Cabin Fever (Movie)

Title — Cabin Fever
Available on — Hulu, Prime Video, Amazon Prime Video, Max
Production Country — United States
Release Date — 2016
As a flesh-eating virus rips its way through a remote woodland cabin, the terrified teens vacationing inside wonder who'll fall victim next.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the horror movie “Cabin Fever,” directed by Eli Roth and written by Eli Roth and Randy Pearlstein, a group of five college friends—Paul, Karen, Bert, Marcy, and Jeff—rent a remote cabin in the woods for a week of fun and relaxation. However, their getaway takes a terrifying turn when they encounter a man infected with a flesh-eating virus.

As the friends settle into the cabin, they encounter suspicious locals and disturbing events that foreshadow the horror to come. Bert’s accidental shooting of the infected man sets off a chain of events that lead to a nightmarish scenario for the group.

When Karen unknowingly drinks contaminated water from the cabin’s tap, she becomes infected with the deadly virus. As the disease spreads among the friends, tensions rise, and their true personalities emerge under the pressure of survival.

With the virus rapidly spreading and paranoia gripping the group, they must confront not only the horrifying disease but also their own fears and mistrust of each other. The once carefree vacation turns into a fight for survival against a relentless and gruesome threat.

“Cabin Fever” delves into the darkest depths of human nature as the friends grapple with the physical and psychological horrors unleashed upon them. The film’s unique approach to the horror genre, coupled with its visceral and shocking imagery, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats till the very end.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis, Nadine Crocker, Dustin Ingram, Randy Schulman

  • Rider Strong as Paul
  • Jordan Ladd as Karen
  • James DeBello as Bert
  • Cerina Vincent as Marcy
  • Joey Kern as Jeff
  • Arie Verveen as Henry, The Hermit
  • Giuseppe Andrews as Deputy Winston
  • Eli Roth as Justin / Grimm
  • Adam Roth as The Happy Bald Guy
  • Robert Harris as Old Man Cadwell
  • Hal Courtney as Tommy
  • Matthew Helms as Dennis
  • Richard Boone as Fenster
  • Tim Parati as Andy
  • Rock (dog) as Dr. Mambo

💬 Reviews and feedback

Picture this: a cozy cabin nestled in the woods, a group of carefree college graduates looking for a weekend escape, and a flesh-eating disease lurking in the shadows. Welcome to the world of Cabin Fever, where fear meets humor in a concoction of gruesome gore and corny lines.

Plot and Themes: The storyline of Cabin Fever revolves around a group of young adults renting a cabin in the woods, only to succumb to a flesh-eating disease. The inspiration behind the film adds an intriguing layer, with director Eli Roth drawing from his own skin infection experience in Iceland. This real-life connection adds an unsettling realism to the movie’s premise, amplifying the fear factor.

Tone and Acting: While Cabin Fever leans more towards entertainment than sheer terror, it manages to strike a delicate balance between horror and humor. The movie’s charm lies in its ability to blend gruesome visuals with cheesy dialogues, creating an atmosphere that keeps you both cringing and chuckling throughout.

Direction and Cinematography: Roth’s direction infuses the film with a raw intensity that complements the gritty theme of the story. The cinematography captures the eerie isolation of the cabin setting, enhancing the sense of dread as the characters grapple with their impending doom.

  • Binge-watching Tip: If you enjoy low-budget horror films that don’t take themselves too seriously, Cabin Fever is right up your alley. Grab some popcorn and brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of gore and laughter!

Production Design and Special Effects: Despite its low budget origins, Cabin Fever excels in delivering convincing gory effects that leave a lasting impression. From decaying flesh to blood-soaked scenes, the practical effects add an element of visceral horror that stays with you long after the credits roll.

Editing and Pace: The film maintains a brisk pace, keeping viewers engaged as events spiral out of control within the claustrophobic confines of the cabin. While some scenes may seem over-the-top or predictable, they contribute to building tension and suspense effectively.

Dialogues: One aspect where Cabin Fever truly shines is in its dialogues. While they may come off as cheesy or exaggerated at times, they enhance the campy charm of the movie, making it an enjoyable watch for fans of horror-comedy hybrids.

Hypothetical Scenario: Imagine yourself stranded in a remote cabin with friends, only to discover a deadly disease spreading among your group. How would you react? Would you trust your companions or give in to paranoia?

