Chasing Monsters (TV Show)

Title — Chasing Monsters
Available on — Amazon Prime Video, Tubi TV
Production Country — Canada
Release Date — 2016
Adventurer Cyril Chauquet seeks out the most colossal and dangerous underwater creatures around the world in this adrenaline-packed series.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“Chasing Monsters” is a thrilling TV show that follows the adventures of Cyril Chauquet, a passionate adventurer on a mission to seek out colossal and dangerous underwater creatures in the most remote corners of the planet. From the shark-infested waters of Florida to the rugged Amazon in Brazil, Cyril tests the ferociousness of the alligator gar, fights huge catfish with his bare hands, and battles with giant Mexican sailfish. He uses himself as bait in shark-infested waters, swabs razor-sharp shark teeth to help develop life-saving antibiotics, and comes face to face with the barracuda.

The series explores the fascinating stories behind the elusive monster fish living in the hidden depths of the planet’s oceans, lakes, and rivers, showcasing adrenaline-packed journeys to get up close and personal with them. In one of the episodes, Cyril travels to the dangerous swamps and wild coast of Louisiana to track down a pair of predators that hunt its murky waters – a huge shark and an armored alligator gar. However, these massive prehistoric monsters are not the only challenges he faces, as he also has to brave the rattlesnakes and alligators that haunt the swamp.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Cyril Chauquet

Movie Casting:

  • Host: Cyril Chauquet
  • Director: PJ Lungren
  • Director: Carlos Vargas
  • Director: Rocky Romano
  • Director: Miranda Winters
  • Director: Geoffrey Uloth
  • Creator: Rocky Romano
  • Producer: Carlos Vargas
  • Producer: PJ Lungren

💬 Reviews and feedback

Imagine a world where your biggest worry is not Monday morning meetings or that incessantly beeping smoke detector, but rather, the bone-crushing bite of a Goliath tigerfish or the stealthy strike of a monster stingray. That’s precisely the world Cyril Chauquet invites you into with his TV show, Chasing Monsters. It’s like if “Jaws” had an adventurous Frenchman at the helm who speaks five languages and has a penchant for colossal aquatic creatures. Sounds like a catch, right?

Let’s Dive In!

To start off, let me share that Chasing Monsters has been reeled in from Netflix’s lineup. Ouch! That’s like someone stealing your secret fishing spot. But fear not! There are other waters to wade through; Prime Video has cast its net wide and snagged our beloved Cyril Chauquet.

The premise of the show is simple yet exhilarating: Cyril travels to some of the world’s most remote corners in search of monstrous aquatic creatures—think prehistoric-looking fish that could probably feature in a sci-fi horror flick. And boy, does he find them! The show doesn’t just showcase big fish; it dives deep (pun intended) into local cultures and ecosystems.

Cyril Chauquet: The Adventurous Angler

Cyril isn’t just another TV host; he’s an enigma wrapped in neoprene and fishing lines. Born in France in 1976, this multilingual maestro speaks at least five languages including English, French, and Portuguese. He might even be able to talk fish into biting his bait! Fluent in ‘badassery’ as well (according to what appears to be his semi-autobiographical Wikipedia entry), Cyril brings an authentic charm that’s hard to resist.

The guy’s got skills—both on camera and off it. Reviews compare him favorably to Jeremy Wade from River Monsters, emphasizing his genuine passion for both fishing and conservation. One can’t help but be impressed by his dedication; it’s as if Jacques Cousteau met Indiana Jones but with more tackle boxes.

The Making of Chasing Monsters

If you ever wondered how they film Chasing Monsters, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from any adventurous expedition: “Once on location we fish, we meet people, we film, we sleep, then we fish again.” Sounds simple enough until you factor in crocodiles lurking nearby or stampeding hippos causing a ruckus. This isn’t just about catching big fish; it’s about surviving everything else around them too!

The production team usually spends less than 15 days on-site because let’s face it—wrangling monster fish isn’t exactly conducive to long-term stays unless you’re part merman.

