Dark Places (Movie)

Title — Dark Places
Available on — Hulu, Prime Video
Production Country — United States, United Kingdom, France
Release Date — 2015
Years after surviving a brutal crime as a child, Libby Day comes to believe that the brother she testified against for committing it may be innocent.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“Dark Places” is a gripping drama directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn. The story follows a woman named Libby who survived the brutal murder of her mother and sisters on their family farm, with her brother Ben being convicted of the crime. Years later, Libby is contacted by a club interested in solving mysterious murders, prompting her to confront her traumatic past and question the truth behind her family’s tragedy.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers are drawn into a web of secrets and lies, with flashbacks and interviews gradually revealing the shocking truth behind the murders. The film delves deep into themes of betrayal, loss, and the complexities of family dynamics, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats until the final poignant revelation.

Charlize Theron delivers a powerful performance as Libby, portraying a character haunted by her past and struggling to come to terms with the devastating events that shaped her life. The film’s atmospheric cinematography by Barry Ackroyd and evocative score by BT and Gregory Tripi enhance the eerie and suspenseful tone of the story.

“Dark Places” is a thought-provoking mystery thriller that explores the ripple effects of tragedy and the enduring impact of unresolved trauma. It invites viewers to reflect on the choices we make and the consequences they carry, highlighting the complexities of human nature and the blurred lines between truth and perception.

🧑 Cast & Crew

Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Chloë Grace Moretz, Tye Sheridan, Sterling Jerins, Corey Stoll, Christina Hendricks, Drea de Matteo, Sean Bridgers, Andrea Roth

Actor Role
Charlize Theron Libby Day
Sterling Jerins Young Libby Day
Nicholas Hoult Lyle Wirth
Christina Hendricks Patty Day
Corey Stoll Ben Day
Tye Sheridan Young Ben Day
Andrea Roth Diondra Wertzner
Chloë Grace Moretz Young Diondra Wertzner
Sean Bridgers Runner Day
J. LaRose Trey Teepano
Shannon Kook Young Trey Teepano
Natalie Precht Michelle Day
Madison McGuire Debby Day
Jennifer Pierce Mathus Diane
Denise Williamson Crystal
Jeff Chase Calvin Diehl
Drea de Matteo Krissi Cates
Addy Miller Young Krissi Cates
Dan Hewitt Owens Robert
Glenn Morshower Jim Jeffreys

💬 Reviews and feedback

Imagine a world where books and movies are like long-lost siblings, separated at birth only to be reunited in a glorious display of storytelling magic. That’s precisely the case with “Dark Places,” a movie that stays true to its literary origins like a loyal pet following its master.

Now, let’s dive into the dark abyss of this film without spoiling any surprises for you!

Plot and Themes:

“Dark Places” delves into the life of Libby, portrayed by the talented Charlize Theron, who is scarred by her past and estranged from her brother. The narrative unfolds like a twisted maze, keeping you on edge with its dark themes of murder, family secrets, and redemption.

Acting and Characters:

The casting in this movie is as spot-on as hitting the bullseye in a game of darts. Charlize Theron shines in her role, bringing depth and complexity to the character of Libby. Corey Stoll delivers a haunting performance as the incarcerated brother, adding layers to the story’s emotional intensity.

Direction and Cinematography:

Gilles Paquet-Brenner’s direction captures the somber tone of the story impeccably. The cinematography plunges you into the bleak world of “Dark Places,” with each frame oozing tension and mystery.

Production Design and Special Effects:

The production design creates an eerie atmosphere that lingers long after the credits roll. From dimly lit interiors to desolate landscapes, every visual element enhances the film’s ominous vibe. The special effects, though subtle, add a chilling touch to key moments.

Editing and Pace:

The editing keeps the narrative tight, smoothly transitioning between past and present timelines. The pace might feel slow at times, akin to waiting for that kettle to boil for your much-needed caffeine fix. However, it builds suspense effectively.

Dialogues and Score:

The dialogues cut through the silence like a sharp knife, revealing hidden truths and character motivations. The score complements the dark ambiance of the movie, setting an ominous backdrop for each scene.

