Bread Barbershop (TV Show)

Title — Bread Barbershop
Available on — Netflix, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, Tubi TV
Release Date — 2020
In a town filled with food, Bread is a master cake decorator who gives life-changing makeovers that will put any customer in an amazing mood.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the animated series “Bread Barbershop,” viewers are transported to a whimsical world where bakery items come to life in the absence of humans. The heartwarming show centers around Master Bread, a skilled cake decorator, who not only transforms his customers’ appearances but also their lives. Alongside Master Bread, we meet Wilk and Choco, who work alongside him at the barbershop, offering support and facing challenges together.

The series, a collaborative effort between French, American, and South Korean studios Monster Studio and StudioCanal, was brought to life by the talented animators at Brown Bag Films. “Bread Barbershop” spans three delightful seasons, captivating audiences of all ages with its charming characters and engaging storylines.

Throughout the episodes, viewers are introduced to a colorful cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and quirks. From the diligent Master Bread to the lovable Wilk and creative Choco, the show is full of heartwarming moments and valuable life lessons.

From cake princesses’ weddings to tea-making history lessons in Bakery Town, each episode of “Bread Barbershop” is filled with creativity, humor, and a touch of magic. Whether it’s Wilk trying to impress Master Bread or the sushi tourists struggling to find their way home, the show is a delightful blend of comedy and heart.

As viewers follow the adventures of Master Bread and his friends, they are treated to a visual feast of vibrant animation and imaginative storytelling. With themes of friendship, perseverance, and self-discovery woven throughout the series, “Bread Barbershop” is not just a show for children but a heartwarming tale that resonates with audiences of all ages.

So, grab a seat in Master Bread’s barbershop, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of animated bakery items, and join the lovable characters on their journey of growth, friendship, and endless possibilities in “Bread Barbershop.”

🧑 Cast & Crew

Um Sang-hyun, Park Yoon-hee, Kang Shi-hyun, Hong Bum-ki, Kim Hyun-wook, Lee In-suk, Song Ha-rim

Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Master Bread Um Sang-hyun Marc Thompson
Wilk Park Yoon-hee Laurie Hymes
Cheese Song Ha-rim Courtney Shaw
Butter Kim Hyeon-uk Nicholas Corda
Choco Kang Si-hyeon Elinor Vanderburg
Potato Chip Hong Bum-ki James Weaver Clark
Pretzel Yoon Ah-yeong Addie Brie Hays
Milk Toast ¿? Barrett Leddy
Mint Donut ¿?
Tiramisu ¿? Cait-Powers Page
Bagel ¿? Tom Aglio
Ice Cream ¿? Emma Breezy
Melon Bread ¿? Amanda Turen
Hardtack ¿? Emily Cramer
Munchkin Donut ¿? Sarah Smithton
Reporter Cookie ¿?
Cake Princess ¿? Courtney Shaw
Camembert Cheese ¿?
Yoga Master Jelly ¿? Nazia Chaudhry
Steam Bun Son ¿? Jordan Dash Cruz
Wilk’s Mom ¿? Kristen McGuire
Wilk’s Dad ¿? Clifford Chapin
Teacher Naan ¿? Taher Chy
Sweet Bun ¿? Dani Nelson

💬 Reviews and feedback

Lights, camera, bread-action! ✂️ Welcome to the whimsical world of “Bread Barbershop,” where loaves get makeovers and baguettes get bangs! This South Korean animated series is a unique blend of comedy, creativity, and carb-filled adventures that will leave you craving for more. So, grab your popcorn (or should I say breadsticks?) as we dive into this delightful TV show that’s more than just a slice above the rest.

Picture this: a town filled with food where Bread, a master cake decorator, works his magic to give life-changing makeovers. Sounds like a recipe for success, right? Well, “Bread Barbershop” serves up a generous helping of laughter and fun with each episode. The show’s infectious pace and quirky premise of anthropomorphic bakery items striving for beautiful frosting create a truly one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

Now, before we butter you up with all the highlights of this show, let’s address the elephant in the room – or should I say the loaf? “Bread Barbershop” is best suited for older children aged 9 and up. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously, so if you’re looking for deep messages or life lessons, you might be barking up the wrong tree (or kneading the wrong dough in this case). Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sheer whimsy and entertainment that this show has to offer.

Acting & Characters:

The cast of “Bread Barbershop” may be made of dough (literally), but their personalities are anything but stale. From Bread’s creative flair to Choco’s sweet charm, each character brings something unique to the table (pun intended). The voice acting is top-notch, breathing life into these lovable food items and making them feel like old friends. While the humor may not always hit the mark for adult viewers, it’s clear that the show’s target audience – children aged 6-10 – will be rolling on the floor laughing.

Binge-watching Tip: Keep an eye out for recurring gags and inside jokes sprinkled throughout the series. It adds an extra layer of fun for eagle-eyed viewers who love spotting hidden gems!

