Bobby (Movie)

Title — Bobby
Available on — iTunes, Google Play
Production Country — India
Release Date — 1973
Raj, the son of strict, wealthy parents, falls in love with Bobby, the daughter of a poor Christian fisherman – a romance his parents oppose.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the Bollywood classic “Bobby,” directed and written by Emilio Estevez, the audience is transported into a tale of young love that defies societal norms. Set in India, the film runs for a captivating 169 minutes and is spoken in Hindi, captivating audiences with its emotional depth and powerful performances.

The story revolves around Raj, the privileged son of wealthy and strict parents, who crosses paths with Bobby, the daughter of a humble Christian fisherman. Their chance encounter blossoms into a forbidden romance, filled with passion and challenges that test the boundaries of love.

Mr. Nath, a wealthy industrialist, and his wife Sushma, lead a hectic lifestyle, leaving little time to nurture a bond with their son, Raj. Raised by their maidservant, Mrs. Braganza, Raj forms a unique relationship with her. When Raj returns home after 12 years, he is drawn to the vivacious Bobby, Mrs. Braganza’s granddaughter, and they fall deeply in love.

However, their love faces opposition from Raj’s parents, who disapprove of their relationship due to differences in social status. Despite their families’ objections, Raj and Bobby persist in their love, determined to overcome the obstacles in their path.

Raj’s parents take matters into their own hands, arranging a marriage for him with Alka Sharma, the daughter of another affluent family. As Raj grapples with this unexpected turn of events, the strength of his love for Bobby is put to the ultimate test.

Bobby’s narrative not only explores the complexities of young love but also delves into themes of societal expectations, class divides, and the power of standing up for one’s beliefs. The film’s poignant storytelling and heartfelt performances have made it a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences.

With a box office estimate of 31 crore, “Bobby” made a significant impact on Bollywood cinema, setting a trend for teenage romance narratives with a rich-versus-poor dynamic. Its influence is evident in the numerous films that followed, inspired by its groundbreaking storyline.

As the audience follows Raj and Bobby’s emotional journey, they are immersed in a world where love knows no bounds and where two hearts dare to defy the constraints of society. “Bobby” remains a must-see film that captures the essence of young love in all its glory, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Pran, Prem Nath, Sonia Sahni, Durga Khote, Aruna Irani, Prem Chopra, Farida Jalal

Actor Role
Laurence Fishburne Edward Robinson
Heather Graham Angela
Anthony Hopkins John Casey
Harry Belafonte Nelson
Joy Bryant Patricia
Nick Cannon Dwayne
Emilio Estevez Tim
William H. Macy Paul
Sharon Stone Miriam
Christian Slater Timmons
Lindsay Lohan Diane
Martin Sheen Jack
Shia LaBeouf Jimmy
Helen Hunt Samantha
Joshua Jackson Wade
Ashton Kutcher Fisher
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Susan Taylor
Elijah Wood William
David Krumholtz Phil

💬 Reviews and feedback

Lights, camera, action! Get ready to dive into the historical drama of “Bobby” with a twist of wit and charm that will leave you craving more popcorn. Picture this: a movie that not only captivates your attention but also tugs at your heartstrings, making you care deeply about the characters and their stories.

Imagine a world where Bobby Kennedy’s impact reverberates through the lives of those around him, painting a vivid picture of an era long gone yet still resonant today. This is precisely what “Bobby” delivers—a poignant narrative that sheds light on the significance of one man in shaping the course of American history.

As you embark on this cinematic journey, you’ll find yourself immersed in a tale that goes beyond mere entertainment. The movie skillfully weaves together various storylines, each complete and compelling in its own right. From heart-wrenching moments to uplifting triumphs, every scene serves a purpose, drawing you further into the lives of the characters.

One standout aspect of “Bobby” is its ability to transport viewers back in time, offering a glimpse into the social and political landscape of the era. Through meticulous attention to detail and powerful storytelling, the movie immerses you in a world where every frame speaks volumes about the challenges and triumphs faced by its protagonists.