In conclusion, Cabin Fever may not be groundbreaking cinema, but it delivers on its promise of gruesome entertainment wrapped in dark humor. With its blend of horror elements and comedic undertones, this film is perfect for late-night viewing sessions with friends who appreciate a good scare served with a side of laughter.

Ratings: 7/10

Pros Cons
Entertaining Questionable scariness
Gruesome gore Atrocious acting
Corny lines Higher budget affecting charm


  • Cabin Fever (2002 film) - Wikipedia

    Cabin Feveris a 2002 American horror comedy film co-written and directed by Eli Roth (in his directorial debut) and starring Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent, Joey Kern, and Giuseppe Andrews. The story follows a group of college graduates who rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating disease. The inspiration for the film’s story came from a real-life experience during a trip to Iceland when Roth developed a skin infection.

  • Cabin Fever (2016 film) - Wikipedia

    Cabin Fever(2016 film)

    Cabin Fever
    Directed by Travis Z
    Written by
    • Eli Roth
    • Randy Pearlstein
    Story by Eli Roth
    Based on Cabin Fever

    by Eli Roth

  • Cabin Fever (2002) - Plot - IMDb

    • Five college graduates rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a horrifying flesh-eating virus, which attracts the unwanted attention of the homicidal locals.
    • College friends Paul, Karen, Bert, Marcy and Jeff rent an isolated cabin in the woods to spend a week together. When they arrive, a man contaminated with a weird disease asks them for help, but they panic and burn the man, who falls into the water reservoir and dies. The whole group, except Karen, makes a pact to drink only beer the rest of the week without knowing where the dead body is. When Karen drinks tap water and gets the disease, the group begins their journey to hell.—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • A group of college friends rent a remote cabin in the woods for a relaxing getaway away from college and exams but their trip turns deadly when a mysterious flesh eating disease rips its way through them, creating a environment of panic among the friends.—devint-34563
    • An offbeat horror tale about a group of five college friends on vacation at a remote mountain cabin when one contracts a flesh-eating virus. As it spreads among the friends, their true feelings and personalities emerge as they struggle to survive the virus and each other.—<>
    • A man (Arie Verveen) is walking in the woods and comes upon a dog that he believes to be sleeping. After poking it a few times, he pulls the dog up and notices that the dog’s flesh is rotted, spurting blood on him in the process.Meanwhile, five college friends, Jeff (Joey Kern), Marcy (Cerina Vincent), Paul (Rider Strong), Karen (Jordan Ladd), and Bert (James DeBello) are driving in a van through rural Alabama on their way to the woods for they have rented a cabin in the woods. Along the way, they stop at a local convenience store for food where a young boy (Matthew Helms) outside the store bites Paul on the hand. The locals standing nearby look at the outsiders in their town with suspicion and scorn.When they arrive at the cabin, Jeff and Marcy immediately retire to their bedroom and have sex. Paul and Karen go for a swim in the lake while Bert goes hunting for squirrels in the woods. He accidentally shoots the man who discovered the rotting dog in the beginning of the film while hunting whom he mistook for a squirrel. By this time, the man’s face has become badly rotted. Scared, Bert shoots at him again in order to repel him and runs back to the cabin.That evening, the five kids build a bonfire and share ghost stories with each other. They soon encounter a local college kid named Grim (Eli Roth) who approaches them with his dog, Dr. Mambo. Though he acts a little eccentric, they allow him to join in when he offers them marijuana. However, once it starts raining, he leaves to take care of his camping equipment and the group retreats into the house.Later on that night, they hear a knocking at the door and discover it’s the diseased man that Bert shot before. Desperate for help, the hermit comes after the group. He tries to drive away in their car, but vomits blood all over the windscreen and the seats of the car. After the man exits the car, Paul sets-light to the infected man and he runs aflame back into the woods where he dies in the lake.In the morning, a young deputy, Winston Olsen (Giuseppe Andrews), shows up at the cabin and promises Paul he’ll call a tow truck. Jeff and Bert walk off down the lake shore when they come to a woman’s house to ask for a ride into town. They soon discover that the woman was related to the hermit they killed so they leave quickly. During this time, Karen drinks a glass of water from the lake contaminated by the infected man and begins to feel ill. She goes to bed to rest. Paul later discovers rotten boils on her thighs. Karen is then quarantined in the tool shed outside.Fearing that they will soon also become infected