Chef’s Table: BBQ (TV Show)

Title — Chef's Table: BBQ
Available on — Netflix
Production Country — United States
Release Date — 2020
The Emmy-nominated series delves into the juicy, smoky world of barbecue, visiting acclaimed chefs and pitmasters in the US, Australia and Mexico.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In “Chef’s Table: BBQ,” viewers are taken on a tantalizing journey into the world of barbecue, where chefs showcase their mastery of smoking meats over live fires. Each episode delves into the unique story of a talented chef whose deep connection with food has led to their success. Whether it’s inheriting knowledge through generations or embracing local culinary traditions, these chefs bring a diverse range of flavors and techniques to the table.

The series casts a wide net, exploring regional differences between Texas and Carolina BBQ, sampling Australian barbie, and experiencing traditional Mayan cooking in Mexico. From the legendary Tootsie Tomanetz in Texas, who balances being a custodian by day and pitmaster by night, to Sydney chef Lennox Hastie drawing out extraordinary flavors using only a wood fire, each chef brings their own twist to the art of barbecue.

Rodney Scott’s journey from cooking whole hog barbecue for his family’s store to becoming an award-winning chef in Charleston is a testament to his passion for the craft. Meanwhile, Rosalia Chay Chuc’s Mayan traditions shine through her slow-cooked pork dish, turning her modest home in Yucatán into a culinary hotspot.

As viewers immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and tastes of barbecue, they witness the dedication and artistry that goes into each dish. Whether it’s the sizzle of meat on the grill or the rich aromas wafting through the air, “Chef’s Table: BBQ” captures the essence of this beloved culinary tradition.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Actor/Actress Role
Tootsie Tomanetz Featured Chef
Lennox Hastie Featured Chef
Rodney Scott Featured Chef
Rosalia Chay Chuc Featured Chef

💬 Reviews and feedback

Chef’s Table: BBQ – A Smokin’ Hot Review!

Welcome to the smoky, savory world of Chef’s Table: BBQ, a show that’s got more sizzling stories than a summer cookout! If you’re imagining a culinary reality show with dramatic cooking competitions and celebrity chef showdowns, think again. This Netflix original series takes a different route, guiding you through an intimate and introspective exploration of barbecue chefs who bring more to the table than just meat and fire. So grab your apron and tongs; let’s dive deep into this delectable documentary.

The Plot Thickens (Like Your Favorite BBQ Sauce)

Chef’s Table: BBQ isn’t just about grilling meat; it’s about the journey behind the grill. Each episode focuses on a different chef, weaving tales of their personal and professional lives while diving into the rich cultural tapestry that informs their culinary creations. From pitmasters in Texas to grill masters in Australia, every story is as layered as a well-seasoned brisket.

This isn’t your typical cooking show where recipes are rattled off like ingredients on the back of a sauce bottle. Instead, it offers a blend of visual poetry and storytelling that delves into how these chefs found their calling. It’s less about the “how-to” and more about the “why.” And yes, sometimes it does get all philosophical and spiritual—so if you’re here just for cooking tips, you might find yourself impatiently flipping through scenes like you’re scrolling past ads on YouTube.

Themes & Tone: A Slow Burn with Depth

The tone is reflective and meditative, much like slow-cooked ribs that fall right off the bone. Each episode is an artful blend of biography and food porn (the good kind), setting an almost reverent tone around barbecue—a stark contrast to fast-paced cooking shows we’re used to. The themes are deeply rooted in culture, identity, heritage, and emotional connection to food. Some viewers may find this approach a tad pretentious or overly sentimental—think less Food Network’s “Chopped” and more PBS’s “Masterpiece Theatre”…with meat.

Acting & Characters: Meet Your Pitmasters

This isn’t exactly an acting gig; these are real people sharing their stories, but let me tell ya—the chefs featured have charisma dripping off them like BBQ sauce from ribs! Tootsie Tomanetz from Texas brings an endearing grandma-next-door vibe while Lennox Hastie from Australia exudes fiery passion (pun totally intended) for his craft. These personalities bring authenticity that makes you feel like you’re sitting across from them at their own tables.

