Chewin’ the Fat (TV Show)

Title — Chewin' the Fat
Available on — YouTube, Google Play
Production Country — United Kingdom
Release Date — 1999
Petty criminals, dodgy decorators, full-bore Glaswegians and oddball documentary presenters converge in this sketch show that parodies Scottish life.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

Set in the vibrant city of Glasgow, “Chewin’ the Fat” is a Scottish sketch show that first graced the airwaves in 1999 and continued to entertain audiences until 2005. Created by the talented trio of Brian Horsburgh, Michael Hines, and Colin Gilbert, the show boasts a stellar cast including Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, Karen Dunbar, and Paul Riley.

The show, originating from radio, quickly found its home on television screens, offering a plethora of quirky characters that became household names. From the dodgy decorators Bish and Bosh to the foulmouthed fishermen, each sketch brought a unique flavor of humor to the audience.

Initially, “Chewin’ the Fat” faced a lukewarm reception, but as the series progressed, it found its stride. With the removal of the opening and closing segments featuring Ford and Greg as themselves, the show gained momentum. The writing sharpened, and soon, the catchphrases from the show echoed in schools and workplaces across the nation.

Among the standout characters were the Lighthouse Keepers, Ronald Villiers, The Big Man, Ballistic Bob, Betty, and the mischievous pensioners Jack and Victor. Each character brought a touch of Scottish charm and humor, resonating with viewers of all ages.

Despite some critics pointing fingers at the show for allegedly promoting anti-social behavior, the essence of “Chewin’ the Fat” lay in its ability to capture the essence of everyday life in Glasgow with a comedic twist.

With its unique blend of wit, satire, and memorable characters, “Chewin’ the Fat” carved its place in Scottish television history, paving the way for future successes like the beloved spin-off, “Still Game.” The legacy of this iconic sketch show continues to live on, reminding viewers of the laughter it brought into their homes for six unforgettable years.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, Karen Dunbar, Mark Cox, Paul Riley

Movie Casting:

Actor Role
Ford Kiernan Various Characters
Greg Hemphill Various Characters
Karen Dunbar Various Characters
Paul Riley Various Characters
Mark Cox Various Characters
Gregor Fisher Various Characters
Tom Urie Various Characters

💬 Reviews and feedback

Chewin’ the Fat TV Show Review

Chewin’ the Fat: A Scottish Comedy Gem Worth Savouring

Imagine you’re sitting in a cozy Scottish pub, sipping on a pint of stout, and suddenly, a group of hilariously eccentric locals start regaling you with tales that make you laugh so hard, your drink nearly ends up on the floor. That’s pretty much what watching Chewin’ the Fat feels like! This beloved Scottish sketch show is a delightful mélange of humor that’s as refreshing as a brisk walk through the Highlands.

Plot and Themes:

Chewin’ the Fat, which aired from 1999 to 2005 on BBC One Scotland, is not your typical sitcom. It’s a sketch comedy show that shines a spotlight on various facets of Scottish society through an array of quirky characters and absurd scenarios. From dodgy decorators Bish and Bosh to Ballistic Bob and The Lonely Guy, each sketch is like taking a bite out of Scotland’s rich tapestry of humor. The themes range from everyday life to more surreal takes on societal norms—think Monty Python meets Irn-Bru.

The Acting and Characters:

The ensemble cast, featuring Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill (who later went on to create Still Game, another fan-favorite), deliver performances that are both exaggerated and yet strangely relatable. Their comedic timing is impeccable; it feels like they’ve got some kind of sixth sense for knowing exactly when to hit you with a punchline. And let’s not forget Karen Dunbar, whose versatility adds an extra layer of hilarity to the mix.

Cinematography & Production Design:

For those who think sketch shows skimp on production values, Chewin’ the Fat will prove you wrong. The cinematography has its moments—whether it’s capturing the gritty realism of Glasgow streets or setting up fantastical environments for more outlandish sketches. The production design does justice to each character’s world, making every set feel lived-in and authentic. For example, Bish and Bosh’s ‘construction site’ looks convincingly shambolic!

