Chauthi Koot (Movie)

Title — Chauthi Koot
Available on — Apple TV+, Google Play Movies, YouTube
Production Country — India, France
Release Date — 2015
Related tales of a family seeking refuge and two men on a train to Amritsar evoke the dreadful unease surrounding Hindu-Sikh tensions in 1980s Punjab.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous Punjab of the 1980s, “Chauthi Koot” is a poignant portrayal of the human experience during a time of fear and uncertainty. Directed by Gurvinder Singh and based on the short stories ‘The Fourth Direction’ and ‘I am feeling fine now’ by Waryam Singh Sandhu, the film refrains from taking sides in the historical events of that era but instead focuses on the personal struggles and resilience of ordinary people caught in the crossfire.

The narrative unfolds around two distinct yet interconnected stories. One follows a family led by Joginder, who must navigate the militant demand to keep their beloved dog quiet at night to avoid drawing attention to the presence of militants in the village. The other story revolves around two Hindu friends who find themselves on a train to Amritsar amidst the tensions between militants and armed forces.

As the characters grapple with difficult choices and the looming threat of violence, the film masterfully captures the atmosphere of fear and paranoia that permeated Punjab during that time. Through Joginder’s moral dilemma and acts of compassion, the audience is immersed in the harrowing reality faced by ordinary people amid political turmoil.

With a delicate balance of tension and humanity, “Chauthi Koot” underscores the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Gurvinder Singh’s nuanced direction brings to life the intricate dynamics of a society torn apart by conflict, where survival often hinges on acts of kindness and empathy.

Screened at Cannes and lauded with the Best Punjabi Film at the National Awards, “Chauthi Koot” stands as a testament to the director’s skillful navigation of a sensitive subject. The film’s power lies not only in its unspoken nuances but also in its ability to evoke profound emotions and contemplation among its viewers.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Suvinder Vikky, Rajbir Kaur, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu, Taranjit Singh, Harleen Kaur, Kanwaljeet Singh, Harnek Aulakh, Tejpal Singh, Gulshan Saggi

  • Harnek Aulakh – Actor
  • Gurpreet Bhangu – Actor
  • Rajbir Kaur – Actor
  • Kanwaljit Singh – Actor
  • Suvinder Vicky – Actor
  • Tejpal Singh Rawat – Actor
  • Gulshan Saggi – Actor
  • Taranjeet Singh – Actor
  • Harleen Kaur – Actor
  • Gurvinder Singh – Director, Writer
  • Waryam Singh Sandhyu – Writer
  • Marc Marder – Musician

đź’¬ Reviews and feedback

If movies were dishes, “Chauthi Koot” would be that slow-cooked delicacy simmered to perfection, unveiling flavors layer by layer. Imagine you’re at a rustic dhaba in the heart of Punjab, and every bite takes you deeper into the history and emotions of the place. That’s exactly what Gurvinder Singh serves with this cinematic masterpiece.

Based on Waryam Singh Sandhu’s short stories from his 2005 collection, “The Fourth Direction” and “I Am Feeling Fine Now,” this film is a vivid tapestry woven with the threads of fear, paranoia, and the everyday struggles of life in 1980s Punjab. The backdrop? The turbulent times post-Operation Blue Star when separatists clashed violently with security forces.

Plot & Themes:
The narrative is set against the grim landscape of post-Operation Blue Star Punjab. It’s less about a single plotline and more about evoking an atmosphere—one where doom looms large like an overcast sky. Through long lingering shots, overcast skies, and an unhurried pace, Singh captures a time when life felt suspended between terror and hope.

Joginder (Suvinder Vicky) emerges as our central character—a farmer holding his family together amidst chaos. His farm becomes a microcosm for larger societal upheavals; his struggles echo those of countless others caught in this deadly crossfire. The tension is palpable; you can almost feel your pulse quicken as you watch.

Acting & Characters:
Suvinder Vicky’s portrayal of Joginder is nothing short of stellar. He embodies resilience amidst despair—a man tethered to his land and family even as forces beyond his control threaten to rip everything apart. His performance is understated yet powerful; every glance speaks volumes.

