Dean (Movie)

Title β€” Dean
Available on β€” Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu
Production Country β€” United States
Release Date β€” 2016
As his father takes steps to move on, a New Yorker grieving his mom's death visits Los Angeles where new possibilities may bring him out of his funk.

πŸͺΆ Story & Synopsis

In the movie “Dean,” directed and written by Demetri Martin, viewers are taken on a heartfelt journey through the lives of a father and son, played by Kevin Kline and Demetri Martin respectively. The story begins at a gravesite, where Robert (Kline) and Dean (Martin) mourn the loss of Dean’s mother and Robert’s wife. Robert, an engineer, approaches life from a practical standpoint, always looking for solutions to problems, while Dean, a talented cartoonist, resides in a serene neighborhood in Brooklyn.

As the narrative unfolds, Dean’s artistic pursuits lead him to cross paths with an intriguing woman from Los Angeles, sparking a deep and unexpected connection. However, amidst this new romance, Dean is faced with the challenge of preventing his father, Robert, from selling their family home in a time of grief and loss.

The film delicately explores themes of loss, grief, and the healing power of love. Through Dean’s emotional journey, viewers witness the complexities of navigating life’s transitions and the importance of familial bonds in times of turmoil. Demetri Martin’s nuanced portrayal of Dean captures the character’s internal struggles and growth, offering a poignant reflection on the human experience.

πŸ§‘ Cast & Crew

Demetri Martin, Kevin Kline, Gillian Jacobs, Rory Scovel, Ginger Gonzaga, Reid Scott, Mary Steenburgen, Briga Heelan, Christine Woods, Peter Scolari

Actor Role
Demetri Martin Dean Anderson
Kevin Kline Robert Anderson
Gillian Jacobs Nicky Hoey
Rory Scovel Eric
Christine Woods Michelle
Ginger Gonzaga Jill
Peter Scolari Patrick
Briga Heelan Becca
Reid Scott Brett Smith
Mary Steenburgen Carol

πŸ’¬ Reviews and feedback

Welcome to the Dean Movie Review Extravaganza! Grab your popcorn and settle in for a rollercoaster of emotions and insights. Imagine if Dean was a dish; it would be a delightful blend of seriousness and humor, like a bittersweet chocolate mousse with a sprinkle of witty banter on top. So, is Dean worth the watch? Absolutely!

Dean, a 2016 film directed by and starring Demetri Martin, delves into the realms of loss, grief, and the healing power of love. The movie kicks off with a poignant scene at a gravesite, setting the tone for an emotional rollercoaster that will tug at your heartstrings.

Plot and Themes:

The storyline follows Dean (played by Martin), a New York illustrator who finds himself entangled in a whirlwind romance with an LA woman while grappling with his father’s declining health. The movie beautifully intertwines themes of love, loss, and self-discovery in a heartfelt narrative that strikes a chord with audiences.

Acting and Characters:

Demetri Martin shines in his role as Dean, portraying the character’s quirky yet endearing nature with finesse. Kevin Kline delivers a stellar performance as Dean’s father, adding depth and emotion to their on-screen relationship. The chemistry between the cast members elevates the storytelling, making each character feel relatable and authentic.

Direction and Cinematography:

The direction by Demetri Martin infuses the film with his unique comedic style while also navigating the delicate themes of grief and healing. The cinematography captures both the bustling streets of New York City and the serene landscapes of Los Angeles, creating a visual contrast that mirrors Dean’s inner journey.

Production Design and Special Effects:

The production design creates distinct atmospheres for each setting, immersing viewers in Dean’s world with meticulous attention to detail. While not heavy on special effects, the subtle visual cues enhance emotional moments without overpowering the narrative.

Score and Editing:

The musical score complements the film’s emotional beats, underscoring key moments with sensitivity. The editing maintains a steady pace, allowing viewers to fully engage with Dean’s story without unnecessary distractions or lulls in momentum.

Tone and Dialog:

The tone of Dean strikes a delicate balance between humor and poignancy, offering moments of levity amidst profound reflections on life and loss. The dialog is sharp and witty, showcasing Demetri Martin’s signature humor while delving into deeper existential questions.