Direction & Cinematography:

The visual feast served up by “Bread Barbershop” is nothing short of scrumptious. The vibrant colors pop off the screen, creating a mouth-watering spectacle that will captivate viewers of all ages. The attention to detail in every frame is impressive, from Bread’s intricate cake designs to Choco’s adorable expressions. The CGI animation style suits the whimsical nature of the show perfectly, immersing you in a world where pastries have personalities and hairdos are haute couture.

Fun Fact: Did you know that “Bread Barbershop” was produced by Monster Studio? Talk about a monstrous talent when it comes to bringing baked goods to life on screen!

Score & Special Effects:

While “Bread Barbershop” may not have explosive special effects or an epic orchestral score like some blockbuster movies, its simplicity is part of its charm. The upbeat soundtrack complements the lighthearted tone of the show perfectly, enhancing comedic moments and heartwarming scenes alike. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to letting the humor and heart of the story shine through without overwhelming viewers with bombastic visuals or music.

Interactive Element: If you’re a fan of animated shows like “Adventure Time” or “SpongeBob SquarePants,” you’ll feel right at home in the zany world of “Bread Barbershop.” Who knows? You might even start seeing croissants in a whole new light!

Editing & Pace:

Clocking in at 12 minutes per episode on Netflix, “Bread Barbershop” wastes no time getting straight to the doughy goodness. The brisk pace keeps things engaging without overstaying its welcome – perfect for a quick binge-watch session or as a palate cleanser between longer shows. While some may find certain episodes lacking in depth or complexity, there’s no denying that each installment delivers its fair share of laughs and heartwarming moments.

Binge-watching Tip: Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite snacks before hitting play on “Bread Barbershop.” You might find yourself craving pastries by the end of each episode!

Dialog & Production Design:

One area where “Bread Barbershop” truly shines is in its quirky dialogues and imaginative production design. From witty one-liners to pun-tastic exchanges between characters (yes, there are bread puns aplenty), every line feels like it was baked with care and served with a side of laughter. The set designs are vibrant and charming, creating an immersive world where even mundane tasks like frosting cakes become exciting adventures.

So there you have it – “Bread Barbershop” may not be your typical slice-of-life TV show (pun intended), but it certainly carves out its own niche in the realm of animated comedies. Whether you’re young or young at heart,
this delightful series offers a sweet escape into a world where cakes talk back and buns have barbershops.

Rating: 8/10

Don’t loaf around – dive into this delectable treat of a show! With its infectious humor,
charming characters,
and creative premise,
“Bread Barbershop”
is sure to leave you hungry
for more wacky adventures
in Foodville.
Who knew that watching loaves get makeovers could be so entertaining?
Grab your remote control
(or should I say rolling pin)
and tune into this delightful gem
for some wholesome fun!
Happy watching!

Pros Cons
Delightfully weird and wonderful Not meant to be taken seriously
Infectious pace Not exactly funny
Uproarious CGI comedy Lacks important messages or lessons
Great for older children Just treat it as fun, but mindless
International success No special purpose


  • Bread Barbershop - YouTube

  • Bread Barbershop (TV Series 2020- ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

    Bread Barbershop (2020– )Full Cast & CrewSeries Directed by

    Tom Wayland (unknown episodes)

    Series CastSeries Sound Department

    Fahad Rahman recording engineer (36 episodes, 2020-2023)

    Series Music Department

    Udi Harpaz additional music (1 episode, 2020)

    Series Additional Crew

    Fahad Rahman additional voice director (36 episodes, 2020-2023)
  • Bread Barbershop (TV Series 2020- ) - Episode list - IMDb

    Everyone at the barbershop is so excited about Christmas. But, only Sausage doesn’t have any Christmas plans. On that night, Sausage hears a strange sound and it turns out to be Santa. Santa asks Sausage to pull the sleigh instead of an injured reindeer.

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the world of “Bread Barbershop,” bakery items come to life when humans are not around, leading to a whimsical and charming animated series that captures the adventures of Master Bread. The show revolves around Master Bread, a skilled cake decorator who runs a barbershop where he provides transformative makeovers to his customers. Alongside Master Bread are Wilk and Choco, who work at the barbershop and assist him in overcoming various challenges.

The series, created by Monster Studio and StudioCanal, is a French-American-South Korean co-production and was animated by Brown Bag Films. With its unique premise and lovable characters, “Bread Barbershop” offers a delightful blend of creativity and heartwarming storytelling for viewers of all ages.

Master Bread’s dedication to his craft and his customers, combined with the supportive presence of Wilk and Choco, creates a dynamic trio that embarks on entertaining and sometimes unexpected adventures in the bustling bakery world. Whether it’s tackling difficult makeovers, navigating interpersonal relationships, or simply spreading kindness, the characters in “Bread Barbershop” bring a mix of humor and heart to each episode.

With a light-hearted and engaging approach, the show not only entertains but also conveys valuable lessons about friendship, perseverance, and the importance of accepting others. Through its charming animation style and imaginative storytelling, “Bread Barbershop” invites viewers into a colorful world where even the simplest interactions can lead to meaningful connections and heartwarming moments.