Binge-watching Tip:

  • Keep your detective hat on while watching “Dark Places” to unravel its intricate mysteries along with the characters.

As you ponder whether to venture into these shadowy realms or not, remember that sometimes darkness holds secrets worth discovering. So grab your popcorn and brace yourself for a thrilling ride!

Rating: 8/10

In conclusion, “Dark Places” isn’t just a movie; it’s an experience that grips your soul like quicksand—dark yet captivating in its own right. So dare to explore these haunting realms on screen—you might just uncover hidden treasures amidst all the shadows!

Pros Cons
Stays true to the book Uncertain identity of the film
Well-done casting Lifeless and emotionless drama
Attention to original book Verges on the silly at times
Dark and twisty plot Some viewers may find it too dark
No true story basis Not as impactful as Gone Girl
Engaging social commentary Unclear screenplay at times
Well-developed characters Heavy on character-based elements
Triggering themes handled well Creaky satanic mystery adaptation
Strong performance by Charlize Theron Comparisons to other similar movies


  • Dark Places (2015 film) - Wikipedia

    Dark Placesis a 2015 American mystery film written and directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, based on Gillian Flynn’s 2009 novel of the same name and stars Charlize Theron, Christina Hendricks, Nicholas Hoult, and Chloë Grace Moretz.

    Dark Places
    Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner
    Screenplay by Gilles Paquet-Brenner
    Based on Dark Places

