Bonus Family (TV Show)

Title — Bonus Family
Available on — Netflix, Netflix
Production Country — Sweden
Release Date — 2019
A new couple, their exes and their children navigate the emotional challenges and tricky logistics of blended family life in this Swedish dramedy.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“Bonus Family” is a Swedish drama series that delves into the intricacies of relationships when two families merge into one. The storyline revolves around Lisa (Vera Vitali) and Patrik (Erik Johansson), a couple in their thirties residing in Stockholm, both recently divorced. Lisa has a teenage daughter, while both Lisa and Patrik have 10-year-old sons from their previous marriages. The series follows the tumultuous dynamics between the new couple and their ex-spouses, Katja (Petra Mede) and Martin (Fredrik Hallgren), as well as the adjustments of the three children to their new family structure.

The central conflict arises from the contrast in parenting styles and personalities between Patrik’s quiet and diligent son William (Jacob Lundquist) and Lisa’s adventurous and troublesome son Eddie (Frank Dorsin). The show intricately explores how the family navigates the challenges of blending different personalities and backgrounds under one roof.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness the struggles faced by Lisa and Patrik in managing the complexities of their large bonus family. Patrik, in particular, grapples with getting Lisa to initiate speech training for little Buster, who has Down syndrome, adding another layer of emotional depth to the series.

Throughout the series, the audience is drawn into the emotional rollercoaster of the characters as they strive to make their blended family work amidst the ups and downs of everyday life. The show not only sheds light on the universal theme of family dynamics but also provides a poignant and realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by modern families in today’s society.

With its compelling storyline and nuanced character development, “Bonus Family” offers a heartfelt portrayal of the complexities of modern relationships and the journey of building a new family unit from the remnants of past ones. The series resonates with audiences globally, offering a relatable and authentic depiction of the joys and struggles of blended families.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Vera Vitali, Erik Johansson, Fredrik Hallgren, Petra Mede, Frank Dorsin, Jacob Lundqvist, Amanda Lindh, Marianne Mörck, Barbro Svensson, Ann Petrén, Johan Ulveson, Leo Razzak, Felix Engström

Movie Casting:

Actor Role
Vera Vitali Lisa Johansson
Erik Johansson Patrik
Fredrik Hallgren Martin
Frank Dorsin Eddie
Jacob Lundqvist William

💬 Reviews and feedback

Have you ever felt like you’re part of a Bonus Family? Not the kind that comes with extra fries, but the type that involves complex relationships, heartwarming moments, and a fair share of drama? Well, if you haven’t experienced it firsthand, the Swedish TV show “Bonus Family” on Netflix might just give you a taste of what it’s like to navigate the rollercoaster of emotions within a blended family.

Imagine a mix between a soap opera and a comedy sketch, sprinkled with moments of raw emotion and genuine human connection. That’s the essence of “Bonus Family,” a series that delves deep into the intricacies of relationships when two families merge into one household. It’s like trying to fit two puzzle pieces from different boxes together – challenging, messy, but oh so satisfying when they finally click.

Plot and Themes:

  • The plot revolves around Lisa and Patrik, two divorcees who decide to blend their families. What unfolds is a tapestry of joy, sorrow, laughter, and tears as they navigate the ups and downs of co-parenting in a modern setting.
  • The themes of love, loss, forgiveness, and growth are intricately woven into each episode. From awkward family dinners to heart-to-heart conversations in the kitchen, every moment feels authentic and relatable.

Acting and Characters:

  • The ensemble cast delivers powerhouse performances that breathe life into each character. You’ll find yourself rooting for some while wanting to shake others for their decisions – that’s the mark of excellent acting.
  • The characters are multi-dimensional, flawed yet lovable. Whether it’s the rebellious teenager or the overbearing grandparent, each role adds depth to the narrative tapestry.

Direction and Cinematography:

  • The direction skillfully balances moments of intimacy with broader family dynamics. The camera work captures both the chaos and coziness of family life, giving viewers a front-row seat to all the action.
  • The cinematography mirrors the emotional arcs of the characters – from bright sunny days symbolizing hope to rainy scenes reflecting turmoil within the family unit.

Production Design and Special Effects:

  • The production design creates an immersive world where every detail feels true to life. From cluttered living rooms to messy bedrooms, the set design mirrors the chaotic yet endearing nature of blended families.
  • While not heavy on special effects, subtle touches enhance key moments in the storyline. A simple glance between characters can speak volumes without relying on flashy visuals.

Editing and Pace:

  • The editing keeps the narrative tight without sacrificing emotional depth. Flashbacks are seamlessly woven into present-day scenes, offering insights into character motivations without slowing down the pace.
  • The pacing strikes a delicate balance between poignant moments and comedic relief. Just when you think things are getting too heavy, a well-timed joke lightens the mood without detracting from the overall story arc.


  • The dialogues crackle with authenticity, capturing both mundane conversations and heartfelt confessions with equal finesse. Each line feels organic to the character speaking it, adding layers to their personalities.
  • Clever quips and poignant exchanges keep viewers engaged throughout each episode. You’ll find yourself quoting lines long after you’ve finished watching – a testament to well-crafted dialogue.

Binge-Watching Tips: When diving into “Bonus Family,” keep tissues handy for those emotional moments but also be prepared to laugh out loud at unexpected comedic twists. And remember, no matter how messy family life gets on screen, there’s always room for growth and love amidst all chaos!

So there you have it – “Bonus Family” isn’t just another show about step-parenting woes; it’s a heartfelt exploration of what it means to truly become one big happy (albeit dysfunctional) family. Whether you’ve experienced blended families firsthand or are just curious about peeking behind closed doors, this series offers something for everyone.

