Curon (TV Show)

Title — Curon
Available on — Netflix
Production Country — Italy
Release Date — 2020
After 17 years, a woman returns home with her teenage twins. When she mysteriously vanishes, her children must reckon with a shadowy family legacy.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the thrilling episode 5 of “Curon,” viewers are plunged deeper into the eerie mysteries surrounding the cursed town. The story unfolds with a haunting flashback revealing the existence of Albert’s doppelganger, who had taken over his life after a tragic event involving his wife, Anna. The episode delves into the dark secrets kept by Klara, who had been concealing the truth for years out of love for Albert.

As the plot thickens, Anna returns to Curon with her teenage twins, Daria and Mauro, only to mysteriously disappear, leaving her children to confront a sinister family legacy. Valeria Bilello shines in her role as Anna, alongside an ensemble cast that brings this supernatural horror series to life. The spine-chilling tale is masterfully crafted by head writer Ezio Abbate, known for his work on “Suburra,” promising a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The premise of “Curon” centers around the return of the Raina twins to their mother’s hometown, a small and ominous village in Northern Italy. The town of Curon is steeped in a dark legend, where the tolling of church bells foretells imminent death, and doppelgangers emerge from the depths of the lake to wreak havoc on the living. This chilling backdrop sets the stage for a series of unexplained events that unravel the town’s sinister past.

Based on the real legend of the submerged town of Curon in South Tyrol, the series captures the eerie atmosphere of the Italian village, where ancient curses and supernatural forces converge. The captivating storyline weaves together elements of mystery, suspense, and family drama, drawing viewers into a world where the line between reality and the paranormal blurs.

With a strong cast led by Valeria Bilello and a talented team of creators including Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi, and Tommaso Matano, “Curon” offers a compelling blend of supernatural intrigue and emotional depth. The series is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful thrillers and supernatural dramas, delivering a gripping narrative that will leave audiences eagerly anticipating each new twist and turn.

Experience the haunting allure of “Curon” as it unravels the dark secrets of a cursed town and the chilling legacy that binds its inhabitants. Dive into a world where the past haunts the present, and doppelgangers lurk in the shadows, waiting to exact their sinister revenge. Prepare to be captivated by the mysteries of Curon and the supernatural forces that shape its residents’ fates.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Valeria Bilello, Luca Lionello, Federico Russo, Margherita Morchio, Anna Ferzetti, Alessandro Tedeschi, Juju Di Domenico, Giulio Brizzi, Max Malatesta

Movie Casting:

Actor Role
Valeria Bilello Anna Raina
Luca Lionello Thomas
Margherita Morchio Daria Raina
Federico Russo Mauro
Juju Di Domenico Micki Asper
Giulio Brizzi Giulio Asper
Alessandro Tedeschi Albert Asper
Luca Castellano Lukas

💬 Reviews and feedback

Are you ready to dive into the mysterious village of Curon, where family secrets and supernatural forces collide like a tumultuous Italian opera? Imagine a blend of intrigue, drama, and a touch of the paranormal all set against the picturesque backdrop of Italy. Welcome to Curon TV Show, where the past comes back to haunt in ways that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Curon is like a fine Italian espresso – dark, intense, with layers of flavors waiting to be unraveled. The plot revolves around a mother who returns to Curon with her teenage twins after 17 years, only to vanish mysteriously. As her children delve into the shadowy family legacy and face chilling encounters with doppelgängers and town demons, the suspense grips you tighter than a plate of spaghetti twirled around a fork.

  • Plot: The storyline is intriguing and keeps you hooked from start to finish. The elements of mystery and supernatural occurrences add an extra layer of suspense that will leave you guessing until the very end. While some might find it lacking that ‘wow’ factor, the overall narrative is well-crafted and engaging.
  • Acting and Characters: The performances by the cast, especially Valeria Bilello as Anna Rainas, are top-notch. Each character brings depth and complexity to the story, making you emotionally invested in their journey through the eerie streets of Curon.
  • Direction: The direction maintains a perfect balance between building tension and delivering shocking twists. The eerie atmosphere is expertly crafted to keep viewers at the edge of their seats throughout each episode.
  • Cinematography: Filmed in Curon Venosta, Alto Adige, Italy, the stunning landscapes serve as both a breathtaking backdrop and an ominous setting for the unfolding mysteries. The visual appeal adds another layer of depth to the storytelling.
  • Production Design: The production design captures the essence of a small Italian village shrouded in secrets impeccably. From ancient buildings to misty forests, every detail contributes to creating a palpable sense of foreboding.
  • Special Effects: While not relying heavily on CGI extravaganzas, Curon effectively uses subtle special effects to enhance its supernatural elements without overshadowing character development or plot progression.
  • Editing & Pace: The pace is steady yet gripping, allowing for character development while maintaining suspense throughout. The editing seamlessly weaves together past and present events, keeping viewers engaged without overwhelming them with unnecessary details.

