Chittagong (Movie)

Title — Chittagong
Available on — Prime Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple TV
Production Country — United States, India, Bangladesh
Release Date — 2012
In the turbulent 1930s of British colonial India, a teenager joins a ragtag army of schoolboys determined to overthrow their foreign conquerors.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the historical war drama “Chittagong,” viewers are transported back to the turbulent 1930s British colonial India in East Bengal, now known as Bangladesh. The film follows the remarkable true story of a group of schoolboys and young women led by the fearless schoolteacher Masterda Surya Sen, portrayed by Manoj Bajpayee. At the center of the narrative is a diffident 14-year-old boy named Jhunku, played by Delzad Hiwale, who finds himself unexpectedly swept up in an audacious mission against the British Empire.

Jhunku, the privileged son of a UK-educated Indian attorney in Chittagong, grapples with his identity and societal injustices as he witnesses the oppressive rule of the British authorities. When Masterda begins organizing a resistance movement with a group of colleagues and schoolboys, Jhunku is initially hesitant to join. However, as events unfold and the movement gains momentum, he is compelled to confront his self-doubts and make a fateful decision.

As the young revolutionaries face increasing challenges and losses, including the capture or death of their leaders, Jhunku finds himself thrust into a position of unexpected leadership. Despite being labeled a traitor by his peers and betrayed by someone he trusted, Jhunku perseveres against formidable odds to achieve a remarkable victory of his own. The film captures the intensity and drama of this little-known chapter of Indian history, where a group of underdogs dared to stand up against a powerful empire.

With a backdrop of authentic historical events, “Chittagong” offers a gripping and inspiring tale of courage, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of youth. The audience is taken on a riveting journey alongside Jhunku as he navigates the complexities of loyalty, betrayal, and self-discovery in the midst of a tumultuous struggle for freedom. The film’s narrative is heightened by its basis in reality, making the story of these young revolutionaries all the more compelling and impactful.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Manoj Bajpayee, Barry John, Delzad Hiwale, Vega Tamotia, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajkummar Rao, Jaideep Ahlawat, Vijay Varma, Dibyendu Bhattacharya

Movie Casting:

  • Manoj Bajpayee as Masterda Surya Sen
  • Barry John as Magistrate Wilkinson
  • Delzad Hiwale as Jhunku (young Subodh Roy)
  • Vega Tamotia
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Nirmal Sen
  • Rajkummar Rao as Loknath Bal
  • Jaideep Ahlawat
  • Vijay Varma

💬 Reviews and feedback

Imagine a rollercoaster ride through history, where every twist and turn leaves you on the edge of your seat, that’s the exhilarating experience you’ll have while watching “Chittagong.” This gem of Indian cinema not only entertains but also educates, delving into the untold story of rebels in Chittagong during the Indian Independence struggle.

Bedabrata Pain’s directorial debut is a masterclass in storytelling, weaving together realism and artistry in a way that captivates from start to finish. The movie shines a light on a pivotal moment in history that is often overlooked, offering a fresh perspective on India’s fight for freedom.

  • Plot and Themes: The plot of “Chittagong” is like unearthing buried treasure – raw, emotional, and deeply impactful. It immerses you in the turbulent 1930s British India, following the journey of a 14-year-old boy named Jhunku as he navigates through the chaos of rebellion. The themes of courage, resilience, and patriotism are beautifully depicted, resonating with audiences on a profound level.
  • Acting and Characters: Manoj Bajpayee shines in the lead role, bringing depth and authenticity to his portrayal. His performance is nothing short of captivating, perfectly embodying the spirit of defiance and determination that defines his character. The supporting cast also delivers stellar performances, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.
  • Direction: Bedabrata Pain’s direction is commendable, steering the film with finesse and precision. He expertly balances action-packed sequences with poignant moments of reflection, creating a seamless cinematic experience that keeps viewers engaged throughout.
  • Score and Cinematography: The music in “Chittagong” is a character in itself – emotive, stirring, and evocative. It sets the tone for each scene beautifully, enhancing the emotional impact of key moments. The cinematography is equally impressive, capturing the essence of British India with stunning visuals that transport you back in time.
  • Production Design and Special Effects: Despite being a low-budget production, “Chittagong” excels in its production design. The attention to detail in recreating historical settings is commendable, immersing viewers in an authentic world filled with period-specific elements. The special effects are subtle yet effective, enhancing key moments without overshadowing the narrative.
  • Editing and Pace: The editing in “Chittagong” is seamless, maintaining a fluidity that keeps the story moving at just the right pace. There are no wasted moments or unnecessary filler scenes; every frame serves a purpose in advancing the plot and deepening character development.
  • Dialog: The dialogues in “Chittagong” are powerful and poignant, delivering impactful messages that linger long after the credits roll. Each line is crafted with care and purpose, adding depth to character interactions and thematic exploration.