Supporting characters are equally compelling—each adding depth to this rich narrative fabric without overshadowing Joginder’s journey. They represent different facets of society during these tumultuous times: from innocent bystanders to active participants in the conflict.

Direction & Cinematography:
Gurvinder Singh directs with a sure hand—every frame meticulously crafted to evoke emotion while advancing the story subtly yet effectively. His use of long takes allows scenes to breathe organically; there’s no rush here—just life unfolding at its own pace.

The cinematography deserves special mention too—it’s hauntingly beautiful! Overcast skies mirror internal turmoil while silent paddy fields stand witness to unspeakable horrors beneath their serene surface—a stark contrast that leaves viewers spellbound long after closing credits roll.

  • Binge-watching Tip #1: If you’re someone who loves diving deep into cultural contexts through films or enjoys slow-burning narratives that linger long after viewing them—this movie will be right up your alley!

Score & Sound Design:
Silence can be deafening—and “Chauthi Koot” proves it brilliantly! There isn’t much background score here—but what exists complements visuals perfectly—enhancing tension without overwhelming senses unnecessarily (sometimes less really is more).

  • Binge-watching Tip #2: Watch it with subtitles even if you understand Punjabi—the nuanced dialogues carry weighty meanings which might get lost otherwise.

Production Design & Special Effects:
Attention-to-detail shines through production design too—from recreating rural settings authentically down minutiae like everyday objects reflecting period-specific aesthetics accurately—it immerses viewers completely within narrative world created onscreen effortlessly!

  • Binge-watching Tip #3: Make sure snacks are handy but not too distracting—you don’t want any crunches drowning out those subtle audio cues!

Pace & Editing:
The pacing here might test some viewers’ patience initially—but stick around because payoff feels immensely rewarding eventually! It moves deliberately slow at times yes—but never drags aimlessly thanks tight editing ensuring each scene serves purpose contributing overall storytelling cohesively.

  • Binge-watching Tip #4: Watch it in one go if possible—the continuous build-up adds layers making impact much stronger rather than breaking momentum midway.

Dialogue Delivery & Scriptwriting:
The dialogues penned beautifully capturing essence era realistically while performances bring them alive compellingly onscreen making audience resonate deeply characters’ plights aspirations simultaneously.

To sum up: “Chauthi Koot” isn’t your typical Bollywood fare filled song-dance routines—it delves deeper exploring human condition amidst socio-political unrest gripping narrative style uniquely its own! If ever wondered how history shapes individuals’ lives profoundly then look further because finds answers aplenty right here within frames crafted lovingly painstakingly by talented team led Gurvinder Singh!

So grab popcorn (or maybe chai considering setting), settle comfortably couch let yourself transported back time experiencing slice life rarely depicted cinema nowadays—you won’t regret taking journey trust me!

Final Rating: 9/10.

Feel free share thoughts below comparing similar movies perhaps even suggesting titles explore next round binge-watching spree—we always love hearing fellow cinephiles’ insights perspectives enriching discussions further collectively!

Happy Watching!

Pros Cons
Gripping reflection of life in Punjab in the 1980s May be slow-paced for some viewers
Directed by Gurvinder Singh with a clear voice Not a mainstream Bollywood film
Layered and profound storytelling Focuses on a dark period in history that may be heavy for some
Evokes a powerful atmosphere of doom Themes of fear and paranoia may be unsettling
Well-crafted film with lasting impact Requires patience due to its unhurried pace


  • The Fourth Direction - Wikipedia

    The Fourth Directionis a 2015 Punjabi-language Indian drama film directed by Gurvinder Singh. It is based on the short storiesThe Fourth DirectionandI Am Feeling Fine Nowfrom Indian author Waryam Singh Sandhu’s 2005 collectionChauthi Koot. The film is produced by Kartikeya Narayan Singh and is set around the Sikh separatist movement of the 1980s.

