Charité at War (TV Show)

Title — Charité at War
Available on — Netflix
Release Date — 2019
In 1943, the staff at Berlin's Charité hospital struggle against the effects of World War II and the Nazi regime, including eugenic medical practices.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

Set against the backdrop of the closing days of World War II, “Charité at War” is a gripping Historical Drama TV series that delves deep into the heart of Berlin during one of its darkest periods. The storyline unfolds within the legendary Charité Hospital, a beacon of hope amidst the chaos and destruction of war.

The central characters, including the Hospital administrator and world-renowned surgeon Prof. Dr. Sauerbruch, and his equally talented wife, navigate the treacherous waters of political turmoil while quietly aiding the resistance movement. As the war rages on, the characters grapple with conflicting loyalties, moral dilemmas, and the harsh realities of a nation torn apart by ideology.

One of the most poignant moments in the series comes when directives from the highest office demand that all doctors and nurses be armed to face the approaching allied forces. The resolute refusal of such orders, epitomized by the question, “Am I to operate with a gun in my hand?” underscores the moral integrity and unwavering commitment to the Hippocratic Oath displayed by the medical staff.

The series also sheds light on the chilling indoctrination of the youth, as even school children are shown marching through the streets, fueled by Nazi propaganda and prepared to enforce their beliefs through violence. The contrast between blind allegiance and quiet resistance paints a vivid picture of the complex moral landscape of wartime Germany.

Character studies enrich the narrative, with Head Nurse Kate providing moments of profound insight and humor with her distinctive Berlin dialect. Her sharp observations serve as a poignant commentary on the harsh realities of war and the resilience of the human spirit amidst adversity.

Through a blend of historical accuracy and emotional depth, “Charité at War” captures the essence of a nation grappling with its past, present, and uncertain future. The series serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals who dared to defy tyranny and uphold their principles in the face of overwhelming odds.

As the story unfolds, viewers are transported to a time of profound uncertainty and moral ambiguity, where the line between right and wrong blurs amidst the chaos of war. The series masterfully weaves together personal dramas, political intrigue, and ethical dilemmas to create a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences long after the credits roll.

“Charité at War” stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the power of resistance in the face of oppression, and the enduring legacy of those who fought for freedom and justice in one of the darkest chapters of human history.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Mala Emde, Ulrich Noethen, Jannik Schümann, Artjom Gilz, Luise Wolfram, Jacob Matschenz, Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Lukas Miko, Susanne Böwe

Actor Role
Alicia von Rittberg Ida Lenze
Mala Emde Anni Waldhausen
Nina Gummich Dr. Ella Wendt
Max Bretschneider Georg Tischendorf
Ulrich Noethen Ferdinand Sauerbruch
Nina Kunzendorf Dr. Ingeborg Rapoport
Justus von Dohnányi Robert Koch
Jannik Schümann Otto Marquardt
Philipp Hochmair Otto Prokop
Matthias Koeberlin Emil Behring
Luise Wolfram Margot Sauerbruch
Uwe Ochsenknecht Helmut Kraatz
Christoph Bach Paul Ehrlich
Artjom Gilz Artur Waldhausen
Max Wagner Dr. Alexander Nowack
Ernst Stötzner Rudolf Virchow
Jacob Matschenz Martin Schelling
Franz Hartwig Curt Bruncken
Matthias Brenner Ernst von Bergmann
Frida Lovisa Hamann Schwester Christel
Patricia Meeden Schwester Ariana

💬 Reviews and feedback

Ever wondered what happens when you mix a historical drama with a medical series and season it generously with the intense moral dilemmas of World War II? Well, Charité at War is here to serve you a dish that’s both thought-provoking and emotionally riveting. It’s like taking your favorite period piece and adding a splash of Grey’s Anatomy, but with more syringes and fewer love triangles.

Plot, Themes, and Tone

Charité at War takes place in Berlin’s renowned Charité hospital during World War II. The narrative dives deep into the lives of doctors, nurses, and students as they navigate the turbulent times of the Nazi regime. This isn’t just a history lesson; it’s an exploration of human ethics under pressure. With Nazis knocking on their doors (quite literally), our protagonists face moral quandaries that challenge their professional oaths and personal beliefs.

The show beautifully tackles themes such as complicity, resistance, love, and sacrifice. It’s heavy stuff but handled with such finesse that you can’t help but be drawn in. Imagine watching your favorite medical drama while pondering deep existential questions — yes, it’s that kind of ride.

Acting and Characters

The cast brings their A-game to this series. The main characters are based on real historical figures, adding an extra layer of gravitas to their portrayals. Nina Gummich delivers a stellar performance as Anni Waldhausen, bringing both vulnerability and strength to her role as a young doctor caught in the maelstrom of war. The ensemble cast around her doesn’t lag behind either; each character adds depth to the narrative fabric.

If you’re someone who gets emotionally invested in characters (you know who you are), then brace yourself because this show will tug at your heartstrings more than once. From forbidden romances to acts of quiet rebellion against Nazi ideologies, these characters will stay with you long after the credits roll.