Binge-Watching Tips:

  • Snack Attack: Keep some seafood snacks handy—it makes watching those epic catches feel more thematic.
  • Pacing Yourself: Each episode packs a lot of action and info. Maybe take mini-breaks between episodes to avoid turning into a couch-bound sea cucumber.
  • Spoiler-Free Zone: Avoid spoiler-heavy forums if you’re planning to binge-watch seasons back-to-back.
  • Create Your Own Adventure: Make bets with friends on what kind of creature Cyril will catch next—loser buys sushi!

A Day on Set

A typical day for Cyril involves meeting locals who often have tales taller than their actual heights about monstrous fishes lurking nearby waters. Then comes the adrenaline-pumping fishing sequences where every tug on the line could mean an underwater leviathan or simply some tangled seaweed.

This rhythm keeps things electric without feeling repetitive—not unlike playing Whac-A-Mole but with real stakes (and no plastic mallet). The pacing is praised by fans who love how each episode maintains suspense without dragging—a testament to sharp editing skills that trim the fat while keeping all juicy bits intact.

Tone & Themes:
The tone strikes a balance between educational documentary and thrilling adventure series—a perfect blend for anyone who loves nature with side servings of heart-thumping excitement.

Cinematography & Production Design:
Visually speaking? Stunning! From lush rainforests teeming with life forms unknown-to-science down under mysterious lakes hiding ancient giants—the cinematography is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Sound Score & Special Effects:
Accompanying these visuals are sound scores that elevate tension right when needed—making sure your heart skips beats at all correct moments.

A Call for Conservation:
Underneath all thrills lies an important conservation message reminding viewers about fragility surrounding our natural habitats urging us preserve them before they disappear forever.

Binge-Watching Tips Recap:</ strong

  • An ocean-themed snack plate for added immersion
  • Pace yourself – bite-sized viewing sessions keep excitement fresh
  • Spoiler-free approach enhances surprises
  • Bets among friends create fun engagement angles </ li >

    ,p< Conclusion>, </ p >
    When final credits roll after hours spent chasing monsters alongside intrepid adventurer extraordinaire Mr.Chauquet—you’ll find yourself wishing there were more episodes waiting patiently inside streaming queue ready binge-next-weekend already lined-up per usual habit-forming ritualistic patterns most loyal followers tend exhibit time again regardless genre preferences initially started journey towards discovery hidden depths unknown realms awaiting exploration fearless leaders daring enough venture forth unknown territories uncharted maps bringing back treasures untold stories shared amongst fellow enthusiasts alike across globe united common cause preserving precious ecosystems sustaining life forms yet uncovered otherwise doomed extinction human interference unchecked actions taken granted till too late realize damage done irreparable consequences faced future generations left behind legacy carelessness neglectful attitudes adopted previous eras past mistakes lessons learned moving forward hopefully wiser better equipped handle challenges ahead together united front facing whatever obstacles lie path forward brighter tomorrow envisioned shared vision collective efforts made possible bringing forth change positive impact lasting effects felt far beyond immediate surroundings ripple effect touching lives countless others ways unimaginable previously thought possible thanks innovation creativity ingenuity displayed through works artists creators similar vein striving make world better place one step time achieving greatness transcends boundaries limitations perceived exists barriers broken down rebuilt stronger foundations trust mutual respect collaboration understanding reaching new heights never dreamt attainable conquering fears embracing opportunities growth development ultimately leading towards brighter tomorrow filled endless possibilities awaiting discovery brave souls daring dream big chasing monsters alongside fearless leader Mr.Cyril Chauquet setting bar high inspiring next generation follow footsteps leaving lasting legacy behind worth remembering cherished fondly forevermore rating solid 9/10 deservedly so kudos job well done bravo encore standing ovation applause resounding echoes halls eternity

    Pros Cons
    Genuine and caring host Episodes not available on Netflix
    Interesting and engaging pace Limited number of days on location
    Highlights colossal underwater creatures Biographical information lacking
    Explores remote corners of the planet Not all monster creatures are fish
    Adventure and high-stakes exploration Seasons not available on Netflix