with whatever is ailing Karen as well as the man the night before, the others begin to argue with one another over what they should do about their situation.The next day, they discover Karen’s condition is deteriorating fast. Bert also realizes that he himself is infected with the virus. Bert drives off to find a doctor. When Paul and Marcy insist on helping Karen, Jeff runs off into the forest with the remaining beer (the only reliable drinking source). Marcy yells at him as he flees, upset that he has abandoned her.Meanwhile, Bert drives to the convenience store that the group visited earlier pleading for a doctor. He shows increasing signs of infection. The young retarded redneck boy on the bench then runs over and bites Bert again, thereby infecting himself. His father (Hal Courtney) comes outside and, rather than helping Bert, tries to kill him. Bert speeds off and the father grabs two of his redneck friends (Richard Boone and Tim Parati) who arm themselves with rifles to go after Bert to kill him.Now alone in the cabin, Paul finds Marcy sitting despondently on her bed. He tries to reassure her, but she reiterates that they are all doomed to get sick, to the point where “all you want to do is grab the person next to you and to have sex with because you know you’re gonna be dead soon, anyway.” She seduces Paul and they begin having wild sex. Paul expresses concern that they aren’t using a condom. Marcy brushes him off without heed by saying “Don’t worry, I’m healthy!” and continues riding him.After they finish having sex, Paul worries about whether Marcy has the disease or not. He goes into the bathroom and attempts to disinfect his penis by pouring Listerine over it. While washing her face, Marcy discovers, with worry, some red marks on her back where Paul grabbed her in the heat of their sexual encounter.A little later, Paul tells Marcy that he’s going to bring back Jeff so that they can all walk back to civilization. Marcy urges him to stay, but Paul seems uncomfortable around her after sleeping with her and insists that he “has to get out of” the cabin. Now completely alone, Marcy has a bath and weeps. The marks Paul made on her back are shown to be developing into gruesome wounds like Karen’s.Paul heads over to the local reservoir, and notices a body floating in the lake. He climbs down the ladder and moves the body with a stick. He sees that it is the infected hermit. The dock’s ladder rots and gives way, causing Paul to fall into the infected water, ensuring that he is definitely infected by this point.Back at the cabin, Marcy is shown shaving her legs in the bathtub and notices they are beginning to deteriorate as the skin begins gorily peeling off. She runs outside, upset, and is attacked by a now infected Dr. Mambo. Paul returns to find Marcy’s body ripped to pieces and Dr. Mambo eating a motionless Karen’s face. The dog attempts to attack him too. However, Paul kills him with Bert’s rifle. Now alone, Paul goes to check on Karen whose skin has now almost fully rotted off; she is barely alive. To end her suffering, he clubs and impales her with a shovel and then runs for help.Just then, Bert struggles back to the cabin with the rednecks in pursuit. When Bert’s pursuers open the door, Bert tries to shoot one of the men but is killed by a shotgun round. Paul comes and successfully kills the store owner and his friends. After fleeing the cabin, Paul decides to look for Jeff. He checks a cave, thinking Jeff is inside, but only finds Grim’s dead body.Paul then runs back to Bert’s pursuers’ car and drives into town. Along the way he slams head-on into a deer, damaging the windshield and the car. He continues on foot until he sees a roadside party thrown by local teens with Winston in attendance. Winston asks Paul about the tow truck just as a police officer gets on the radio warning Winston about Paul and his group whom are infected with a strange disease and that they are to be shot on sight. After all of the party attendees leave, Paul knocks Winston out with a stick. Paul is picked-up by a passing trucker and brought to the hospital.The sheriff and doctors interrogate him while he is lying in a hospital bed, trying to discover the source of the infection, but Paul is slightly dazed and unable to answer all their questions. When he is left alone, Paul pulls up his hospital gown to reveal the tell-tale marks of the disease on his belly. The doctors determine they are not equipped to handle the situation and that he should be transported to a larger, nearby regional hospital. His driver turns out to be Winston. Paul tries to warn him about the water in the reservoir but he can’t speak well and only says “water”. Winston says he will take him to get water.The next morning, Jeff comes out of the woods where he was hiding and makes his way back to the cabin. As he looks around, horrified that his friends are dead, he is suddenly shot to death by the redneck police. The murderous sheriff and his men take Jeff’s dead body and pile it on top of the others, which are burned in a fire pit.
  • Cabin Fever (franchise) - Wikipedia

