Crashing (TV Show)

Title — Crashing
Available on — Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max
Production Country — United Kingdom
Release Date — 2016
In exchange for low rent, a hodgepodge group of 20-something tenants set up residence as property guards in a disused hospital, where hilarity ensues.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“Crashing” is a witty and engaging comedy series that follows the lives of a group of 20-something tenants who become property guardians in a disused hospital in exchange for low rent. Created by the talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the show explores the hilarious situations that arise as this eclectic bunch navigates their unconventional living arrangement.

The story centers around Lulu, who surprises her childhood friend Anthony in London, only to discover that he is one of the property guardians living in the hospital. As the group of guardians, including characters portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jonathan Bailey, Julie Dray, Louise Ford, Damien Molony, Adrian Scarborough, and Amit Shah, interact and clash in this unique setting, the audience is treated to a rollercoaster of comedic moments and heartfelt revelations.

Throughout the six episodes of the first season, viewers witness the dynamics between the characters unfold, with friendships tested, secrets revealed, and unexpected romances blooming. The show skillfully blends humor with moments of genuine emotion, keeping audiences both entertained and invested in the lives of these quirky guardians.

One of the standout storylines involves Fred, played by Amit Shah, who finds solace in his friendship with Kate after experiencing heartbreak. The tensions between Will and Sam, portrayed by Lachie Chapman and Jonathan Bailey respectively, add a layer of drama to the group dynamics, culminating in a surprising turn of events that leaves viewers both shocked and delighted.

Julie Dray’s character, Melody, brings a touch of whimsy to the series as she dons a nurse’s outfit to help Sam cope with his grief, showcasing the endearing and eccentric nature of the guardians’ relationships.

Despite only having one season with six episodes, “Crashing” leaves a lasting impression with its sharp writing, stellar performances, and unique premise. The show’s exploration of friendship, love, and the challenges of young adulthood resonates with audiences, making it a must-watch for fans of comedy and heartfelt storytelling.

With Phoebe Waller-Bridge at the helm as creator, writer, and star, “Crashing” delivers a fresh and entertaining take on the lives of young adults navigating the complexities of relationships, housing, and self-discovery. The show’s blend of humor, heart, and a touch of the unexpected makes it a standout in the comedy genre, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting more from this talented ensemble cast.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jonathan Bailey, Adrian Scarborough, Damien Molony, Louise Ford, Julie Dray, Amit Shah

Movie Casting:

Actor Role
Phoebe Waller-Bridge Lulu
Jonathan Bailey Sam
Julie Dray Melody
Louise Ford Kate
Damien Molony Anthony
Adrian Scarborough Colin Carter
Amit Shah Fred

💬 Reviews and feedback

Are you ready to crash into the world of British comedy with “Crashing TV Show”? Buckle up because this series is not just a whirlwind of wackiness but also a rollercoaster of emotions, much like surviving your first week as a property guardian in an abandoned hospital. Let’s dive into why this show is worth your binge-watching time!

First things first, let’s talk about the premise – “Crashing” follows the lives of six twenty-somethings navigating the complexities of adulthood while living together as property guardians in a disused hospital. Picture this: quirky characters, absurd situations, and a sprinkle of heartwarming moments all set against the backdrop of unconventional living arrangements. It’s like Friends meets The Great British Bake Off – unexpected but surprisingly delightful.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty – the acting and characters. The ensemble cast delivers performances that are nothing short of brilliant. Each character brings something unique to the table, from the awkwardly endearing to the outrageously funny. It’s like a buffet of personalities, and you’ll find yourself rooting for each one in their own quirky way.

  • Binge-watching Tip: Keep an eye out for Tracey Ullman’s cameo – it’s pure comedic gold!

The direction and tone of “Crashing” strike a perfect balance between humor and heartache. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud one moment and reaching for tissues the next. It’s a rollercoaster ride that leaves you emotionally invested in these characters’ lives, much like trying to navigate through IKEA on a Saturday afternoon.

As for the production design and cinematography, they transport you into the chaotic yet oddly charming world of these property guardians. The juxtaposition of the dilapidated hospital setting with the vibrant personalities of the characters creates a visual feast for the eyes. It’s like Marie Kondo meets Tim Burton – unexpectedly delightful yet slightly unsettling.

  • Binge-watching Tip: Pay attention to the little details in each episode; they add layers to both the story and characters.

The special effects and editing work hand-in-hand to enhance the overall viewing experience. Whether it’s a whimsical dream sequence or a heartfelt revelation, these elements elevate key moments in ways that will leave you both impressed and emotionally moved. Think Hogwarts magic meets DIY home renovation – enchanting yet oddly relatable.

And let’s not forget about the pace and dialogue! The witty banter between characters feels natural and effortless, keeping you engaged from start to finish. The pacing is akin to speed dating – fast-paced yet allowing enough time to savor each moment.