Direction & Cinematography: A Feast for Your Eyes

If there were ever an award for making food look ethereal, Chef’s Table: BBQ would win hands down. Directed by David Gelb—the same genius behind “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”—this series turns grilling into high art. The cinematography captures every glistening drop of fat sizzling on hot coals in such detail that you can almost smell it through your screen. Slow-motion shots of crackling fires paired with sweeping landscapes make each frame visually stunning.

Score: Music That Hits All The Right Notes

The score complements the visuals beautifully with compositions that range from soulful blues to uplifting orchestral pieces. It sets the mood perfectly—whether it’s highlighting a moment of triumph or underscoring poignant reflections on life’s challenges.

Cinematography & Production Design:

  • Cinematography: Each shot is meticulously crafted to highlight not only the food but also its cultural significance.
  • Production Design: Authentic locations add depth—be it rustic smokehouses or contemporary kitchens—lending credibility to each chef’s story.

Pace & Editing:

  • The pacing is deliberately slow but purposeful—it takes its time like low-and-slow smoking techniques central to great BBQ.
  • Editings are seamless transitions between storytelling elements keeping audience engaged yet contemplative throughout episodes duration around45 minutes each-perfectly bingeable!

Binge-watching Tips:

  • If you get hungry easily (who doesn’t?), have some snacks ready before hitting play because this show will give you serious food cravings!
  • Pace yourself – savor each episode instead of bingeing all at once so flavors linger longer just like good marinades do overnight in fridge !
  • If subtitles bug ya during emotional monologues try switching audio options available under settings menu–sometimes dubbed versions offer subtler impact letting visuals speak louder words themselves!
  • .

  • Treat yourself post-episode by trying one new recipe inspired by featured chef – adds interactive layer enhancing appreciation what goes behind scenes crafting perfect dish far beyond screen alone!! li >.

Interactive Elements :</ strong >

< p > What’s YOUR favorite type barbecue sauce ? Sweet tangy ? Spicy smoky ? Drop comments below share thoughts maybe even get inspired trying something new next backyard cookout!! </ p >

< p > Ever wondered what would happen if celebrity chefs swapped places? Imagine Gordon Ramsay tackling Texan-style brisket while Tootsie tries Michelin-starred molecular gastronomy–who do y’all think would rock challenge better? Let theories flow freely down comment section!! </ p >

< strong > Conclusion:</ strong >

< p > In essence , Chef ‘s Table : BBQ serves up hearty helping culinary wisdom garnished generous dollops humanity weaving together sumptuous feast senses mind heart alike . Sure , not everyone digs philosophical musings mixed fiery grills yet undeniable charm lies storytelling depth elevating mere act eating transcendent experience . For those willing embrace flavorful journey beyond kitchen counters exploring intersections culture cuisine spirituality–this series smokes competition leaving unforgettable aftertaste long after credits roll ! </ p >

< p > So fire up those grills sit back feast eyes soul upon captivating tales passion perseverance creativity igniting flames within us all …until next craving strikes course !! Rating : 8 /10 . </ p >

Pros Cons
Focuses on barbecue cooking Excessive focus on emotional stories
Expands knowledge of barbecue cooking Too much emphasis on personal backgrounds
Unique perspective compared to other cooking shows Lacks in-depth cooking demonstrations
High production value and cinematography Shorter episodes with limited culinary content
Connects food with culture and family Not as informative as other cooking shows


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  • Watch Chef's Table: BBQ | Netflix Official Site

    UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIESSign InThe Emmy-nominated series delves into the juicy, smoky world of barbecue, visiting acclaimed chefs and pitmasters in the US, Australia and Mexico.Creators:David GelbWatch all you want.Limited Series

  • Netflix's 'Chef's Table: BBQ' Features Texas Pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz ...