Binge-watching Tip: Dive deeper into Indian history by exploring other films that shed light on lesser-known events during the country’s struggle for independence. Movies like “Lagaan,” “Rang De Basanti,” or “The Legend of Bhagat Singh” offer compelling narratives worth exploring.

In conclusion,
“Chittagong” is not just a movie; it’s an experience that will stay with you long after you’ve watched it. With its gripping storytelling, stellar performances, and immersive visuals,
it stands as a testament to India’s rich history and enduring spirit.
Rating: 9/10

Catch this cinematic gem for an unforgettable journey through time!
In the world of cinema,
every frame tells a story,
and “Chittagong” weaves one
that resonates deep within your core.
So grab your popcorn,
settle into your seat,
and let this masterpiece unfold before your eyes!

Pros Cons
Realistic portrayal of Indian Independence struggle Low production values
Artistic and brilliant storytelling Mediocre production values
Unique historical drama Decent direction
Outstanding debut by Bedabrata Pain Not a great film overall
Engaging music and sequences


  • Chittagong (film) - Wikipedia

    Chittagongis a 2012 Indian historical war drama film directed by Bedabrata Pain. It stars Manoj Bajpayee in the lead role and is based upon events of British India’s Chittagong Uprising. The film features music by trio Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy and sound by Resul Pookutty. The world premier of film was on 10 April 2012.Chittagongreleased on 12 October 2012 and nett grossed Rs 3.1 million at the Indian box office. This movie won the 60th National Film Awards for the Best Debut Film of a Director.

  • Chittagong (2012) - IMDb

    SPONSOREDSchool kids organize an armed revolt in the 1930s in British occupied Chittagong. There are casualties on both sides. Later, one of those kids successfully leads the peasants to regain their… Read allSchool kids organize an armed revolt in the 1930s in British occupied Chittagong. There are casualties on both sides. Later, one of those kids successfully leads the peasants to regain their food-grains earlier commandeered by the British.School kids organize an armed revolt in the 1930s in British occupied Chittagong. There are casualties on both sides. Later, one of those kids successfully leads the peasants to regain their food-grains earlier commandeered by the British.

  • Chittagong Theatrical Trailer (Official) - YouTube

  • Chittagong streaming: where to watch movie online? - JustWatch

    Chittagong streaming: where to watch online?

    You can buy “Chittagong” on Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple TV as download or rent it on Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube online.Watch NowPROMOTEDWatch similar movies on Apple TV+ for free7 Days FreeThen $9.99 / monthCCHD105minRent$3.99CC105minRent$3.99CC105minRent$3.99CC105minBuy$9.99CC105minBuy$9.99CCHD105minBuy$14.99Didn’t find what you were looking for?

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the 2012 Indian historical war drama film “Chittagong,” directed by Bedabrata Pain, viewers are taken back to the 1930s during British-occupied India. The movie revolves around the Chittagong Uprising, a lesser-known event where a group of untrained teenage boys and girls, led by the school teacher Suriya Sen played by Manoj Bajpayee, bravely confront the British authorities.

The film beautifully captures the essence of this uprising and the courage of these young revolutionaries as they challenge the oppressive British regime. Manoj Bajpayee’s portrayal of Suriya Sen is both powerful and moving, making the character come to life on screen.

One of the highlights of “Chittagong” is the music by the talented trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, which enhances the emotional depth of the story. The sound design by Resul Pookutty further immerses the audience in the tense and dramatic moments of the film.

The world premiere of “Chittagong” took place on 10th April 2012, and the film was officially released on 12th October 2012. Despite being a low-budget production, the movie managed to make a significant impact, grossing Rs 3.1 million at the Indian box office.

This cinematic gem was recognized for its excellence at the 60th National Film Awards, where it won the prestigious award for the Best Debut Film of a Director, cementing its status as a must-watch for history enthusiasts and fans of compelling storytelling.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

Chittagong (2012) has not been officially rated by a recognized film classification board. However, based on the content of the movie, it is recommended for viewers aged 18 and above.

Parental Guide:

Chittagong is a historical drama depicting school kids organizing an armed revolt in the 1930s in British occupied Chittagong. The movie includes scenes of violence and casualties on both sides. While the film portrays an important part of history, it may not be suitable for younger audiences due to its intense themes.

Sex & Nudity:

The movie does not contain any explicit sexual content or nudity.

Violence & Gore:

Chittagong includes scenes of armed revolt, violence, and casualties during the struggle for freedom against the British occupation. There are depictions of physical confrontation, shootings, and the aftermath of battles. Some scenes may be intense and disturbing.


The film contains minimal profanity and strong language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

There are no instances of alcohol, drugs, or smoking portrayed in the movie.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

Chittagong features intense and emotionally charged scenes related to the armed revolt and the sacrifices made during the struggle for independence. Some viewers, especially younger audiences, may find these scenes distressing.