Now, let’s talk performances! With a stellar cast led by Anthony Hopkins, Harry Belafonte, and William H. Macy, “Bobby” is a masterclass in acting prowess. Each actor breathes life into their character, bringing depth and authenticity to the screen. From subtle nuances to powerful monologues, every moment feels genuine and impactful—a true testament to the talent on display.

Director Emilio Estevez deserves applause for his vision and execution in bringing this story to life. His deft hand behind the camera ensures that each scene flows seamlessly, keeping viewers engaged from start to finish. The pacing is spot-on, allowing moments of tension to build organically while ensuring emotional beats hit with precision.

On the technical front, “Bobby” excels in its cinematography and production design. The visuals are stunning, capturing both the glamour and grit of the era with equal finesse. From lavish ballrooms to dimly lit back alleys, each setting is meticulously crafted to enhance the storytelling experience.

Special effects are used judiciously but effectively, adding an extra layer of realism to key scenes without overshadowing the narrative. The editing is sharp and dynamic, keeping the story moving at a brisk pace while allowing for moments of reflection when needed.

Dialogue plays a crucial role in “Bobby,” serving as a window into the characters’ innermost thoughts and emotions. Each line is delivered with conviction, making even mundane conversations feel charged with meaning. The scriptwriting shines brightest during poignant exchanges that linger long after the credits roll.

Now for some insider tips! When watching “Bobby,” pay close attention to subtle details and background elements that add depth to the story. Keep an eye out for Easter eggs hidden throughout the film that offer insights into character motivations and plot twists.

As you reflect on your viewing experience, consider how “Bobby” compares to other historical dramas or biopics you’ve seen. What sets it apart? Is there another movie that evokes similar themes or emotions? Share your thoughts with fellow film enthusiasts to spark engaging discussions about storytelling techniques and character development.

In conclusion, Bobby stands as a compelling portrayal of an iconic figure’s legacy through a lensofdrama , emotion, & historical significance.
So grab your popcorn,Binge-watching Tip: immerse yourself in this captivating tale and prepare for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Rating: 8/10

Pros Cons
Complete stories that make you care about the characters Rated R for violence and scariness
Shows the importance of Bobby Kennedy to the characters and America Assassination re-enactment with bloody results
Great movie for high schoolers to learn about that time period Scenes of drug use, sex, and violence
Magnificent cast and superb directing Pointless subplots and awkward moments


  • Bobby (2006 film) - Wikipedia

    Bobbyis a 2006 American drama film written and directed by Emilio Estevez, and starring an ensemble cast featuring Harry Belafonte, Joy Bryant, Nick Cannon, Laurence Fishburne, Spencer Garrett, Helen Hunt, Joshua Jackson, Anthony Hopkins, Ashton Kutcher, Shia LaBeouf, Lindsay Lohan, William H. Macy, Demi Moore, Martin Sheen, Christian Slater, Sharon Stone, Freddy Rodriguez, Heather Graham, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Elijah Wood, and Estevez. The screenplay is a fictionalized account of the hours leading up to the June 5, 1968, shooting of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles following his win of the 1968 Democratic presidential primary in California.

  • Bobby (2006) - IMDb

    Director-writer Emilio Estevez put his heart into this project. The direction is without a doubt highly impressive. The subtle colorful hues reflect the emotional grip of each scene, and extenuate a modern feel to the film. He puts us head-first in the crowd that witnessed the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, on what would seem to be one of the most heartbreaking moments in American history.

  • Bobby (2006) Official Trailer #1 - Emilio Estevez Movie HD

  • Everything You Need to Know About Bobby Movie (2006)

    The story of the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, on June 6th, 1968, which centers around 22 people who were at the Ambassador Hotel where he was killed.Who’s Involved:Release Date:MPAlanguage, drug content and a scene of violence RESTRICTEDN/AEnglish

    Plot: What’s the story about?