Directed by Anno Saul, Charité at War is an example of meticulous storytelling paired with excellent direction. Saul doesn’t shy away from showing the grim realities of war but balances it out with moments of humanity and hope. The pacing is just right — enough time for character development without dragging down the storyline.

Cinematography & Production Design

The cinematography deserves special mention here. Each frame is thoughtfully composed to reflect the era’s bleakness while highlighting moments of beauty amidst chaos. Berlin during WWII is recreated with painstaking attention to detail — from bombed-out buildings to meticulously dressed sets inside Charité hospital.

  • Binge-watching Tip: Keep some tissues handy; the emotional rollercoaster might make your eyes leak unexpectedly!
  • Binge-watching Tip: Make sure you’ve got snacks that don’t require much attention — you’ll want all your focus on this gripping tale!

Score & Soundtrack

The musical score complements the visual storytelling perfectly. It’s haunting yet subtle enough not to overshadow crucial scenes or dialogues — kind of like that perfect background music during an intense board game night where every move counts.

Edit & Pace

Edit-wise, this miniseries is tight-knit; there’s no unnecessary fluff or filler episodes here (hooray!). With only six episodes in total, each minute feels purposeful and significant towards advancing both plot lines and character arcs alike.

If You Liked…: If you’re into shows like The Crown, Band of Brothers, or even MASH, then Charité at War will likely hit all those sweet spots for you too!

Ponder This:: What would YOU have done if faced with similar moral dilemmas? Would you risk everything by standing up against oppression or find ways around it quietly?

Your Turn:: Seen similar shows? How do they compare? We’d love to hear about them! Drop us comments below!

User Rating: 9/10 – Why Not Ten?: Because let’s face it—perfection doesn’t exist—but trust us when we say nine outta ten ain’t bad at all

So there we go—a comprehensive look into why “Charite At War”. Whether you’re looking for something historically enriching yet emotionally charged OR simply wanting break away from everyday fluff – look no further than what’s been discussed above!

Pros Cons
High quality historical drama Convenient agreement with Nazi ideas
Based on real people and events Challenged and overcome by love, compromise, and collusion with anti-human values
Superb performances Reflects the moral turmoil during the war
Excellent update to the series Slap in the face of contemporary cultural backwardness


  • Charité (TV series) - Wikipedia

    Charitéis a German drama television series. The first season was directed by Sönke Wortmann, and was written by Grimme-Preis winner Dorothee Schön and Sabine Thor-Wiedemann. The season is set during 1888 and the years following at Berlin’s Charité hospital. The series premiered on 21 March 2017 on the German channel Das Erste, and was distributed in the USA and UK on Netflix between April 2018 and June 2022.

    Genre Drama
    Created by Dorothee Schön
    Written by Dorothee Schön

    Sabine Thor-Wiedemann (Seasons 1 & 2)Stefan DähnertJohn-Hendrik KarstenChristine Hartmann

  • Charité (TV Series 2017- ) - IMDb

    SPONSOREDThe series describes the accomplishments of several famous German physicians and scientists at the prestigious Charité hospital in Berlin during its history.The series describes the accomplishments of several famous German physicians and scientists at the prestigious Charité hospital in Berlin during its history.The series describes the accomplishments of several famous German physicians and scientists at the prestigious Charité hospital in Berlin during its history.

    • Awards
      • 3 wins & 7 nominations


  • Charité at War: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes

    Season 1 – Charité at WarCritics ReviewsAudience ReviewsCast & Crew

    Sarah BauerettMaria FritschSusanne BöweNurse KätheMala EmdeAnni WaldhausenArtjom GilzArtur WaldhausenFrida-Lovisa HamannNurse ChristelMarek HarloffFritz Kolbe

    EpisodesMore Like ThisPhotosCharité at War — Season 1Season Info

    • Director
    • Anno Saul
    • Screenwriter
    • Dorothee Schön
    • Network
    • Netflix
    • Rating
    • TV-MA
    • Genre
    • Drama,War
    • Original Language
    • German
    • Release Date
    • Jun 14, 2019
  • Charité at War - Netflix Season 1 Review | The Review Geek

    Set in the heart of Nazi Germany, Charite At War depicts the harsh reality of life working in a hospital under the Nazi regime with enough romance, melodrama and tension to keep you watching until the end. Although some of the plot points don’t always hit their mark, the accurate depiction of the 1940’s, right down to the medical terminology and costume design, do well to really take you back in time to this world. If you’re looking for a good period drama revolving around the medical profession and set during World War II, you can’t really go wrong with Charite At War.

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In “Charité at War,” the Netflix series brings to life a compelling hospital drama set in Nazi Germany during 1943. The show delves into the intricate politics of war and showcases the groundbreaking medical advancements of the time. Unlike traditional war dramas that focus on battles, this series takes a unique approach by centering around the medical profession during wartime.

The first season of “Charité at War” introduces viewers to Anni, a pregnant medical student striving to complete her dissertation at the prestigious Charité hospital. Dr. Saurbruch, a leading figure in medical innovation, heads the hospital. His character is portrayed as a German counterpart to Dr. House, known for his sharp tongue and fearless demeanor.