The Direction:

The direction by Michael Hines keeps things tight without losing any comedic flair. Each sketch flows seamlessly into the next, creating an engaging viewing experience where you’re always excited about what’s coming up next. Hines has this knack for balancing absurdity with moments of genuine warmth—a rare feat in sketch comedy.

Pace & Editing:

If there were ever an award for “Best Use of Editing to Maximize Laughter,” Chewin’ the Fat would be in serious contention. The pace is brisk without feeling rushed; it gives each joke room to breathe while keeping viewers hooked from start to finish. The quick cuts between sketches ensure there’s never a dull moment.

The Score:

The background score complements the comedic tone perfectly without ever overshadowing it. Whether it’s jaunty tunes accompanying slapstick moments or subtle underscores adding emotional depth to certain scenes, the music enhances rather than distracts.

Binge-Watching Tips:

  • Pace Yourself: Although it’s tempting to binge all four series in one go (trust me), try spacing them out over several days or weeks.
  • Savor Your Favorites: Keep track of which sketches made you laugh the hardest so you can revisit them later.
  • Cultural Context: Some jokes might be steeped in Scottish culture—look them up if they go over your head initially!
  • Create Your Own Sketch Night: Invite friends over for a ‘Chewin’ the Fat’ marathon complete with snacks inspired by Scottish cuisine.

User Interaction:

  • If you’re new to Scottish comedy: What other shows do you think could compare? Perhaps give ‘Still Game’, another gem by Kiernan and Hemphill, a watch.
  • If you’re already a fan: Which character from ‘Chewin’ the Fat’ do you wish had their own spin-off?
  • If you’ve seen it all: Which sketch left such an impression that you’d consider incorporating its catchphrases into your daily life?

A Final Note:
In summary, Chewin’ The Fat wouldn’t have become such an iconic part of Scottish TV without striking just that perfect balance between wacky humor and cultural reflection.
Whether it’s Bish & Bosh bumbling their way through home renovations or Ballistic Bob’s wild antics making us gasp along with our giggles.
It’s got something special under its tartan wraps.
So grab yourself some haggis flavored popcorn (if that’s even real) and settle down for one heckuva laughter-filled ride!
I give Chewing’ The fat solid 8/10
Now off ye go n laugh yer socks off laddie!

(Disclaimer: No kilts were harmed during this review writing process)

Pros Cons
Refreshing interpretation of Scottish society Not consistently funny throughout
Realistic portrayal of finer points Some viewers may not find it consistently humorous
Good humor in parts May not appeal to all audiences
Heartily enjoyable moments Humor may vary in its impact


  • Chewin' the Fat (TV Series 1999-2005) - IMDb

    Chewin’ the Fat

    • TV Series
    • 1999–2005

    Scottish sketch show which first appeared on radio. Featuring such characters as dodgy decorators Bish and Bosh, Ballistic Bob, The Lonely Shopkeeper, The Foulmouthed Fishermen and The Man F… Read allScottish sketch show which first appeared on radio. Featuring such characters as dodgy decorators Bish and Bosh, Ballistic Bob, The Lonely Shopkeeper, The Foulmouthed Fishermen and The Man From Kilmacolm. Mostly filmed in Glasgow.Scottish sketch show which first appeared on radio. Featuring such characters as dodgy decorators Bish and Bosh, Ballistic Bob, The Lonely Shopkeeper, The Foulmouthed Fishermen and The Man From Kilmacolm. Mostly filmed in Glasgow.

  • The Complete Chewin' the Fat - YouTube

  • Chewin' the Fat - Wikipedia

    Chewin’ the Fatis a Scottish comedy sketch show, starring Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill and Karen Dunbar. Comedians Paul Riley and Mark Cox also appeared regularly on the show among other actors such as Gregor Fisher and Tom Urie.