    by Gillian Flynn

  • Dark Places (2015) - Plot - IMDb

    • Libby Day was only eight years old when her family was brutally murdered in their rural Kansas farmhouse. Almost thirty years later, she reluctantly agrees to revisit the crime and uncovers the wrenching truths that led up to that tragic night.
    • Libby Day survived the massacre of her family in their farmhouse in the Kansas countryside when she was eight, and has been existing on donations and lectures ever since. 30 years ago, the police believed that a satanic cult was responsible for the murder of her mother and two sisters, and her brother Ben was convicted with her testimony in court. However, when acquaintance Lyle Wirth invites Libby to visit “The Kill Club”, where amateurs investigate famous crimes, she finds that they believe Ben is innocent. Libby needs money, so she accepts to revisit the slaughter of her family, and she faces up to the painful revelations and the ultimate truth.—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • As the sole survivor of the Kinnakee massacre back in 1985 which cost her entire family, Libby Day convinced that her brother Ben dabbles with the occult, names him as the deranged killer, sending him, consequently, in prison. Eventually, almost thirty years after the ghastly incident, Libby embittered and nearly broke, she will inevitably accept the offer of Lyle Wirth, a “True Crime Club” member, to share her side of the story at their annual meeting. However, Libby by digging deep into her traumatic past, she will begin to doubt her brother’s guilt, furthermore, not only will she realise that the real murderer may still be on the loose but also that even though there can be more than one sides to a story, the truth has only one.—Nick Riganas
    • Libby Day (Theron) was only eight years old when her mother and two sisters were brutally murdered in their rural Kansas farmhouse. In court, she pointed the finger at her brother Ben (Sheridan), and her testimony put the troubled 16-year-old in prison for life. Twenty-five years later, Libby appears at a gathering of true-crime aficionados, led by Lyle Wirth (Hoult), and is shocked to learn most of them believe Ben is innocent and the real killer is still at large.
    • In 1985 in Kinnakee, Kansas, Libby Day is the sole survivor of the massacre of her mother and two sisters. Responding to the police’s leading questions, she tells them that her brother Ben (Sheridan) committed the crime. In the present day, Libby (Theron) has made a living from donations sent by strangers to the little girl they saw on the news. With donations drying up, she is hard up for cash when she is approached by Lyle Wirth (Hoult) to make a personal appearance at his “True Crime” club. She agrees to go and answer questions about her past for $700.Back in 1985, Ben comes to the breakfast table with his hair dyed black. He has a tense relationship with his mother Patty (Hendricks) and his eldest sister Michelle, who taunts Ben about being a loner and rumors about him at school. Ben hangs out with a Satanist bookie named Trey Teepano. Meanwhile, their mother Patty is told that her farm is being foreclosed on, despite her best efforts to stay afloat.At Wirth’s club, Libby learns that most of the members believe her brother Ben is innocent. His conviction was based on Libby’s testimony. Still believing that Ben is guilty, Libby nevertheless agrees to work with the club in return for much needed money. Urged by Wirth to visit Ben in prison, Libby’s curiosity about what motivated him to kill their family prods her to keep researching the case.Prior to the murders, Ben was planning to run away with his pregnant girlfriend Diondra (Moretz). Meanwhile, several young girls have accused Ben of molesting them. When Patty is informed of the charges, she visits the home of the chief accuser Krissi Cates, whose father is irate and looking to harm Ben. Patty is distraught by the accusations and feels that she has failed her kids. Back home, their father Runner (Bridgers) is waiting for Patty. He needs money to skip town because he owes Trey more than he can repay. He is violent and abusive towards Patty. He attempts to rip her heirloom ruby necklace off her neck but, unable to do so, he abuses her and steals money from her wallet.In the present, Libby tracks down Runner to an abandoned factory where he lives with other homeless addicts. He tells her about Diondra’s pregnancy. Libby also locates Krissi Cates (Matteo), who eventually confesses that she made up the molestation accusations against Ben.Meanwhile in 1985, Patty is informed by a friend with the Farmers Home Administration that he might have a solution to her problems. She meets with a stranger in the middle of the night who says that he can help her. It later turns out that he is Calvin Diehl, a serial killer known as the Angel of Debt, who murders people so that they can collect on their life insurance policies. Patty goes home and hides some money for Diehl.At the same time, Diondra finds out about the accusations against Ben and convinces him to flee with her immediately. They go to Ben’s house to steal some money. Michelle overhears them talking and threatens to tell on them. Diondra viciously attacks Michelle and starts to choke her. Diehl has also entered the house. In the hallway, he stabs Patty. When her middle daughter rushes out of the bedroom to get help for Michelle, Diehl grabs the family shotgun and kills the young girl. The shot distracts Ben from his effort to protect Michelle. While he goes to see what has happened, Diondra kills Michelle.In the present, Libby finds Diondra and the daughter she had with Ben. She finds her mother’s ruby necklace in Diondra’s bathroom and realizes she is in danger. Diondra’s daughter attacks her, but she manages to escape the house. She finds out about Diehl’s involvement from Wirth, whose club has been working on the Angel of Debt case. Libby visits Ben again in prison, and they apologize to each other. She realizes he was trying to protect his unborn daughter by taking the rap for the murder of his mother and his sisters. A news report confirms that Diondra has been arrested. Libby returns to look at the family farm where she grew up. Ben is exonerated and released from prison while Libby states that she doesn’t intend to press charges against Diondra’s daughter who has yet to be found as she understands her actions.


  • Dark Places movie review & film summary (2015) | Roger Ebert

    Gillian Flynn’s script for David Fincher’s incredible adaptation of “Gone Girl” was a master class in genre, taking an admittedly ridiculous, twisting and turning narrative and making its plot holes forgivable through sheer force of entertainment value. It makes sense that another of Flynn’s novels, the sinister “Dark Places,” would get the cinematic treatment as well, although this failed exercise could be used comparatively with “Gone Girl” as a What Not to Do cinematic lesson. Whereas Fincher and Flynn brought style and flair to the saga of Amazing Amy, writer/director Gilles Paquet-Brenner presents a drab, dull, uninspired affair, enlivened only slightly by the talented cast assembled. Failing to find a visual language for the piece that reaches beyond a Lifetime TV Movie and adapting the material in such a way that makes her protagonist largely inactive in her own story, Paquet-Brenner only makes the already-underrated “Gone Girl” look even more accomplished.

  • Dark Places (2015) | Rotten Tomatoes

    Dark Placeshas a strong cast and bestselling source material, but none of it adds up to more than a mediocre thriller that gets tripped up on its own twists.

    Dark PlacesWhere to WatchDark Places

    Rent Dark Places on Fandango at Home, Prime Video, Apple TV, or buy it on Fandango at Home, Prime Video, Apple TV.

