Bombshell (Movie)

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Title — Bombshell
Available on — Prime Video, HBO Max, Apple TV, Moviefone
Production Country — New Zealand
Release Date — 2016
In 1985, when a vessel protesting nuclear testing is sunk in New Zealand, local police fight to prove it was a terrorist plot by their French allies.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

Set against the backdrop of the 2016 United States presidential election, “Bombshell” delves into the toxic work environment at Fox News, focusing on the real-life events surrounding the sexual harassment scandal involving the network’s head, Roger Ailes.

The story unfolds as Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, played by Charlize Theron, finds herself in the midst of controversy after challenging Republican front runner Donald Trump on his misogynistic remarks. Meanwhile, Gretchen Carlson, portrayed by Nicole Kidman, takes a stand against Ailes by filing a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, sparking a chain of events that emboldens other women, including the ambitious producer Kayla Pospisil, played by Margot Robbie, to come forward with their own experiences.

As the narrative progresses, the film sheds light on the power dynamics and gender inequality prevalent within the network, showcasing the struggles faced by women in a male-dominated industry. The three women – Megyn, Gretchen, and Kayla – navigate the complexities of speaking out against a powerful figure like Ailes, risking their careers and facing backlash from within the organization.

Directed by Jay Roach, “Bombshell” offers a compelling portrayal of the courage and resilience displayed by these women as they confront the pervasive culture of harassment and intimidation at Fox News. The film received critical acclaim for its performances, particularly Theron’s stunning transformation into Megyn Kelly, as well as its depiction of the #MeToo movement and its impact on the media landscape.

With a runtime of 109 minutes, “Bombshell” captures the essence of a pivotal moment in the fight against workplace harassment and the quest for justice in an industry plagued by systemic abuse of power. Despite facing some criticism for its portrayal of certain characters and events, the film resonated with audiences for its timely and relevant exploration of gender dynamics and abuse of authority.

Overall, “Bombshell” stands as a poignant and thought-provoking cinematic experience that sheds light on the courage and resilience of women in the face of adversity, making it a compelling and impactful watch for audiences.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Ande Cunningham, Mark Mitchinson, Mia Pistorius, Nathalie Boltt, Nathan Lovejoy, Colin Moy, Jay Simon, Coen Falke, Greta Gregory, Byron Coll

Actor Role
Charlize Theron Megyn Kelly
Nicole Kidman Gretchen Carlson
Margot Robbie Kayla Pospisil (composite character)
John Lithgow Roger Ailes
Kate McKinnon Jess Carr
Connie Britton Beth Ailes
Malcolm McDowell Rupert Murdoch
Allison Janney Susan Estrich
Rob Delaney Gil Norman
Mark Duplass Douglas Brunt
Liv Hewson Lily Balin
Brigette Lundy-Paine Julia Clarke
Richard Kind Rudy Giuliani
Stephen Root Neil Mullin
Mark Moses Bill Shine
Holland Taylor Faye
Brooke Smith Irena Brighanti
Ben Lawson Lachlan Murdoch
Josh Lawson James Murdoch
Alanna Ubach Jeanine Pirro
Bree Condon Kimberly Guilfoyle
Kevin Dorff Bill O’Reilly
Michael Buie Bret Baier
Marc Evan Jackson Chris Wallace
Anne Ramsay Greta Van Susteren
Jennifer Morrison Juliet Huddy
Ashley Greene Abby Huntsman
Lisa Canning Harris Faulkner
Elisabeth Röhm Martha MacCallum
Alice Eve Ainsley Earhardt
P. J. Byrne Neil Cavuto
Tony Plana Geraldo Rivera

💬 Reviews and feedback

Lights, camera, action! Welcome to the glitzy world of Hollywood where Bombshell explodes onto the screen with all the drama, intrigue, and scandal you could ever desire. If you’re ready to dive into a tale of ambition, power struggles, and bravery, then grab your popcorn because we’re about to dissect this explosive film.

Plot and Themes:
In Bombshell, we are catapulted into the cutthroat world of Fox News as we follow the gripping true story of brave women who dared to stand up against sexual harassment by their CEO, Roger Ailes. The plot unfolds like a carefully crafted thriller, keeping you on the edge of your seat as it delves into themes of workplace sexism, power dynamics, and the courage it takes to speak out against injustice.

