Dark Tourist (TV Show)

Title — Dark Tourist
Available on — Netflix
Production Country — New Zealand
Release Date — 2018
From a nuclear lake to a haunted forest, journalist David Farrier visits unusual – and often macabre – tourism spots around the world.

🪶 Story & Synopsis

“Dark Tourist” is a gripping New Zealand documentary TV series that delves into the intriguing world of dark tourism, hosted by journalist David Farrier. The show takes viewers on a riveting journey as David explores a range of unconventional and often macabre destinations around the globe.

The series kicks off with David’s intense encounters in Colombia, where he meets Pablo Escobar’s enforcer, witnesses an exorcism in Mexico, and partakes in a simulated illegal border crossing. From there, he ventures to a town afflicted by heavy radiation, braves a supposedly haunted forest, and explores an eerie abandoned island alongside its former inhabitants.

As the episodes progress, David’s adventures only become more enthralling. He delves into the dark history of Milwaukee by meeting a Jeffrey Dahmer enthusiast, immerses himself in tours dedicated to JFK’s assassination in Dallas, and even dines with vampires in the mystical city of New Orleans. The journey continues to Kazakhstan, where David and a fellow dark tourist swim in a lake formed by a nuclear blast before facing unexpected challenges during a trip to Turkmenistan.

The series unfolds with David’s exploration of a World War II reenactment, a chilling visit to a disturbing museum, and a quest to uncover a forbidden city in Cyprus. His travels lead him to Cambodia, where he is offered a controversial opportunity, followed by a tour of Myanmar and a haunting experience witnessing the cleaning of a mummified corpse in Indonesia.

David’s encounters escalate as he attends a voodoo festival in Benin, visits notorious areas of Johannesburg, and converses with white South African separatists. The intensity peaks when Charles Manson’s pen pal becomes confrontational during an interview, and David faces the prospect of the end of the world while visiting an extreme haunted house.

Despite the show’s captivating content and immersive exploration of dark tourism, the production was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the cancellation of a potential second season. “Dark Tourist” offers viewers a unique and thought-provoking glimpse into the world of dark tourism, shedding light on the motivations behind visiting places associated with death, suffering, and the macabre.

David Farrier’s engaging storytelling and inquisitive nature bring a fresh perspective to the concept of dark tourism, making the series both informative and entertaining. While some critics have noted a staged feel to certain segments, overall, “Dark Tourist” remains a fascinating and eye-opening portrayal of this niche travel phenomenon. David Farrier continues to captivate audiences with his journalistic endeavors, currently based in Los Angeles and collaborating on various projects, showcasing his passion for storytelling and exploration.

🧑 Cast & Crew

  • David Farrier as Himself
  • Jhon Jairo Velásquez
  • Scott Michaels
  • Russ McKamey
  • Wendy Patrickus
  • Stacey-Lee May
  • Kieran Geary
  • Stoner Van Houten

💬 Reviews and feedback

Hey there, fellow traveler on the binge-watching highway! Today, we’re diving into the world of dark tourism with the Netflix documentary series, “Dark Tourist,” hosted by journalist David Farrier. Buckle up as we explore the highs and lows of this unique show that takes you off the beaten path to uncover some of the most intriguing and unconventional destinations around the globe.

Imagine a rollercoaster ride through the darker side of travel, where every twist and turn reveals a new layer of history, mystery, and macabre fascination. That’s what “Dark Tourist” offers—a journey that delves into places and events that aren’t your typical vacation spots. From nuclear lakes to haunted forests, this series takes you on a wild ride through the unconventional world of dark tourism.

Now, let’s talk about how this series made us feel. Watching “Dark Tourist” is like stepping into a world where curiosity meets discomfort in the most captivating way. It challenges our perceptions of travel and pushes us out of our comfort zones, forcing us to confront the darker aspects of humanity’s past and present. While some may find it unsettling, others may see it as a valuable learning experience that broadens their horizons.

