Dad’s Army (TV Show)

Title — Dad's Army
Available on — Britbox Apple TV Channel, BritBox, BritBox Amazon Channel
Production Country — United Kingdom
Release Date — 1977
This beloved sitcom follows the unlikely heroes of the volunteer British Home Guard as they prepare for German invasion in World War II.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

In the iconic British television sitcom “Dad’s Army,” viewers are transported back to the Second World War, where a group of Home Guard volunteers in the fictional seaside town of Walmington-on-Sea prepare for an imminent German invasion. Created by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, the series aired on BBC1 from 1968 to 1977, captivating audiences with its humor and heartwarming portrayal of these unlikely heroes.

The show follows the misadventures of a well-meaning but bumbling platoon of men who are ineligible for active service but serve as Britain’s “last line of defence.” Led by the pompous Captain Mainwaring, played by Arthur Lowe, the group includes the mild-mannered Sergeant Wilson, portrayed by John Le Mesurier, the jittery Corporal Jones, played by Clive Dunn, the philosophical Private Frazer, portrayed by John Laurie, and many other colorful characters.

Throughout the series, the men of the Home Guard face various challenges and comedic situations as they strive to protect their town from the threat of invasion. From training exercises gone awry to encounters with eccentric locals and visiting dignitaries, each episode is filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a touch of British resilience in the face of adversity.

As the show progresses, viewers witness the personal growth and development of the characters, from the unlikely friendships that form within the platoon to the moments of bravery and selflessness that emerge in times of crisis. Despite their quirks and shortcomings, the men of Dad’s Army exemplify the indomitable spirit of the British people during wartime.

Over the course of nine series and 80 episodes, “Dad’s Army” became a beloved classic, attracting audiences of up to 18 million viewers and earning critical acclaim, including a BAFTA Award. The show’s enduring popularity led to the production of a feature film in 1971, a stage adaptation, and a radio version based on the original television scripts.

As the final episode of “Dad’s Army” aired, fans bid farewell to their favorite characters, including the lovable Corporal Jones who falls in love and decides to marry. The show’s legacy endures as a tribute to the real-life Home Guard volunteers who played a crucial role in defending Britain during the war.

Despite facing challenges such as illness among the cast members and the loss of key actors like Edward Sinclair, the spirit of “Dad’s Army” lives on in the hearts of viewers around the world. The show’s blend of humor, nostalgia, and wartime heroism continues to resonate with audiences, reminding us of the courage and camaraderie that defined a generation.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn, John Laurie, Arnold Ridley, Ian Lavender, James Beck, Bill Pertwee

Movie Casting:

Actor Role
Arthur Lowe Captain Mainwaring
Ian Lavender Private Pike
John Le Mesurier Sergeant Wilson
Clive Dunn Lance Corporal Jones
James Beck Private Walker
Arnold Ridley Private Godfrey
Frank Williams Reverend Timothy Farthing
John Laurie Private Frazer

💬 Reviews and feedback

Welcome to the comedic battlefield of Dad’s Army, where the only casualties are your sides splitting from laughter! If sitcoms were soldiers, this timeless classic would be the valiant Captain Mainwaring leading the charge against dull TV shows.

Imagine a group of mismatched characters coming together to form a quirky and lovable platoon ready to take on any absurdity that comes their way. That’s Dad’s Army in a nutshell, a show that not only tickles your funny bone but also warms your heart with its simple yet endearing humor.

From the rich, entertaining, and above all, very funny scripts crafted by the veteran duo of David Croft and Jimmy Perry, to the impeccable performances by the stellar cast led by Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring, every episode is a comedic gem waiting to be unearthed.

The camaraderie between characters like John Le Mesurier and Clive Dunn adds depth and charm to the show, making you feel like part of their eccentric family. Despite behind-the-scenes squabbles and challenges, the chemistry on screen is undeniable, drawing audiences in like moths to a flame.

Even though producer David Croft had his hands full trying to get Lowe to learn his lines (after all, who wouldn’t want to separate work from life?), the end result was pure comedic gold that resonated with viewers across generations.

Themes and Tone:

  • Themes: Dad’s Army beautifully captures themes of camaraderie, resilience, and humor in the face of adversity. The blend of wartime setting with light-hearted comedy creates a unique backdrop for exploring friendship and loyalty.
  • Tone: The tone of Dad’s Army strikes a perfect balance between wit and warmth. The jokes are cleverly woven into heartfelt moments, leaving you chuckling one minute and reaching for tissues the next.

Acting and Characters:

  • Acting: The stellar performances by Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring, John Le Mesurier as Sergeant Wilson, Clive Dunn as Corporal Jones, and the rest of the cast breathe life into their characters with impeccable comic timing and genuine chemistry.
  • Characters: Each character in Dad’s Army is a delightful caricature brimming with quirks and idiosyncrasies. From Mainwaring’s pompous yet endearing leadership to Jones’ infamous “Don’t panic!” catchphrase, every character adds a unique flavor to the ensemble.