The movie masterfully balances the personal stories of its characters with the larger narrative of systemic abuse and manipulation within a powerful media empire. It’s a chilling reminder of how privilege and authority can be wielded destructively while shedding light on the resilience and determination of those who refuse to stay silent.

Acting and Characters:
Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie deliver powerhouse performances that breathe life into their respective characters. Theron’s portrayal of Megyn Kelly is strikingly authentic, capturing both her strength and vulnerability amidst a sea of controversy. Kidman shines as Gretchen Carlson, embodying her unwavering resolve to seek justice despite facing overwhelming odds. And Robbie brings depth to her character Kayla, showcasing a poignant transformation from innocence to empowerment.

Each actor immerses themselves in their roles with such conviction that you forget you’re watching a movie; instead, you feel like a fly on the wall witnessing these real-life events unfold before your eyes.

Direction and Cinematography:
Jay Roach’s direction skillfully navigates the intricate layers of this compelling narrative. His ability to blend moments of tension with poignant introspection creates a palpable sense of urgency throughout the film. The cinematography captures both the glamourous facade and seedy underbelly of Fox News with equal finesse, drawing viewers into a world where appearances can be deceiving.

The visual language used in Bombshell enhances the storytelling by highlighting contrasts between light and shadow, beauty and ugliness, truth and deception. It’s a visual feast that complements the intense performances delivered by the cast.

Production Design and Special Effects:
The attention to detail in Bombshell is impeccable. From meticulously recreated sets of newsrooms to authentic period costumes that transport us back in time, every aspect of production design adds richness to the narrative. The special effects seamlessly blend reality with fiction, enhancing key moments without overshadowing the emotional core of the story.

Whether it’s capturing the bustling energy of a live news broadcast or depicting intimate conversations behind closed doors, every frame feels purposeful and contributes to building an immersive cinematic experience for viewers.

Editing and Pace:
The editing in Bombshell is sharp and dynamic, keeping audiences engaged from start to finish. The pacing strikes a perfect balance between heart-pounding moments of revelation and quieter scenes that allow for reflection on complex moral dilemmas. Each cut serves a purpose in propelling the story forward while maintaining a sense of suspense that lingers long after the credits roll.

The film’s editing rhythm mirrors the intensity of its subject matter while allowing room for character development and thematic exploration. It’s a testament to skilled editing that enhances rather than detracts from an already powerful narrative.

The dialogues in Bombshell crackle with wit, intensity, and emotional depth. Each line is delivered with precision by the talented cast members who breathe life into every word spoken on screen. From sharp exchanges in boardrooms to vulnerable confessions in private moments, every dialogue feels authentic and impactful.

The script doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations or uncomfortable truths but instead embraces them head-on with raw honesty. It’s rare to find dialogues that are both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant but Bombshell manages to strike that delicate balance effortlessly.

Binge-Watching Tip:
To fully appreciate Bombshell’s nuanced storytelling and stellar performances,
consider watching it alongside documentaries or interviews related
to the real-life events depicted in the film.
This will provide valuable context
and deepen your understanding
of this impactful story.

In conclusion,
Bombshell isn’t just another movie; it’s an experience that challenges
and enlightens its audience.
With its stellar cast,
gripping plot,
and meticulous craftsmanship,
this film leaves an indelible mark
on anyone who dares
to venture into its world.
So buckle up,
hold onto your seats,
and prepare for an unforgettable ride through
the corridors
of power
and resistance.
Rating: 9/10

Lights out! ✨

Pros Cons
Superbly acted Faustian tale Took liberties with the facts
Addresses workplace sexism Liberal slant in storytelling
Tells a story worth telling Dark and pessimistic portrayal
Excellent acting and makeup May not be entirely accurate to real events
Brings headlines to life Complicated storytelling
Message against patriarchy Some may find it grimly funny


  • Bombshell (2019) - IMDb

    When Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) is let go from her job at Fox News, she sues the CEO, Roger Ailes (John Lithgow), for sexual harassment. Going up against a powerful man in a even more powerful company, Gretchen seeks help from other female employees to come forward and speak up and make an end to this man.