Binge-watching Tips: Keep hazelnuts handy while watching Curon – you never know when they might come in handy! Also, pay attention to mirrors; they might reveal more than just reflections in this eerie tale!

If you’re a fan of shows like “Stranger Things” or “Dark,” then Curon should definitely be on your watchlist. It offers a unique blend of family drama, supernatural mystery, and small-town secrets that will leave you craving for more.

In conclusion, Curon is like an Italian gelato – chillingly satisfying with just the right amount of darkness sprinkled over its captivating storyline. So grab your popcorn (or hazelnuts) and immerse yourself in this intriguing world where family ties are tested by forces beyond comprehension!

Ratings: 8/10

Pros Cons
Good and watchable series Nothing exceptionally wow in the storyline
Engaging plot with mysterious elements Some viewers may find it too dark
Well-paced episodes for binge-watching More of a teen drama than a horror series
Strong character-driven narrative Supernatural curse may not appeal to all horror fans
Beautiful filming locations in Italy Some may find the series too dry at times


  • Curon - Wikipedia

    Curonis an Italian supernatural drama television series created by Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi, and Tommaso Matano for Netflix. The series stars Valeria Bilello and Luca Lionello.

    Created by
    • Ezio Abbate
    • Ivano Fachin
    • Giovanni Galassi
    • Tommaso Matano
    Based on an original idea

    by Ivano FachinGiovanni GalassiTommaso Matano

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  • Curon (TV Series 2020) - Episode list - IMDb

    Top-ratedS1.E1 ∙ The Black LakeFri, Jun 5, 2020Seventeen years after being forced to leave by her father, Anna returns with her teenage children, twins Daria and Mauro, to a hostile welcome in her hometown of Curon. .6.4/10 (265)Rate

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the Italian-language supernatural teen drama series “Curon,” the story revolves around Anna, who returns to her hometown with her children, Mauro and Daria, to uncover the truth behind her mother’s death, ruled as suicide. The plot thickens as Anna goes missing, leading her children on a quest filled with disturbing local legends that challenge their perceptions of the town.

In the ending of “Curon,” Mauro, Daria, Micki, and Giulio unite to rescue their real parents from their dangerous doppelgängers. As they navigate through the forest and a tunnel, they reach a bunker where Anna is held captive. In a tense confrontation, both Mauro and Daria encounter women resembling their mother, leading to a deadly struggle between the real and fake Anna. Tragically, both Annas are shot by Albert, with the real Anna succumbing to her wounds while the fake one escapes. The aftermath sees Mauro chasing the fake Anna, resulting in her fall off a mountain, and Thomas arriving to take his grandchildren home.

Meanwhile, Micki, Giulio, and their mother, another doppelgänger, depart for home, where they discover their true origins at the grave of the real Albert. The episode delves deeper into the mystery of the doppelgängers and the significance of the ringing bells, shedding light on the intricate web of relationships and identities in Curon.

The final episode raises questions about the nature of doppelgängers, their children, and the unexplored depths of the town’s legend. The revelation that replacements exist for killed doppelgängers adds layers of complexity to the narrative, hinting at a cycle of resurrection and uncertainty surrounding the characters’ fates. The series leaves viewers pondering the blurred lines between human and monster, the implications for the doppelgängers’ offspring, and the enigmatic origins of the town’s inhabitants.

With unresolved mysteries surrounding the dead in the tunnel and the true extent of doppelgänger presence in Curon, the ending of “Curon” leaves a haunting sense of intrigue and ambiguity, inviting speculation about the unseen forces at play in the town’s dark and twisted history.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

The TV show “Curon” has been rated with a maturity rating of 18+ by Netflix, indicating that it is suitable for adult audiences due to its content.

Parental Guide:

“Curon” is a TV horror series that delves into dark and supernatural themes, making it unsuitable for younger viewers. Here is a detailed parental guide to help you decide if this show is appropriate for your children:

Category Content
Sex & Nudity
  • The show contains minimal sexual content, with occasional romantic scenes.
  • There are no explicit nudity or sexual acts depicted.
Violence & Gore
  • Scenes of violence and gore are prevalent throughout the series.
  • There are depictions of murders, supernatural elements, and intense confrontations.
  • Mild to moderate profanity is used in some episodes.
  • Strong language is infrequent but present.