    The Fourth Direction
    Directed by Gurvinder Singh
    Written by Waryam Singh Sandhu

    Gurvinder Singh

    Based on Chauthi KootandHun Main Theek-Thaak Haan

    by Waryam Singh Sandhu

  • The Fourth Direction (2015) - IMDb

    This film was screened at the Cannes and also won Best Punjabi Film at Nationa Awards. Kudos to the director Gurvinder Singh for intricate handling of such a sensitive subject. A must watch movie!helpful•51

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    • Aug 6, 2017
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    PROMOTEDPROMOTEDFiltersStreaming in:Something wrong? Let us know!You can buy “The Fourth Direction” on Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple TV as download or rent it on Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple TV online.Fear and paranoia pervade life in rural Punjab of the ’80s, before and after Operation Blue Star, as separatists clash with security forces.Drama, History, Made in Europe1h 55minPGIndiaGurvinder Singh

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

“Chauthi Koot” is a 2015 Punjabi-language Indian drama film directed by Gurvinder Singh. It is based on the short stories “The Fourth Direction” and “I Am Feeling Fine Now” from Indian author Waryam Singh Sandhu’s 2005 collection “Chauthi Koot.” The movie is set against the backdrop of the Sikh separatist movement in the 1980s.

The plot of the film intertwines two distinct stories unfolding in post-Operation Blue Star Punjab in the 1980s, where fear and paranoia grip the population amidst the clash between Khalistani militants and the Indian government forces. One story revolves around a militant decree in Punjab that forbids family-owned dogs from barking, while the other follows two Hindu friends on a journey to Amritsar on a nearly vacant train. The narrative cleverly merges these two plots when one of the friends recounts the first story during their train ride.

The film opens with two Hindu friends, Jugal and Raj, seeking a train to Amritsar late at night. After missing the last passenger train, they, along with a Sikh man in a similar predicament, manage to board a freight train. The compartment already houses a security guard, two young Sikhs, and a couple of train staff, creating a tense atmosphere. Jugal recounts an earlier incident to Raj involving him, his wife, and their daughter, which leads to a flashback.

Lost in the countryside at night, Jugal, his wife, and daughter stumble upon a farmhouse on the outskirts of a village. Despite initial suspicions, the family in the house, led by Joginder, eventually allows them in and provides directions. Later that night, Sikh militants visit the house and demand Joginder to silence the family dog, whose barking attracts attention. The next morning, paramilitary forces arrive in search of separatists, causing upheaval before departing.

The narrative then returns to the train journey, where the guard urges the unwanted passengers to disembark before drawing notice. The film effectively captures the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty prevalent during the turbulent times of the Sikh separatist movement in Punjab.

“Chauthi Koot” skillfully portrays the human experience amidst political turmoil, highlighting the themes of fear, threat, and survival. It offers a poignant glimpse into the lives of individuals caught in the crossfire of larger societal conflicts, showcasing the impact of violence and oppression on ordinary people.

The movie’s depiction of the emotional and psychological toll of living in a climate of fear and suspicion is both compelling and thought-provoking. Through its storytelling and character dynamics, “Chauthi Koot” sheds light on the complexities of human nature and resilience in the face of adversity.

đź‘Ş Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

The movie “Chauthi Koot” is rated R for mature themes, violence, and some intense scenes. It is not suitable for children under 17 without parental guidance.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware that “Chauthi Koot” is a Punjabi-language Indian drama film that delves into the Sikh separatist movement of the 1980s, particularly focusing on the fear and paranoia prevalent in rural Punjab during that time. The film portrays the atmosphere of uncertainty and tension in post-Operation Blue Star Punjab, showcasing the clashes between Khalistani militants and Indian government forces.


  • The movie contains minimal sexual content.


  • There are scenes of violence, including clashes between militants and security forces.
  • Some intense and graphic moments may be disturbing for sensitive viewers.


  • Some mild to moderate profanity is used throughout the film.

Overall, “Chauthi Koot” is a thought-provoking and intense film that sheds light on a significant period in Indian history. Parents are advised to watch it first and then decide if it is suitable for their mature teenagers due to its mature themes and intense scenes.