  • Bombshell (2019 film) - Wikipedia

    109 minutes Countries United States


    Language English Budget $32 million Box office $61.4 million

    Bombshellis a 2019 American drama film directed by Jay Roach and written by Charles Randolph. The film stars Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie, and is based on the accounts of the women at Fox News who set out to expose CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton, Malcolm McDowell, and Allison Janney appear in supporting roles.

  • Bombshell movie review & film summary (2019) | Roger Ebert

    “Bombshell” may not change anyone’s minds—especially not those viewers who, as the film points out, have the Fox News logo burned into the bottom corner of their TV screens because they never change the channel. But it also doesn’t try to be fair and balanced, to borrow the network’s slogan—and its incisive point of view is one of the film’s many great strengths.108 minutesCharlize Theronas Megyn KellyNicole Kidmanas Gretchen CarlsonMargot Robbieas Kayla PospisilJohn Lithgowas Roger AilesAllison Janneyas Susan EstrichKate McKinnonas Jess CarrMalcolm McDowellas Rupert MurdochMark Duplassas Douglas Brunt

  • Bombshell | Rotten Tomatoes

    Bombshellbenefits from a terrific cast and a worthy subject, but its impact is muffled by a frustrating inability to go deeper than the sensationalistic surface.

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    Rent Bombshell on Fandango at Home, Prime Video, or buy it on Fandango at Home, Prime Video.

    What to KnowCritics ReviewsAudience ReviewsCast & Crew

    Jay RoachDirectorCharlize TheronMegyn KellyNicole KidmanGretchen CarlsonMargot RobbieKayla PospisilJohn LithgowRoger AilesAllison JanneySusan Estrich

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the movie “Bombshell,” directed by Jay Roach and released in 2019, viewers are taken behind the scenes of the explosive events that unfolded at Fox News Channel during the summer of 2016. The film delves into the culture of sexual harassment that had long been prevalent at the cable news giant, particularly focusing on the courageous actions of the women who dared to speak out against the misconduct.

The story revolves around the pivotal moments when Gretchen Carlson, a co-host of the morning show “Fox & Friends,” filed a lawsuit against Roger Ailes, the former Fox News CEO, for sexual harassment. At the same time, Megyn Kelly, the network’s leading star, also came forward with her own accounts of harassment by Ailes. These events set off a chain reaction that ultimately led to the downfall of Ailes’ empire.

Charlize Theron delivers a remarkable performance as Megyn Kelly, embodying the anchor with striking accuracy. Through her portrayal, viewers are given a glimpse into the inner workings of the conservative news network, as Kelly shares insights on the power dynamics and survival strategies within the organization. Theron’s portrayal not only captures Kelly’s physical appearance but also delves deep into her persona, showcasing her toughness and unwavering determination.

Nicole Kidman portrays Gretchen Carlson, balancing on-air sweetness with off-air ambition as she takes a bold stand against Ailes. John Lithgow shines in the role of Ailes, showcasing the various facets of his personality, from profane to predatory. Margot Robbie also delivers a standout performance as Kayla, a composite character representing the numerous network employees who faced Ailes’ inappropriate advances. Robbie’s portrayal captures the character’s journey from idealism to disillusionment, culminating in a particularly uncomfortable scene where Kayla is subjected to Ailes’ disturbing demands.

“Bombshell” skillfully navigates the weighty and serious subject matter of sexual harassment with a blend of wit and tension. Director Jay Roach, known for his work on “Game Change,” and screenwriter Charles Randolph, of “The Big Short” fame, bring their expertise to the table, offering a compelling and engaging narrative that sheds light on the challenges faced by the women who stood up against a powerful figure in the media industry.

Overall, “Bombshell” is a thought-provoking and impactful film that sheds light on the complexities of workplace harassment and the courage required to confront it. Through stellar performances and a nuanced portrayal of real-life events, the movie offers a compelling look at a pivotal moment in the #MeToo movement, highlighting the importance of speaking out against injustice and holding those in power accountable.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

According to the MPAA, “Bombshell” has been rated R for “sexual material and language throughout.” The film contains mature themes related to sexual misconduct, making it suitable for mature audiences only.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that “Bombshell” is a drama based on real-life events surrounding the exposure of sexual harassment at Fox News. The film includes scenes and discussions related to sexual assault, harassment in the workplace, and references to explicit content.