Plot and Themes:

  • The series features an array of unique sights and events that are sure to pique your interest. It shines a light on niche locations that are often overlooked but hold profound historical significance.
  • “Dark Tourist” explores the concept of dark tourism, where travelers seek out destinations associated with death, tragedy, or disaster. It raises thought-provoking questions about why we are drawn to such places and what drives our fascination with morbid history.

Acting and Characters:

  • David Farrier brings his signature charm and wit to the show as he guides viewers through these unconventional travel experiences. His enthusiasm for exploring the unknown is infectious, making him a relatable host for audiences looking to venture off the beaten path.
  • While some may find Farrier’s approach staged at times, his genuine curiosity and willingness to engage with each destination add depth to the storytelling.

Direction and Production:

  • The direction of “Dark Tourist” keeps viewers engaged by offering a mix of suspenseful moments, historical insights, and cultural observations. Each episode is carefully crafted to balance entertainment with education.
  • The production design captures the eerie atmosphere of each location visited on the show, immersing viewers in a world that is both fascinating and unsettling.

Cinematography and Special Effects:

  • The cinematography in “Dark Tourist” is top-notch, capturing both the beauty and haunting nature of each destination. From sweeping landscapes to intimate close-ups, every shot is visually stunning.
  • While there aren’t elaborate special effects in this documentary series, the raw authenticity of each location speaks for itself. The real-life settings provide a sense of immersion that no CGI could replicate.

Editing and Pace:

  • The editing in “Dark Tourist” maintains a brisk pace that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. Transitions between locations are seamless, creating a sense of continuity throughout each episode.
  • The pacing allows for moments of reflection amidst more intense explorations, giving audiences time to digest the information presented while maintaining momentum in the storytelling.


  • The dialogues in “Dark Tourist” are insightful and thought-provoking as David Farrier engages with locals at each destination. These interactions provide valuable context and personal perspectives on dark tourism sites.
  • Farrier’s conversations shed light on complex issues surrounding historical trauma, ethical dilemmas in tourism, and cultural perceptions of morbidity—topics that spark important conversations among viewers.
  • Binge-watching Tips:

    If you’re diving into “Dark Tourist,” be prepared for an immersive experience that will challenge your perceptions while offering a fresh perspective on travel. Take breaks between episodes to reflect on what you’ve learned and discuss it with fellow travelers—it’s all part of the journey!

    In conclusion,

    “Dark Tourist” offers an intriguing look into the world of dark tourism,
    providing both entertainment value
    and thought-provoking insights into
    the human fascination with morbid history.
    So pack your bags (and maybe
    a nightlight) as you embark
    on this unconventional adventure.
    Rating: 8/10

    Safe travels!

Pros Cons
Features interesting sights and events Presenter sometimes feels forced
Explores niche and off the beaten track locations Staged feel to the show
Compelling docuseries for risk-loving vacationers One-sided storytelling
Offers a glimpse into the world of Dark Tourism No second season due to COVID-19
Gets viewers out of their comfort zone Uncertainty regarding a second season


  • Dark Tourist (TV series) - Wikipedia

    Dark Touristis a New Zealand documentary series about the phenomenon of dark tourism, presented by journalist David Farrier. The series, which was released by Netflix in 2018, has eight episodes.

  • Dark Tourist (TV Series 2018) - IMDb

    SPONSOREDFrom a nuclear lake to a haunted forest, New Zealand filmmaker and journalist David Farrier (‘Tickled’) visits unusual — and often macabre — tourism spots around the world.From a nuclear lake to a haunted forest, New Zealand filmmaker and journalist David Farrier (‘Tickled’) visits unusual — and often macabre — tourism spots around the world.From a nuclear lake to a haunted forest, New Zealand filmmaker and journalist David Farrier (‘Tickled’) visits unusual — and often macabre — tourism spots around the world.Browse episodesSPONSORED6.6Mister Organ7.5Tickled7.4High Score8.0ExplainedFeatured review