    • Chasing Monsters (TV Series 2015- ) - IMDb

      SPONSOREDIn this new series, Cyril Chauquet takes us on a mission to seek out the world’s most colossal underwater creatures in the remotest corners of the planet.In this new series, Cyril Chauquet takes us on a mission to seek out the world’s most colossal underwater creatures in the remotest corners of the planet.In this new series, Cyril Chauquet takes us on a mission to seek out the world’s most colossal underwater creatures in the remotest corners of the planet.Browse episodesSPONSORED

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      Featured reviewLike river monsters but better

    • Chasing Monsters (TV Series 2015- ) - Episode list - IMDb


      Tue, Jul 7, 2015

      Growing to over 800 lbs, the goliath grouper is among the world’s largest marine fish. After meeting a diver who was attacked by one, Cyril goes on a mission to catch these giants using a primitive and dangerous technique – And he’ll even have to dive in shark infested waters and use himself as bait.Top-rated

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      • S2 E1 – Dagger DevilThe giant freshwater stingray is possibly the biggest freshwater fish on the planet and Cyril has been called in by a team of researchers who need him to collect venom from stingrays in order to help develop an antidote. But for that he’s going to have to get dangerously close to that vicious barb!Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E2 – Swarming SharksThe wild coast of South Africa is known for its deadly shark attacks and slippery, sheer cliffs that have cost many people their lives… but it’s also home to one of Africa’s most brutal fighting fish: the powerful Kob, but finding a monster fish in this rugged environment isn’t going to be easy.Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E3 – Nile PredatorsCyril travels to one the most remote and dangerous environments in the world on the hunt for the largest freshwater fish in Africa, the Nile Perch, a massive beast with a cavernous mouth that can swallow big prey whole! But Uganda is the land of monster creatures, and not all of them are fish! Deadly crocodiles, hulking elephants and stampeding hippos await Cyril…Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E4 – Cannibal JawsAfter meeting with a young fisherman who was violently bitten by a monster barracuda, Cyril searches the Florida Keys to find this toothy torpedo, and to learn more about these ferocious hunters. Do barracudas really attack humans like some stories suggest?Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E5 – Jungle VampireDeep in the dark waters of the Amazon jungle lives a fanged creature that could have been born in your worst nightmares… the vampire fish. To track down this monstrous-looking predator, Cyril embarks on a rugged expedition that will put him to the test.Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E6 – Swamp CreaturesTwo massive prehistoric monsters are better than one, so Cyril travels to the dangerous swamps and wild coast of Louisiana to track down a pair of predators that hunt its murky waters. From the remote bayous to the Gulf of Mexico, he won’t stop until he catches a huge shark and an armored alligator gar. But they aren’t the only monsters he needs to worry about…Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E7 – Tropical TitanCyril has come to the remote jungle rivers of Nicaragua on a mission to catch one of the most explosive fish on the planet. Weighing over 300 pounds and measuring 8 feet long, the tarpon is a real primitive titan. But finding these ultra powerful fish will be harder than Cyril thought…Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E8 – Giant Tuna BattleGrowing to over 1400 lbs, the blue fin tuna is a true titan prowling the oceans, and it’s extremely powerful and fast! To help protect these endangered giants, Cyril is recruited by a team of biologists to travel up the East Coast of the USA and Canada, to catch and tag one.Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E9 – Marlin ShowdownWeighing over 1300 pounds, the colossal marlin is one of the most storied predators in the ocean. Armed with a sword-like bill, it’s super powerful and can explode out of the water, causing chaos and even serious accidents on boats. Despite meeting with locals in Costa Rica who were accidentally injured and almost killed by these animals, Cyril wants to catch one of these giants!Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E10 – Brutal DemonCyril has heard that although super-dangerous, the waters surrounding the remote archipelago of the Bissagos Islands in Guinea-Bissau are home to a fish known for putting up a brutal fight: the cubera. The problem is that deadly mamba and cobra snakes lie in wait for the right moment to strike and in the coastal seas, man-eating bull sharks hunt for their next prey.Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E11 – Prehistoric BeastsCyril has heard disturbing stories of people being accidentally injured and even killed by the huge jumping Gulf Sturgeon… and its even bigger cousin, the White Sturgeon, is the most massive freshwater fish in North America, growing to over 1500 lbs!Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S2 E12 – Shark FeverCyril is in the Bahamas on a perilous mission to track down the biggest predator he’s ever faced: a giant tiger shark! At over 1500 lbs, the tiger shark is one of the deadliest fish in the ocean. But that’s not all, to help scientists study these beasts, Cyril must also catch the tropic’s most aggressive and unpredictable shark, the bull shark…Watch with a free Prime trial