Parents should consider the mature themes and historical context of the film when deciding whether it is appropriate for their children to watch. Viewer discretion is advised due to the depiction of violence and intense subject matter.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Prime Video Chittagong is available on Prime Video to watch for $9.99
Google Play Movies You can buy or rent Chittagong on Google Play Movies
YouTube You can buy or rent Chittagong on YouTube
Apple TV You can rent or buy Chittagong on Apple TV

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Chittagong is a 2012 Indian historical war drama film directed by Bedabrata Pain.
  • Chittagong released on 12 October 2012 and nett grossed Rs 3.1 million at the Indian box office.
  • Chittagong certainly isn't a drab and dreary history lesson. It manages to be a gripping human drama without being either a sweeping Hollywood-style adventure or a Bollywood-inflected patriotic ...
  • Chittagong is a well-crafted period film, understated and restrained in parts, and a far cry from the poorly-researched costume dramas that are often peddled in the name of historical films in Bollywood.
  • Chittagong is a film of immense significance. Much like some of the hi-concept films that left an indelible impression on the minds of viewers, Chittagong should also last longer in the hearts of cineastes. Not to be missed!
    Shabana Ansari, After Hrs DNA
  • Chittagong is a history lesson that should not be missed!
    Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV
  • Chittagong is, on one level, a heartfelt tribute to the indomitable spirit of Masterda's boys and girls – the latter group is represented principally by Pritilata Waddedar (Vega Tamotia), the Indian freedom struggle's first female martyr of the 20th century.
  • Chittagong certainly isn't a drab and dreary history lesson. It manages to be a gripping human drama without being either a sweeping Hollywood-style adventure or a Bollywood-inflected patriotic saga cranked up to a defeaning pitch for easy consumption.
  • An absolute must watch.
    Srijana Mitra Das, Times of India
  • PerformancesHiwale performs marvelously as Jhunku. Film aficionados will spot the subtle resonances between Hiwale's protagonist and Aparajito's young Apu. But Jhunku is not alone - with a super performance by Siddiqui as Nirmal and Tamotia competent as Priti, Chittagong showcases the courage of extraordinary ordinary folk, fighting against a cruel Raj. Bajpayee presents a tightly restrained performance as 'Master-da' while John captures Wilkinson, trapped between anger and admiration.

🤖Chittagong Reddit Talks

Chittagong: A Powerful Historical Drama

Chittagong, a 2012 Indian historical drama, has garnered significant attention and discussion on Reddit. Here’s a summary of the main topics and perspectives that have emerged:

Historical Significance and Accuracy:

Redditors appreciate the film’s portrayal of the Chittagong Uprising, a crucial event in India’s independence movement. They note the film’s attention to historical details and its ability to capture the spirit of the freedom fighters. However, some users also express concerns about historical inaccuracies, particularly regarding the depiction of certain characters.

Strong Performances:

The performances of the cast, especially Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Manoj Bajpayee, receive high praise. Redditors commend the actors for their ability to bring depth and nuance to their roles, making the characters relatable and emotionally resonant.

Themes of Revolution and Sacrifice:

Chittagong explores the themes of revolution and sacrifice, highlighting the struggles and sacrifices made by the freedom fighters. Redditors engage in discussions about the motivations and ideologies of the characters, as well as the broader implications of armed resistance against oppression.

Emotional Impact:

The film’s emotional impact is another topic of discussion. Redditors share their reactions to the powerful and moving scenes, particularly those depicting the sacrifices and losses faced by the characters. Some users express how the film left them feeling inspired and motivated, while others acknowledge the emotional toll it takes on viewers.

Cinematography and Direction:

The film’s cinematography and direction are also praised. Redditors note the stunning visuals and effective use of camera angles, which contribute to the film’s overall impact and atmosphere. The director’s ability to create a sense of urgency and tension is also commended.

Social and Political Commentary:

Beyond its historical narrative, Chittagong has also sparked discussions about social and political issues. Redditors draw parallels between the events depicted in the film and contemporary struggles for freedom and justice. The film’s portrayal of the complexities of armed resistance and the consequences of violence引发了关于非暴力抵抗和社会变革的讨论。

Overall, Redditors highly recommend Chittagong as a powerful and thought-provoking film that sheds light on an important historical event while exploring universal themes of revolution, sacrifice, and the fight for freedom.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie Chittagong about?

The movie Chittagong is a historical war drama that portrays the real-life events of the Chittagong uprising in 1930. It depicts armed Indian independence fighters’ revolt against British occupation.

What is the story of Chittagong?

The movie narrates the armed revolt organized by school kids in 1930s British-occupied Chittagong. The story showcases casualties on both sides, with one of the kids later achieving success.

What platform is Chittagong available on?

You can buy or rent the movie Chittagong on platforms like Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Apple TV for online viewing or download.

Who are some of the main cast members of the film Chittagong?

The main cast of Chittagong includes actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajkummar Rao, and Vega Tamotia. They play significant roles in bringing the historical characters to life in the movie.

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