Cinematography and Production Design:

  • Cinematography: While Dad’s Army may not boast elaborate special effects or grand visuals, its simple yet effective cinematography captures the essence of quaint English countryside settings with charm and authenticity.
  • Production Design: The attention to detail in recreating wartime Britain through sets, costumes, and props is commendable. Every scene exudes nostalgia for a bygone era while maintaining a timeless appeal.

Binge-watching Tips:

If you’re planning a Dad’s Army marathon (and why wouldn’t you?), here are some tips:

  • Dress code: Channel your inner Home Guard member with tweed jackets and khaki trousers for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Squad goals: Gather your own platoon of friends or family for a laughter-filled binge session that’ll leave you quoting catchphrases for days!

In conclusion, Dad’s Army isn’t just a TV show; it’s a nostalgic journey back in time filled with laughter, camaraderie, and timeless humor. So grab your tea ration, cozy up on the sofa with your troops (or pets), and embark on an adventure with Captain Mainwaring & Co. You won’t regret enlisting in this hilarious escapade!

Ratings: 9/10

Pros Cons
Rich and entertaining scripts Casts’ squabbles on set
Simple and warm humor Challenges with lead actor learning lines
Charming and inoffensive Lead actors had issues with the script
High viewership and international popularity Lead actor reluctance to take scripts home
Well-loved by audiences Low audience demand in Germany


  • Dad's Army - Wikipedia

    Dad’s Armyis a British television sitcom about the United Kingdom’s Home Guard during the Second World War. It was written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, and originally broadcast on BBC1 from 31 July 1968 to 13 November 1977. It ran for nine series and 80 episodes in total; a feature film released in 1971, a stage show and a radio version based on the television scripts were also produced. The series regularly gained audiences of 18 million viewers and is still shown internationally.

    Dad’s Army
    Created by Jimmy Perry
    Written by Jimmy Perry

    David Croft

  • Dad's Army (TV Series 1968-1977) - IMDb


    Dad’s Army

    • TV Series
    • 1968–1977
    • 30m

    A ragtag group of Home Guard volunteers prepare for an imminent German invasion during World War II.A ragtag group of Home Guard volunteers prepare for an imminent German invasion during World War II.A ragtag group of Home Guard volunteers prepare for an imminent German invasion during World War II.

    • Won 1 BAFTA Award
      • 3 wins & 9 nominations total


  • Dad's army - all episodes in order - YouTube

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the iconic British TV sitcom “Dad’s Army,” viewers are taken back to the Second World War, where the series follows the escapades of the United Kingdom’s Home Guard. This group of local volunteers, ineligible for regular military service due to age, medical reasons, or exempt professions, forms the heart of the show. The platoon, affectionately dubbed “Dad’s Army” due to the older age of its members, is led by the bumbling but well-intentioned Captain Mainwaring, played by Arthur Lowe.

The cast is a delightful mix of seasoned British actors, including Arnold Ridley, John Laurie, and John Le Mesurier, alongside younger talents like Ian Lavender and Clive Dunn, who paradoxically portrays the oldest guardsman, Lance Corporal Jones. The ensemble is rounded out by characters like the vicar, verger, and chief ARP warden, creating a rich tapestry of personalities that bring both humor and heart to the series.

Throughout its nine series and 80 episodes, “Dad’s Army” became a cultural phenomenon, with catchphrases like Captain Mainwaring’s “You stupid boy!” entering the lexicon of British popular culture. The show’s impact was further solidified by its characters, with Captain Mainwaring ranking 21st on Channel 4’s list of the 100 Greatest TV Characters and the series itself placing fourth in the BBC’s search for Britain’s Best Sitcom.

Tragically, the show faced a somber moment when James Beck, who portrayed Private Joe Walker, passed away during the production of the sixth series in 1973. Beck’s absence led to changes in the show, marking a shift in the dynamics of the platoon. Despite this loss, “Dad’s Army” continued to captivate audiences with its blend of humor, camaraderie, and timeless charm, ensuring its enduring legacy in the world of television.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating: Dad’s Army TV Show is rated TV-G, suitable for all ages.

Parental Guide:

Sex & Nudity:

The show contains very mild and infrequent references to relationships and flirtation. There is no nudity or explicit sexual content throughout the series.

Violence & Gore:

The violence in Dad’s Army is very mild and mostly comedic in nature. It includes slapstick comedy, characters falling over, and mild action sequences. There is no graphic violence or gore depicted in the show.


There is occasional use of mild language such as “bloody” and “damn,” but no strong profanity or vulgar language is present in the series.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

Some scenes may depict characters drinking alcohol in social settings, but there is no drug use or smoking shown in the series.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

The show is a comedy set during World War II and does not contain any frightening or intense scenes. The humor is light-hearted and family-friendly throughout.