In conclusion: “Bonus Family” earns an impressive rating of 9/10 for its realistic portrayal of blended families’ joys and struggles intertwined with humor and heartwarming moments that will leave you wanting more!

Pros Cons
Realistic portrayal of relationships Unsatisfactory ending
Emotionally impactful Doesn’t provide perfect closure
Good character development Leaves out some series characters
Honest and real relationships Some viewers may find it messy
Addresses complexities of blended families May not handle divorce pain delicately enough
Humorous moments


  • Bonus Family - Wikipedia

    Bonus Family(Swedish:) is a Swedish drama series created by Felix Herngren, Moa Herngren, Clara Herngren, and Calle Marthin for SVT. The series debuted in 2017, with a second season in 2018. A third season of the series launched on both SVT and Netflix in 2019. The series won a Kristallen award in 2017 for “Best TV-drama”. SVT announced that it has ordered a fourth season. Season 4 began streaming on Netflix on 14 December. On December 15, 2021, it was reported that shooting had begun on a Bonus Family film,


    Länge leve Bonusfamiljen, to be released in December 2022.

  • Bonusfamiljen (TV Series 2017-2021) - IMDb

    Another NFLX HomerunAn absolutely entertaining uncomfortable wonderful show with great actors. I went through almost the same situation and its comforting to know that it happens all over the world and is not unique to me or the US.helpful•212

    • bshaef
    • Jul 26, 2018
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⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the Swedish drama series “Bonus Family” (Bonusfamiljen), created by Felix Herngren, Moa Herngren, Clara Herngren, and Calle Marthin, viewers are introduced to the complex lives of Lisa and Patrik. This couple, in their 30s and residing in Stockholm, find themselves navigating the challenges of blending their families after recent divorces. Lisa, portrayed by Vera Vitali, is a mother to a teenage daughter and a 10-year-old son, while Patrik, played by Erik Johansson, also has a 10-year-old son from his previous marriage.

The storyline delves into the intricacies of their relationships with their ex-spouses, Katja (Petra Mede), an architect and Patrik’s ex-wife, and Martin (Fredrik Hallgren), Lisa’s ex-husband who works at a bed retailer. The series captures the struggles, conflicts, and joys that arise as the new couple, their children, and their exes navigate the dynamics of their bonus family.

Central to the narrative are the adjustments faced by the three children as they adapt to their new family structure. Patrik grapples with the differences between his quiet and responsible son, William (Jacob Lundquist), and Lisa’s more rebellious and adventurous son, Eddie (Frank Dorsin). The contrast between the two boys adds a layer of complexity to the family dynamics, highlighting the various challenges and growth opportunities that come with blending two households.

Throughout the series, viewers witness the characters’ emotional journeys, the evolution of their relationships, and the humorous yet poignant moments that arise in the process of forming a bonus family. The show’s success is underscored by its ability to capture the authenticity and relatability of modern family dynamics, resonating with audiences and earning critical acclaim, including a Kristallen award for “Best TV-drama” in 2017.

With the announcement of a fourth season and the production of a Bonus Family film titled “Länge leve Bonusfamiljen” set to release in December 2022, fans can anticipate further exploration of the complexities, joys, and challenges that come with building and sustaining a bonus family. As the series continues to unfold, viewers can expect more heartfelt moments, humorous encounters, and insightful reflections on the intricacies of modern family life.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This TV show “Bonus Family” has been rated as suitable for viewers aged 16 and above.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that “Bonus Family” contains the following content:

  • Violence & Scariness: The show features more arguing than actual violence, with minimal physical violence depicted.
  • Sex, Romance & Nudity: There are frank depictions of sexual content, romance, and nudity in the series.
  • Language: The language used in the show may include strong or explicit language.

Given the themes and content of the show, it is recommended for viewers who are 16 years old and above due to its mature subject matter and adult-oriented themes.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix You can watch Bonus Family – Season 1 on Netflix, Netflix basic with Ads. The show is available with 10 episodes.
Netflix Bonus Family TV show is available on Netflix. It is a Swedish dramedy about a new couple, their exes, and their children navigating the challenges of blended family life.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • It's not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us father and son.
  • We aren't 'step,' we aren't 'half,' we're just family.
  • The power of a dad in a child ...

🤖Bonus Family Reddit Talks

Bonus Family is a Swedish show that follows the lives of two families who are brought together when the parents start dating. The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of family life, and for its honest and relatable characters.

One of the main topics of discussion on Reddit is the show’s female protagonist, Lisa. Some viewers find her to be annoying and self-centered, while others appreciate her honesty and vulnerability. One viewer commented, “Lisa is a bit of a hot mess, but she’s also very real and relatable. I think she’s a great character.”

Another topic of discussion is the show’s portrayal of blended families. Many viewers have praised the show for its realistic depiction of the challenges and rewards of blended family life. One viewer commented, “I love how the show portrays family realistically and highlights that relationship take work and commitment.”

Overall, Bonus Family is a well-received show that has sparked many discussions on Reddit. Viewers praise the show for its realistic portrayal of family life, its honest and relatable characters, and its positive message about blended families.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Who has Down syndrome in Bonus Family?

Patrik and Lisa are struggling to get the everyday logistics together in the large bonus family. Patrik does not get Lisa to start speech training with little Buster who has Down syndrome.

Is Bonus Family popular in Sweden?

The first season of “The Bonus Family” just finished airing on Swedish broadcaster SVT and pulled outstanding ratings (one million viewers on average) on primetime Monday.

Is there a Bonus Family movie?

On December 15, 2021, it was reported that shooting had begun on a Bonus Family film, Länge leve Bonusfamiljen, to be released in December 2022.

Who is Elin in Bonus Family?

Tuva Novotny plays the character Elin in Bonus Family.

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