đź“ş Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Apple TV+ You can rent or buy ‘Chauthi Koot’ on Apple TV+ for a certain price. You can also watch movies and TV shows with a free trial on Apple TV+.
Google Play Movies You can buy or rent ‘Chauthi Koot’ on Google Play Movies.
YouTube You can buy or rent ‘Chauthi Koot’ on YouTube.

âťť Quotes and Cult

  • The Fourth Direction is a 2015 Punjabi-language Indian drama film directed by Gurvinder Singh.
  • Chauthi Koot is Full of Fleeting Touches of Humanity in Troubled Times
  • Chauthi Koot is unlike any contemporary Indian film
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  • Chauthi Koot movie review: You'll watch this marvelous film with your ...
  • Chauthi Koot: A layered, profound film
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🤖Chauthi Koot Reddit Talks

Chauthi Koot, a 2015 Punjabi-language Indian drama film directed by Gurvinder Singh, has garnered attention for its poignant portrayal of Punjab in the 1980s. Based on the short stories “The Fourth Direction” and “I Am Feeling Fine Now” from Waryam Singh Sandhu’s 2005 collection Chauthi Koot, the film has resonated with audiences for its raw depiction of the region’s social and political climate during that tumultuous era.

Historical Context and Social Commentary:

Chauthi Koot paints a vivid picture of Punjab in the 1980s, a time marked by political unrest, violence, and a sense of disillusionment among the populace. The film explores the impact of these events on the lives of ordinary people, particularly the marginalized and oppressed. It sheds light on the complexities of the Sikh separatist movement and the human cost of political conflict.

Personal Stories and Emotional Impact:

Beyond its historical significance, Chauthi Koot also delves into the personal stories of its characters, capturing their struggles, fears, and aspirations. The film portrays the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, as well as the devastating consequences of violence and prejudice.

Critical Acclaim and Recognition:

Chauthi Koot has garnered critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling, evocative cinematography, and nuanced performances. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard section in 2015 and won the National Film Award for Best Punjabi Feature. The film’s success on the international stage has brought attention to Punjabi cinema and its ability to tackle complex social issues.

Cultural Significance and Representation:

Chauthi Koot has been praised for its authentic representation of Punjabi culture and its contribution to Punjabi cinema. The film’s depiction of the region’s history, traditions, and social dynamics has resonated with audiences both within and outside Punjab. It has sparked conversations about the importance of preserving cultural heritage and the role of cinema in reflecting societal realities.

Legacy and Impact:

Chauthi Koot stands as a significant cinematic achievement, not only for Punjabi cinema but for Indian cinema as a whole. Its powerful storytelling, historical relevance, and emotional depth have left a lasting impression on audiences. The film continues to be discussed and analyzed, serving as a reminder of the complexities of Punjab’s past and the ongoing struggle for justice and reconciliation.

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âť“ Frequently Asked Questions

What short stories served as the basis for the movie Chauthi Koot?

The movie Chauthi Koot is based on the short stories “The Fourth Direction” and “I Am Feeling Fine Now” from Indian author Waryam Singh Sandhu’s 2005 collection Chauthi Koot.

What is the central theme of the movie Chauthi Koot?

Chauthi Koot reflects the atmosphere of suspicion, fear, and paranoia in Punjab in 1984, highlighting the aftermath of Operation Blue Star and the clashes between separatists and security forces.

Who are some of the main cast members of Chauthi Koot?

The main cast of Chauthi Koot includes Suvinder Vicky, Harnek Aulakh, Gurpreet Bhangu, Rajbir Kaur, Kanwaljit Singh, and Tejpal Singh Rawat.

What is the setting of the movie Chauthi Koot?

Chauthi Koot is set in rural Punjab in the 1980s, providing a nuanced portrayal of life and the prevailing atmosphere of doom during that period.

How would you describe the filmmaking style of Chauthi Koot?

Chauthi Koot is characterized by long lingering shots, overcast skies, and an unhurried sense of nature, effectively capturing the essence of the time and place it depicts.

What is the narrative pace like in the movie Chauthi Koot?

The narrative of Chauthi Koot unfolds at an unhurried pace, drawing viewers in with its absorbing storytelling and evocative portrayal of the characters’ lives amidst turbulent times.

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