo on the Go from?

Bo on The Go is a Canadian children’s television series created by Jeff Rosen and produced by Halifax Film in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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