    What to KnowCritics ReviewsAudience ReviewsMy RatingCast & Crew

    Gilles Paquet-BrennerDirectorCharlize TheronLibby DayNicholas HoultLyleChloë Grace MoretzDiondraTye SheridanYoung Ben DaySterling JerinsYoung Libby

  • Dark Places (2015) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

    Dark Places (2015)Full Cast & CrewDirected by

    Gilles Paquet-Brenner

    Writing Credits

    Gilles Paquet-Brenner (written for the screen by) and
    Gillian Flynn (novel)

    Cast (in credits order) verified as completeProduced by

    Tobin Armbrust executive producer
    Jason Babiszewski co-producer
    Jennifer Berman co-producer
    Azim Bolkiah producer
    Alexander Yves Brunner executive producer (as Alex Brunner)
    Cesar Canavati co-executive producer
    Gabby Canton co-producer
    David Chidekel co-executive producer: Sleepydog Ltd.
    A.J. Dix producer
    Guy East executive producer
    Matthias Ehrenberg executive producer
    Carlos Garcia de Paredes co-executive producer
    Matt Jackson producer
    Nancy Kirhoffer post production producer
    Ricardo Kleinbaum co-executive producer
    Beth Kono producer
    José Levy executive producer
    Jillian Longnecker executive producer
    Stéphane Marsil producer
    Toby Moores executive producer
    Joanne Podmore associate producer
    Matthew Rhodes producer
    Jeff Rice executive producer
    Wendy Rutland co-executive producer: Sleepydog Ltd.
    Osvaldo Ríos executive producer (as Osvaldo Rios)
    Peter Safran executive producer
    Cathy Schulman producer
    Nigel Sinclair executive producer
    Ginger Sledge executive producer
    Charlize Theron producer
    Nicolas Veinberg executive producer
    Rob Weston executive producer
    Rhian Williams associate producer

    Music by

    BT (music by)
    Gregory Tripi (score by)

    Cinematography by

    Barry Ackroyd director of photography

    Editing by

    Douglas Crise
    Billy Fox

    Casting By

    Carmen Cuba

    Production Design by

    Laurence Bennett

    Art Direction by

    Daniel Turk

    Set Decoration by

    Linda Lee Sutton (uncredited)

    Costume Design by

    April Napier

    Makeup Department

    Lawrnell Bell-Rattler key hair stylist
    Timothy Blackburn hair stylist
    Erica Brunson key makeup artist
    Jacenda Burkett makeup department head
    Erin Killelea-Moreau hair stylist (uncredited)
    Adruitha Lee hair department head
    Ashley M. Clark additional makeup (uncredited)
    Jason Collins special make up effects designer: Autonomous F/X, Inc. (uncredited)
    Lee Gren graphic designer specialty tattoos: Tinsley Studio (uncredited)
    Elvis Jones special makeup effects: Autonomous FX South (uncredited)
    Ashley Levy makeup artist (uncredited)

    Production Management

    Sarah J. Donohue production supervisor
    Nancy Kirhoffer post-production supervisor (uncredited)

    Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

    James Nimmers second second assistant director
    Vincent Palmo Jr. first assistant director
    Kathleen Tull second assistant director

