Brown Nation (TV Show)

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Title — Brown Nation
Available on — Netflix
Production Country — United States
Release Date — 2016
An Indian American man living with his artistic wife and contentious father-in-law struggles to handle his household and a foundering IT company.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the comedy series “Brown Nation,” created by Abi Varghese, George Kanatt, and Matt Grubb, viewers are taken on a humorous journey through the struggles of a dysfunctional IT company and its weary Indian-American owner residing in New York. The show revolves around the existential crisis faced by the American IT company and the challenges encountered by its diverse cast of characters.

Unlike the NBC show “Outsourced,” which focused on an American company’s back office in India with an American cast, “Brown Nation” stands out with its mix of Indian and American actors. The series delves into the daily chaos and comedic mishaps within an American IT company, providing a fresh perspective on the challenges faced by the characters.

The main character, an Indian-American man, navigates the complexities of running a struggling IT business while dealing with his tough-to-please artist wife and her contentious father. The show offers a unique East Coast perspective, drawing on the creators’ experiences living on both coasts.

Through a blend of humor and relatable situations, “Brown Nation” explores the intersection of cultures, work dynamics, and personal relationships within the backdrop of the IT industry. With a mix of comedy and drama, the series promises an entertaining and insightful look into the lives of its characters as they navigate the ups and downs of work and family life.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Rajeev Varma, Shenaz Treasury, Kapil Bawa, Remy Munasifi, Omi Vaidya, Melanie Chandra, Sana Serrai, Jonathan Horvath, Akaash Singh

Actor Role
Rajeev Varma Hasmukh Parikh
Melanie Chandra Roli
Kapil Bawa Papa ji
Omi Vaidya Balan Sree Ramakrishnan
Sana Serrai Samantha
Shenaz Treasurywala Dimple Parikh
Jaspal Binning Gautam
Akaash Singh Mookie

💬 Reviews and feedback

Welcome to the colorful world of “Brown Nation,” where IT mishaps and family drama collide in a comedic frenzy! Imagine a fusion of “The Office” and “Modern Family,” sprinkled with a generous dose of Indian spice.

From the creators Matt Grubb, George Kanatt, and Abi Varghese comes a Netflix gem that shines brightly with its unique blend of authenticity and hilarity. As Mashable aptly puts it, binge-watching the 10 half-hour episodes of “Brown Nation” is not just easy; it’s downright enjoyable.

Plot and Themes:

The heart of “Brown Nation” lies in its portrayal of Hasmukh – the weary owner of an IT consulting firm. Juggling business woes with a chaotic home life, Hasmukh’s struggles are both relatable and laugh-out-loud funny. The series expertly weaves themes of cultural heritage, family dynamics, and workplace mishaps into a delightful tapestry of comedy.

Acting and Characters:

The cast of characters in “Brown Nation” is a delightful mix of goofiness and authenticity. From Hasmukh’s world-weary persona to his quirky employees, each character adds a layer of charm to the storyline. The seamless blend of Indian and American actors brings a refreshing diversity to the screen, making the interactions all the more engaging.

Direction and Cinematography:

The direction in “Brown Nation” is sharp and witty, capturing the essence of everyday chaos with finesse. The cinematography complements the comedic tone perfectly, enhancing both the workplace shenanigans and the familial moments with equal flair.

Production Design and Special Effects:

While “Brown Nation” may not rely heavily on special effects, its production design is vibrant and immersive. The office setting feels authentic, while Hasmukh’s home serves as a cozy backdrop for family antics. The attention to detail in creating these spaces adds depth to the storytelling.

Editing, Pace, and Dialog:

The editing in “Brown Nation” maintains a brisk pace that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. The dialogues are witty, peppered with humor that ranges from subtle wordplay to outright slapstick comedy. Each episode unfolds seamlessly, blending humor with heartwarming moments effortlessly.

Binge-watching Tips:

  • Keep an eye out for subtle cultural references that add layers to the storyline.
  • Pay attention to Hasmukh’s expressions – his reactions are often comedy gold!
  • Invite friends over for a binge session; laughter is always better when shared.

So, if you’re looking for a series that offers equal parts laughter and heart, “Brown Nation” is your go-to binge-watch choice!

Rating: 9/10

In conclusion, “Brown Nation” is a delightful blend of humor, heart, and cultural authenticity that makes it stand out in the realm of sitcoms. So grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot on the couch, and let this quirky Indian sitcom whisk you away into its charming world!

Pros Cons
Easy binge with 10 half-hour episodes Staffed by a disinterested and lazy cast of characters
Authentic characters with heritage Floundering business and home life
Goofy sitcom vibe Frustrated and jobless wife character
Unique Indian sitcom Struggling and dysfunctional IT company premise
Truly authentic portrayal Issues with arranged marriage and family relations
Good balance of work and personal life Some cultural stereotypes present


  • Brown Nation - Wikipedia

    Brown Nationis an American comedy drama series directed by Abi Varghese and written by Matt Grubb, George Kanatt and Varghese. The series is shot in New York City and the first season of the show consists of ten episodes that are 20–25 minutes long.Brown Nationreleased in all 190 countries offering Netflix on November 15, 2016.

