Bollywood Calling (Movie)

Title — Bollywood Calling
Available on — Tubi TV, Amazon Video, Plex, Sony Liv, Disney+ Hotstar
Production Country — India
Release Date — 2001
A down-and-out Hollywood actor is utterly unprepared for the eccentricities that await when an Indian producer offers him a role in a Bollywood film.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In “Bollywood Calling,” directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, the audience is taken on a humorous and eye-opening journey into the inner workings of the Indian film industry, specifically Bollywood. The film follows the story of Patrick Stormaire (Pat Cusick), an alcoholic and cancer-ridden American filmmaker who decides to venture into Bollywood to produce a movie.

Upon arriving in India, Patrick is greeted by Mr. Subramaniam (Om Puri), the owner of Subramaniam Arts, who introduces him to the lead actors, Manu Kapoor (Navin Nischol) and Kajal (Perizaad Zorabian), for the movie titled ‘Maut: The Death.’ However, Patrick quickly realizes that the Bollywood industry operates on its own unique schedule, filled with surprises and chaos.

The film showcases the challenges Patrick faces as he navigates through the Bollywood world, encountering a cast and crew that seem to be in perpetual disarray. Despite the lack of a script and the unorthodox way of working, Patrick is determined to make his Bollywood dream a reality.

Throughout the movie, viewers are treated to a blend of humor, sadness, absurdity, and realism, offering a glimpse into the vibrant and dramatic life in India. The film sheds light on the cultural differences between the Western and Indian film industries, highlighting the clash of perspectives and attitudes.

“Bollywood Calling” not only entertains with its witty portrayal of the Bollywood scene but also delivers a subtle commentary on the stereotypes and misconceptions that exist between different cultures. The movie challenges the notion of ignorance and professionalism, inviting viewers to reflect on their preconceived notions.

With stellar performances by the cast, including Pat Cusick, Navin Nischol, Om Puri, and Perizaad Zorabian, the film captures the essence of Bollywood while offering a fresh perspective on the industry through the eyes of an outsider.

Overall, “Bollywood Calling” is a delightful and thought-provoking film that combines humor, drama, and cultural insights, making it a must-watch for those interested in exploring the dynamic world of Indian cinema.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Om Puri, Pat Cusick, Navin Nischol, Perizaad Zorabian

Movie Casting:

  • Pat Cusick as Patrick Stormaire
  • Navin Nischol as Manu Kapoor
  • Om Puri as Subramaniam
  • Perizaad Zorabian as Kajal
  • Monique Curnen as Karen
  • Chet Dixon as Abe
  • Elahe Hiptoola as Reporter
  • Nagesh Kukunoor as Gullu
  • Mira Nair as Mira

💬 Reviews and feedback

Lights, camera, laughter!

Imagine a Bollywood movie where the drama isn’t just on-screen but behind the scenes too. “Bollywood Calling” is like a spicy curry of satire, seasoned with hilarious jabs at the glitzy world of 80s and 90s Bollywood commercial films. It’s a rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of the film industry, promising a good dose of comedy and chaos.

Let’s dive into this cinematic adventure that blends Hollywood charm with Bollywood drama!

Plot and Themes:
“Bollywood Calling” revolves around a film producer in India who dreams of creating a blockbuster by casting a washed-up American movie star. The movie cleverly satirizes the absurdities and egos of both Western and Indian film industries, making witty commentary on stereotypes and cultural clashes. The theme of chasing fame and success in showbiz is portrayed with humor and irony, keeping viewers entertained throughout.

Acting and Characters:
Om Puri shines bright like a shooting star with his terrific performance, adding depth to the chaotic narrative. However, Pat Cusick’s lead role feels like a missed cue; his acting comes off as wooden-faced and silly, missing the mark on delivering the intended punchlines. Perizaad Zorabian brings life to her character as the social climbing starlet, Kaajal, striking a balance between comedy and melodrama.