As Master Bread, Wilk, and Choco continue to navigate the ups and downs of running a bakery barbershop, audiences are treated to a delightful blend of creativity, humor, and heart that makes “Bread Barbershop” a beloved animated series for fans around the world.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

The TV series “Bread Barbershop” has different age ratings in various countries. In the United Kingdom, it is rated as TV-Y, in the United States as U, and in Singapore as PG.

Parental Guide:


  • Indonesia: 7+
  • Philippines: 7+
  • Singapore: G
  • South Korea: 7
  • United States: TV-Y

Sex & Nudity:

  • No nudity and sex depicted. There are some scenes of romance and kissing.

Violence & Gore:

  • A rock band attacks Master Bread, resulting in bruises but no blood or gore.
  • Wilk finds something in a haunted house fridge that resembles blood, but it turns out to be strawberry jam.


  • No profanity noted.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

  • No instances of alcohol, drugs, or smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

  • There are scenes where characters are locked up by a tyrant queen, including attempting to imprison a baby.
  • A robotic version of a character is in danger of being zapped by lasers.
  • War and violence are mentioned during a character’s stories.
  • Characters are scared in a haunted house where portraits move their tongues, which may be intense for young kids.
  • Fake ghosts come out of a closet to scare Master Bread.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix You can watch Bread Barbershop on Netflix, Netflix Kids, and Netflix basic with Ads.
Peacock You can watch Bread Barbershop on Peacock.
Amazon Prime Video You can watch Bread Barbershop on Amazon Prime Video.
Tubi TV You can watch Bread Barbershop for free with ads on Tubi TV.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • In a town filled with food, Bread is a master cake decorator who gives life-changing makeovers that will put any customer in an amazing mood.
  • Taking place in a world where bakery items come to life when humans are not around, the show focuses on Master Bread, a professional cake decorator who gives life-changing makeovers to his customers. it follows not only his attempts at becoming successful, but also Wilk and Choco, who also work at the barbershop and help Bread with any challenges he may face.

🤖Bread Barbershop Reddit Talks

Bread Barbershop: A Whimsical Animated Series for Kids

Bread Barbershop is a unique and imaginative animated series that takes place in a world where food comes to life. The show follows the adventures of Wheat, a barber who runs a bustling barbershop in the town of Crustville. Along the way, he encounters a colorful cast of characters, including his best friend Rye, the clumsy baker, and his rival, the snooty French chef, Croissant.

Age Appropriateness and Enjoyment

While Bread Barbershop is primarily aimed at children aged 9 and up, its whimsical humor and creative world-building make it enjoyable for viewers of all ages. Parents should be aware that some episodes may contain mild slapstick violence, but overall, the show is lighthearted and suitable for most families.

Origins and Production

Bread Barbershop is a co-production between France, the United States, and South Korea. It is animated by the Irish animation studio, Brown Bag Films. The show’s unique visual style and charming characters have garnered a loyal following among fans worldwide.

Cultural Influences

Despite its international production team, Bread Barbershop is deeply rooted in Korean culture. The show features numerous references to Korean food, customs, and traditions. This cultural infusion adds a distinct flavor to the series and helps it stand out from other animated shows.

Critical Reception

Bread Barbershop has received mixed reviews from critics. Some have praised its creativity and humor, while others have criticized its simplistic plotlines and lack of educational value. However, the show remains popular with young viewers who appreciate its imaginative world and relatable characters.

Popularity and Availability

Bread Barbershop is available on Netflix and has gained a significant following on social media platforms. The show’s official subreddit, r/BreadBarbershopMemes, is a hub for fans to share memes, discuss episodes, and connect with other viewers.

Overall Impression

Bread Barbershop is a delightful and imaginative animated series that offers a unique and entertaining experience for viewers of all ages. While it may not be the most educational or critically acclaimed show, its whimsical humor, charming characters, and cultural influences make it a worthwhile watch for families looking for a fun and lighthearted animated adventure.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bread Barbershop a good show?

“Bread Barbershop” is best suited to older children (about aged 9 and up), but its sense of humor and worldbuilding make it extremely obvious that it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Just don’t have high expectations for it, and just treat it as fun, but mindless.

What country is Bread Barbershop from?

The Korean animated series Bread Barbershop, produced by Monster Studio, is quickly achieving great international success.

What age is Bread Barbershop for?

Bread Barbershop Season 1 is an Animated Korean TV series that caters to children aged 6-10. The show is an uproarious CGI comedy that takes place in a realm inhabited by personified food items.

Is Bread Barbershop originally in Korean?

Bread Barbershop (브레드 이발소; Bread Le Barbier) is a French-American-South Korean co-produced animated series created by Monster Studio and StudioCanal. The series was animated by an animation studio, Brown Bag Films.

Is there a Bread Barbershop movie?

The film is scheduled to be released theatrically on November 5, 2021, in the United States, and September 29, 2021, in South Korea.

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