  • Watch Dark Tourist | Netflix Official Site

    • David meets Pablo Escobar’s enforcer in Colombia. Later, he witnesses an exorcism in Mexico and participates in a faux illegal border crossing.
    • David visits a town hit by heavy radiation, hikes through a supposedly haunted forest and explores an abandoned island with its former residents.
    • David meets a Jeffrey Dahmer enthusiast in Milwaukee, takes two tours dedicated to JFK’s assassination in Dallas and dines with vampires in New Orleans.
    • In Kazakhstan, David and a fellow dark tourist swim in a lake formed by a nuclear blast. Later, David’s trip to Turkmenistan doesn’t go as planned.
    • After participating in a World War II reenactment, David visits a disturbing museum. He then travels to Cyprus in hopes of seeing a forbidden city.
    • In Cambodia, David is offered the chance to shoot a cow. Later, he tours Myanmar before witnessing the cleaning of a mummified corpse in Indonesia.
    • David attends a voodoo festival in Benin, visits an infamous area of Johannesburg and speaks with white South African separatists.
    • Charles Manson’s pen pal gets confrontational in an interview. Also, David prepares for the end of the world and visits an extreme haunted house.

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  • Dark Tourist | Rotten Tomatoes

    Dark TouristWhere to WatchDark Tourist

    Watch Dark Tourist with a subscription on Netflix.

    SeasonsCast & CrewMore Like ThisPhotosDark TouristSeries Info

    • Executive Producer
    • Carthew Neal,David Farrier,Mark McNeill
    • Network
    • Netflix
    • Rating
    • TV-MA
    • Genre
    • Documentary,Travel
    • Original Language
    • English
    • Release Date
    • Jul 20, 2018

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In “The Tourist,” the thrilling TV show starring Jamie Dornan as The Man, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of mystery and danger. The story follows The Man, who wakes up in a hospital in Australia with amnesia, setting off a chain of events that unravel his dark past.

Throughout the series, The Man, revealed to be Elliot Stanley, is on a quest to uncover his true identity while being pursued by dangerous criminals. As the plot thickens, he teams up with Luci, the former fiancée of crime lord Kostas, to confront their enemies. The intense climax of the series occurs when they face off against Kostas himself, leading to a fatal confrontation where Kostas and Luci tragically lose their lives.

As the dust settles, Elliot finds himself entangled in a web of deceit as corrupt detective Lachlan tries to frame him and Helen Chambers for the murder of a fellow police officer. The duo then goes on the run to clear their names, leading to a high-stakes hostage situation and a race against time to prove their innocence.

One of the most heart-wrenching revelations in the finale is Elliot’s reunion with Lena Pascal, a woman from his past whose smile haunts his memories. Lena discloses a harrowing truth about their relationship, exposing Elliot’s involvement in a drug smuggling operation that resulted in the deaths of two other women.

The show’s conclusion not only ties up the loose ends of Elliot’s identity crisis but also delves into the dark secrets of his past, leaving viewers reeling from the shocking revelations and emotional impact of the characters’ fates. As The Man’s journey comes to an end, audiences are left with a compelling and unforgettable tale of redemption, betrayal, and the enduring power of facing one’s demons.

👪 Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

This TV series “Dark Tourist” has been rated for viewers aged 16 and above in various countries. In the United States, it carries a TV-MA rating.

Parental Guide:

Parents should be aware of the following content in the TV series “Dark Tourist” when deciding if it is appropriate for their children:

  • Sex & Nudity: The show contains mild instances of sex and nudity.
  • Violence & Gore: There are severe instances of violence and gore throughout the series.
  • Profanity: Moderate profanity can be heard in the show.
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: Moderate scenes involving alcohol, drugs, and smoking are present.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes: There are severe and intense scenes that may be disturbing for some viewers.