Direction and Cinematography:
Nagesh Kukunoor’s direction adds flair to the storyline, capturing the essence of Bollywood madness with finesse. The cinematography beautifully captures the vibrant colors and extravagant sets typical of Indian cinema, enhancing the visual appeal of each scene.

Production Design and Special Effects:
The production design in “Bollywood Calling” deserves an applause for recreating the glitz and glamour of Bollywood sets. From extravagant dance sequences to lavish costumes, every detail adds to the larger-than-life feel of the movie. While not heavy on special effects, the film relies more on its witty dialogues and quirky performances to keep audiences engaged.

Editing and Pace:
The editing keeps up with the fast-paced nature of Bollywood movies, ensuring that every scene flows smoothly into the next. The comedic timing is spot-on in most sequences, keeping viewers hooked from start to finish. The pace might feel slightly erratic at times, but it adds to the chaotic charm of this satirical comedy.

The dialogues in “Bollywood Calling” are like spicy one-liners served with a side of sarcasm. They hit hard on industry stereotypes while delivering laughs aplenty. The banter between characters adds depth to their personalities, making for some memorable moments that will leave you chuckling long after the credits roll.

Binge-watching Tips:
Feeling overwhelmed by all things Bollywood? Don’t worry! Take it easy like Sunday morning chai breaks while watching “Bollywood Calling.” Embrace the chaos with an open mind and let yourself be swept away by its quirky humor.

Now comes my reel rating for “Bollywood Calling”: 7/10

In conclusion,
“Bollywood Calling” is like a colorful kaleidoscope of laughter that offers an entertaining peek behind the curtains of showbiz madness. With its blend of Hollywood charm and Bollywood drama, this underrated gem is worth a watch for its witty satire and comedic performances.
So grab your popcorn and get ready for a wild ride through tinsel town!

Remember folks: Life imitates art far more than art imitates life! Or maybe it’s just reel life imitating real-life drama? Either way, enjoy every moment on this cinematic rollercoaster!

Lights out! ✨

Pros Cons
Underrated comedy Lead actor’s wooden and silly acting
Satire on 80s & 90s Bollywood films Unconvincing lead performance
Om Puri’s terrific performance Over the top character portrayal
Promising performance by Perizaad Zorabian Exaggerated sense of self-worth in characters
Funny and entertaining spoof on Bollywood Some stereotypes on India portrayed


  • Bollywood Calling (2001) - IMDb

    If you’re an outsider who wants to get an insight into the real Indian mindset, then Bollywood is Calling. I think the lead character was excellent. Playing the part of a B movie actor is a bit of a thankless task but I thought the white guy was tough and as believable as he could be. With some experience of Bombayites, I can say that not only was this film funny, sad, absurd, etc. – it was also realistic. Well, just about as realistic as Bollywood really is. Anyone who thinks this was over the top simply has not faced the reality of India. India IS over the top and life there is a drama. So, I don’t think it was just an affectionate dig at Bollywood. If anything it was a dig at the arrogance of a white man coming to the world’s most productive film industry and telling them they’re ignorant and unprofessional. Well, that was just ignorant – but quite typical of westerners, in my opinion. Great movie, watch it, and maybe learn something. I’d give it a good 8/10.

  • Bollywood Calling - Wikipedia

    Distributed by 20th Century Fox

    Release date

    • 21 December 2001
    Country India Language English

    Bollywood Callingis a 2001 Indian English-language comedy drama film written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. The film stars Pat Cusick, Navin Nischol, Om Puri, and Perizaad Zorabian.The film showcases the satirical nuances of Bollywood. It was screened at the Rome Film Festival, and the MAMI Film Festival.