    Art Department

    Dave Akes propmaker (as David Akes)
    Robert Allison propmaker
    Brooke Arata props production assistant
    Anthony Ardizzone painter (as Tony Ardizzone)
    Genny Bamburg lead scenic (as Genevieve Bamburg)
    Kevin Blosser assistant property master
    William Bolton III set dresser (as William Bolton)
    Kenneth Brown construction buyer
    Daniel Coe construction coordinator
    Jonathan R. Corn propmaker (as Jonathan Corn)
    Howard East art: pickup
    Shelby Gillen buyer
    Jason Hammond property master
    Kerry Hardy paint foreman
    Trinity B. Hardy painter (as Trinity Hardy)
    Joey Heath propmaker
    Michael Hendrick set dresser
    John Jackson painter
    Edgar Jerins photographs: Sterling Jerins
    Phillip Joffrion set dresser
    Kyle King tool laborer
    Crystal Lynn Leonard painter
    Ernest J. Levron III set dresser
    Jacob Mangum propmaker
    Joel Mangum propmaker
    Robert Metts propmaker
    Howard Middlebrook Jr. gangboss (as Howard Middlebrook)
    Corey Parker on-set dresser
    Jed Pendergrass art department coordinator (as Jared Pendergrass)
    Brooke Peters set designer
    Todd Pittman painter
    Tracy Plunkett standby painter (as Tracye Plunkett)
    Sanford Putch III propmaker (as Sanford Futch III)
    Hannah May Roark prop buyer
    Adam Robbins propmaker
    John Eric Seay general foreman (as John Seay)
    David Sessum III propmaker
    David Sessum Jr. propmaker (as Bubba Sessum Jr.)
    Phil Shirey leadman
    Hal Smith painter
    Tyler Standen graphic designer
    Michael Thibodeaux set dresser
    Michael B. Todd painter (as Michael Todd)
    Richard Todd painter
    Cary Whitaker set dresser
    Jason Wilson propmaker
    Russell Wilson propmaker
    Michael Wynn painter (as Michael David Wynn)
    Kathryn Yingling graphic designer
    Jennifer Benton set dresser (uncredited)
    Patrick Calabrese set dresser (uncredited)
    Josue Clotaire Fleurimond conceptual designer (uncredited)
    Joey Kent set dresser (uncredited)
    Christopher Lee Moore props (uncredited)
    John Navarro assistant property master (uncredited)
    Ava Palmo art department intern

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the movie “Dark Places,” based on the gripping psychological thriller novel by Gillian Flynn, viewers are taken on a haunting journey through the life of the protagonist, Libby Day. The story revolves around Libby’s quest to uncover the truth behind the murder of her family, leading to a shocking revelation at the climax.

The movie culminates in a surprising twist where Libby, played by the talented Charlize Theron, discovers the true identity of the murderer. Throughout the film, Libby grapples with her traumatic past and starts to doubt the accuracy of her testimony that led to her brother, Ben Day, being wrongfully convicted for the murders of their mother and sisters.

As Libby delves deeper into her memories and investigates further, she realizes that her brother Ben is, in fact, innocent. The real killer is revealed to be a man named Runner, who was part of a satanic cult that her mother was involved with. The cult members, including Runner, committed the heinous crime as a ritualistic sacrifice.

Libby’s journey to uncover the truth leads to a climactic confrontation with Runner, where she faces the harsh reality of her own role in the tragedy. She confronts the guilt of sending an innocent man to prison and the inner turmoil that follows. However, she also finds the strength to bring the real culprits to justice, ultimately finding a sense of closure amidst the chaos.

The movie not only delves into the murder mystery but also explores themes of unreliable memory, survivor’s guilt, and the psychological aftermath of a traumatic event. The characters in the film, including Libby and Ben Day, are portrayed with intricate flaws and moral ambiguity, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.

Furthermore, “Dark Places” sheds light on the phenomenon of “Satanic Panic” that swept the United States in the 1980s, drawing inspiration from real-life cases like the West Memphis Three. The exploration of poverty and deprivation in the story adds a gritty realism, making the narrative both compelling and thought-provoking.

As viewers follow Libby’s journey through the dark and twisted aspects of human nature, they are kept on the edge of their seats until the shocking truth is finally unveiled. The movie’s intricate plot, complex characters, and intense revelations make “Dark Places” a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers and mystery dramas.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

Dark Places movie is rated R by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) for some disturbing violence, language, drug use, and sexual content. The content of the movie may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 17.

Parental Guide:

Dark Places contains elements that may not be appropriate for all audiences, especially younger viewers. Here is a breakdown of the content:

  • Violence:
    • Includes non-graphic violence throughout the movie.
    • Features brief explicit violence scenes.
  • Language:
    • Contains strong language and profanity.
  • Drug Use:
    • Depicts drug use within the storyline.
  • Sexual Content:
    • Includes scenes with sexual content.