    Brown Nation
    Genre Comedy
    Created by

    Abi Varghese

  • Brown Nation (TV Series 2016) - IMDb

    SPONSOREDHasmukh operates a small IT Consulting company “Shree Ganesh Computers Limited Inc” in Queens, NY.Hasmukh operates a small IT Consulting company “Shree Ganesh Computers Limited Inc” in Queens, NY.Hasmukh operates a small IT Consulting company “Shree Ganesh Computers Limited Inc” in Queens, NY.Browse episodesSPONSORED

    Did you know

    • TriviaThe first independently financed and produced television show picked up for global release by Netflix.

    Featured reviewHidden gem!Just watch it, you’ll love it, especially if you’re an Indian living abroad.helpful•32

  • Brown Nation - A new series on NETFLIX (TRAILER) - YouTube

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👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating: TV-14

Parental Guide:

Sex & Nudity:

The show contains mild sexual content and innuendos. There are occasional references to relationships and dating, but there are no explicit scenes of nudity or sexual activity.

Violence & Gore:

There are some comedic instances of mild violence, such as slapstick humor and minor scuffles. The show does not contain graphic violence, blood, or gore.


Infrequent use of mild language and occasional profanity can be heard throughout the series. However, strong language is limited.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

There are occasional social drinking scenes in the show, but drug and smoking content is minimal and not glamorized.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

The show is primarily a comedy with light-hearted themes. There are no intense or frightening scenes that would be unsuitable for teenagers.

Overall Appropriate Age:

Brown Nation is suitable for viewers aged 14 and above. The show’s content is generally light-hearted, with mild instances of adult themes that are appropriate for teenagers and older audiences. Parents may find it suitable for mature teenagers who can understand the context of the humor and themes presented in the series.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Brown Nation is available for streaming on Netflix. It is an Indian-American comedy TV series.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Hasmukh operates a small IT Consulting company "Shree Ganesh Computers Limited Inc" in Queens, NY.
  • Staffed by a disinterested and lazy cast of characters, his business flounders.
  • His home life is not much better.
  • His wife Dimple, a frustrated and jobless artist, complains constantly about not having enough time to ...
  • Brown Nation is an easy binge, and an enjoyable one at that.
  • What’s extra smart about Brown Nation is that it isn’t Culture 101.
  • There are snatches of regional Indian languages.
  • There's talk of arranged marriage and tense family relations, but handled with a key ingredient: nuance.
  • Netflix picking up the series is a hopeful sign for independent filmmakers and another step into offering a variety of diverse content to audiences, according to Varghese.
  • This is still an independent production and that's what I'm most proud of... this really opens the doors for a lot of independent filmmakers.
  • I think the fact that Netflix and other platforms are open to such content is a big sign that we are headed in the right direction and in terms of diversity, and also as an independent filmmaker, I think it's good on both sides.
  • Our show is a little bit quirkier, I don't think it's as drama driven as the other two shows, but I think there's a lot more stories that we're able to explore.
  • I just want to make sure that people, when they hear 'Brown Nation,' to get a smile out of it....just trying to make 22 minutes that would put a smile on people's faces after a rough day or something you can watch with your family that doesn't have any sexual innuendos or fights. Just plain, simple, comedy.

🤖Brown Nation Reddit Talks

Brown Nation is a Netflix original TV show that follows the lives of a group of Indian IT workers in Silicon Valley. The show has been praised for its humor and its realistic portrayal of the Indian-American experience. However, it has also been criticized for its lack of diversity and its stereotypical portrayal of Indian characters.


One of the things that makes Brown Nation so popular is its humor. The show is full of witty dialogue and hilarious situations. The characters are all well-developed and relatable, and their interactions are often laugh-out-loud funny.

Realistic portrayal of the Indian-American experience

Brown Nation is also praised for its realistic portrayal of the Indian-American experience. The show does not shy away from difficult topics such as racism, sexism, and cultural identity. It also provides a nuanced and sympathetic portrayal of the challenges that Indian-Americans face in the United States.

Lack of diversity

One of the criticisms of Brown Nation is its lack of diversity. The show’s main cast is almost entirely made up of Indian actors, and there are very few characters of other races or ethnicities. This lack of diversity is especially noticeable in the show’s portrayal of Silicon Valley, which is known for its diversity.

Stereotypical portrayal of Indian characters

Another criticism of Brown Nation is its stereotypical portrayal of Indian characters. The show’s characters often fall into familiar stereotypes, such as the nerdy IT worker, the overbearing mother, and the traditional Indian father. These stereotypes can be harmful because they reinforce negative stereotypes about Indian people.


Brown Nation is a well-made and entertaining show that provides a unique perspective on the Indian-American experience. However, the show’s lack of diversity and its stereotypical portrayal of Indian characters are significant drawbacks.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the running time of Brown Nation TV Show?

The running time of Brown Nation TV Show is 20-25 minutes per episode.

Where can I watch Brown Nation?

You can watch Brown Nation on Netflix.

Who are the main production companies behind Brown Nation?

The main production companies behind Brown Nation are Indus Media & Entertainment, Create Entertainment, Infamous Coconuts, and Silicone Media.

What is the premise of Brown Nation?

Brown Nation follows the story of a struggling IT consulting firm and its world-weary owner, an Indian-American man trying to balance work and family life in New York.

Can you describe the main characters in Brown Nation?

The main characters in Brown Nation include Hasmukh Parikh, Dimple Parikh, Papaji, Hyder, and Balan, portrayed by actors like Rajeev Varma, Shenaz Treasury, Kapil Bawa, Remy Munasifi, and Omi Vaidya.

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