Overall Parental Guidance:

Dad’s Army TV Show is a classic British sitcom that is suitable for viewers of all ages. It offers an entertaining and light-hearted look at the Home Guard during World War II, with no content that would be unsuitable for children. Parents can feel comfortable watching this show with their families.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Britbox Apple TV Channel Watch Dad’s Army streaming online on Britbox Apple TV Channel
BritBox Watch Dad’s Army streaming online on BritBox
BritBox Amazon Channel Watch Dad’s Army streaming online on BritBox Amazon Channel

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • There's a war on, Dad.
  • Oh, I wondered what the noise was.
    Jones' Dad
  • I am making notes, Captain, and your name will go on the list; and when we win the war you will ...
  • I could have sworn that they would never break through the Maginot line.
    Cpt. George Mainwaring
  • Quite right sir, they didn't.
    Sgt. Arthur Wilson
  • I thought now. I'm a pretty good judge of these matters you know Wilson.
    Cpt. George Mainwaring
  • They went round the side.
    Sgt. Arthur Wilson
  • I see... they what!
    Cpt. George Mainwaring
  • They went ...
  • I could have sworn that they would never break through the Maginot line.
    Cpt. George Mainwaring
  • Quite right sir, they didn't.
    Sgt. Arthur Wilson
  • I thought now. I'm a pretty good judge of these matters you know Wilson.
    Cpt. George Mainwaring
  • They went round the side.
    Sgt. Arthur Wilson

🤖Dad's Army Reddit Talks

Dad’s Army TV Show

Dad’s Army, a beloved British sitcom, has captured the hearts of audiences for decades. However, behind the laughter, there are some intriguing stories and discussions surrounding the show.

One of the most frequently asked questions is why the show was canceled. Sadly, the answer lies in the declining health of several key cast members. Arthur Lowe, who played Captain Mainwaring, suffered from narcolepsy, while John Le Mesurier (Sergeant Wilson) had cirrhosis of the liver. Additionally, John Laurie (Private Frazer) struggled with emphysema and memory problems. Following the passing of Edward Sinclair (Private Godfrey), Arthur Lowe declared that there would be no more “Dad’s Army.”

Another interesting topic is the wartime service of the cast and crew. Surprisingly, two of the actors, John Laurie and James Beck (Private Walker), had served in the First World War. Other members of the team also had wartime experiences: Jimmy Perry (co-writer) made parts for Spitfires, David Croft (co-writer) was in the army of occupation in Japan, and Arnold Ridley (Private Godfrey) flew in Lancaster bombers.

Dad’s Army has gained popularity beyond British borders, but its reception in Germany is somewhat muted. Parrot Analytics reports that the audience demand for the show in Germany is only 0.1 times that of the average TV series in the last 30 days.

One character who has sparked curiosity is Pike, played by Ian Lavender. Despite the war effort, Pike remains in his civilian job as a bank clerk. This is attributed to his rare blood group, which exempts him from being called up to the regular army.

Among fans, there is much debate about the best episodes of Dad’s Army. Some favor episodes with elaborate plots, while others appreciate the more character-driven storylines. Regardless of preference, the show’s enduring humor and memorable characters continue to entertain audiences.

The writing team behind Dad’s Army has also garnered praise. Their ability to craft clever and timeless jokes has ensured the show’s lasting appeal. Many fans believe that the writers were true geniuses, capable of creating humor that transcends generations.

Despite its age, Dad’s Army remains relevant and enjoyable. Its themes of camaraderie, resilience, and the absurdity of war continue to resonate with viewers today. Whether you’re a long-time fan or discovering the show for the first time, there’s no denying the enduring charm of Dad’s Army.

Top discussions

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Why did they stop making Dad’s Army?

Following the death of Edward Sinclair, Arthur Lowe mentioned there would be no more episodes of “Dad’s Army”. The final episode was intentionally crafted as the series finale.

Did Dad’s Army cast get along?

Producer David Croft observed that the cast of Dad’s Army faced occasional conflicts during filming. Lowe’s reluctance to take scripts home led to challenges in learning lines.

Did any of Dad’s Army cast serve in the war?

Two cast members had served in the First World War. Additionally, other team members contributed to wartime efforts, building a diverse background for the “Dad’s Army” creators.

Why was Dad’s Army cancelled?

Health challenges affected key cast members, including narcolepsy, cirrhosis, and memory issues, leading to the decision to end the show. Edward Sinclair’s passing also influenced the show’s conclusion.

How many of the original cast of Dad’s Army are still alive?

With the recent passing of Ian Lavender and Frank Williams, there are no surviving main cast members left. The enduring legacy of the show continues despite the original cast members no longer being with us.

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