Parents are advised to consider these aspects before allowing their children to watch Dark Places, as the movie’s themes and content may be intense and unsuitable for younger audiences.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Hulu Watch Dark Places on Hulu. A woman must relive the brutal killing of her family as a child. Starring: Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult.
Prime Video Watch Dark Places on Prime Video. From the best selling book by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), Charlize Theron stars in this acclaimed thriller about a woman investigating a family murder with the help of a secret society obsessed with solving notorious crimes.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • I was not a lovable child, and I'd grown into a deeply unlovable adult. Draw a picture of my soul, and it'd be a scribble with fangs.
    Gillian Flynn
  • I am, I guess, depressed. I guess I've been depressed for about twenty-four years.
    Gillian Flynn
  • It is always consoling to think about suicide. It's what gets one through many a bad night.
    Gillian Flynn
  • Make a useful life. Nothing big. Nothing grand. Just a start. Finally, a start.
    Gillian Flynn
  • Don't be discouraged - every relationship you have is a failure, until you find the right one.
    Gillian Flynn
  • The truly frightening flaw in humanity is our capacity for cruelty - we all have it.
    Gillian Flynn
  • I was raised feral, and I mostly stayed that way.
    Gillian Flynn
  • I felt something loosen in me, that shouldn't have loosened. A stitch come undone.
    Gillian Flynn
  • Worries find you easily enough without inviting them.
  • Ben learned something in his prison that I never learned in mine. Forgiveness.
    Gillian Flynn
  • How could you kill something you loved enough to name?
  • I am not angry or sad or happy to see you. I could not give a shit.
    Gillian Flynn
  • If ifs and buts where candies and nuts, we'd all have a very merry christmas.
    Gillian Flynn
  • I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ. Slit me at my belly and it might slide out, meaty and dark, drop on the floor so you could stomp on it.
    Gillian Flynn

🤖Dark Places Reddit Talks

The movie “Dark Places” is based on the novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn. It tells the story of Libby Day, a woman who witnessed the murder of her family when she was a child and is now being haunted by the past.

The movie has received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its performances and atmosphere and others criticizing its plot and pacing. However, fans of the book seem to be generally satisfied with the adaptation, saying that it stays true to the source material.

One of the main topics of discussion on Reddit is the identity of the killer. In the book, the killer is revealed to be Libby’s brother, Ben. However, in the movie, the killer is changed to a character named Calvin Diehl. This change has been met with some criticism from fans of the book, who feel that it takes away from the impact of the story.

Another topic of discussion is the movie’s portrayal of mental illness. Libby is shown to be struggling with PTSD and depression, and some viewers have criticized the movie for not handling these issues in a sensitive way.

Overall, “Dark Places” is a well-made thriller that will likely appeal to fans of the book and newcomers alike. However, it is worth noting that the movie does make some changes to the source material, and some viewers may be disappointed by these changes.

Here are some additional points of view, problems, reviews, and topics related to the movie:

  • Some viewers have praised the movie’s performances, particularly Charlize Theron’s performance as Libby.
  • Others have criticized the movie’s plot, saying that it is too slow and predictable.
  • Some viewers have also criticized the movie’s ending, saying that it is too neat and tidy.
  • Overall, “Dark Places” is a well-made thriller that will likely appeal to fans of the book and newcomers alike. However, it is worth noting that the movie does make some changes to the source material, and some viewers may be disappointed by these changes.

Top discussions

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dark Places based on a true story?

Fortunately for humanity, no. Dark Places is not based, at least closely, on any true events. But if its brand of snarling social commentary and horrifically cold characters seem familiar, that’s because some of the same ruled movie theaters last summer in Gone Girl.

Who was the killer in the movie Dark Places?

Calvin Diehl aka The Angel of Debt is the main antagonist of the 2009 domestic noir novel Dark Places and its 2015 film adaptation. Diehl is a serial killer who murders people for their life insurance policies, but to be passed on to wherever’s listed to inherit them at the victims willing request.

What are the trigger warnings for Dark Places?

Trigger warnings: graphic violence, murder, swearing, suicide mentions, and sexual references.

Where was the movie Dark Places filmed?

Dark Places was filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. Additionally, filming took place in Minden, Louisiana.

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