    The next iteration of Netflix’s critically acclaimed documentary food seriesChef’s Tableis taking a deep look at barbecue around the world. Smartly,Chef’s Table: BBQis dedicating its premiere episode to Texas pitmaster extraordinaire Tootsie Tomanetz of Lexington barbecue spot Snow’s BBQ.

  • Chef's Table: BBQ | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

  • Chef's Table: BBQ (TV Mini Series 2020) - Episode list - IMDb

    Top-ratedS1.E1 ∙ Tootsie TomanetzWed, Sep 2, 2020Custodian by day, pitmaster by night: Meet 85-year-old Tootsie Tomanetz, whose Hill Country barbecue has made her a legend in Texas and beyond.8.5/10 (236)Rate

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the Netflix series “Chef’s Table: BBQ,” Season 1 takes viewers on a flavorful journey into the world of barbecue, showcasing the stories of four renowned chefs: Tootsie Tomanetz, Lennox Hastie, Rodney Scott, and Rosalia Chay Chuc. Each episode delves into the history, family life, and unique cooking techniques of these chefs, offering a rich tapestry of their culinary artistry.

The series maintains the signature style of the Chef’s Table franchise, complete with the iconic Vivaldi “Winter” playing during the opening credits. Expertly crafted episodes feature food critics and experts providing insights into what makes the dishes and restaurants of these chefs so exceptional. The visual presentation of the food, capturing its juicy and tender essence, adds to the sensory experience.

What sets “Chef’s Table: BBQ” apart is its focus on the individuals behind the food, making the series not just about cooking but also about the personal journeys and dedication of these chefs. Viewers witness the passion and hard work of figures like the 85-year-old Tootsie Tomanetz tending to her pit fire and Rosalia Chay Chuc’s meticulous approach to slow-cooked pork, creating a deeply engaging narrative.

Each chapter in the series offers a unique and awe-inspiring story, highlighting the diverse experiences and talents within the barbecuing community. The show celebrates the art of barbecue as a communal experience, showcasing the cultural significance and craftsmanship behind this beloved culinary tradition.

For fans of the Chef’s Table franchise and food enthusiasts alike, “Chef’s Table: BBQ” is a must-watch, earning a solid 8.5/10 rating. The series provides an educational and immersive exploration of the craft of barbecuing, leaving viewers with a newfound appreciation for the dedication and artistry that go into creating these delectable dishes.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating: 10-12PG

Parental Guide:

Sex & Nudity:

The show does not contain any sexual content or nudity. It focuses on the art of barbecue cooking and the stories of the chefs and pitmasters.

Violence & Gore:

There is minimal violence or gore in the series. It mainly showcases the cooking process and the dedication of the chefs to their craft.


Occasional mild language might be present, but it is infrequent and not pervasive throughout the show.


There is no depiction of alcohol, drugs, or smoking in the series.

Frightening/Intense Scenes:

The show is overall lighthearted and focuses on the culinary world, so there are no particularly frightening or intense scenes to be concerned about.

Overall Parental Guidance:

Chef’s Table: BBQ is a family-friendly series that celebrates food, culture, and the art of barbecue cooking. It can be enjoyed by viewers aged 10 and above, offering a wholesome and educational experience without any significant objectionable content.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Chef’s Table: BBQ Season 1 is available to watch via streaming on Netflix. Season 1 has a total of 4 episodes.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • It's the ultimate high school reunion comeback story.
  • Barbecue is a science, and an art form all in one.
    Ray Lampe
  • The secret to barbecue is low and slow.
    Jamie Purviance
  • Barbecue is a celebration of fire and smoke, and the flavors they bring to the table.
    Chris Lilly
  • Barbecue is an experience that goes beyond taste. It's about creating memories and moments.
    Melissa Cookston
  • Barbecue brings people together. It gives the people time to visit with each other more.
  • We learned how to make things work without help. We were taught to handle the situation ourselves. It was my training, I guess. It gave me the fullness of knowing that I can handle quite a bit of stuff. I can take care of myself.
  • And one day, Daddy waved me to the house, I walk up, and there stands this Army guy in a uniform, and I thought, 'God dang, he is nice looking.'
  • When you take a bite of it, it's like, 'Oh my God, how did that happen?' Maybe there's some magic that happens within that aluminum foil?
    Daniel Vaughn
  • At Snow's, we have no secrets. I mean, our seasoning is salt and pepper. I can't tell you how hot my pits are because I feel 'em with my hands. I don't have a gauge there. I guess if I'd put a gauge on, I'd learn to read it and not my hand, but it's just something I do. I guess it's just an instinct.
  • When I had the idea of starting up a barbecue, I felt like the locals wouldn't be very forgiving had I started this without Miss Tootsie.
    Kerry Bexler
  • It's something you have done all your life, and you're finally being recognized for it. But at the same time, to have all this fame? It was just a strange feeling.
  • Me and Hershey, we really didn't see eye to eye [...] It was just the two of us together doing the cooking, so we would kind of have it out at the barbecue pit when no one else was around. You know you have to sometimes just talk to get it off your chest, and barbecuing together, we were able to understand each other better. We got all our bad things ironed out. It's just something that we both needed.

🤖Chef's Table: BBQ Reddit Talks

Chef’s Table: BBQ is a Netflix documentary series that highlights the stories and techniques of world-renowned barbecue chefs. The show has been praised for its beautiful cinematography, heartwarming storytelling, and insights into the art of barbecue.

“The series really isn’t about food, it’s about humanizing the people who make outstanding food. It’s so beautifully shot and I love the way…”/u/Austin in r/Austin

One of the things that makes Chef’s Table: BBQ so special is its focus on the people behind the barbecue. The show introduces us to a diverse group of chefs, each with their unique story and approach to barbecue. We learn about their passion for their craft, their struggles, and their successes.

In addition to the human stories, Chef’s Table: BBQ also provides a wealth of information about the art of barbecue. We learn about different cooking techniques, the importance of wood selection, and the science behind the perfect barbecue. The show is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about barbecue, or for anyone who simply enjoys a good story.

Here are some of the specific topics that are discussed in Chef’s Table: BBQ:

  • The history of barbecue
  • Different barbecue styles from around the world
  • The importance of wood selection
  • The science behind the perfect barbecue
  • The stories of the chefs behind the barbecue

Chef’s Table: BBQ is a must-watch for anyone who loves barbecue. The show is a celebration of the art of barbecue and the people who make it possible. It’s a show that will make you hungry, inspire you, and leave you with a newfound appreciation for barbecue.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chef’s Table: BBQ a documentary series?

Yes, Chef’s Table: BBQ is a documentary series that explores the world of barbecue through the lens of acclaimed chefs and pitmasters, showcasing their unique stories and cooking methods.

Who is the chef featured in Chef’s Table: BBQ TV show?

Steven Raichlen, the host of popular TV shows like Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire and Project Smoke, Primal Grill, and Barbecue University on American Public Television, is one of the chefs featured in the Chef’s Table: BBQ series.

Will there be more seasons of Chef’s Table: BBQ?

Yes, Netflix has announced that Chef’s Table: BBQ has been green-lit for its 7th and 8th seasons, continuing to delve into the diverse world of barbecue across different regions.

What is the concept behind Chef’s Table: BBQ TV show?

Chef’s Table: BBQ focuses on showcasing the art of smoking meats over a live fire by featuring talented chefs and pitmasters, highlighting their passion for barbecue and the cultural significance of their culinary creations.

How does Chef’s Table: BBQ differ from other cooking shows?

Chef’s Table: BBQ stands out from other cooking shows by not only presenting tantalizing food visuals but also delving deep into the personal journeys, experiences, and inspirations of the chefs behind the barbecue, offering a unique and holistic approach to culinary storytelling.

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