  • Chewin' the Fat - streaming tv show online - JustWatch

    • S4 E6 – The Last One
    • S4 E5 – Funeral for a Lonely Shopkeeper
    • S4 E4 – The Big Man’s Life Insurance Advert

    Chewin’ the Fat is a Scottish comedy sketch show, starring Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill and Karen Dunbar. Comedians Paul Riley and Mark Cox also appeared regularly on the show. Chewin’ the Fat first started as a radio series on BBC Radio Scotland. The later television show, which ran for four series, was first broadcast on BBC One Scotland, but series three and four, as well as highlights from the first two series, were later broadcast to the rest of the United Kingdom. Although the last series ended in February 2002, 6 Hogmanay specials were broadcast and offered on DVD when purchasing the Scottish Sun between 2000 to 2005, one every year. Chewin’ the Fat gave rise to the spin-off show Still Game, a sitcom focusing on the two old male characters Jack and Victor. The series was mostly filmed in and around Glasgow and occasionally West Dunbartonshire. The English idiom to chew the fat means to chat casually, but thoroughly, about subjects of mutual interest.

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

Chewin’ the Fat is a Scottish comedy sketch show that became a fan favorite for its hilarious and quirky characters. The show starred Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, and Karen Dunbar, with comedians Paul Riley and Mark Cox making regular appearances. The series, created by Kiernan and Hemphill, aired for four seasons from 1999 to 2002, with a total of 30 episodes.

The show first originated as a radio series on BBC Radio Scotland before making its transition to television. Initially broadcast on BBC One Scotland, the later seasons reached a wider audience across the United Kingdom. The series featured a range of characters portrayed by talented actors, including Gregor Fisher and Tom Urie, alongside the main cast.

One of the highlights of Chewin’ the Fat was its unique humor and memorable sketches that resonated with viewers. The show’s title, “Chewin’ the Fat,” is an English idiom meaning to engage in casual and thorough conversations about shared interests, reflecting the show’s light-hearted and chatty nature.

Throughout its run, Chewin’ the Fat introduced audiences to a variety of comedic personas, such as dodgy decorators Bish and Bosh, Ballistic Bob, The Lonely Shopkeeper, The Foulmouthed Fishermen, and The Man From Kilmacolm. These characters, along with many others, contributed to the show’s success and popularity.

Chewin’ the Fat paved the way for the creation of the spin-off sitcom Still Game, which focused on the adventures of two elderly friends, Jack and Victor. The series was predominantly filmed in and around Glasgow, capturing the essence of Scottish humor and culture.

With its witty sketches, talented cast, and distinct Scottish charm, Chewin’ the Fat remains a beloved comedy series that has left a lasting impact on audiences, showcasing the best of Scottish comedic talent.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating and Parental Guide:

Age Recommendation: The TV show “Chewin’ the Fat” is suitable for viewers aged 16 and above.

Sex & Nudity: The show contains mild sexual references and innuendos, but no explicit nudity or sexual content.

Violence & Gore: There is occasional slapstick violence and comedic situations, but no graphic violence or gore.

Profanity: The show features strong language and frequent use of profanity, including swearing and crude humor.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: Characters may be seen drinking alcohol in some scenes, but drug and smoking content is minimal.

Frightening & Intense Scenes: The show is primarily comedy-based with light-hearted content, so there are no intense or frightening scenes to be concerned about.

Overall Parental Guidance: “Chewin’ the Fat” is a Scottish comedy sketch show that offers humorous entertainment with some adult-oriented themes. Parents of viewers under 16 should be aware of the strong language and crude humor present throughout the show. It is recommended for mature teenagers and adults who enjoy comedy with a Scottish flair.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
YouTube Every single episode of Chewin’ the Fat available on one playlist
Google Play Available for purchase and viewing on PC, Android, and iOS devices