      DetailsMore info

      • Content advisory
      • Violence alcohol use foul language
      • Audio languages
      • English
      • Subtitles
      • English [CC]
      • Directors
      • Cyril ChauquetGeoffrey Uloth
      • Producers
      • Arnaud Pasquet
      • Studio
      • Untamed Productions

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    • Watch Chasing Monsters | Prime Video -


      • S3 E1 – High Voltage KillerAn electric eel can emit a devastating 700-volt shock to kill its prey. But is this enough to kill a human? Although these creatures appear in countless myths and legends of the Amazon, much about them is still unknown. In order to study and understand this mysterious creature, Cyril has been given the dangerous task of catching and handling the shocking beast.Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S3 E2 – Deadly JawsEvery year, hundreds of people are injured by sharks, barracudas and wahoos in the sunshine state of Florida and the Bahamas. But why? In this episode, Cyril goes on a mission to find out if these misunderstood predators are really responsible or if the people provoked the attacks themselves.Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S3 E3 – Pulled UnderOn the Parana river in Northern Argentina, countless fishermen have been violently pulled into the water by unidentified creatures and some have even mysteriously disappeared… Cyril ventures deeper and deeper into caiman and piranha-filled swamps to answer one question: what beast could possibly be strong enough to pull a man under?Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S3 E4 – Piranha AttackMysterious disappearances, brutal attacks, and wounded people leaving trails of blood… Could the piranha, with its razor-sharp teeth, reputation as a true man-eater and ruthless predator, really be responsible? To answer this question, Cyril must survive deep in the Amazon jungle as he chases down the biggest piranha out there: the mythical black piranha.Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S3 E5 – Unexplained SightingsCyril’s attention is captured by tourist videos of unidentified creatures appearing in the Gulf of Mexico. Discovering and trying to catch these monsters becomes an obsession. But, is it even a fish? The list of possible suspects is long and Cyril knows that the only way to truly identify the beast is to explore the dangerous waters around the sightings.Watch with a free Prime trial
      • S3 E6 – Jungle BrawlerGuyana’s jungle in South America is known for its wild and untamed territories. Cyril is on a dangerous quest upriver, going deep into the rainforest, beyond where gold diggers look for bounty. Avoiding stingrays, caimans and braving deadly rapids, he reaches the heart of the indigenous land, home of the most powerful fish in the world: the brutal redtail catfish.Watch with a free Prime trial

      DetailsMore info

      • Audio languages
      • English
      • Subtitles
      • English [CC]
      • Producers
      • Arnaud PasquetCyril Chauquet
      • Studio
      • Untamed Productions

    ⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

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    The group’s fears are confirmed when Heron is taken by the unseen creature, prompting Adem to chase after his son. However, in the pursuit, Adem is killed by the creature in the dark. Geirr, now leading the group, attempts to navigate them out of the forest where the creature resides. Odal and Ave believe they need to make a sacrifice to appease the creature and select Beyah, but she manages to escape as they hear the creature approaching. In a panic, Odal and Ave turn on each other, leading to their demise.

    Beyah, determined not to run any longer, confronts the creature and discovers that it is actually a Neanderthal wearing an animal skull mask. She bravely attacks the Neanderthal, causing it to flee into the caves in the mountain. This revelation that the creature was a Neanderthal sheds light on the realistic premise of the story, as Neanderthals coexisted with early humans until about 40,000 BCE.

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    👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


    Age Rating and Parental Guide:

    Age Recommendation:

    “Chasing Monsters” is a TV series suitable for viewers aged 7 and above.