  • Bollywood Calling streaming: where to watch online? - JustWatch

    Watch Now

    FiltersStreaming in:Something wrong? Let us know!Currently you are able to watch “Bollywood Calling” streaming on Tubi TV for free with ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video. It is also possible to rent “Bollywood Calling” on Amazon Video onlineAn alcoholic, cancer-ridden American film-maker decides to produce a Bollywood movie.Drama, Music & Musical, Comedy1h 41minIndiaNagesh Kukunoor

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

‘Karmma Calling’ Ending Explained: Is Karma’s Identity Revealed?

In the captivating series ‘Karmma Calling,’ the storyline revolves around Ambika Mehra, who is seeking revenge for her father’s wrongful imprisonment due to a financial scam orchestrated by the Kotharis. Ambika, now known as Karma Talwar, uncovers the truth about her father’s innocence through letters left behind by him and sets out on a mission for retribution.

Ambika’s primary target is Indrani Kothari, who had an affair with her father and betrayed him when he needed her evidence the most. Ambika transforms into Karma Talwar and strategically infiltrates the elite circles of Alibaug to execute her plans for vengeance.

As the series progresses towards its climax, Ambika, now Karma, is en route to Alibaug to confront Karma, while Dolly, who recently emerged from a coma, poses a threat to Karma’s secret. Any revelations from Dolly could jeopardize Karma’s safety. Additionally, unseen forces in Alibaug are working against Karma, adding to the suspense and tension.

‘Karmma Calling’ offers a riveting tale of betrayal, deception, and retribution, with Ambika/Karma’s quest for justice driving the narrative forward. The series, featuring a stellar cast including Raveena Tandon, Varun Sood, and Namrata Sheth, delivers a compelling adaptation of the American series ‘Revenge.’

Overall, the ending of ‘Karmma Calling’ leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the resolution of Karma’s identity revelation and the unfolding of the intense drama that has characterized the series.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This movie is rated U/A 13+. This means that the film is deemed suitable for viewers aged 13 and above. Parents are advised to consider whether the content may be suitable for children under 13 based on the guidelines provided below.

Parental Guide:

Sex & Nudity:

  • The movie contains mild romantic scenes and some suggestive dialogues.
  • There are no explicit sexual scenes or nudity shown.
  • Overall, the sexual content is minimal and not graphic.

Violence & Gore:

  • There are some instances of comedic violence and slapstick humor.
  • No intense or graphic violence is depicted in the movie.
  • Gore is minimal and mostly played for comedic effect.


  • Mild language and occasional use of profanity can be heard throughout the film.
  • There are no strong or offensive language used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

  • The main character is portrayed as an alcoholic, and alcohol consumption is shown in the movie.
  • No drug abuse or smoking scenes are present.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

  • Some scenes may be intense due to the portrayal of the main character’s battle with cancer.
  • Overall, the movie maintains a light-hearted and comedic tone.