Binge-watching Tips:

  • Prepare some tissues for those touching moments that might leave you teary-eyed.
  • Pay attention to Demetri Martin’s doodles throughout the film; they offer hidden gems of insight into Dean’s psyche.

If you loved movies like “Beginners” or “500 Days of Summer,” then “Dean” is right up your alley! Both films share similar themes of love, loss, and personal growth against an indie backdrop.

In conclusion,

“Dean” is not just another movie; it’s a poignant exploration of life’s complexities wrapped in humor and heartache. With stellar performances, heartfelt storytelling, and Demetri Martin’s creative touch, this film leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. So grab your popcorn (and maybe some tissues) and immerse yourself in this cinematic gem!

Ratings: 9/10 – A must-watch for anyone seeking a blend of laughter, tears, and profound reflections on life’s journey.

Pros Cons
Absolutely loved it! Not everyone will get it
Entertainingly serious but light film Facile take on grief
Reflects unique humor May not be for everyone
Eye-opening and deep Repetitive for some viewers
Redemptive power of love theme Some find it klutzy and socially inept


  • Dean (film) - Wikipedia


    Directed by Demetri Martin
    Written by Demetri Martin
    Produced by
    • Giles Andrew
    • Elliott Watson
    • Jessica Latham
    • Demetri Martin
    • Charles James Denton
    Cinematography Mark Schwartzband
    Edited by Josh Salzberg


  • Dean (2016) - IMDb

    A comedy about loss, grief, and the redemptive power of love. Dean is a NY illustrator who falls hard for an LA woman while trying to prevent his father from selling the family home in the w… Read allA comedy about loss, grief, and the redemptive power of love. Dean is a NY illustrator who falls hard for an LA woman while trying to prevent his father from selling the family home in the wake of his mother’s death.A comedy about loss, grief, and the redemptive power of love. Dean is a NY illustrator who falls hard for an LA woman while trying to prevent his father from selling the family home in the wake of his mother’s death.

  • Dean movie review & film summary (2017) | Roger Ebert

    β€œDean” is a movie that very clearly came from humane and compassionate impulses. This is particularly evident during the final third of the film, during which the principal characters reluctantly shed their defensive quirks and face up to the issues of grief and loss that have been dogging them throughout the movie.

⚠️ Explanation (Spoiler)

In the movie “Rebel Without a Cause,” James Dean portrays the character of Jim, a troubled teenager who, along with his friends Judy and Plato, navigates through the complexities of adolescence and societal expectations. The film delves into the lives of these three delinquent youths, highlighting their struggles with dysfunctional family dynamics and their yearning for acceptance and understanding.

The narrative unfolds as Jim, the new kid in town, clashes with Buzz, a rival teen, in a series of confrontations that culminate in a tragic knife fight and a dangerous car race known as the “chicken run.” These intense sequences not only showcase the characters’ inner turmoil and desperation for validation but also reflect the harsh realities of teenage rebellion and the destructive consequences of seeking validation through acts of bravado.

As the story progresses, the trio finds themselves on the run after a fatal incident, seeking refuge in an abandoned mansion where their relationships are tested, emotions run high, and the boundaries between childhood innocence and adult responsibilities blur. The dynamics between Jim, Judy, and Plato evolve as they grapple with their identities, fears, and desires, ultimately leading to a poignant exploration of youth, alienation, and the quest for belonging.

The film’s poignant portrayal of teenage angst, rebellion, and the search for meaning resonates with audiences, capturing the essence of James Dean’s enduring legacy as a symbol of youthful defiance and emotional depth. “Rebel Without a Cause” stands as a timeless classic that continues to captivate viewers with its raw emotion, compelling performances, and powerful commentary on the complexities of adolescence.

πŸ‘ͺ Parents Guide & Age Rating


Age Rating:

Dean is rated PG-13 for occasional salty language.

Parental Guide:

Dean is a comedy-drama film that revolves around themes of loss, grief, and the redemptive power of love. The movie follows the story of Dean, a cartoon artist, as he comes to terms with the grief of losing his mother and navigates through his emotions.

Sex & Nudity:

The movie contains mild romantic themes with some kissing scenes but no nudity or explicit sexual content.