    Sex & Nudity:

    The show contains no sexual content or nudity.

    Violence & Gore:

    The series may feature scenes of mild peril and dangerous situations as the host embarks on challenging quests to track down underwater creatures. Viewers may see encounters with wildlife such as stingrays and caimans, as well as navigating through deadly rapids. No graphic violence or gore is depicted.


    There is no use of profanity in the show.

    Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

    No instances of alcohol, drugs, or smoking are shown in the series.

    Frightening & Intense Scenes:

    Younger viewers may find some scenes intense, especially those involving close encounters with wildlife and navigating through challenging environments. Parental guidance is recommended for sensitive viewers.

    Overall Parental Guidance:

    “Chasing Monsters” is a family-friendly show that offers thrilling adventures without graphic content. Parents may find it suitable for children aged 7 and above, but some scenes may require parental guidance for younger or more sensitive viewers.

    📺 Streaming and where to watch

    streaming service extra information
    Amazon Prime Video You can watch Chasing Monsters on Amazon Prime Video with a Prime subscription.
    Tubi TV You can watch Chasing Monsters for free with ads on Tubi TV.

    ❝ Quotes and Cult

    • In this new series, Cyril Chauquet takes us on a mission to seek out the world's most colossal underwater creatures in the remotest corners of the planet.
      Cyril Chauquet
    • Growing to over 800 lbs, the goliath grouper is among the world's largest marine fish.
    • Growing to over 1400 lbs, the blue fin tuna is a true titan prowling the oceans, and it's extremely powerful and fast.
    • Cyril Chauquet is the host of TV shows Chasing Monsters and Fishing Adventurer.
    • Cyril Chauquet seeks colossal and dangerous underwater creatures in the Chasing Monsters series, created in 2015.
    • Cyril is on a mission to catch a brutal and fearless predator capable of ramming sharks to death.
    • Cyril has heard that although super-dangerous, the waters surrounding the remote archipelago of the Bissagos Islands in Guinea-Bissau are home to a fish known for putting up a brutal fight: the cubera.
    • Growing to over 1400 lbs, the blue fin tuna is a true titan prowling the oceans, and it's extremely powerful and fast.

    🤖Chasing Monsters Reddit Talks

    Chasing Monsters is a popular fishing show that aired on Netflix and Prime Video. The show, hosted by Cyril Chauquet, featured the host traveling to different parts of the world in search of large and unusual fish species.

    One of the main topics of discussion on Reddit is the show’s removal from Netflix. Many users expressed their disappointment and frustration over the show’s removal, with some saying that it was the day the show “officially fell off.”

    Another topic of discussion is the show’s host, Cyril Chauquet. Users praised Chauquet’s passion for fishing and his ability to connect with viewers. Some users also discussed Chauquet’s new show, “Wild Fish,” which airs on National Geographic.

    The show’s format was also a topic of discussion. Users praised the show’s focus on large and unusual fish species, as well as its educational value. Some users also discussed the show’s use of drones and other technology to capture underwater footage.

    Overall, the Reddit discussions about Chasing Monsters are positive. Users praised the show’s host, format, and educational value. The show’s removal from Netflix was a disappointment for many users, but they were excited to hear about Chauquet’s new show.

    Top discussions

    ❓ Frequently Asked Questions

    Did they take Chasing Monsters off Netflix?

    The day the fishing show Chasing Monsters was taken off Netflix was the day it officially fell off. Unfortunately, the full episodes are no longer available on the platform.

    Where is the guy from Chasing Monsters from?

    Cyril Chauquet, the passionate adventurer and host of Chasing Monsters, was born in France in 1976. He is best known as the producer, creator, and host of this global hit TV series.

    How many languages does Cyril from Chasing Monsters speak?

    According to available information, Cyril Chauquet can speak at least 5 languages, including English, French, and Portuguese. He is known to be quite proficient in multiple languages.

    How do they film Chasing Monsters?

    In filming Chasing Monsters, the team goes on location where they fish, meet people, film, sleep, and repeat. They also take the time to visit and discover the country, interact with locals, and make the most of their limited time on site, usually less than 15 days.

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