Parents should note that while the movie is generally suitable for viewers aged 13 and above, it is always recommended to preview the content to ensure it aligns with their personal values and guidelines for their children.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Tubi TV You can watch ‘Bollywood Calling’ for free with ads on Tubi TV.
Amazon Video You can buy or rent ‘Bollywood Calling’ on Amazon Video.
Plex If you are in India, you can stream ‘Bollywood Calling’ online on Plex.
Sony Liv If you are in India, you can stream ‘Bollywood Calling’ online with ads on Sony Liv.
Disney+ Hotstar You can watch ‘Bollywood Calling’ on Disney+ Hotstar.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon. Bus rukna nahi chahta.
  • Chenoy seth, yeh chaku hai, lag jaaye to khoon nikal aata hai.
  • Success ke peeche mat bhago, kaabil bano, kaabil. Kamyabi toh saali jhak maar ke peeche aayegi.
    3 Idiots
  • Mere paas maa hai.
  • Pushpa, I hate tears...
    Amar Prem
  • Kitne aadmi the!
  • Babumoshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi.
  • Rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai, naam hai Shahenshaah!
  • Dosti ka ek usool hai madam – no sorry, no thank you.
    Maine Pyaar Kiya
  • Kutte kaminey main tera khoon pee jaunga.
    Yaadon Ki Baraat
  • Mogambo khush hua!
    Mr. India
  • Hum jahan khade hote hain line yahi se shuru hoti hai.
  • Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti-choti baatein hoti rehti hai, Senorita.
    Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
  • Haar kar jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hai.
  • Mere Karan Arjun aayenge.
    Karan Arjun
  • Agar maa ka doodh piya hai toh samne aa!
  • Uska to na bad luck hi kharab hai.
  • Crime Master Gogo naam hai mera, aankhen nikal ke gotiyan khelta hun main.
    Andaz Apna Apna
  • Tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh milti gayi My Lord, par insaaf nahi mila!
  • Rahul, naam toh suna hi hoga.
    Dil To Pagal Hai
  • Mein apni favourite hoon!
    Jab We Met
  • Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!
    Om Shanti Om
  • How's the josh?
    URI: The Surgical Strike
  • Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, pyaar se lagta hai.
  • Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai...entertainment, entertainment, entertainment...aur main entertainment hoon.
    Dirty Picture
  • Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.
  • All izz well
    3 Idiots
  • Tumse naa ho payega.
    Gangs Of Wasseypur
  • Aap humse humari zindagi maang lete hum aap ko khushi khushi de dete, par aapne toh humse humara guroor cheen liya.
    Bajirao Mastani

🤖Bollywood Calling Reddit Talks

Karthik Calling Karthik is a psychological thriller film that explores the themes of mental illness, identity, and the search for truth. The film has been praised for its suspenseful plot, strong performances, and thought-provoking themes. However, some critics have found the film’s ending to be weak and unrealistic.

Here are some of the key topics discussed in the Reddit discussions:

  • The film’s suspenseful plot. Many Reddit users praised the film’s suspenseful plot, which keeps viewers guessing until the very end. One user wrote, “The suspense was amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.”
  • The strong performances of the cast. The film’s cast, which includes Farhan Akhtar, Deepika Padukone, and Boman Irani, was praised for their strong performances. One user wrote, “The acting was top-notch. Farhan Akhtar was especially good in the lead role.”
  • The film’s thought-provoking themes. The film’s themes of mental illness, identity, and the search for truth resonated with many Reddit users. One user wrote, “The film really made me think about the nature of reality and the importance of mental health.”
  • The film’s weak ending. Some Reddit users found the film’s ending to be weak and unrealistic. One user wrote, “The final reveal was really weak and non realistic. It kind of ruined the movie for me.”

Overall, the Reddit discussions of Karthik Calling Karthik were positive, with many users praising the film’s suspenseful plot, strong performances, and thought-provoking themes. However, some users found the film’s ending to be weak and unrealistic.

Top discussions

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bollywood Calling movie about?

Bollywood Calling is a comedy movie that satirizes the commercial films of the 80s and 90s Bollywood era. It follows a film producer in India trying to create a hit by casting a washed-up American movie star in his project.

Who are the main actors in Bollywood Calling?

The main cast of Bollywood Calling includes Pat Cusick as Patrick Stormaire, Navin Nischol as Manu Kapoor, Om Puri as Subramaniam, and Perizaad Zorabian as Kajal.

Who is the director of Bollywood Calling?

Bollywood Calling is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor.

What makes Bollywood Calling different from other movies?

Bollywood Calling stands out as a comedy drama that tackles the absurdities and egos of both Western and Indian film industries. It offers a unique perspective on the world of cinema.

Is Bollywood Calling a must-watch for fans of comedy movies?

Yes, Bollywood Calling is a spoof on Bollywood that delivers a funny and entertaining experience. It humorously plays with various stereotypes associated with Indian cinema.

Where can I watch Bollywood Calling online?

Bollywood Calling is available for streaming on platforms like Tubi TV, Amazon Video, and Plex. You can rent or buy the movie to enjoy the humorous take on Bollywood and Hollywood.

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