📺 Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Netflix Dark Tourist TV show is available to watch on Netflix. The series was released by Netflix in 2018 and has eight episodes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a second season was not made.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Things only change when we change them. But you have to do it
    Mikkel Nielsen
  • Our thinking is shaped by dualism.
    H.G. Tannhaus
  • Most people are nothing but pawns on a chessboard led by an unknown hand.
  • We are all full of sin. No pure human being exists. But no matter what we do, we never fall any lower than into God’s hands.
  • Good and evil are a question of perspective.
    Mikkel Nielsen
  • The truth is a strange thing. You can try to suppress it, but it will always find its way to the surface.
  • There are things out there that our little minds will never comprehend.
    H.G. Tannhaus
  • But every now and then it’s good to question those who question things.
  • We all face the same end.
  • In the end, we will all get just what we deserve.
    The Stranger
  • There are moments when we must understand that the decisions we make influence more than just our own fate.
  • Only when we’ve freed ourselves of emotion can we be truly free. Only when you’re willing to sacrifice what you hold dearest.
  • Fear is the worst enemy of progress.
  • Your pain defines who you are but it no longer holds power on you.
  • If I now change my past, I will change who I am right now.
    The Stranger
  • Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle. Everything is connected.
    The Stranger
  • There’s nothing but chaos out there.
  • Life is nothing but a spiral of pain.
  • I’m hoping that by tomorrow, it’ll already be different from today.
    The Stranger
  • We’re not free in what we do, because we’re not free in what we want.
    The Stranger
  • What we know is a drop. What we do not know... is an ocean.
    Adam (Jonas)

🤖Dark Tourist Reddit Talks

Dark Tourist: Exploring the Macabre and the Unusual

A Journey into the World of Dark Tourism

Dark Tourist, a documentary series presented by journalist David Farrier, ventures into the realm of dark tourism, exploring unusual and often macabre tourist destinations around the world. The series delves into the motivations behind this unique form of travel, examining its complexities and ethical considerations.

The Allure of Darkness

Dark tourism has gained increasing popularity in recent years, attracting travelers seeking experiences beyond the ordinary. This fascination stems from a mix of curiosity, historical interest, and a desire to pay respects to victims of tragedy. The series explores the various factors that drive individuals to embark on these journeys.

Highlights and Criticisms

The show has received mixed reviews, with some viewers praising its insightful exploration of dark tourism while others criticize the host’s approach. Some find the presenter’s style forced and one-sided, detracting from the overall experience.

Future of the Series

Despite the positive reception, the production of a second season has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, creator David Farrier has expressed interest in continuing the series, teasing potential ideas for future episodes.

Ethical Considerations

Dark tourism raises ethical questions regarding the exploitation of tragedy and the impact on local communities. The series examines these concerns, highlighting the importance of respecting victims and their families while also acknowledging the potential benefits of dark tourism, such as promoting historical awareness and fostering empathy.

Cultural Perspectives

The series showcases a diverse range of dark tourism destinations, from a nuclear lake in Kazakhstan to a haunted forest in Japan. Each episode delves into the local culture and history, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the significance of these sites.

Personal Reflections

Viewers have shared their personal experiences with dark tourism, expressing a range of emotions from fascination to discomfort. Some find these experiences thought-provoking and educational, while others find them unsettling or exploitative.


Dark Tourist offers a comprehensive exploration of dark tourism, examining its motivations, ethical implications, and cultural significance. While the series has its critics, it remains a valuable contribution to the discussion surrounding this unique form of travel. Its insights into the human fascination with the macabre and the unusual provide viewers with a deeper understanding of our complex relationship with darkness.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Dark Tourist cancelled?

Dark Tourist was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented the production of a second season.

Is there a second season of Dark Tourist?

As of now, there has been no official confirmation from Netflix regarding a second season, but creator David Farrier has hinted at the possibility and shared that he has been working on potential ideas for a new season.

Is Dark Tourist a good show?

Dark Tourist offers viewers an enjoyable time and provides insights into the world of Dark Tourism. However, some critics mention that the presenter’s storytelling can feel forced at times, giving the show a staged and one-sided feel.

What is the dark tourism summary?

Dark tourism involves visiting real or recreated places associated with death, suffering, disgrace, or the macabre. Understanding the motivations behind people’s visits to such places is crucial in designing satisfying experiences in dark tourism locations.

Is Dark Tourist on Netflix?

You can watch Dark Tourist – Season 1 by subscribing to Netflix.

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