    Cabin Fever (franchise)

    Cabin Fever
    Created by Eli Roth
    Original work Cabin Fever(2002)
    • Lions Gate Entertainment (2002–2009)
    • Image Entertainment (2014)
    • IFC Midnight Films (2016)
    Years 2002–2016
    Films and television
    • Cabin Fever(2002)
    • Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever(2009)
    • Cabin Fever: Patient Zero(2014)
    • Cabin Fever(2016)

    Cabin Feveris a series of American comedy horror films, including the original theatrical release, two straight-to-home media releases with a sequel and a prequel that both received limited theatrical releases, and one theatrical remake. Created by Eli Roth, the plot centers around groups of people who contract an extremely deadly flesh-eating disease, and their attempts to survive its symptoms.

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the horror film “Cabin Fever” directed by Eli Roth, the audience is taken on a terrifying journey with a group of college students who head to a remote cabin for a vacation. Little did they know that their getaway would turn into a nightmare filled with gruesome consequences.

As the story progresses, the characters start experiencing strange symptoms after drinking contaminated water from a nearby stream. Their bodies rapidly deteriorate, leading to paranoia and violent behavior. With no means of communication or escape, tensions escalate within the group as they desperately attempt to find a way out.

Throughout the film, various theories surface about the cause of the infection, ranging from a virus to something supernatural. However, the truth behind the infection is only unveiled in the final moments of the movie in a surprising twist.

It is revealed that the infection is not triggered by an external force but rather by the characters themselves. The contaminated water acts as a trigger for their inner demons to physically manifest. Each character’s fears and insecurities intensify, causing them to turn against each other in a bid to survive.

This revelation adds a chilling layer of psychological horror to “Cabin Fever,” prompting viewers to ponder how they would confront their deepest fears and whether they would give in to their self-destructive tendencies.

The concluding scene features Paul, one of the survivors, standing alone amidst the chaos and devastation surrounding him. He gazes into a mirror and witnesses his reflection covered in bloody sores and lesions, symbolizing his internal struggle.

The final shot leaves the audience wondering if Paul will manage to conquer his inner demons or if he will succumb to the infection like his friends. This open-ended conclusion injects an element of uncertainty, leaving viewers with a lingering sense of unease.

The ending of “Cabin Fever” serves as a stark reminder that sometimes the most terrifying monsters are the ones residing within us. It delves into the notion that our fears and insecurities can be more destructive than any external threat.

In essence, the ending of “Cabin Fever” delivers a thought-provoking twist that enriches the already chilling narrative. It challenges viewers to confront their inner demons and raises profound questions about fear and survival. Regardless of whether you loved or loathed the ending, “Cabin Fever” unquestionably leaves a lasting impact on its audience.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This movie, “Cabin Fever” (2016), is rated R for horror violence and gore, language, sexuality, nudity, and some drug use. The content of the film is not suitable for viewers under the age of 18.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that “Cabin Fever” (2016) contains intense scenes with explicit sexual content, nudity, and violence. Here is a detailed breakdown:

  • Sex & Nudity: This movie includes scenes of sexual activity, with a man and a woman shown having sex in various positions. The woman’s breasts are exposed, and she has visible nipple piercings. There is also a scene where a woman suggests engaging in sexual activity due to a crisis situation, leading to passionate kissing and further nudity.
  • Violence & Gore: The film features horror violence and gore, including characters succumbing to an infectious, flesh-eating disease. There are scenes of vomiting, bloody injuries, and graphic depictions of the effects of the disease on the characters’ bodies.
  • Profanity: There is the use of strong language throughout the movie.
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: Some drug use is depicted in the film.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes: The movie contains intense and frightening scenes related to the horror elements of the plot, including graphic depictions of the characters’ deteriorating health due to the flesh-eating disease.