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • You agitating ma boy. I'll stick this Barbie that far up your arse that Ken will need tae dangle fae your tonsils just tae get a goodnight winch.
    Big Man's Maw
  • I’m from Kilmacolm
  • Good guy, good guy, w**k
  • The Maryhill Margaritas - The Banter Boys
  • The smoking family sing happy birthday
  • Ronald Villiers and five guys called Mo
  • A smell sh**e
  • The invisible boss
  • Ya couple a f*****s!
  • Does the pope wear a mitre? - The Banter Boys
  • Milk, Lemonade, Chocolate
  • ‘Mon the fish!
  • I’m wearing jesus sandals as a tribute to the boss.
  • Never use a strangers toilet! - Peeling an orange.
  • He’s just started with the m**********g
  • Gonnae no dae that? How? Just gonnae no
  • Take a drink!
  • Rrrrrrrrrrrizla!
  • Fag hinging oot wan end and the jannie hinging oot the other... - Betty the Auld Sl***er
  • Squatch ae yer f***y
  • The Big Man and his mum go Christmas shopping
  • Ned doing the news - Rab McGlinchy
  • He’s got a stauner!
  • Big Jock in the golf house
  • Hang the supers. We’re paying for the banter
  • The Still Game songs
  • The Lonely Shopkeeper tries to get a date
  • Ballistic Bob decorates a dinner plate

🤖Chewin' the Fat Reddit Talks

Chewin’ the Fat, a beloved Scottish sketch comedy show, has been making waves on Reddit, with fans discussing various topics related to the series.

Missing Episodes on Netflix

Many Redditors have expressed their disappointment that only 15 episodes of Chewin’ the Fat are available on Netflix. They speculate that the missing episodes may be due to licensing issues or editorial decisions by Netflix.

“I noticed, like with Still Game, at least a season or 2 of Chewin the Fat were left off of Netflix.”

Potential Spin-Offs

Fans have also discussed the possibility of spin-off shows featuring other characters from Chewin’ the Fat. Some suggest that characters like Rab C. Nesbitt or Andy Cameron could have their own successful shows.

“Do you think any other Chewin’ the Fat characters could have worked as a spin off TV show?”

Favorite Sketches

Redditors have shared their favorite sketches from the show, with many citing the “Jack and Victor” sketches as particularly memorable.

“My favourite Chewin the Fat sketch is Jack and Victor on the way back from Blackpool missing the turn off for the services and peeing in the …”

BBC Censorship

Some Redditors have criticized the BBC for editing Chewin’ the Fat sketches to remove potentially offensive content.

“‘Woke’ BBC slammed after editing Chewin the Fat scenes … ‘Woke’ BBC slammed after editing Chewin the Fat scenes to not offend viewers.”

American Appreciation

Despite being a Scottish show, Chewin’ the Fat has gained a following in America, with some Redditors expressing their love for the show’s humor and characters.

“Love this show. It’s sitcom spinoff, Still Game, is one of the funniest TV shows to ever come out of Scotland.”

Availability on YouTube

For those who want to watch all the episodes of Chewin’ the Fat, Redditors have pointed out that the complete series is available on YouTube.

“Available on YT. Type ‘The Complete Chewin’ The Fat’ in YT Search. Has all episodes except for Hogmanay Special of 2002.”

Top discussions

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

How many seasons of Chewin the Fat are there?

Chewin’ the Fat had a total of four series that were first broadcast on BBC One Scotland. Series three and four, along with highlights from the first two series, were later aired nationally across the United Kingdom.

What channel is Chewin the Fat on?

Chewin’ the Fat was broadcast on BBC One.

What came before Still Game?

Still Game originated as a stage show in 1999, featuring Ford and Greg as Jack and Victor. The characters then transitioned to the BBC One Scotland comedy show Chewin’ The Fat before finally becoming part of Still Game.

When was the last episode of Chewin the Fat?

The last episode of Chewin’ the Fat aired before Still Game began its journey as a spin-off sitcom. Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill’s characters from Chewin’ the Fat heavily influenced Still Game, which started in 2002 on BBC Scotland and later moved to BBC TWO.

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  2. Still Game: Comedy series set in Glasgow, focusing on the lives of the elderly.
  3. Limmy’s Show: Surreal sketch show with dark humor.
  4. Rab C. Nesbitt: Comedy-drama series following the life of an alcoholic Glaswegian.
  5. Little Britain: Sketch comedy featuring a variety of eccentric characters.

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