    “Bobby” revisits the night Robert F. Kennedy was gunned down at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968. Story is about how the lives of those at the hotel that evening intersected. Movie will take place against the backdrop of the cultural issues gripping the country at the time, including racism, sexual inequality and class differences.

  • Bobby (2006) - Plot - IMDb

    • The destinies of 22 people of different races, sexes, beliefs and social classes are intertwined on the night that politician Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated.
    • Tuesday, June 4, 1968: the California Presidential primary. As day breaks, Robert F. Kennedy arrives at the Ambassador Hotel. He’ll campaign, then speak to supporters at midnight. To capture the texture of the late 1960s, we see vignettes at the hotel: a couple marries so he can avoid Vietnam, kitchen staff discuss race and baseball, a man cheats on his wife, another is fired for racism, a retired hotel doorman plays chess in the lobby with an old friend, a campaign strategist’s wife needs a pair of black shoes, two campaign staff trip on LSD, a lounge singer is on the downhill slide. Through it all, we see and hear R.F.K. calling for a better society and a better nation.—<>
    • It’s June 4, 1968, the day of the California Democratic Presidential primary. At the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, the campaign headquarters of New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s Presidential bid, there is optimism as he is seen by many as the savior to get the United States out of its current troubled times, especially in dealing with a war the public doesn’t want, and thinks it can’t win. In addition to the those working on the campaign, others at the hotel are dealing with their daily lives which reflect both the troubled times and the hope and optimism of the campaign: a young couple about to get married as part of the anti-war effort; hotel staff dealing with race relations among their own, specifically between whites, blacks, and Mexicans; hotel staff dealing with marital relations amongst their own; senior hotel staff chatting about the twilight of their lives over games of chess; those looking forward to what they see as Don Drysdale’s inevitable record-breaking sixth consecutive shut-out at that evening’s Dodgers’ game; a couple of campaign volunteers feeling guilty about getting high versus doing their volunteer job for the day of convincing a couple of hundred people to vote for the Senator; a Czech reporter wanting five minutes with the Senator for a good news story for her Socialist newspaper; the hotel’s diva-ish and alcoholic entertainer and her husband contemplating her professional future; and an upper middle class New York City couple more concerned about public perception than the realities of their marriage. But all hope for a bright American future comes to a halt at 12:06 a.m. on June 5, 1968.—Huggo
    • All kinds of different people who assembled, worked and lived at the Amassador Hotel, dealing with their personal struggles at the background of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy on that fateful day in 1968. Emilio Estevez is actor, Writer, and Director of this movie, which turns out to be a loving portait of this Presidential candidate.—Rob

    It looks like we don’t have any synopsis for this title yet. Be the first to contribute.Learn more

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the movie “Radio Flyer,” directed by Richard Donner, the story revolves around two young brothers, Mike and Bobby, who are trying to escape their abusive stepfather, known as “The King.” The film is set in the 1960s and follows the boys as they embark on a daring plan to fly away to safety using a homemade flying machine made out of their Radio Flyer wagon.

The film begins with Mike, played by Elijah Wood, recounting the story of his childhood to his own sons, reflecting on the difficult times he and his brother Bobby, portrayed by Joseph Mazzello, faced with their mother Mary and the abusive stepfather. The boys, along with their loyal dog Shane, find solace in their adventures in Northern California until their mother’s marriage to the King brings turmoil into their lives.

As the King’s abusive behavior escalates, the boys feel increasingly desperate to escape. They hatch a plan to fly away using the Radio Flyer wagon as their makeshift aircraft, inspired by a local legend of a boy who flew away on his bike at a special spot. The tension rises as the King’s violence pushes the boys to put their plan into action.

In the climactic ending, after Bobby is hospitalized due to the King’s actions, Mary finally sees the truth about her husband. Despite her initial reluctance, she takes him back, only for the King to revert to his abusive ways. Determined to escape, Mike and Bobby prepare to launch their flying machine from the wishing spot, with the King in hot pursuit.