In conclusion, “Crashing TV Show” is a gem waiting to be discovered by comedy enthusiasts looking for something fresh, funny, and full of heart. So grab your popcorn, cozy up on your couch, and get ready for a binge-watching experience that will leave you craving more.

Ratings: 9/10

Remember, sometimes crashing can be a good thing – especially when it involves diving headfirst into this hilarious and heartfelt series!

Pros Cons
Funny and wacky Some unrealistic elements
Excellent actors Not particularly original romance-themed narratives
Heartfelt moments Written like a play, limited settings and characters
Unexpected and glorious cliffhanger Quirky yet true to life twist might not be appealing to all
Amazing cameos from great comics Some viewers may find it too raunchy or vulgar


  • Crashing (TV Series 2016) - IMDb

    After being blown away by Fleabag, the six-episode series written by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, I promptly looked to see what else she had written and discovered this gem.In Crashing, a handful of people are living as property guardians, an English thing in which people get low rent in exchange for living in and watching after buildings (an anti-squatting measure).The series begins with the arrival of Lulu (Waller-Bridge), who has had a friendship/unfulfilled flirtation with one of the residents forever. He’s engaged, and things get very messy.At the same time, a crazy, beautiful artist falls for a schlubby middle-aged guy and a man constantly after women finds his sexuality is a bit more complicated than he thinks.It’s a series about young people (well, young to someone my age) who don’t really know who they are and are determined to make as many mistakes as possible in finding out. The series is consistently funny and wacky and the actors are excellent. Even the most unrealistic elements (like the aforementioned artist/shlub relationship) offer more internal logic than these tropes usually get.While not as beautifully crafted as Fleabag, the series is once again the work of a first-rate comedic writer. I just wish Waller-Bridge would produce series that were more than 6 episodes long. I hope she also writes a movie at some point.

  • Crashing (British TV series) - Wikipedia


    Crashingis a British comedy series produced by Big Talk Productions and written and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Its six episodes aired from 11 January 2016 to 15 February 2016 on Channel 4 and was released internationally as a Netflix Original series. It stars Waller-Bridge, Jonathan Bailey, Julie Dray, Louise Ford, Damien Molony, Adrian Scarborough, and Amit Shah.

  • Crashing (American TV series) - Wikipedia


    Crashingis an American comedy-drama television series created by Pete Holmes and executive produced by Holmes and occasional series director Judd Apatow. The first season aired on the HBO network in the United States from February 19 to April 9, 2017. It ran for a total of three seasons. The semi-autobiographical show revolves around a fictional version of Holmes, a comedian who pursues a career in stand-up comedy after his wife cheats on him, leaving him homeless. Several comedians play themselves in recurring roles, including Artie Lange and T. J. Miller, while others have guest appearances.

  • Crashing (TV Series 2017-2019) - IMDb

    Been watching this new HBO series called “Crashing” and I must say that it is funny and crazy with a poor guy who simply can’t have anything to go his way, he can’t get no breaks! It’s the tale of a want to be New York comic who drives a rattle trap car named Pete(Pete Holmes)who finds it a struggle to get on stage as all he can do is pay for open mic night, then his school teacher wife Jess(Lauren Lapkus)leaves because Pete just can’t spice up the sex life as he’s just not aggressive or a freak in bed! So now the struggle is on the road from club to club, yet Pete is helped along the way by some other comedians(watch for appearances from Artie Lange, T.J. Miller, and Sarah Silverman). Overall good funny series that’s a fun watch as you root for an underdog guy like Pete who wants to become a great comic. As sometimes you have to crash and burn like Pete before you have success.

  • Crashing | Official Website for the HBO Series |

    Pete Holmes created and stars in this comedy series about a stand-up comic who reevaluates his life amidst the New York City comedy scene.The AtheistA chance encounter with Penn Jillette rocks Pete’s world and leads to a wild night.Pete and LeifPete spends the day with Leif while continuing to grapple with his beliefs.Bill BurrPete is encouraged to embrace his masculine side while crashing in comedian Bill Burr’s guestroom.Porter Got HBOPete tries to be supportive when a fellow comic at The Boston gets his big break. Later, Pete reconnects with Jess, who encourages him to find a healthy way to express himself.Too Good

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

Get ready to dive into the wild and hilarious world of “Crashing”! This Channel 4 series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge revolves around a group of friends in their twenties and thirties who work as property guardians. Throughout the six-week run, viewers have been treated to a rollercoaster of laughs, shocks, and unexpected twists.

The finale of “Crashing” Season 1 left us all on the edge of our seats with some jaw-dropping moments and adult themes, so buckle up for some major spoilers ahead!