Due to the mature content and graphic nature of “Cabin Fever” (2016), it is recommended for adult viewers only. Parents should exercise caution and consider the explicit content before allowing teenagers to watch this film.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Hulu Watch Cabin Fever on Hulu. Five college friends head off to the woods for a weekend of drinking, partying and fooling around.
Prime Video Watch Cabin Fever on Prime Video. Five college graduates rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a horrifying flesh-eating virus.
Amazon Prime Video Cabin Fever (2016) is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video with AMC Plus add-on. You can buy or rent Cabin Fever for as low as $3.99 to rent or $9.99 to buy.
Max You can watch Cabin Fever on Max, Max Amazon Channel, Starz Apple TV Channel.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • It's like being on a plane, when you know it's gonna crash; everyone around you is screaming, yelling "We're going down! We're going down!", and all you really wanna do is grab the person next to you and fuck the shit out of them, 'cuz you know you're gonna be dead soon, anyway.
    Cerina Vincent - Marcy
  • When you've known someone a long time, you just want to kiss them just to see if they're a good kisser. There's nothing wrong with that, right?
    Jordan Ladd - Karen
  • What's the rifle for?
    Jordan Ladd - Karen
  • That's for niggers.
    Robert Harris - Old Man Cadwell
  • You wanna give me one good reason why you would steal a snickers bar.
    Hal Courtney - Tommy
  • The nougat?
    James DeBello - Bert
  • I'm gonna go shoot some squirrels.
    James DeBello - Bert
  • Why would you wanna kill squirrels?
    Rider Strong - Paul
  • 'cause they're gay... I'm kidding. I don't care if they're gay or straight, I'll kill 'em either way.
    James DeBello - Bert

🤖Cabin Fever Reddit Talks

What is the point of the movie Cabin Fever?

The movie Cabin Fever follows a group of college graduates who rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating disease. The inspiration for the film’s story came from a real-life experience during a trip to Iceland when Roth developed a skin infection.

What caused the virus in Cabin Fever? How does each person get infected?

The disease in Cabin Fever is never explicitly identified, but there’s an obvious real-life parallel to necrotizing fasciitis, a rare but aggressive and seriously life-threatening skin infection. It is believed that the virus is transmitted through contact with contaminated water, as each person is shown at some point in the movie drinking or coming in contact with water from the reservoir.

Is the disease in Cabin Fever movie real?

The disease in Cabin Fever is not explicitly identified, but there’s an obvious real-life parallel to necrotizing fasciitis, a rare but aggressive and seriously life-threatening skin infection.

Is Cabin Fever worth watching?

Audience Reviews

  • Uneasily tight roping several genres whilst never really having any sort of tonal balance, ‘Cabin Fever’ does thrill slightly at times, but not all the time. The gore isn’t even really as prevalent as I was hoping for, most likely due to the budget.
  • Cabin Fever (2002) was way better than I was expecting.
  • Cabin Fever is my ultimate feel good movie.

What is Cabin Fever (2002) actually about?

Cabin Fever (2002) is a horror film about a group of college graduates who rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating disease. The film was directed by Eli Roth and stars Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, and Cerina Vincent.

Are the Cabin Fever movies any good?

  • The original is very good. The sequels aren’t very good. The remake is possibly the most pointless movie I’ve ever seen.
  • It’s a classic to me. Most horror-comedy rubs me the wrong way but the surreal humor in Cabin Fever is great and adds to the unease.
  • This is a great movie. It’s gory, funny, and quotable.
  • After getting into trouble with some roadside rednecks and their bitey-bitey son, they reach their destination; a nice secluded cabin.
  • I think overall the plot was a great concept for a horror movie, but the delivery, script, and satirical aspects don’t blend very well with the gore.
  • I think the movie gives us some interesting symbolism with Marcy’s love scene with Paul, especially when you consider the dialog they share that precedes it.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of the movie Cabin Fever?

The story follows a group of college graduates who rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating disease. The inspiration for the film’s story came from a real-life experience during a trip to Iceland when Roth developed a skin infection.

What disease is in the Cabin Fever movie?

Cabin Fever explores the fear associated with necrotizing fasciitis, more commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria. In the movie, teens in a remote cabin start turning on each other after one of them contracts the bacteria.

What happened at the end of Cabin Fever?

Paul succumbs to the infection and drops dead in the woods where Dennis discovers his corpse. He finds the corpses of his friends and Tommy’s accomplices, and is then shot and killed by Deputy Winston with a sniper rifle after showing signs of the infection on his hand.

How did Bert get the disease in Cabin Fever?

Bert, a character in the film, contracts the disease by drinking a glass of infected water. He is the second student to show symptoms but the third to contract the disease.

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  11. Hostel – Backpackers seeking thrills in Europe find themselves in a Slovakian hostel with a dark secret.
  12. 2001 Maniacs – College students become victims of a Southern town’s murderous annual festival.

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