One of the standout aspects of the series is its portrayal of a medical team navigating through a seemingly successful war while facing medical and political challenges. The show skillfully weaves engaging stories into each episode, shedding light on various themes. For instance, the dilemma of soldiers injuring themselves to avoid combat duty highlights the national pride prevalent during wartime, leading to severe consequences like court-martial sentences.

As the series progresses, it delves deeper into the impending outcome of World War Two and the struggles faced by the medical team due to shortages of essential supplies. The narrative is enriched by stellar performances from the cast, who immerse themselves fully into their respective roles, adding authenticity and depth to the storytelling.

Overall, “Charité at War” season 1 is a must-watch for those interested in a nuanced portrayal of life in Nazi Germany. The series successfully captures the essence of the time period, offering a glimpse into the challenges faced by medical professionals during wartime. With its engaging storytelling and strong performances, this Netflix drama stands out as a compelling exploration of a lesser-known aspect of history.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

Charité at War TV Show is rated TV-MA, which means it is intended for mature audiences and may not be suitable for children under 17.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that Charité at War TV Show contains mature content including:

  • Violence: The show depicts the harsh reality of life working in a hospital under the Nazi regime during World War II. It includes scenes of medical procedures, wartime injuries, and the effects of the Nazi regime.
  • Sex: There are romantic elements in the show, but they are not the primary focus.
  • Profanity: Occasional strong language may be heard throughout the series.
  • Nudity: There is minimal nudity in the show.
  • Drug Use: The show may include depictions of medical practices and substances used during the time period.

Given the mature themes and historical context of the series, it is recommended for viewers aged 17 and above. Parents are advised to preview the content and consider the themes before allowing younger viewers to watch.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Charité at War TV show is available on Netflix. It is a German drama about a famous hospital under Nazi rule.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Easily engaging and with a sense of an understanding of life during Nazi Germany, Netflix series Charité at War season 1 is a hit.
    Daniel Hart
  • Set in the heart of Nazi Germany, Charite At War depicts the harsh reality of life working in a hospital under the Nazi regime with enough romance, melodrama and tension to keep you watching until the end.

🤖Charité at War Reddit Talks

Charité at War: A Historical Drama Exploring Medicine and Morality in Nazi Germany

Historical Context and Setting:

“Charité at War” is a historical drama series set in the Charité hospital in Berlin during World War II. Unlike its predecessor, “Charité,” which was set in the late 19th century, “Charité at War” delves into a darker period marked by Nazi rule. This shift in setting poses complex moral dilemmas for the hospital staff, as they navigate the ethical implications of working under a regime responsible for atrocities.

Characters and True Stories:

The main characters in “Charité at War” are based on real-life German physicians and scientists. The series follows their personal and professional journeys as they grapple with the challenges of practicing medicine in a society torn apart by war and ideology. The characters must confront their own beliefs and values, often making difficult choices that impact their patients, colleagues, and families.

Themes and Discussions:

“Charité at War” explores a wide range of themes, including:

  • The impact of war on medicine and healthcare: The series depicts the devastating effects of the war on the hospital and its staff. With limited resources and constant threats to their safety, the doctors and nurses must make life-or-death decisions in a chaotic and dangerous environment.
  • Moral dilemmas and ethical choices: The characters in “Charité at War” face constant moral dilemmas. They must decide whether to follow the orders of the Nazi regime or risk their own lives to help those in need. The series raises questions about the limits of medical ethics and the responsibilities of healthcare professionals in times of conflict.
  • The struggle for humanity in the face of adversity: Despite the horrors of war and the oppressive Nazi regime, the characters in “Charité at War” strive to maintain their humanity and compassion. They find solace and strength in their relationships with each other and in their commitment to healing and providing care.

Critical Reception and Comparisons:

“Charité at War” has received generally positive reviews from critics. Many have praised the series for its historical accuracy, engaging characters, and thought-provoking themes. However, some viewers have noted that the series can be slow-paced at times and that the Berlin accent used by the actors can be distracting for non-native German speakers.

“Charité at War” has often been compared to other historical dramas set during World War II, such as “The Knick” and “Babylon Berlin.” While “Charité at War” may not reach the same heights of critical acclaim as these shows, it offers a unique and compelling perspective on the human experience in times of war and oppression.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charité based on a true story?

Yes, the main characters in Charité are based on real people, and the events depicted are more or less accurate in harmony with contemporary events.

What is Charité about?

Charité takes you into the prestigious Berlin hospital where the fictionalized lives of doctors, nurses, and patients become intertwined. It showcases the historical medical pioneers in a charming, award-winning depiction. The series is in German with English subtitles.

Is Charité still on Netflix?

The series premiered on 21 March 2017 and was available on Netflix in the USA and UK between April 2018 and June 2022.

What is the difference between Charité and Charité at War?

The main difference is that Charité is set in the late 19th century, whereas Charité at War begins in 1943. The latter opens during WWII, showing characters confronting their choices in a Nazi-run hospital.

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