Sex & Nudity:

  • Implied sex scenes between a husband and his wife.
  • Implied sexual encounters between two women.
  • References to sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

Violence & Gore:

  • The film contains intense scenes depicting the toxic atmosphere at Fox News.
  • Emotional and psychological violence related to sexual harassment.


  • Use of strong language throughout the film.
  • Explicit language used in the context of the workplace environment.

Given the mature themes and content of “Bombshell,” it is recommended for adult audiences and older teens who can understand and engage with the complex issues portrayed in the movie.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Prime Video Rent or buy via Prime Video. The price before discount is the median price for the last 90 days. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started.
HBO Max Available to watch on HBO Max. Get even more with HBO Max. All of HBO plus blockbuster movies, epic originals, and addictive series.
Apple TV Available on Apple TV. From the Academy Award winning writer of THE BIG SHORT and THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE and the executive producer of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, ATOMIC BLONDE.
Moviefone Stream ‘Bombshell’ on Moviefone. Discover streaming options, rental services, and purchase links.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • There might not be a more aptly-titled movie all year, so we need you to choose the best Bombshell quotes.
  • This explosive drama recounts the sexual harassment case that rocked the Fox News Network.
  • The Best & Most Powerful Quotes From Bombshell (2019 Movie)
    Mama's Geeky
  • Bombshell is a powerful story that I think all women should watch for many reasons.
    Mama's Geeky
  • They were heard, and this film shows that all women everywhere deserve and have a voice.
  • You take your hands off the wheel and it pulls hard to the left.
    Movie Quotes .com
  • I'm not a lesbian.
    Kayla Pospisil
  • I'm not a Democrat.
    Jess Carr
  • I see myself as an influencer in the Jesus space.
  • People don't stop watching when there's a conflict. They stop watching when there isn't one.

🤖Bombshell Reddit Talks

Bombshell Movie Reddit Discussion Summary

The movie “Bombshell” has sparked a lot of discussion on Reddit, with a range of opinions and perspectives being shared.

One of the main talking points is the movie’s portrayal of Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, and the other women at Fox News who spoke out against sexual harassment. Some users have criticized the movie for whitewashing the women’s actions and presenting them as feminist heroes when they have made controversial statements in the past. Others have defended the movie, arguing that it is an important story to tell and that the women involved deserve to be recognized for their bravery.

Another point of discussion is the movie’s accuracy. Some users have questioned the accuracy of certain scenes, while others have praised the movie for its attention to detail. There is also some debate about the movie’s overall message and whether it is effective in raising awareness about sexual harassment.

Overall, the Reddit discussions about “Bombshell” have been lively and engaging, with users sharing a variety of opinions and perspectives. The movie has clearly struck a chord with many people, and it is likely to continue to be a topic of discussion for some time to come.

Here are some specific examples of the topics that have been discussed on Reddit:

  • The movie’s portrayal of Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, and the other women at Fox News who spoke out against sexual harassment.
  • The accuracy of the movie’s depiction of events.
  • The movie’s overall message and whether it is effective in raising awareness about sexual harassment.
  • The performances of the cast, particularly Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman.
  • The movie’s direction and cinematography.
  • The movie’s soundtrack.
  • The movie’s historical context.
  • The movie’s cultural impact.

Top discussions

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What true story is the movie Bombshell based on?

Bombshell is based on the accounts of the women at Fox News who set out to expose CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.

What is the story behind the movie Bombshell?

Bombshell is a 2019 American drama film that tells the story of the women at Fox News who took a stand against CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.

Did Nicole Kidman wear prosthetics in Bombshell?

In Bombshell, Nicole Kidman wore minimal prosthetics, including a nose and chin, to resemble Gretchen Carlson, as she preferred to keep the makeup process simple.

Was Kayla a real character in Bombshell?

Kayla Pospisil, portrayed by Margot Robbie in Bombshell, is a fictional composite character representing an ambitious young woman trying to make her mark at Fox News.

Is Bombshell a liberal movie?

Bombshell fits into a wider pattern of ripped-from-the-headlines political stories with a liberal slant, but it also delves into workplace sexism that many women experience daily.

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