Violence & Gore:

Dean does not contain intense violence or graphic gore. The focus is more on emotional struggles rather than physical violence.


There is occasional use of salty language in the film, contributing to its PG-13 rating. The language is not pervasive but may include a few strong words.

Other themes:

Aside from the themes of grief and loss, the movie also touches on family dynamics, relationships, and personal growth. The overall tone of the film is touching and funny, providing a mix of emotions throughout.

Recommended Age:

Dean is suitable for viewers aged 13 and above. Parents may find it appropriate for mature teenagers who can understand and appreciate the themes of the movie.

πŸ“Ί Streaming and where to watch

streaming service extra information
Amazon Prime Video Dean can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Video with Ads, or for free with ads on Amazon Prime Video with Ads.
Apple TV Dean can be rented on Apple TV.
Google Play Movies Dean can be rented on Google Play Movies.
YouTube Dean can be rented on YouTube.
Vudu Dean can be rented on Vudu online and also downloaded on Apple TV or Vudu.

❝ Quotes and Cult

  • Being an actor is the loneliest thing in the world. You are all alone with your concentration and imagination, and that's all you have.
    James Dean
  • Being a good actor isn't easy. Being a man is even harder. I want to be both before I'm done.
    James Dean
  • The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results.
    James Dean
  • Remember: Life is short, break the rules.
    James Dean
  • Only the gentle are ever really strong.

πŸ€–Dean Reddit Talks

James Dean: A Cultural Icon

James Dean, the legendary actor, has left an enduring legacy in the world of cinema. With only three films to his credit, Dean revolutionized the acting landscape, embodying the rebellious spirit of a generation. His iconic performances in “Rebel Without a Cause,” “East of Eden,” and “Giant” continue to resonate with audiences today.

Dean’s Famous Quotes

Dean’s words have become synonymous with his enigmatic persona. His famous quotes, such as “Only the gentle are ever really strong” and “Dream as if you’ll live forever,” capture his philosophy on life and art. Dean believed in the power of experience and the importance of living life to the fullest.

The James Dean Persona

Dean’s image has become synonymous with youthful rebellion and angst. His brooding good looks and intense performances have made him an enduring symbol of the 1950s counterculture. However, some critics have questioned the authenticity of Dean’s persona, suggesting that it was carefully crafted by Hollywood studios.

Dean’s Acting Legacy

Despite his short career, Dean’s impact on acting is undeniable. He challenged the traditional conventions of the time, bringing a raw and emotional intensity to his performances. Dean’s ability to connect with audiences on a personal level made him one of the most influential actors of his generation.

The James Dean Biopic

In 2001, a biographical film titled “James Dean” was released, starring James Franco as the iconic actor. The film explored Dean’s life and career, providing a glimpse into the complex and enigmatic figure behind the legend.

Dean’s Enduring Popularity

Dean’s popularity has endured long after his untimely death in 1955. His films continue to be celebrated and analyzed, and his image remains a symbol of youthful rebellion and the American Dream. Dean’s legacy is a testament to the power of cinema and the enduring impact of a true icon.

Additional Reddit Discussions

  • Dean’s Favorite Movie: Fans speculate on Dean’s favorite movie, with suggestions ranging from “Boogie Nights” to classic films like “East of Eden.”
  • Dean’s Movie Night with Rory and Lorelai: Redditors discuss the awkwardness of Dean’s movie choice, “Boogie Nights,” for a family movie night with his girlfriend and her mother.
  • CGI Controversy: Some Redditors express concerns about the use of CGI to bring James Dean back to life in a new movie, arguing that it disrespects his legacy and diminishes the authenticity of his performances.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie Dean about?

The movie Dean is a comedy about loss, grief, and the redemptive power of love. It follows the story of Dean, a New York illustrator who falls in love with a woman in LA while dealing with preventing his father from selling the family home after his wife’s death.

Is Dean a good movie?

Absolutely loved it! Dean is an entertainingly serious but light film that perfectly reflects humor and portrays the themes of loss, grief, and love in a genious way.

Is there a movie about James Dean’s life?

Yes, there is a movie about James Dean’s life. “James Dean” is a 2001 American made-for-television biographical drama film based on the life of the American actor James Dean.

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