As the boys take off in their homemade plane, Shane bravely defends them by attacking the King, allowing the boys to launch successfully. The Radio Flyer takes flight, soaring into the night sky with Bobby aboard, leaving behind a stunned Mary and a defeated King.

The film ends on a bittersweet note as Bobby communicates through a walkie-talkie, asking Mike to take care of their mother before disappearing into the night. The King is arrested, and Mary struggles to believe what she witnessed until Bobby sends a postcard, revealing he is safe and has joined a traveling Wild West show.

Overall, “Radio Flyer” is a poignant tale of childhood resilience, imagination, and the enduring bond between siblings in the face of adversity. The film’s ending, with Bobby’s symbolic flight to freedom, encapsulates the theme of hope and escape from a troubled past.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating: R (Restricted)

Parental Guide: Bobby is rated R by the MPAA for language, drug content, and a scene of violence. The movie includes detailed drug use where a man convinces two younger men that using acid will bring them closer to God. The film portrays themes of sadness, frustration, and hope, drawing connections to historical events such as the war in Iraq, troubled elections, and racial tensions. The narrative intertwines the stories of various characters, occasionally leading to collisions.

Violence: The movie contains a scene of violence, which may be intense and unsettling for some viewers. It is advisable for parents to consider this aspect before allowing younger audiences to watch the film.

Sex/Nudity: There is no explicit sexual content or nudity in the movie.

Profanity: The film includes strong language throughout, with the frequent use of profanity and vulgar expressions. Parents should be aware of the significant presence of explicit language in the dialogue.

Drug Content: Bobby features detailed drug use, specifically involving the consumption of acid as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment. This portrayal of drug use may not be suitable for all audiences, especially younger viewers.

Overall, Bobby is recommended for mature audiences due to its themes, language, drug content, and scene of violence. Parents are advised to consider these elements before deciding if the movie is appropriate for their children.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
iTunes You can buy or rent Bobby for as low as $3.99 to rent or $9.99 to buy on iTunes.
Google Play You can purchase Bobby on Google Play for $9.99.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • That is how winners talk!
    Ricky Bobby
  • You gotta' win… to get love. Everybody knows that. I mean, that's just life.
  • If you ain't first, you're last.
    Ricky Bobby

🤖Bobby Reddit Talks

The 2006 film Bobby features a massive cast, with Freddy Rodriguez’s performance as Jose being particularly praised.

The film’s availability on the streaming app “Bobby Movie” has been met with positive feedback.

Despite sharing similarities with the romantic genre of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ), Bobby has not achieved the same level of popularity.

Bobby, which served as the concluding segment of the 1977 made-for-TV horror anthology Dead of Night, was written by the renowned Richard Matheson.

Listeners of Bobby Bones’ podcast have expressed their interest in a sad movie recommendation that Bobby had previously mentioned, which is believed to be based on a true story.

Bobby’s performance as an antagonist in films such as Ashram, Love Hostel, and Animal has been noted as being more effective than his roles as a protagonist.

Bobby Lee once pitched a movie to a production company, although the details of the pitch are not known.

Bobby Lee has frequently praised a movie that starts with the letter “T,” which is believed to be Triangle of Sadness.

A clip from Bobby, which was originally filmed in English but later dubbed in Chinese for distribution in China, has been shared online.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bobby a good movie?

Yes, Bobby is a well-received movie with complete stories that make you care about the characters. The film beautifully portrays the significance of Bobby Kennedy to the characters and to America.

Why is Bobby rated R?

Bobby is rated R due to its depiction of violence and scariness. The movie includes re-enactment of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination and portrays other characters being shot and wounded.

What is the movie Bobby about?

Bobby is a historical drama movie available for streaming on Roku. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Harry Belafonte, and William H. Macy, the film provides insight into the events surrounding Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination.

How can I watch Bobby 2006?

You can watch Bobby 2006 by streaming it on Fandango at Home using your Roku device. The film, directed by Emilio Estevez, offers a glimpse into the lives of individuals at the Ambassador Hotel on the day of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination.

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