Considering the above content, “Curon” is recommended for adult viewers due to its mature themes and intense scenes. Parents should exercise caution when allowing teenagers to watch this series, as it may not be suitable for all audiences.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Curon TV show is available for streaming on Netflix. After 17 years, a woman returns home with her teenage twins. When she mysteriously vanishes, her children must reckon with a shadowy family legacy.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • The tale of two wolves is an old Cherokee legend that helps explain human nature by way of animal traits.
  • We're all capable of good and evil, love and hate, or even sympathy as well as revenge.
  • Season 1 of Netflix's Curon ends on a terrifying note as evil shadow doubles are coming, and occult rituals are ...
  • 'Curon' is an Italian-language supernatural teen drama that is set in a real town in Northern Italy.
  • The show uses the local legend to create a riveting mystery that expands the mythology of the show with every episode.
  • The series is definitely bingeable and has its appeal.
  • Netflix series CURON ending explained
    Nadja "HorrorDiva" Houmoller
  • ‘Curon’ is an Italian-language supernatural teen drama that is set in a real town in Northern Italy.
    Diksha Sundriyal

🤖Curon Reddit Talks

Curon: A Mysterious Italian Village with a Dark Curse

Curon, an Italian mystery-thriller series on Netflix, revolves around a mother’s return to her eerie hometown with her teenage twins. As her past experiences resurface, the family is haunted by a sinister curse tied to the village’s legend. The show has garnered mixed reactions, with some viewers praising its intriguing storyline and others expressing disappointment.

The Curse of Curon: Doppelgangers and Death

At the heart of Curon’s mystery lies an ancient curse. The legend foretells that when the church bells toll, it signals an imminent death. From the depths of the lake emerges a doppelgänger, a ghostly double of the doomed individual, seeking to claim their life. This chilling curse sets the stage for a series of unsettling events that unravel throughout the show.

The Vanished Mother and a Family’s Struggle

Anna, the mother, mysteriously vanishes, leaving her twins to confront their family’s shadowy past. As they delve deeper into the secrets of Curon, they uncover a web of deception and danger. Anna’s doppelgänger emerges, threatening the family’s safety and forcing them to confront their darkest fears.

Psychological Thriller or Supernatural Horror?

Viewers have debated whether Curon is primarily a psychological thriller or a supernatural horror series. While it undoubtedly has elements of both genres, the show leans more towards the psychological side. It explores the characters’ inner struggles, their fears, and the complexities of family dynamics. The supernatural elements, including the curse and the doppelgangers, serve as catalysts for these psychological explorations.

Mixed Reactions: Bingeable but Disappointing

Curon has received mixed reviews. Some viewers have found it to be a bingeable and suspenseful series, praising its atmosphere and intriguing plot. Others have expressed disappointment, criticizing the show’s predictable storyline and lack of originality. The curse, which initially piques curiosity, is seen by some as a convenient plot device that fails to deliver a satisfying resolution.

Influences and Comparisons

Comparisons have been drawn between Curon and other popular mystery-thriller shows, such as “Dark” and “Locke & Key.” While Curon shares similarities in its exploration of family secrets and supernatural elements, it carves out its own unique identity with its Italian setting and the haunting legend of the doppelgangers.

Overall, Curon is a show that explores the interplay between the supernatural and the psychological. While it may not be groundbreaking in terms of its plot, the show’s intriguing atmosphere and the mystery surrounding the curse of Curon make it a worthwhile watch for fans of the genre.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of Curon Netflix?

After 17 years, a woman returns home with her teenage twins. When she mysteriously vanishes, her children must reckon with a shadowy family legacy.

What happened to the mother in Curon?

In Curon, Anna’s doppelgänger confronts the real Anna, who is in chains but had escaped earlier and put the hazelnuts in the cake to alert her kids about the double. The real Anna realizes that her doppelgänger killed Anna’s mother and Thomas sent her away to keep her safe. Anna’s doppelgänger shoots Pietro.

Where was Curon filmed?

Curon was filmed in Curon Venosta, Alto Adige, Italy. Graun im Vinschgau (Curon Venosta) is a municipality located in South Tyrol in northern Italy. Filming also took place in the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region in the northern part of Italy.

Why are there doppelgangers in Curon?

In Curon, the legend and curse tell that when someone hears the ringing of the church bells, it signals that they will soon die. The curse is that the person’s doppelganger will emerge from the lake and will try to kill the real person.

What is Curon based on?

The series is based on the real legend surrounding the submerged town in Curon, South Tyrol, northern Italy. The town was dammed to produce hydro-electricity in 1950, and the series was shot in locations close to the area.

Is it worth watching Curon?

Curon is a mysterious village in Italy where a mother returns with her children, leading to haunting past experiences. The series is described as good and watchable, with a strong storyline, making it worth a watch for fans of the supernatural drama genre.

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