The characters in “Crashing” have truly captured our hearts with their quirky personalities and complex relationships. Let’s break down how the finale unfolded:

  • Kate’s Dilemma: Louise Ford’s character, Kate, found herself in a whirlwind of emotions after her heartbreak over Anthony, portrayed by Damien Molony. Seeking solace, she ends up sharing a passionate kiss with Jessica, played by Susan Wokoma. Talk about unexpected twists!
  • Fred’s Adventure: Amit Shah’s character, Fred, also faced his own romantic turmoil over Will and Sam. In a drunken escapade, he runs off with Kate, leading to a hospital visit. The sweet surprise comes when Sam, portrayed by Jonathan Bailey, plants a kiss on Fred, affectionately calling him his “little prince.” Aww!
  • Melody’s Bold Move: Julie Dray’s character, Melody, takes matters into her own hands by donning a nurse’s outfit to snap Sam out of his grief. Talk about a bold and unexpected move!
  • Colin’s Confession: Adrian Scarborough’s character, Colin, finds himself in the hospital after a mishap at Melody’s place. In a heartwarming moment, he confesses to his ex-wife that she will always be his “Melody.” Cue the “awws”!
  • Love Triangle Chaos: The finale reaches peak drama when Anthony catches Kate kissing Jessica, leading to a series of shocking revelations. Anthony mistakenly assumes his fiancée is a lesbian, while Lulu, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, finally lays bare her true feelings for Anthony. What follows is a whirlwind of kisses and confessions between Anthony and Lulu that will leave you gasping for more!

With its witty writing, stellar performances, and a perfect blend of humor and heart, “Crashing” has delivered a finale that will linger in your mind long after the credits roll. So, if you’re looking for a series that is offbeat, original, and downright entertaining, “Crashing” is a must-watch!

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

Crashing TV Show is recommended for viewers aged 13 and above.

Parental Guide:

Crashing TV Show contains elements that may not be suitable for younger audiences. Here is a detailed parental guide to help you make an informed decision about whether the content is appropriate for your child:

  • Sex & Nudity: The show includes some sexual content and references. There are scenes depicting characters in intimate situations, but nudity is limited and not explicit.
  • Violence & Gore: Crashing contains occasional instances of comedic violence, such as slapstick humor and minor scuffles. There is no graphic violence or gore depicted in the series.
  • Profanity: The show features moderate profanity, including the use of expletives and strong language throughout various episodes.
  • Substance Use: Characters are occasionally shown drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Drug use is not a prominent feature of the series.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes: While the show is primarily a comedy, some emotional and intense moments may be present, which could be unsettling for sensitive viewers.

Overall, Crashing TV Show is a mix of humor and drama that explores adult themes and relationships. Parents are encouraged to watch an episode beforehand to determine if the content aligns with their family values and their child’s maturity level.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Hulu Crashing is available for streaming on Hulu. Pete Holmes created and stars in this comedy series about a stand-up comic who reevaluates his life amidst the New York City comedy scene.
Amazon Prime Video Season 1 of Crashing is available on Amazon Prime Video. In Season 1 of this comedy series, a stand-up comic (Pete Holmes) reevaluates his life amidst the New York City comedy scene.
HBO Max All three seasons of Crashing are available on HBO Max. Pete Holmes created and stars in this comedy series about a stand-up comic who reevaluates his life amidst the New York City comedy scene.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Just keep a blank stare on your face. Do as you're told. Then one day, you have a heart attack. If you're lucky, you go clean.
  • Comedy: six letters, but a thousand reasons it makes the human condition easier.
  • The main rule about truth songs is just to sing with abandon.

🤖Crashing Reddit Talks

Pete Holmes’ HBO comedy “Crashing” has been a topic of discussion on Reddit, with users sharing their thoughts and experiences with the show.

Many users have praised “Crashing” for its humor and relatability. One user described it as “a fantastic little gem” that deals with relationships in a “raunchy” and “vulgar” but hilarious way.

Others have compared “Crashing” to the popular British comedy-drama “Fleabag,” with some users expressing a preference for “Fleabag” and others finding “Crashing” to be equally enjoyable.

One user noted that “Crashing” is based on a book, which provides additional insights into the show’s characters and themes.

While most users seem to have enjoyed “Crashing,” some have criticized it for its portrayal of female characters. One user accused the show of promoting the “not-like-other-girls” and “cool girl” stereotypes.

Overall, the discussions on Reddit suggest that “Crashing” is a well-received comedy that has resonated with many viewers. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, it is worth checking out for those who enjoy quirky and relatable humor.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crashing worth watching?

Crashing is definitely worth watching as it is considered one of the best British comedy series for a long time. It is consistently funny, re-watchable, and has a heart despite its brutal moments.

Is Crashing based on a true story?

Crashing is loosely based on Pete Holmes’ life for legal reasons, but it is inspired by his experiences living as a property guardian in exchange for low rent.

What happened at the end of Crashing?

In the end of Crashing, Fred runs away with Kate, ending up in the hospital where a surprising twist involving Sam takes place. Melody also plays a significant role in breaking Sam out of his grief denial.

Did Crashing get canceled?

Yes, the Crashing TV show has been canceled by HBO before the third season finale. The last episode “Mulaney” serves as the final episode of the series, with no fourth season planned.

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